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Test Schedule for week of January 21-24th

Tuesday– Superkids Unit 6 Test (reading comprehension)

Wednesday– Chapter 7 Math Test

Thursday– Science Test on Safety (Notes will be posted on Monday)

Friday– Spelling

Spelling Words:

  1. bakes
  2. cakes
  3. makes
  4. takes
  5. snakes
  6. bikes
  8. hikes
  9. hopes
  10. ropes 

Dear Parents,

Due to there being no school on Friday, I’m moving their spelling quiz to Thursday. Religion quiz will be on Wednesday.

Homework Schedule:

  • Monday 1/13:
    Write spelling words 1- 10 (3x each)
    Math Worksheet 
  • Tuesday 1/14

Write 1-5 spelling words in a complete sentence.

Math- page 268 

Study for Religion


  • Wednesday 1/15

Write 6-10 spelling words in a complete sentence.

Math- page 272

Study for Spelling


  • Thursday 1/16

Reading Journal Due Tuesday. Make sure to read each night for 20 minutes :). 


Religion Notes:

  • Jesus shares God’s life with us in each of the sacraments.
  • Jesus gave us the sacraments.
  • The Church celebrates seven sacraments.
  • Alleluia is a special word we use when we worship God.
  • Jesus did gather with others to worship God. 
  • Alleluia and Amen are some of the special words and actions we use to worship God. 
  • You can celebrate God’s love at Mass every week.
  • Baptism is the first sacrament we receive as catholics. 

Test Schedule Week of 1/13- 1/17

Monday- *Make-up Spelling Quiz – words from last week

Thursday- Religion Chapter 16

Friday- Spelling

Spelling Words

  1. game
  2. same
  3. ride
  4. side
  5. said 
  6. only
  7. you
  8. out
  9. of
  10. here


***Parents, just a quick reminder. Our class trip has been rescheduled to this Friday, January 10th** 

Homework week of 1/6- 1/10

Monday 1/6 – Read 20 minutes

Spelling- write words 1- 5 (3x each)

Math- page 254


Tuesday 1/7- Read 20 minutes

Spelling- write words 6-10 (3x each)

Math- page 258


Wednesday ⅛- Read 20 minutes

Spelling- write words in alphabetical order

Math worksheet


Thursday 1/9- Read 20 minutes

Spelling- study words (quiz tomorrow)

Math page 264


Friday– Read each night for at least 20 minutes. Reading journal due Tuesday

Religion Notes: (Quiz on Friday) 

  • People in a parish pray, celebrate, and work together.
  • A parish church is a holy place.
  • People in a parish help many people.
  • People in our parish worship God; and share God’s love with others. 
  • A pastor is the priest who is the leader of the parish.
  • To worship means to give God thanks and praise.
  • A parish is like a family because we belong together and help each other.

First Grade Test Schedule 

Week of January 6th- 10th


Tuesday 1/7– Unit 5 Superkids Test

Wednesday 1/8- Chapter 7 Math Quiz

Thursday 1/9- Religion Quiz 

Friday 1/10– spelling 

  • Spelling Words
  • Go
  • No
  • So
  • Be
  • He
  • Me
  • She
  • We
  • Hi
  • Flu 



  • I will be posting everything on the website starting in January. If you need to check homework, the website will have all the information :). 


  • Reading response journals will be sent home Thursday and will be collected on Tuesday. Please cover your child’s reading journal


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!



Week of December 16th- 20th


I’m placing the Superkids Dominic’s Apple reading story in your child’s folder. Please read it with your child each night. This will help your child become more familiar with weekly sight words. 


Monday 12/16:

Read 20 minutes.

Spelling- write words 1-5 – 3 times each

Math- pg. 230


Tuesday 12/17:

No Homework- Please have your child come to school by 5:30 PM for the Christmas Show


Wednesday 12/18:

Read 20 minutes.

Spelling- write words in ABC order

Math- study pages 241-242 (Chapter 6 Math test tomorrow)


Thursday 12/19:

Read 20 minutes

Spelling- study words

Math- w/s in folder


Friday 12/20:

Read each night. Reading response due Tuesday

First Grade Test Schedule 

Week of December 16th- 20th 


Tuesday 12/17– Social Studies Quiz

Wednesday 12/18- Chapter 12 Religion

Thursday 12/19- Chapter 6 Math Test

Friday 12/20– spelling 


  • Spelling Words
  • Flipping
  • Flipped
  • Stepping
  • Stepped
  • There
  • From
  • Be
  • To
  • We 
  • Or 


Religion Notes:

  • Jesus chose Peter to be the leader of the Apostles.
  • The Apostles led and care for the Church.
  • The Pope lives in the Vatican in Rome, Italy.
  • We serve others by caring for and helping them.
  • The Pope leads and cares for the whole Church.
  • Bishops do the work the Apostles did.
  • The pope cares about the members of the Church. 
  • The church loves and serves others by feeding people who are hungry. 


Social Studies Notes:

  • In France children call Santa Pere Noel.
  • Children leave their shoes out on Christmas Eve so that Pere Noel can fill them with toys, nuts, and fruit.
  • In Italy children get presents from la Befana.
  • In Italy Children wait until January 6th to get presents. 
  • Children spend nine days traveling house to house reenacting the first Christmas. 
  • In Mexico, children celebrate Las Posadas.
  • In Mexico Poinsettias are a traditional Christmas decoration. 
  • Greenland is one of the closest countries to the North Pole.
  • Places in Greenland are so cold that Christmas trees can’t grow there. 
  • They eat Mattack which is whale skin with blubber inside.

Have a great weekend!! 🙂 

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