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Test Schedule for Week of May 24th:
Tuesday– Reading Comprehension
Thursday– Math Test
Friday– Spelling 

Spelling Words for 5/24:

  1. combination
  2. motion
  3. permission 
  4. attention 
  5. quotation 
  6. action
  7. section
  8. confusion 
  9. vacation 
  10. tension
  11. vision 
  12. nation 
  13. question 
  14. production 
  15. sensation 
  16. dedication 
  17. education 
  18. division 
  19. creation 
  20. multiplication

American Revolution Notes:

  • The French and Indian War was fought between France and Britain. Both France and Britain wanted control of America’s western lands. 
  • The American Colonists were taxed at a higher rate to pay off the French and Indian War. 
  • One of the policies that many Americans thought was unfair was the 1765 Stamp Act.
  • Great Britain put a stamp on all printed goods. Newspapers, magazines, and legal documents were all taxed at a high rate. 
  • During the Boston Massacre, five colonists were killed and three others were hurt.
  • The Boston Tea Party happened late one night, on December 17, 1773. A group of colonists broke into three ships filled with tea. They threw over 900,00 pounds of tea into the harbor.
  • The first two battles of the American Revolution took place in the towns of Lexington and Concord. 
  • The Battle of Saratoga took place on September 19, 1777. The British general had a plan to use the Hudson River to split up the American troops. 
  • The Battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the American Revolution. It ended with the British surrendering in October 1781.
  • Crispus Attucks was a colonist who was killed during the Boston Massacre. 
  • Crispus Attucks was the first African American who died during the war for freedom. 
  • Paul Revere warned the colonists that the British were coming. 


Important People of The Revolution:


  • George Washington was elected the first president of the United States.


  • John Hancock was the first one to sign the Declaration of Independence. 


  • Benjamin Franklin served on the Committee to write the Declaration of Independence. (famous for his experiment in 1752 with a kite, key, and storm proved that lightning and tiny electric sparks were the same thing.)


  • Thomas Jefferson is best remembered for writing the Declaration of Independence.


  • Patrick Henry was a powerful speaker and took a stand against the British government. He ended his famous speech by saying “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”


  • John Adams was elected second president of the United States. He was a lawyer and a strong supporter of the American Revolution.


  • Paul Revere worked as a messenger delivering messages, news, and documents for several important government committees and the Continental Congress. (famous for his midnight ride “The British are coming!”


  • Benedict Arnold became one of the most famous traitors in U.S. history after he switched sides and fought for the British. 

Science Habitat Notes:

  • A habitat is a natural home or environment where an animal lives.
  • A habitat must provide three basic needs for any animal to survive: food, water, and shelter.
  • A lot of animals have adapted over the years so their fur, markings, shape, or coloring helps them blend into their environment. This is a form of camouflage.
  • Tundra ecosystems are very cold, treeless habitats found at the top of very tall mountains and in the Arctic regions. 
  • In the Wetlands there is so much water that it floods the land. These ecosystems are found by lakes, rivers, and near the ocean. 
  • Wetland is simply land that is wet most of the time. 
  • The Woodlands are loaded with tons of plants and trees.
  • The Grasslands  grow on every continent, except Antarctica. This ecosystem has many names like prairies, savannas, and rangelands. 
  • The Savannah is a rolling grassland with a few scattered trees and shrubs. Almost half of Africa is covered with this ecosystem. 
  • Tropical rainforests are close to the equator making them hot, humid, and wet all year. 
  • A desert is an area that is extremely dry with very little rainfall. 
  • The polar region, sometimes called the Arctic, are the coldest places on Earth! Bitter cold temperatures and long winters that never end make this ecosystem the most difficult place to live. 
  • Mountain Regions have the biggest ranges in temperature and climate depending on the season and elevation. Many animals live at the bottom, or base of this habitat. 
  • Oceans are the largest animal habitats on Earth! They cover 70% of the Earth’s surface. 

Test Schedule Week of May 17th
Tuesday– Science Habitat Quiz 
Wednesday– Chapter 12 Math Quiz
Thursday– Social Studies Quiz
Friday– Spelling 
***We are in need of tissues, if anyone would like to bring some in it would be greatly appreciated!! Also, we are working on citing evidence in our reading. Please have your child come to school with a sharpened pencil and a highlighter :). Thanks SO much for everything you do!

Spelling Words:

  1. farmer
  2. lonely
  3. thankful
  4. nicer 
  5. playful
  6. Useful
  7. quietly
  8. exactly
  9. safer
  10. suddenly
  11. softly
  12. teacher
  13. readable
  14. harmful
  15. suitable
  16. happily
  17. quickly
  18. unable
  19. beautiful
  20. acceptable

Spelling Words:

  1. hear
  2. way
  3. our
  4. here
  5. poor
  6. one
  7. Aisle
  8. flour
  9. pour
  10. hair
  11. won
  12. flower
  13. weigh
  14. isle
  15. hare
  16. break 
  17. brake 
  18. scent
  19. sent
  20. hour 

Test Schedule:
Wednesday– Reptile Room book test
Thursday– Math chapter 12 test
Friday– Spelling


Test Schedule, Week of 5/3
reading comprehension
Thursday– Math Ch. 12 Quiz 
Friday– Spelling 

Spelling Words for Week of 5/3

  1. least 
  2. burst 
  3. strike 
  4. student 
  5. blast 
  6. fast 
  7. strip
  8. artist
  9. strong 
  10. step
  11. just 
  12. stick
  13. almost
  14. start 
  15. street 
  16. suggest
  17. instead 
  18. disturb
  19. distrust 
  20. construct

