Principal’s Update – 10/6/20

Good evening. 

I want to thank those who came out today to voice their feelings about GSCA being open. Thanks also to those who joined us in spirit. I was proud that our concerns were voiced in a positive tone and were heard throughout the city.  I am writing this a little later than planned as I was waiting to hear if there would be any changes. Unfortunately, we remain closed but hope that we will be able to return soon. 

The difficulty with live streaming prayers was due to my error this morning. We should be in good shape for morning prayers tomorrow at 8:10 am at

Our faculty will continue to communicate their daily live streaming and work schedule. Should we remain closed next week, the schedule will be expanded. 

We continue to pray for a safe return as soon as possible and, as always, for those who continue to suffer from the virus.

Have a good night!

Mr. O’Brien