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Welcome to my class page! You can learn more about me here.

I wanted to be a teacher from a young age. My two younger brothers were my students and to this day they remind me of how I used to take them on imaginary class trips and make them dress up for class plays. I have taught fourth grade for most of these 39 years and I never get tired of it. I still love when I see the imaginary “light bulb” go on over their heads and I realize they understand a new concept that’s been taught . Every year there is a new group of students and a new adventure. I learn as much from them as they do from me. The fourth grade is a busy year with three State tests that are given: ELA, Math, and Science. The students love going to our new Science lab and exploring different topics. We use the chromebooks and Ipads for all our subjects, for projects, fun, and differentiation. Most importantly, we are a Catholic School. I teach the students the Ten Commandments, the Works of Mercy, etc. not just from a textbook (words) but from doing and seeing (actions).

Oct. 17

Grade 4

*** Mr. O’Brien spoke to all the students this morning about school uniforms and water bottles. Please ask your child what was said.

Thank you. Mrs. Seliste

Gym tomorrow

Math weekend homework- worksheet chapter 2 practice/ read the whole question and follow the directions

Show all work on the paper NOT on a separate piece of paper

Tonight’s Math homework- Mathletics  FINISH ASSIGNMENTS DUE ON 10/18 

Grade 5

Math hw/classwork- finish worksheet

Please read ALL the directions . Some questions have more than one direction.

Religion- work on Religion slide (Joyful Mysteries)


Oct. 16

Trip $ and consent slips due Friday

Grade 4

Math homework- test corrections/ return test corrections and tests for Mr. O’Brien to see

Math test Monday chapter 2

Science quiz Investigation 5 tomorrow

Grade 5

Morning math tomorrow 7:30am

Science quiz tomorrow investigation 4


Oct. 15

Return permission slip and $ for trip

Grade 4

Morning Math tomorrow

Go on Mathletics/ work on assigned activities

Math test chapter 2/ Oct. 21

Science quiz Investigation 5 /Thursday

Grade 5

Math test chapter 2/Oct.21

Science quiz Investigation 4/ Thursday

Morning math Thursday


Attend Mass

No school Monday for Columbus Day Observance

Terra Nova Testing next week bring  lots of sharpened #2 pencils

Grades 4 and 5 will have Sciences quizzes on Thursday

Grades 4 and 5 will have Math chapter tests on Oct. 21st

Oct. 10

Dress down in pink $1

ice cream $1

Grade 4

Math p. 31

Gym tomorrow

Next week Terra Nova testing- bring in lots of  sharpened #2 pencils

Grade 5

Math p. 25

***Due to Terra Nova next week Math chapter 2 test must be postponed until  Monday, October 21st



Oct. 9

Grade 4 

Math p. 27 workbook

Religion test tomorrow- chapters 9 and 10

Grade 5

Math – correct last night’s homework p. 29




Oct. 8

Grade 4

Math p. 25

Morning Math tomorrow 7:30am

Religion test on chapters 9 and 10 Thursday

Grade 5

Morning Math Thursday 7:30am

Math – p. 29 /follow my directions from class

Oct. 7

Grade 5 

Math p. 23 show all work

Morning math Thursday

Science quiz Investigation 3 tomorrow

Grade 4

Math p. 32,33/ even numbers use /textbook and book (up to number 30)

Science quiz tomorrow

Religion test – 1st and 2nd commandments Thursday

Morning math Wednesday

Oct. 4

Attend Mass

Grade 4

Math- Test Monday Chapter 1

Science quiz Tuesday Investigation 4

Religion test Thursday- chapters 9 and 10

Grade 5

Science quiz Tuesday Investigation 3

Math test chapter 2 Thursday



Oct. 3

Grade 4 

Math p. 32,33 / odd numbers only up to 31

textbook/ notebook

quiz tom

full uniform tomorrow no gym

dismissal tom 12

weekend homework /math pack  due Monday

Grade 5

Math p. 21 workbook






Oct. 2

Grade 4

Math – complete p. 21/ use workbook and notebook  ***Please follow the directions about rounding found on the top of p. 21