Homework 4/29
Math: Page 188
Spelling: 10 sentences/story using 10 spelling words

Test Schedule: Week of April 26th
Tuesday– Chapter 11 Math Test
Wednesday– A Bad Beginning Book Test
Thursday– Lesson 18 Religion Quiz
Friday– Spelling

Spelling Words: 4/26

  1. forks
  2. fourth 
  3. horse 
  4. forest 
  5. poured 
  6. worn 
  7. war 
  8. warn
  9. court
  10. port 
  11. form 
  12. storm 
  13. morning 
  14. porch 
  15. important
  16. Parent
  17. tornado
  18. orange
  19. garbage
  20. alarm

Lesson 18 Religion Notes:

  • Saint Paul was sent to prison, and from there wrote letters to the early Christian communities.
  • To persevere means to keep going, even when it is difficult.
  • No matter how we pray, the Holy Spirit is at work in  our prayer.
  • Reading a Bible passage is a form of paying.
  • Prayers of intercession and petition are spoken in the Prayer of the Faithful during Mass.
  • We ask God to speak to us through the words of Jesus.
  • We can pray out loud and in silence.
  • At every moment of every day, the Church is at prayer.
  • A prayer of intercession is a prayer asking for something on behalf of someone else.
  • The Liturgy of the Hours is a series of prayers, psalms, Scripture readings, and hymns that people say to mark the passage of the hours of the day, from early morning to night time.

Spelling Words:

  1. Curl
  2. Perfect
  3. Firm
  4. Jerked
  5. Person
  6. Birth
  7. Thirty
  8. Skirt
  9. Dirt
  10. Purse
  11. Burned
  12. Church
  13. Clerk
  14. Shirt
  15. Term
  16. Purple
  17. Preferred
  18. Earlier
  19. Admire
  20. Third 

Lesson 17 Religion Notes

  • By the gift of faith, we believe in God and pray to him.
  • The Holy Spirit guides the Church’s prayer through Sacred Tradition.
  • The Holy Spirit is always at work in our hearts and in the world. 
  • Keeping your faith strong in God, everything is possible.
  • When we take part in the Mass, we are united with the Blessed Trinity. 
  • The Holy Spirit guides the Church to all truth and helps us pray. 
  • Before he began his public ministry, Jesus prayed for forty days in the desert. 
  • During Mass, we ask God to free us from our sins in the Penitential Act.
  • The Holy Spirit helps us pray through the Word of God and in the liturgy.
  • Prayer helps us to trust God because when we pray, showing that we depend on God. We ask his help to be good just as he is good. 

Test Schedule: Week of April 19th
Tuesday– Reading Comprehension
Wednesday– Math Ch. 11 Quiz
Thursday– Lesson 17 Religion Quiz
Friday– spelling

Homework: 4/14
Spelling– write 10 sentences using 10 of your spelling words.
Study Religion- Notes are below. Lesson 16 quiz tomorrow  

Homework: 4/13
Math- pages 169-170 (odds only)
ELA- Spelling 3x each 
Read for 20 minutes

Homework: 4/12
Math- page 168 in workbook
ELA- Spelling ABC order
Read for 20 minutes

Lesson 16 Religion Notes

  • The celebration of the Mass is the church’s greatest prayer.
  • The Church helps us pray so that we can grow.
  • King David talked to God through prayer-songs he wrote called psalms.
  • The book of psalms is found in the Old Testament
  • Before the birth of Jesus, God called a shepherd named David to lead his people.
  • We can pray at any time and in any place.
  • The psalms are inspired by the Holy Spirit
  • When we take part in the Mass, we always begin with the Sign of the Cross.
  • We join the Church to pray in the Mass. We pray with all those present around us. We also join Jesus and the whole Church in our prayer. 
  • We can pray about anything that is in our hearts and our minds.

Test Schedule for the Week of April 12th:
Wednesday– Chapter 10 Math test (we will be reviewing the lessons in class)
Thursday– Lesson 16 Religion Quiz (Notes to go home Monday 4/12)
Friday– Spelling 

Spelling Words:
1. started
2. smart
3. mark
4. pardon
5. carpet
6. card
7. star
8. barber
9. bark
10. farther
11. park
12. shark
13. party
14. tart
15. barn
16. parallel
17. aquarium
18. arcade
19. argue
20. arrival 

Test Schedule for Week of March 22nd:
Tuesday– reading comprehension
Wednesday– Chapter Math 10 quiz
Thursday– Religion Lesson 15 quiz
Friday– Spelling 

1. bear
2. stairs
3. compare
4. prepare
5. sharing
6. tear
7. wear
8. repair
9. stare
10. fairy
11. haircut
12. airplane
13. pear
14. glare
15. aware
16. disappear
17. square
18. warehouse
19. hearing
20. armchair 

Lesson 15 Religion Notes:

  • Grace is our share in God’s life and love.
  • Sanctifying Grace is the gift of God’s life infused into our soul to heal us of sin and make us holy.
  • Jesus told the Apostles not to be afraid.
  • We do not have to do anything to earn God’s grace.
  • At the transfiguration God the Father spoke to the disciples.
  • Through Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension, God’s grace is made available to us. 
  • Grace gives us the strength to follow Jesus’ teachings.
  • Ways we are called to build God’s Kingdom are: avoiding sin, telling others about Jesus, treating others as Jesus did, by caring for those in need and helping others know that God’s life and love are alive in the world.
  • In the Sacrament of Baptism, we receive sanctifying grace for the first time.

