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Week of Dec. 9th
Monday 12/9:
   No school!
   Reading Journal due tom.
  11:30 Dismissal tom. for Parent Teacher Conference
Tues. 12/10:

     ELA- Read! Worksheet

     Math- P. 235-236

     Spelling- #1-10 3x each 
Wed. 12/11:
   ELA- Read! Worksheet
   Math- P.240
   Spelling- #1-10 in ABC Order 
Thurs. 12/12:
   ELA- Read! Worksheet
   Math- Review Sheet. Please return it to school as it is counted as homework. Study for Test tom.
   Spelling- Study for Test
Fri., Sat., Sun 12/13, 12/14, 12/15-
     Read. Reading Journal due on Tuesday 12/17
Spelling Words:
1. flipping
2. flipped
3. stepping
4. stepped
5. there
Memory Words: there, from, be, to, we, or
Words to know: wonder, curious, discover, imagine
Test Schedule:
   Fri. 12/13- Spelling Test, Ch.6 Math Test
   Tues. 12/17- Proper Noun/Pronoun Test
   Wed. 12/18- Unit 5 Reading Test
   Thurs. 12/19- Advent/Christmas Test
   Fri. 12/20- Spelling Test
Class News:
– There is no school Monday.
– 11:30 dismissal on Tues. for parent teacher conferences
– Thurs. 12/19- we will have a Christmas celebration 
Week of Nov.25th
Monday 11/25:
     ELA- Read!
     Math- P. 208
     Study for S.S. test
Tues. 11/26:
     ELA-  Read!
     Math- P.212
     Study for Ch. 5 Religion Test
    12:00 Dismissal Tom.
Wed. 11/27:
   Have a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!
   No reading log to do. Please read. 
Test Schedule:
   Tues 11/26 The First Thanksgiving Test
   Wed. 11/27- Ch.5 Religion Test
   Tues. 12/3- Ch.6 Math Quiz
   Wed. 12/4- Unit 4 Reading Test
   Fri. 12/6- Spelling Test
Class News:
– There are no spelling words this week.
– There is a 12:00 PM dismissal on Wednesday. 
– There is no reading journal due on Tues 12/3.
– Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Week of Nov.18th
Monday 11/18:

    ELA- Worksheet. Read!

    Math- P. 156
    Spelling- Words #1-5 3x each
     Study for Spelling Test (Week 8’s words)
Tues. 11/19:
     ELA- Worksheet. Read!
     Math- Review Sheet. Study for Math Test tom.
    Spelling- Words #6-10 3x each
Wed. 11/20:
    ELA- Worksheet. Read!
     Spelling- Words #1-10 in ABC order
     Review adjectives for test tom.
Thurs. 11/21:
     ELA- Worksheet. Read!
    Math- P. 204
    Spelling- Study
Fri., Sat., Sun 11/22,11/23,11/24-
     Read. Reading Journal due on Tuesday 11/26.
Test Schedule:
   Tues 11/19- Spelling Test (Week 8’s words)
   Wed. 11/20- Math Ch.4 Test
   Thurs. 11/21- Adjectives Test
   Fri. 11/22- Spelling Test
   Tues 11/26- The First Thanksgiving Test
   Wed. 11/27- Ch. 5 Religion Test
Spelling Words:
1) yelled
2) smelled
4) bumped
5) look
6) your
7) the
8) was
9) are
10) for
Memory Words: look, your, the, was, are, for
Words to Know: project, interested, constructed
Week of Nov.11th
Tues. 11/12:
   No Homework
   Study for Ch.25 Religion Test tom.
Wed. 11/13:
    ELA- Worksheet. Read!
     Math- P.148
     Spelling- Words #1-10 3x each
     Study for Science Quiz tom. on Staying Safe
Thurs. 11/14:
     ELA- Worksheet. Read!
    Math- P. 152
    Spelling- Words #1-10 in alphabetical order
Fri., Sat., Sun 11/15,11/16,11/17-
     Read. Reading Journal due on Tuesday 11/19.
     Study for Spelling Test.
Test Schedule:
   Tues. 11/12- Religion Ch.25 Test
   Wed. 11/13- Science Quiz- Staying Safe
   Thurs. 11/14- Unit 3 Reading Test
   Mon. 11/18- Spelling Test on Week 8’s words
Spelling Words:
1) after
2) never
4) winter
5) summer
6) rested
7) twisted
8) planted
9) printed
10) acted
Memory Words: look, your, the, was, are, for
Words to Know: project, interested, constructed


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