Math quiz chapter 2/ lessons 1-4 Friday 10 questions/ see Math notebook

Math test Monday study test corrections for Chapter 1

This week begins weekend homework/ A Math pack will be handed out tomorrow

Grade 5

 Religion test tomorrow chapter 19/ Feast day sheet due tomorrow (It is part of the test grade)

Oct. 1

Grade 4

Math- Use your test corrections to study for Monday’s test, if you have any questions please ask me tomorrow

workbook p. 22/ estimating use the looseleaf for the rounding then put the answers in the workbook

Math quiz Friday on Lessons 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4

Grade 5

Math p. 38/1-6 only text/notebook

Quiz tomorrow on lessons 2-1 and 2-2

Religion test Thursday chapter 19


Sept. 30

Grade 4

Math – make test corrections /**** this was explained in class

Math quiz Friday on lessons 1-4/ chapter 2

Grade  5

Math – finish pp. 19,20 in workbook

Math quiz Wednesday L1 and L2

Religion test Chapter 19



Attend Mass

Both classes have Science quizzes Monday/ study lablearner booklet

Grade 4

Book order due Thursday

Grade 5

Religion test Thursday chapter 19



Sept. 25

Grade 4 

Math p. 22/text show all work /DO ON LOOSE LEAF

Grade 5

Math p. 22/ text show all work / DO ON LOOSE LEAF

Science quiz Investigation 2 Monday

Sept. 24

Grade 4 and 5 Math test tomorrow chapter 1

Grade 5 Science quiz Friday Investigation 2

Grade 4

Math p. 20 and 21 (text)/#3 and 4   ***Do in notebook

Grade 5

Math p. 20(text)/1-4      ***Do in notebook


Sept. 20

Attend Mass

Grade 4

Science quiz Monday Investigation 2

Math chapter 1 test next Wednesday

Grade 5

Science quiz Investigation 2 next week

Math chapter 1 test next week


Sept. 19

There are still many students who are missing headphones and book socks. Please send them into school as soon as possible. Thank you

Grade 4

Math p. 16/ show all work/ use words

Science quiz- investigation 2 Monday/ study lab learner

Grade 5

Math p. 10/ show work/ use words


Sept. 18

Grade 4

Math p. 11

Religion test tom chapter 8

Grade 5

Math p. 9

Religion test  tom chapter 3

September 17

Please send in a book sock and headphones or earbuds to be used in class.

Some students have still not returned their blue health cards, photo release form, computer rules, etc. that were handed out the first week of school

Grade 4

Religion test- chapter 8 Thursday

Math p. 9 workbook

Science- start studying the vocabulary for investigation 2

Grade 5

Science quiz on investigation 1 tomorrow/ study lablearner book

Religion test chapter 3 Thursday

Math p. 15 workbook


September 16

Please send in all headphones or earbuds in a plastic bag with your child’s name on it 

Math text books will be given out tomorrow/ please send in a book sock

Grade 4

Math notebook- write the 2, 3 and 4 times tables twice from 0-12

Religion test Thursday chapter 8

Grade 5

Math p. 13 workbook/ please finish classwork p. 14

Science quiz Wednesday investigation 1/ study lab learner book

Religion- chapter 3 test Thursday


September 12

Grade 4

Math- worksheet

Quiz on lessons 1-4 Monday

Science quiz tomorrow lesson 1- study lab learner book / all answers were done in class

Gym tomorrow

Grade 5

Math p.11

Quiz tomorrow lessons 1 and 2

Science quiz next week investigation 1


Sept. 9, 2019

Grade 4

Math- p. 5 workbook

Return yes/no slips signed

Cover Religion workbook

Grade 5

Math – study lessons one and two in workbook

Quiz Friday on lessons 1 and 2/ and vocabulary


Sept. 10

Grade 4

Math p. 7/workbook 

Math workbook please check that pages 1-8 are completed

Science quiz soon study vocabulary books went home today

Grade 5

Math-Quiz Friday lessons 1 and 2

Science- study vocabulary

Sept. 11

Grade 4

Math WS

Quiz Monday – study lessons 1-4 in workbook

Science quiz Friday study lablearner book Investigation 1

Grade 5

Math p.5

Quiz Friday




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