Wednesday, March 17
ELA– 10 sentences using your spelling words
Read for 20 minutes
Study Religion- Quiz tomorrow 

Monday, March 15
page 153-154
Spelling ABC order
Read for 20 min 
***Math Test Moved to Wednesday*** 

Test Schedule Week of March 15
Tuesday– Reading Comprehension
Wednesday– Chapter 9 Math Test
Thursday– Lesson 14 Religion Quiz
Friday– Spelling

Spelling Words:

  1. blooming
  2. leaving
  3. getting
  4. rolled
  5. hurrying
  6. settled
  7. liked 
  8. filled
  9. hoping
  10. buying 
  11. stamping 
  12. taking
  13. swimming 
  14. used 
  15. worried
  16. lightest 
  17. funnier 
  18. fitting 
  19. sluggish 
  20. beginning 

Lesson 14 Religion Notes:

Lesson 14 Religion Notes:

  • Mortal Sin is a very serious sin that breaks a person’s relationship with God. 
  • Venial Sin is a less serious sin that hurts a person’s relationship with God.
  • The things you do  have an effect on you and others you may hurt.
  • When Adam and Eve turned away from God, Original Sin came into the world. 
  • We are forgiven during the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.
  • A mortal sin is known to be wrong and freely chosen.
  • Practicing virtues can make it easier to live by God’s laws. 
  • Wrong choices can lead to more serious sin because when we make poor choices again and again, it can be more difficult to live in God’s love.
  • When we sin, we need to ask God to forgive us, so that our relationship with God can be made strong again. 


Wednesday, March 10th Homework:
write 10 sentences using your spelling words in each sentence. 
Math- page 146 in workbook

Tuesday, March 9th Homework:
Spelling– 3x each
Math– Worksheet
Read for 20 min

Monday, March 8th Homework:
Spelling– write words in alphabetical order
Math– Page 144 in workbook
Read for 20 min

Test Schedule for week of March 8th:

Tuesday: Chapter 9 Math Quiz
Wednesday: Peter Pan Book Test 
Thursday: Lesson 13 Religion Quiz (Notes to go home Monday)
Friday: Spelling

Spelling Words:
1. boots
2. school
3. choose
4. balloon
5. understood
6. grouped
7. looked
8. brook
9. loose
10. cartoon
11. shook
12. hood
13. zoomed
14. soot
15. afternoon
16. childhood
17. bookshelf
18. foolish
19. route
20. neighborhood 

Thursday 3/4:

Math- page 140
ELA- choose 10 spellings word and write them in a story.
Read for 20 minutes 

Friday 2/26:

Test Schedule:
Tuesday- Reading Comprehension
Wednesday- Chapter 8 Math Test 
Thursday- Religion Lesson 12 Quiz (**Notes will go home Monday**)
Friday- Spelling

Spelling Words:
1. song
3. launch
4. automobile
5. soft
6. dawn
8. caught
9. lost
10. taught
11. long
12. sauce
13. pause
14. frost
15. lawn
16. authentic
17. hawk
18. laundry
19. author
20. yawn 

****Monday is the 100th day of school. You may dress down 🙂

Thursday 2/25:

Math workbook page – 134

Spelling- write a story using 10 of your spelling words.

Read for 20 minutes


Tuesday  2/23

Spelling 1-20  in a sentence

Math workbook  129, 130

Peter Pan questions 

What was the white bird the boys thought they saw and shot an arrow at?

What saved Wendy’s life?

What did the lost boys decide to build for Wendy?

What was the first motherly thing Wendy did for the boys?

When Slightly remembered they didn’t have doctors on the island, what did he do ?

Also  Purple book page 21






Monday  2/22

Spelling words  

1. garden,  circle,  turtle,  person,

5. market,  cartoon,  order,  current,

9. circus,  forbid,  marbles,  garbage,  

13. cursive,  perfect,  party,  dairy,

17.  work,  yard,  curve,  share 

Bonus  reindeer


Spelling  1-20   3 times each 

Math worksheet on money

Peter Pan questions.

1. How do people know when the crocodile is coming?

2. What did the mushroom that Captain Hook sat on turn out to be?

3. What was Captain Hooks plan to capture the lost boys?

Purple book  page 20





Thursday   2/11

Spelling  1-20   ABC order  

Math workbook 125, 126

Peter Pan questions and page 18

Questions:  1. How did Peter know the parents were coming back?

2. Why do you think this Chapter was title “Birds Leave the Nest”?

3. How would we describe Peter’s character in this chapter?

Decades dress down tomorrow

Pizza Party 

Magic show 

Mass at  11am




Wednesday  2/10

Math workbook 123, 124

Peter Pan questions  and page 11

Vocabulary  66

8 and 9 times table on Friday 

Pajama Day tomorrow 



Tuesday  2/9

Spelling 1-20 in a sentence

Math workbook  127, 128

Peter Pan questions  and  also purple book page 8

Cam Jenson book to be returned



Monday  2/8

Spelling words  

  1. phone     cough,      dolphin,    laugh,  elephant

6. armchair,  trophy,   check,  rough,   peach

11. checkers, nickel,  buckle,  phony,  sharp

16. quick,  chatter,  graph,  tough,   reach      Bonus pamphlet

Spelling words  1-20   3 times each

Math worksheet 

Reading questions from Peter Pan novel

Tomorrow is Sport/Career Day   dress down 


Thursday  2/4

Math workbook  121, 122

Reading sheet 

Religion test tomorrow  (Friday)

Food drive ends by tomorrow 

Pizza money due tomorrow (Friday)



Wednesday   2/3

Math workbook pages 119,120

Reading Sheet  both sides 

Religion test  Lesson 10  Friday

NO Vocabulary test

Please bring in papers from Tuesday’s lesson (not done)

