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Welcome to my class page! You can learn more about me here.

I wanted to be a teacher from a young age. My two younger brothers were my students and to this day they remind me of how I used to take them on imaginary class trips and make them dress up for class plays. I have taught fourth grade for most of these 41 years and I never get tired of it. I still love when I see the imaginary “light bulb” go on over their heads and I realize they understand a new concept that’s been taught . Every year there is a new group of students and a new adventure. I learn as much from them as they do from me. The fourth grade is a busy year with three State tests that are given: ELA, Math, and Science. The students love going to our new Science lab and exploring different topics. We use the chromebooks and Ipads for all our subjects, for projects, fun, and differentiation. Most importantly, we are a Catholic School. I teach the students the Ten Commandments, the Works of Mercy, etc. not just from a textbook (words) but from doing and seeing (actions)












April 2nd

Grade 4- for more details check Google classwork

Math p. 187/14-21

Do in notebook then upload a picture to me  (show all work)

study pp.186,187,190  10 question quiz tomorrow will be similar

Religion- watch the assigned video and answer the question

Keep working on your Google slide for the Triduum


Grade 5- check Google classwork for more details

Math- check Math homework

do p. 190 in workbook

Religion- Watch video then answer the two questions that follow





April 1   A few reminders

Please remember to have your child turn their microphone off while in class (We do not want to hear any background noises) unless they have a question or the teacher calls on them.

Students must remain in class and not text other students during that time.

Students should be in class before 9 so that class may begin at 9 sharp and 10:05 for the second class.

Work that is assigned each day is due that day           Thank you Mrs. Seliste         Be Safe    


Grade 4- check classroom for more details

Math – pp. 186 and 187/ 1-13 (textbook)

fill out the google form with your answers

use your notebook as a workspace 

Religion- Video on Palm Sunday and question

Continue to work on your google slides


Grade 5

Math p. 189/ workbook (do not estimate)

use notebook as workspace

Religion- Video on Holy Thursday and question




March 31

Grade 4

Math p. 132/1-15 only

Religion- google slides due Monday The Triduum

check classroom for more details

Science- State test practice (20 min)

Grade 5

Math-finish p. 187,188 in workbook/ no problem solving  

use notebook for workspace 

Religion- test on chapters 17,18


March 30/ check google classroom for more details

Grade 4

Take the Religion quiz chapter 18

Math- complete the exit ticket and submit

Complete workbook p. 130

Grade 5

Math- complete the exit ticket and submit

Math – finish pp. 185,186 in workbook

Study for Religion test on Anointing of the sick

Watch video on Palm Sunday




March 19


Happy St. Joseph’s Day


Remember to check Google classroom every morning for new assignments

Next week we will have online classes

More information to follow

MISS YOU!!!   Love,Mrs. Seliste




March 13

***The school Math Bee has been postponed until we receive a new date from the Diocese*****

Grade 4

Please check GOOGLE CLASSROOM every day for new assignments

Math weekend homework is still due Monday

Grade 5

Please check GOOGLE CLASSROOM every day for new assignments

Science quiz will still be next week. I will send it to you on google forms as I usually do.

Be safe! Mrs. Seliste




March 12

Grade 4

gym tomorrow

$ ice cream

Finish flash cards / study for quiz

Math -weekend homework due Monday

Grade 5

Math p. 167


March 11

Grade 4

Math p. 267/1-3 and 268/1-4 (workbook)

Practice using the protractor

Finish flash cards

Religion- test tomorrow chapters 5 and 20

My Own Act of Contrition due tomorrow share it with me

Math quiz Friday

Grade 5

No morning Math tomorrow


March 10

Grade 4

  Morning Math tomorrow

Math p. 364 and 365/ 1-13

Quiz Friday/ study notebook and workbook

Religion test Thursday/ Chapters 5 and 20/ see notebook

Write your own Act of Contrition and share it with me on docs due Thursday

Grade 5

 Math p. 204,205/1-45 odd numbers only

Sorry, No Morning Math Thursday/ I have a meeting with Mr. O’Brien

Math quiz tomorrow/ division of fractions

Check your gmail to see if you can print out your Religion assignment





March 9

Math p. 354,355/ 1-14 (Use textbook and notebook)

Religion test – chapters 5 and 20/ Thursday

Math quiz Friday/see notebook

Write your own Act of Contrition share with me on docs due Thursday *We will start this in class tomorrow

Grade 5

Math – p. 158 workbook

Math quiz Wednesday/ dividing fractions

Religion test tomorrow chapters 16 and 20

Examination of Conscience and Act of  Contrition due tomorrow

Good Print out due Wednesday




March 6

Attend Mass

Grade 4

Congratulations on doing a nice job at our Mass this morning.