Pizza money due Friday

Food drive  due  Friday





Friday  1/29

Vocabulary test Tuesday  Unit 6

Religion test Wednesday  Lesson 10


Thursday  1/28

Spelling story or poem using 10 of the words

Math workbook  117, 118

Vocabulary  62

Science project due tomorrow 

Math part 2 test tomorrow 



Wednesday  1/27 

Spelling 1 – 20 ABC order 

Math workbook 115, 116

Vocabulary workbook 60

Reminder:  Math test part 2 chapter 7   Friday 

science project due Friday  (replica only)



Tuesday  1/26

Spelling  1-20    3 times each

Math workbook   113, 114

Phonics  workbook   39, 40

Astronaut paper due tomorrow (Wed)

No Social Studies vocabulary test 

Science project due Friday  (can submit earlier)


Monday  1/25

Spelling words

1. excuse, better, cough, enough

5. visitor, sailor, cheerful, laugh

9. because , caught, draw, photo

13. knee, wrong, unlock, ticket

17. rewind, preheat, launch, chalk

Spelling 1 – 20 in a sentence

Math worksheet  (sent thru email)

Social Studies test on Vocabulary on Wednesday



Friday 1/22

Reminders for next week

Monday math test part 1 Chapter 7  1/25

Social Studies test Wednesday (Vocabulary)  1/27

Astronaut paper due Wednesday  re-write on loose leaf  attach both papers   1/27

Science project due Friday  Keep writing separate    1/29



Thursday  1/21

Spelling 1-20  ABC  order

Math workbook  111, 112


Religion test tomorrow  1/22

Math test Monday Part 1 of Chapter 7     1/25

Social Studies test on Vocabulary sheet – Wednesday 1/27

Astronaut paper due on Wednesday 1/27 on loose leaf

Science project due on Friday 1/29 including fun facts about the planets




Wednesday  1/20

Spelling 1-20  3 times each

Vocabulary test tomorrow

Re-write Sleepover Personal Narrative

Religion test on Friday 

Writing piece on the astronaut is due on Monday 1/25

Science project due on 1/29





Tuesday 1/19

Spelling 1-20 in a sentence

Math workbook 109,110

Vocabulary test Thursday Unit 5

Religion test Lesson 9

These are the last 2 questions for the religion test

What are Anointing of the sick? and Oil of the sick?

All the other questions were sent on Thursday 




Thursday 1/14

Spelling using 10 of the spelling words write a story or poem

Math workbook  107, 108


Social Studies project due Tuesday 

Science test Tuesday  (please study the sheets with the voc. words on it. I sent another copy just in case)

Vocabulary test Thursday Unit 5 (48,49)

Religion test Friday Lesson 9 

Questions to know:

Define Penance and Reconciliation, pardon, peace, absolve p. 102, 106

reconciliation and give example  – the example is – it means being friends again.

How are we forgiven? 103

Who is always ready to forgive us? 104

Name 2 Examination of Conscience examples 104

Please start preparing. The rest of it will be sent on Tuesday.







Wednesday  1/13

Spelling 1-20  ABC order

Math workbook 91,92

Reminder Social Studies project due Tuesday  1/19



Tuesday  1/12

Spelling 1-20 3 times each

Math workbook 105,106

Re-write Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. paper

Voc. 55

spelling test on Thursday due to no school on Friday





Thursday   1/7

Spelling – Write a story using 10 of the spelling words

Math 101, 102

Voc. 53


Math test Monday  –  Chapter 6

Religion test Tuesday   –  Lesson 8


Wednesday    1/6

Spelling  ABC order

Math 99, 100

Social Studies project  begin research






Tuesday  1/5

Spelling 1-20    3 times each

Math workbook  97, 98

Voc.   p.  52

Reading test tomorrow

Math quiz 6 and 7 times table (Thursday)





Happy New Year   January 4th 

Spelling words 

  1. eight          11.graph
  2. laugh         12. coin
  3. medal        13. trade
  4. scratch      14. wrench
  5. oil               15. bread
  6. stamp        16. noise
  7. join             17. safely
  8. wrong         18. spoil
  9. knife           19. soil
  10. chance        20. knew     Bonus  digital


Spelling 1-20 in a sentence

Vocabulary p. 50

Math workbook  93, 94

Upcoming tests:

Reading test 1/6

Math quiz  1/7   (6 and 7 times table)

Math test Chapter 6        1/11

Religion test Lesson 8      1/12



Wednesday 12/16

Good evening  (sorry the homework is a little late)

Spelling ABC order

Math  workbook p. 89, 90

Vocabulary p. 43

FYI   for remote learning tomorrow students can wear their pajamas.

Log in time is 9:00 till about 11:15 am



Tuesday 12/15

Spelling 1-20 in a sentence

Math workbook 87, 88

Vocabulary 42

Religion test Tomorrow (Wednesday) use review sheet

Vocabulary test Thursday





Monday 12/14

Spelling words

1.skate                              11. travel

2. strand                           12. young 

3. courage                         13. stand

4. monitor                         14. chase

5. straight                         15. string

6. plate                               16. school

7. near                                 17.enough

8. west                                 18. dress

9. touch                              19. every

10. hours                            20. butterfly

bonus  beautiful

Math workbook  85, 86

Vocabulary 40

Spelling 1-20    2 times each


Math quiz  Tuesday   3 and 4 times table

Vocabulary test Thursday  p. 38,39  including synonym 

Religion test Wednesday  (virtual students Friday) prepare using review sheet 







Thursday  12/10

Spelling ABC order

Math workbook 81, 82

Vocabulary read story p. 34  answer questions p. 35







Wednesday 12/9

Spelling 1-20 in a sentence

Math Textbook  106, 107


Monday 12/7

Spelling Words

  1. sea
  2. began
  3. grow
  4. took
  5. river
  6. crown
  7. however
  8. around
  9. growl 
  10. fountain
  11. sound
  12. season 
  13. life
  14. forest 
  15. shook
  16. looked
  17. stop
  18. mile
  19. voice
  20. whole

Spelling 1-20  3 times each

Math 79,80



Thursday 12/3

Spelling – write a story using 10 of the spelling words

Math quiz tomorrow (Friday) 5 and 10 times table

Math pages 75, 76

Heaven projects due tomorrow (Friday)

Parent – Teacher conference slips went home today, I did the best I could to schedule one of your choices.

Thank you,







Wednesday 12/2

Spelling 1-20 ABC order 

Math p. 73

Vocabulary test tomorrow pgs. 28,29

Write 3 facts and 3 things you like about St. Theresa of Avila

Religion project due Friday.






Tuesday 12/1


Spelling 1-20 in a sentence

Math WB- page 72

Vocabulary page 32


***Parents-Tomorrow we will be meeting remotely via google meets. We will do our math lesson and ELA. I will send an e-mail out to everyone tomorrow at 9:00am. Please look for it in your child e-mails. 

If you have any questions at all- please do not hesitate to contact me:

Homework for Monday 10/5

ELA– Write spelling words in ABC order
Read for 20 min
Math– page 24 in work book

Test Schedule: Week of 10/5-10/9

Tuesday– Reading Comprehension
Thursday– Religion, Lesson 3 ( I will post Religion notes on Monday, along with having the students post them in their notebooks)
Friday– Spelling 

Spelling Words:

  1. tight
  2. stone
  3. own 
  4. close 
  5. grow 
  6. while
  7. giant 
  8. time
  9. flight
  10. broke
  11. show
  12. whole
  13. follow
  14. tide
  15. below
  16. bright
  17. quiet
  18. write
  19. telephone
  20. idea

Homework, Thursday 10/1

ELA– choose 10 spelling words and write 10 complete sentences in your spelling notebook.
Read for 20 min.
Math– pg. 22 in workbook 

Homework, Wednesday 9/30

ELA– write spelling words 11-20 (3x each) in spelling book
Read for 20 minutes
Math– 2 worksheets on rounding to the nearest tenth/hundredth
**Study Religion Notes- quiz tomorrow 

Homework, Tuesday 9/29

ELA– Write spelling words 1-10 3x each
Read for 20min
Math– page 29 in math textbook (even numbers only)
chapter 2 Math Quiz tomorrow 


Homework, Monday 9/28

ELA– spelling write words in ABC order
Study for Joshua T. Bates book test tomorrow
Read for 20 min
Math– page 20 in workbook

Test Schedule: Week of 9/28-10/2

Tuesday- Joshua T. Bates Book Test
Wednesday- Chapter 2 Math Test
Thursday- Religion Lesson 2 quiz (Notes will go home next week)
Friday- Spelling 

*Reminder- Friday is a half day

Spelling Words:

  1. slip
  2. lunch
  3. truck 
  4. socks 
  5. fish 
  6. gift 
  7. pond
  8. dish
  9. pick
  10. thing 
  11. from 
  12. thump
  13. rocks 
  14. inch
  15. jump
  16. sister
  17. guess
  18. children
  19. sometime
  20. window

Homework, Thursday September 24th 

ELA– choose 10 words from this weeks spelling list. Write the 10 words you choose in complete sentences.
Read for 20 minutes (book of choice)
Math– Page 16 in workbook

Homework, Tuesday September 22nd

ELA– Write spelling words 1- 10 (3x each) in spelling book 
Math– W/S

We glued our Religion Notes in our Religion notebooks today. Study the notes for the test. Everything in the notes will be on test on Thursday. 


Religion Notes

Chapter 1 – Lesson 1

  • The Gospel is the Good News that we are saved by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
  • The Gospel writers are called the four Evangelists
  • The word gospel means “good news”
  • A special promise from God is called a covenant
  • The Bible is a collection of books about God’s love for us.
  • After a great flood, God sent Noah a rainbow as a sign of his promise to love and care for everything. 
  • God finds ways to speak to us through creation.
  • God reveals himself to us through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and through Jesus.
  • God speaks to us through the bible by telling us about our call to live as God’s people.


Homework, Monday September 21st

ELA– Write spelling words in ABC order in your spelling book.
Read for 20 minutes
Math– pgs. 13-14 in your math workbook 

Test Schedule for week of September 21st:

Tuesday– reading comprehension quiz 
Wednesday– Chapter 1 Math Test (rounding to the nearest tenth & hundredth) 
Thursday– Lesson 1 Religion Test
Friday– Spelling

**Notes will go home next week for Test/quizzes. Everything in notes will be on the tests/quizzes. We will also study in class.

Spelling Words:

  1. Easy
  2. seat
  3. reach
  4. gain
  5. grade
  6. saved
  7. name
  8. theme
  9. meet
  10. pail
  11. raise
  12. scream
  13. late
  14. between
  15. leave
  16. dream
  17. because
  18. please
  19. become
  20. state


Homework for Thursday, September 17th 
Math- page 8 in math workbook
ELA- Reading comprehension w/s

Homework for Wednesday, September 16th
Math– page 6 in workbook
ELA– Read for 20 minutes, write at least 3 sentences on what was read. 

Homework for Tuesday, September 15th

Math– page 4 in workbook

ELA– Reading comprehension worksheet

Homework for Monday, September 14th

Math– page 2 in workbook
ELA– Read for 20 minutes (book of choice). Write atleast 3 sentences on what was read (characters, setting, key details). 