Math weekend homework / pack on symmetry and line plots

Science quiz Monday- investigation 3

Book orders due Thursday

Grade 5

Religion test Tuesday on Chapters 16 and 20

Math quiz Wednesday/ dividing fractions


March 5

Grade 4

Mass tomorrow 9am Please come join us

Dismissal tomorrow 12noon

Math p. 336,337/1-10 on looseleaf

Go on Mathletics

Study flash cards

Science quiz Monday on investigation 3

gym tomorrow after mass

Grade 5

 math p. 154

Religion test Tuesday chapters 16 and 20




March 4

Grade 4

Math p. 80/ workbook and notebook

Science quiz Monday- investigation 3

gym Friday

Mass Friday 9am/ study parts

Grade 5

Math p. 152

Morning math tomorrow

Religion test next week chapter 16 and 20

Examination of Conscience  and Act of Contrition due Monday (share on Docs)




March 3

Grade 4

Please come to the fourth grade Mass Friday 9am

Morning math tomorrow

Math quiz tomorrow on geometry/ see notebook

Study and finish all flash cards

Science quiz Monday- investigation 3

Grade 5

Math p. 150

Science quiz tomorrow investigation 1/density

Bumper stickers due tomorrow


March 2

Grade 4

Math – p. 388,389/1-8 (text and notebook)

Math quiz Wednesday/ Geometry

Morning Math Wednesday

Grade 5

Math p. 196/text on looseleaf

Science quiz investigation 1/ density

Religion- all bumper stickers are due by Wednesday





Feb. 28

Bring in index cards and post its

Attend mass

Grade 4

Math weekend homework due Monday/ SHOW ALL WORK

Quiz Wednesday on Geometry

Grade 5

Bring in post its

Science quiz  Wednesday investigation 1


FEB. 27

Grade 4

Math p. 126

Math quiz Wed. on geometry

Bring in index cards

Math weekend homework Pack due Monday/ show all work

Grade 5

Math p. 144/1-6

Math quiz tomorrow



Feb. 26

Grade 4

Math p. 217 and 218 workbook/ cardboard rulers have been sent home to use for measuring/please return tomorrow

Religion test tomorrow on the 4th and 5th commandment

Grade 5

Math p. 142/ workbook

Religion test tomorrow/ see notebook/ Eucharist




Feb. 24

Grade 4

Math p. 146/ use notebook

Science quiz Investigation 2/ sound

Religion  Test Thursday- chapters 15 and 16

Grade 5

Math p. 138

Religion Test Thursday- Eucharist

Math quiz Friday/ multiplying fractions and mixed numbers



Happy Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget to attend Mass

Grade 4


***Sorry about the Math homework question – the book was wrong it should have said a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number

Math weekend homework is in the purple ready book/ the students have circled the numbers they need to complete

Science quiz Investigation 2 Tuesday Feb. 25th

Religion test – fourth and fifth commandments Thursday Feb. 27

Grade 5

Religion test Thursday on the Eucharist


Feb. 13

Welcome brochures are late and count as part of a Religion grade

Grade 4

Math p. 112 workbook and notebook  ***There will be 0’s in the quotients *****

Vacation homework- purple ready book- we circled the numbers that have to be completed