*Next week we will start spelling homework. 🙂 

Wednesday, September 9th

Welcome Back Everyone!! We had such a great first day!! 

This week your child will be bringing home books to cover. Please make sure to cover the books in contact paper. Please purchase a large or extra large book sock for your child to cover your child’s math book. We can cover the books in the classroom. This will save your child the trip of having to bring that book home this week.

I am so excited to be back to school! Looking forward to a great year!!

Please never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions :)!

-Mrs. Davies


Work for Friday, March 20th

Hi Everyone! We made it through our first week! Again, next week I will not only be assigning through Readworks but also on Epic and assigning lessons to do in the textbook. I will also start to be putting grades in for our third trimester. 

Please make sure that once you have completed your reading on readworks that you hit submit. I see most of you have done that but there is a small few who I can see answered the reading questions but didn’t hit submit. If you have any questions or need help navigating the site, feel free to reach me anytime!

ELA– Please sign into Readworks and complete the assigned paired readings on Child Education. 

Math– Please sign into Mathletics and practice different lessons for 30 minutes.

Also, please choose a book from home and read independently for 20 minutes. 

Work for Thursday, March 19th

This week is a review week. Next week we will start working in the textbook along with getting assignments through google classroom. If you have not signed onto classroom please do so asap. If you need any help at all, I am here :)!! We are a team in this, so please don’t hesitate to contact me!

ELA– Please sign into Readworks and complete the assigned paired readings on whales

Math– Please sign into Mathletics and practice different lessons for 30 minutes.

Also, please choose a book from home and read independently for 20 minutes. 


Work for Wednesday, March 18th

ELA– Please sign into Readworks and complete the assignment

Math– Please sign into Mathletics and complete the assignment

**Starting next week I will be assigning work to do in their textbooks along with importing more work on google classroom for them on readwords and Epic. I know a lot of people are having a hard time logging on to Epic. Once everyone is signed onto google classroom Epic will be easier for me to send the class work from there. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime :). 

Work for Tuesday, March 17th

This week we will have a review week. I will post new assignments each day.

Starting the week of March 23rd, I will assign more assignments in the students textbooks and worksheets. The class will also be getting social studies and science work to complete. I will also like to communicate by using google classroom. If anyone needs help logging on to the website, I will be here to help. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions! We are in this together!! 🙂 

Math- Please have your child log onto their Mathletics accounts (using their username and password). I have assigned work for the class to complete. 

ELA-  Complete the following Readworks I assigned. Use the login information that I posted on my page from Friday to sign your child on. I also assigned the class a reading from Epic!. The following is instructions on how to log in to our class page.

  1. Then type my email: and password: Firstgrade
  2. Click on student/educator 
  3. Select their name and they’re in!

After reading the assigned reading-  Fast and Slow, please have your child write in their reading journal – 3 things that can move fast and slow. 

Religion- Write and draw a picture about a way you can show others God’s love. (This can be done on loose leaf paper, I will collect this once the class returns back to school.)

Mathletics and Readworks- will be turned in online and I will grade them once completed. All other assignments please have your child bring back to school and I will grade them once we return.’


Dear Parents,

In case of closure, I will be adding all assignments on my class page until further notice. Depending on how long we are out, we will begin using Google Classroom. To get to google classroom, your child will be given a gmail account. In Google Classroom I will assign daily ReadWorks and Mathletics assignments. The Mathletics app can be downloaded to a device or you can log onto the website from a computer. The username and password are attached to their take home folder and they are familiar with how to log on. They will be assigned work and I will see their scores when done. I will assign Readworks through google classroom as well. 

To use The ReadWorks instructions are below:

How to get students to their assignments

  1. Have students go to
  2. Students enter class code ADGJ7D
  3. Tell your students that their default password is 1234

Note: Students can change their passwords when they log in, and you can change student passwords on this page.

On ReadWorks, you will be assigned readings and questions to answer. I will be notified of which students complete the assignments and the scores after completing the questions.If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Option C. I will be checking it frequently.


Mrs. Davies

March 9th- 13th- Home work:

Math – page 380
ELA- write spelling words 3x each
Read for 20 minutes

Math – study pages 385-386 (quiz tomorrow)
ELA – write spelling words 1-5 in complete sentences
Read for 20 minutes

Math- worksheet
ELA- write words 6-10 in complete sentences
Read for 20 minutes

Math- page 390
ELA- choose 5 spelling words and write a short story using your words.
Read for 20 minutes 

Friday– reading journal due Tuesday 🙂 

Test Schedule for week of 3/9-3/13

Tuesday– Superkids Unit 9 Test 

Wednesday– Chapter 10 Math Quiz

Friday– Spelling


  1. by
  2. fly
  3. cry
  4. try
  5. belly 
  6. jelly
  7. smelly
  8. bunny
  9. funny
  10. sunny 

March 2nd- 6th- Home work:

Math – pages 361-362
ELA- write spelling words 3x each
Read for 20 minutes

Math – page 366
ELA – write spelling words 1-5 in complete sentences
Read for 20 minutes

Math- study pages 371-372 (Test tomorrow)
ELA- write words 6-10 in complete sentences
Read for 20 minutes

Math- Worksheet
ELA- choose 5 spelling words and write a short story using your words.
Read for 20 minutes 

Friday– reading journal due Tuesday 🙂 

March 2nd- 6th Test Schedule:

Thursday– Chapter 9 Math Test
Friday – Spelling 

Spelling Words:

  1. can’t
  2. won’t 
  3. don’t
  4. boy
  5. girl
  6. two
  7. four
  8. about
  9. over
  10. before 

Homework for February 24th-28th

Math- study pages 343- 344
ELA- write spelling words 3x each
Read for 20 minutes 

Math- Worksheet
ELA- write spelling words 1-5 in complete sentences
Read for 20 minutes 

Math- page 348
ELA- write spelling words 6-10 in complete sentences
Read for 20 minutes 

Math- page 352
ELA- choose 5 spelling words and write a short story
Read for 20 minutes 

Friday– Reading Journal, due Tuesday 

  • Chapter 19 Religion Notes:
  • Jesus told stories about God’s love and forgiveness
  • In one of Jesus’ stories God is like the forgiving father
  • God is always ready to forgive us
  • In the Sacrament of Penance, we receive and celebrate God’s forgiveness.
  • It is important to forgive others.
  • Some things we do when we celebrate the Sacrament of Penance is we think about what we have said and done. 

Test Schedule 2/24-28

Tuesday– Chapter 9 Math Quiz

Wednesday– Superkids Unit 8 Test

Thursday– Chapter 19 Religion Quiz

Friday– Spelling

Spelling Words:

  1. isn’t
  2. didn’t
  3. hasn’t
  4. hadn’t
  5. aren’t 
  6. wasn’t
  7. weren’t
  8. haven’t
  9. couldn’t
  10. wouldn’t

Homework Week of 2/10-2/14

Math- page 328

Math- page 334

Math- page 338

Math- page 342

Religion Notes:

  • Jesus is the Light of the World.
  • We can make choices to love God and others.
  • We receive the light of Christ at Baptism.
  • A person who works for peace is a peacemaker
  • We show others the light of Christ when we do the right thing. 

Friday: Reading journal due Tuesday (Please make sure you are reading for at least 20 minutes every night)

***Dear Parents, due to the low attendance. I’m going to do a make-up test week. The kids that took their spelling tests today, will not have to take it next week. 

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Test Schedule February 10th- 14th:
Monday– Chapter 8 Make-up Math Test

Tuesday– Make-up Social Studies Quiz

Thursday– Chapter 18 Religion 

Friday– Make- up Spelling 

Homework Week of February 3rd-7th

 Monday 2/3:

Read 20 minutes.

Spelling- write words 3x each 

Math- page 314


Tuesday 2/4:

Read 20 minutes.

Spelling- write words 1-5 in complete sentences.

Math- page 318


Wednesday 2/5:

Read 20 minutes.

Spelling- write words 6-10 in complete sentences

Math- page 323-324 (study for math test tomorrow)


Thursday 2/6

Read 20 minutes.

Spelling- write words in ABC order

Math- w/s


Friday 2/7 (half day)

Read each night for a minimum of 20 minutes. 



Test Schedule week of February 3rd-7th 

Tuesday 2/4- Superkids Unit 7 Test

Wednesday 2/5- Social Studies quiz on Goods and Services

Thursday 2/6- Math Chapter 8 test

Friday 2/7- Spelling

Spelling words:

  1. main
  2. nail
  3. tail
  4. rain
  5. train
  6. boat
  7. coat
  8. float
  9. load
  10. road

Homework week of 1/27


Math- study pages 301-302 (Chapter 8 quiz tomorrow)

Spelling- write words 1-10 (3x each)

Read for 20 minutes 


Math- worksheet

Spelling- write words 1-0 in ABC order 

Read for 20 minutes 


Math- page 306

Spelling- write words 1-5 in complete sentences 

Read for 20 minutes 


Math- page 310

Spelling- write words 6-10 in complete sentences 

Read for 20 minutes 

Religion Chapter 17 Notes:

  • Baptism is the first sacrament we receive
  • Water is an important sign of Baptism
  • Grace is God’s life in us.
  • The Church celebrates Baptism with special words and actions.
  • We are given a white garment and a candle at Baptism so that we will always live as followers of Jesus. 

Test Schedule Week of January 27th

Tuesday– Chapter 8 Math Quiz

Thursday– Religion Chapter 17 Test

Friday– Spelling

Spelling Words:

  1. baking
  2. baked
  3. smiling
  4. smiled
  5. oh
  6. any
  7. day
  8. good
  9. very
  10. want 

Reminders: Next week is Catholic Schools Week. Please come to mass this Sunday at 10:00 for the start of Catholic School’s Week.  Miyah-Bella from our class will be getting baptized, it will be nice to have her friends there to support her. Also, this Monday we will be singing for the Veterans. Please have your child wear red, white, or blue. 

Homework week of January 21st-24th



Tuesday 1/21- 

Math- study pages 283-284 (math test tomorrow)

ELA- Write spelling words 3x each

Read for 20 minutes


Wednesday 1/22

Math- worksheet

ELA- write spelling words 1-5 in a complete sentence

Read for 20 minutes


Thursday 1/23

Math- page 292

ELA- write spelling words 6-10 in a complete sentence

Read for 20 minutes


Friday- reading journals due Tuesday. Please read each night for 20 minutes.


Have a wonderful weekend!!


Science Notes:

  • You should always wear a seat-belt when driving in a car. 
  • A helmet helps to protect your head from getting a quick injury. 
  • Dark colors absorb the most light. 
  • When it is sunny and hot outside you should wear light clothing to stay cool. 
  • Never carry anything heavy up and down stairs, always ask an adult for help. 
  • To be safe, you should make your field of view large.
  • Looking both ways when you cross the street is an important way to stay safe.
  • Never walk on a frozen pond without asking an adult first.
  • Always ask an adult for help when using any form of liquids in the science lab.


Reminders: Next week is catholic schools week. Don’t forget to wear red, white, or blue on Monday. K-2 will be singing patriotic songs for veterans that morning. 