Send the Purple back in tomorrow

Science quiz after the vacation on Investigation 2

Grade 5

Math p.129

Lab learner books due tomorrow

Religion test on Eucharist after the vacation

Feb. 12

Grade 4

Math p. 191/ use notebook

Grade 5

Math p. 136

Morning math tomorrow

Lablearner book must be complete/ it is being collected



Feb. 11 

Grade 4

Math – p. 188 workbook

Morning Math tomorrow

Progress reports were due Monday signed

Grade 4 Religion  posters were due today

$1 for bake sale

Grade 5

Math p. 128

Lab learner book will be collected by Friday






Feb. 10

Grade 4

Progress reports were due today/ Please send back signed

Math p. 184

All Religion posters are due tomorrow

Grade 5

 Science Post tests are due tomorrow




Attend Mass

Grade 4

Weekend homework purple ready book questions 39 and 40/ show work

Grade 5

Math test Monday chapter 7



Feb. 6

Grade 4

Math purple ready book

questions # 7, 11, 12, 14, 24 ,25

weekend homework only questions 39 and 40/ show all work

Math quiz tomorrow/ study notebook

Grade 5

math p.123/show work

Science quiz tomorrow




Feb. 5

Grade 4

Math p. 176/1-12

Math quiz Friday/ see notebook

Science – quiz tomorrow investigation 1

Welcome brochure was due today

Grade 5

Math p. 114

Science quiz Friday/ investigation 5

Morning math tomorrow

Math test Monday

Welcome brochures are due tomorrow




Feb. 4

Grade 4

Morning math tomorrow

Math text p. 234/1-21 Check your progress   ***We started this in class today

Quiz Friday on Fractions/ see notebook

Science- bring in a small object for testing

Science quiz Thursday/ investigation 1/ energy

Religion- Welcome brochure due tomorrow

Grade 5

Morning math Thursday

Math p. 118 workbook

Science quiz investigation 5

Religion- Welcome brochure due Thursday



Feb. 3

Grade 4

Math- p. 172 workbook

Science- investigation 1/ Thursday

Math quiz Friday- fractions

Welcome brochure due Wednesday

Grade 5

Math- p. 116

Science investigation 5/ Friday




January 31

Attend Mass

Grade 4

Math quiz Monday on division and multiplication 

Ela weekend homework

Math pack- 11 questions given out Thursday night due Monday/ show work




January 30

Trip tomorrow/ bring lunch in a paper bag with your name on it

wear gym clothes and crazy socks

Math- pack 11 questions /show work/ due Monday

Math quiz- Monday on division and multiplication

Grade 5

Math- p. 112/all questions must be answered/ you must show work

Morning math tomorrow




January 29

Pajama day tomorrow

ice cream tomorrow

Grade 4

 Math p.166 workbook

Math quiz Monday- multiplication and division


Grade 5

***Morning Math FRIDAY not tomorrow

Religion test tomorrow

Math p. 108/use notebook




January 28

Grade 4

Morning Math tomorrow

Math p. 165 in workbook

Math quiz Thursday on multiplying and division/ see notebook

Grade 5

Math p. 106 workbook

Religion test Thursday/ chapters 8 and 9

*********Morning Math has moved to Friday morning for this week



January 27

Grade 4

math – p. 110 in workbook / show work in notebook

quiz- Thursday multiplication and division

Grade 5

Math -p.  140 text/ do in notebook fluency page

Religion test – Thursday chapters 8 and 9 Confirmation


January 24

Catholic Schools Week Mass 10AM

Open house 11am Come visit

Grade 4

Math – p. 146 and 170 on looseleaf due Monday

Religion test Chapter 12 Monday 

Free  Dress down Monday Red, white, and Blue

Grade 5

Math- addition quiz fractions and mixed numbers

Thursday – Religion test on Confirmation




January 23

Grade 4

 Math – finish pp. 105 and 106 in workbook

Math weekend homework- do on looseleaf/ use a full heading

text book pages 146 and 170

Religion test Chapter 12 Monday

gym tomorrow

Trip $ due tomorrow

Grade 5

 math – p. 137/textbook #29-38 do in notebook

Science quiz tomorrow investigation 4

Monday Math quiz adding fractions and mixed numbers





January 22

Grade 4

Math- finish  pp. 123 and 124 in workbook

Religion test Monday- chapter 12

Grade 5

Math – p. 94

Science quiz Friday Investigation 4

Math quiz Monday/ addition of fractions and mixed numbers with reducing




January 21

Grade 4

****I’m sorry that not all tests have been returned- some children are still doing make-ups

Math quizzes have been returned

Morning math tomorrow

math p. 202/text 1-8 show work in notebook

Religion test Monday – chapter 12

Grade 5

Math p. 92

Science quiz investigation 4 Friday

math quiz- Monday



January 16

Attend mass

No school tomorrow and Monday

Grade 4

Catch up on classwork and homework

Math – finish p. 143/ finish classwork


Grade 5

Math – finish classwork p 86 and 88 (workbook)