Test Schedule for week of January 21-24th

Tuesday– Superkids Unit 6 Test (reading comprehension)

Wednesday– Chapter 7 Math Test

Thursday– Science Test on Safety (Notes will be posted on Monday)

Friday– Spelling

Spelling Words:

  1. bakes
  2. cakes
  3. makes
  4. takes
  5. snakes
  6. bikes
  8. hikes
  9. hopes
  10. ropes 

Dear Parents,

Due to there being no school on Friday, I’m moving their spelling quiz to Thursday. Religion quiz will be on Wednesday.

Homework Schedule:

  • Monday 1/13:
    Write spelling words 1- 10 (3x each)
    Math Worksheet 
  • Tuesday 1/14

Write 1-5 spelling words in a complete sentence.

Math- page 268 

Study for Religion


  • Wednesday 1/15

Write 6-10 spelling words in a complete sentence.

Math- page 272

Study for Spelling


  • Thursday 1/16

Reading Journal Due Tuesday. Make sure to read each night for 20 minutes :). 


Religion Notes:

  • Jesus shares God’s life with us in each of the sacraments.
  • Jesus gave us the sacraments.
  • The Church celebrates seven sacraments.
  • Alleluia is a special word we use when we worship God.
  • Jesus did gather with others to worship God. 
  • Alleluia and Amen are some of the special words and actions we use to worship God. 
  • You can celebrate God’s love at Mass every week.
  • Baptism is the first sacrament we receive as catholics. 

Test Schedule Week of 1/13- 1/17

Monday- *Make-up Spelling Quiz – words from last week

Thursday- Religion Chapter 16

Friday- Spelling

Spelling Words

  1. game
  2. same
  3. ride
  4. side
  5. said 
  6. only
  7. you
  8. out
  9. of
  10. here


***Parents, just a quick reminder. Our class trip has been rescheduled to this Friday, January 10th** 

Homework week of 1/6- 1/10

Monday 1/6 – Read 20 minutes

Spelling- write words 1- 5 (3x each)

Math- page 254


Tuesday 1/7- Read 20 minutes

Spelling- write words 6-10 (3x each)

Math- page 258


Wednesday ⅛- Read 20 minutes

Spelling- write words in alphabetical order

Math worksheet


Thursday 1/9- Read 20 minutes

Spelling- study words (quiz tomorrow)

Math page 264


Friday– Read each night for at least 20 minutes. Reading journal due Tuesday

Religion Notes: (Quiz on Friday) 

  • People in a parish pray, celebrate, and work together.
  • A parish church is a holy place.
  • People in a parish help many people.
  • People in our parish worship God; and share God’s love with others. 
  • A pastor is the priest who is the leader of the parish.
  • To worship means to give God thanks and praise.
  • A parish is like a family because we belong together and help each other.

First Grade Test Schedule 

Week of January 6th- 10th


Tuesday 1/7– Unit 5 Superkids Test

Wednesday 1/8- Chapter 7 Math Quiz

Thursday 1/9- Religion Quiz 

Friday 1/10– spelling 

  • Spelling Words
  • Go
  • No
  • So
  • Be
  • He
  • Me
  • She
  • We
  • Hi
  • Flu 



  • I will be posting everything on the website starting in January. If you need to check homework, the website will have all the information :). 


  • Reading response journals will be sent home Thursday and will be collected on Tuesday. Please cover your child’s reading journal


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!



Week of December 16th- 20th


I’m placing the Superkids Dominic’s Apple reading story in your child’s folder. Please read it with your child each night. This will help your child become more familiar with weekly sight words. 


Monday 12/16:

Read 20 minutes.

Spelling- write words 1-5 – 3 times each

Math- pg. 230


Tuesday 12/17:

No Homework- Please have your child come to school by 5:30 PM for the Christmas Show


Wednesday 12/18:

Read 20 minutes.

Spelling- write words in ABC order

Math- study pages 241-242 (Chapter 6 Math test tomorrow)


Thursday 12/19:

Read 20 minutes

Spelling- study words

Math- w/s in folder


Friday 12/20:

Read each night. Reading response due Tuesday

First Grade Test Schedule 

Week of December 16th- 20th 


Tuesday 12/17– Social Studies Quiz

Wednesday 12/18- Chapter 12 Religion

Thursday 12/19- Chapter 6 Math Test

Friday 12/20– spelling 


  • Spelling Words
  • Flipping
  • Flipped
  • Stepping
  • Stepped
  • There
  • From
  • Be
  • To
  • We 
  • Or 


Religion Notes:

  • Jesus chose Peter to be the leader of the Apostles.
  • The Apostles led and care for the Church.
  • The Pope lives in the Vatican in Rome, Italy.
  • We serve others by caring for and helping them.
  • The Pope leads and cares for the whole Church.
  • Bishops do the work the Apostles did.
  • The pope cares about the members of the Church. 
  • The church loves and serves others by feeding people who are hungry. 


Social Studies Notes:

  • In France children call Santa Pere Noel.
  • Children leave their shoes out on Christmas Eve so that Pere Noel can fill them with toys, nuts, and fruit.
  • In Italy children get presents from la Befana.
  • In Italy Children wait until January 6th to get presents. 
  • Children spend nine days traveling house to house reenacting the first Christmas. 
  • In Mexico, children celebrate Las Posadas.
  • In Mexico Poinsettias are a traditional Christmas decoration. 
  • Greenland is one of the closest countries to the North Pole.
  • Places in Greenland are so cold that Christmas trees can’t grow there. 
  • They eat Mattack which is whale skin with blubber inside.

Have a great weekend!! 🙂 

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