January 15

Dress down tom $1

 grade 4

Math  p. 99/1-3 and p. 100/1,2

Science take home test due Tuesday

Math grade 5

Math textbook p. 54-71/ show work/use notebook




January 14th

Please send in your Arts and Crafts permission slips in tomorrow

Grade 4

Math p. 78/13-21 use notebook (area models)

Due to so many people being absent Thursday’s post test is now a Take home test due next Tuesday



Grade 5

Religion test tom/ see notebook

Math p. 87 workbook






January 13

Baptismal projects due tomorrow (It is counted as a question on the religion test)

Arts and Crafts Thursday for grades 4 and 5/ bring in permission slips

Grade 4

4th grade classwork

Read Maniac magee chapter 14 and answer questions

  • What was Maniac’s reception at Amanda’s home?
  • Why did Maniac make a special point on checking the house number at the Beales?
  • How did Maniac affect the Beale household?
  • What are three particular things Maniac loved about his new life?

ELA progress book p.134

Voc. pp.64-66

Religion test tom/notes from today copy into Religion notebook

colors:Christmas/ white/gold       Christmas thru Baptism of Jesus      King herod     incarnation        myrrh

Magi     Bethlehem        Epiphany     gold

Ordinary time    color: green       2 parts,    evangelists/gospel writers      Matthew, Mark, Luke    and John (john is not usually read during Ordinary time)   ***you do not need to know the symbols for the evangelists


Bible search

What story is it? Use the good news bible                      Matthew 21:12-17 ______________________

Luke 10:25-37 ______________________  John13:31-35 ______________________ Mark 8:1-10 ____________________

Religion test tomorrow/ see notebook

Science post test Thursday

Math p. 77/area models use notebook

Grade 5

Math p. 85/1-13 (workbook)

Science quiz tom/study notes

Religion – chapters 7 and 14/ Wednesday


January 10

Attend mass

Baptismal sheet due Tuesday (both classes)

Grade 4

Science quiz Monday/ investigation 5

Post test Thursday/ We will star the important pages in lablearner on Monday 

Tuesday- Religion test Chapters 7 and  14

Grade 5

Math quiz Monday – lessons 1-4/ see notebook

Science quiz Tuesday- investigation 3

Religion test Wednesday Chapters 7 and 14



January 9

Baptismal sheet due Tuesday (both classes)

Grade 4

 math – workbook p. 92

Science quiz Monday investigation 5

Post test next Thursday

Religion test Tuesday (Christmas and Ordinary time)

Grade 5

Math – workbook p. 76

Monday – math quiz

Tuesday- investigation 3

Wednesday – Religion test (Christmas and Ordinary time)



January 8

Baptismal sheet due Tuesday (both classes)

Math- test tom/see notebook

Science quiz Monday investigation 5/ Post test next week

Grade 5

Morning math tom

Math p. 78 workbook

check test schedule for next week

  • Math Monday lessons 1-3
  • Tuesday- investigation 3

Jan. 7

Baptism sheet due Tuesday (both classes)

Grade 4

math quiz Thursday/ see Math notebook for practice test

Morning math tomorrow

Math homework p. 102/1-6 area models


Science quiz moved to Monday

Grade 5

Math p. 104/21-28

you must show work 

Math quiz Monday on lessons 1-4

Morning math /Thursday


Jan.  6, 2020

Happy 2020!

Grade 4

Math – worksheet

Study practice test in math notebook

Morning math Wednesday

Grade 5

Math text/notebook p. 104/13-20

You must write the 8 factor trees in your notebook



Dec. 20

Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

Thank you for all the party items, cards, gifts, and good wishes.

Don’t forget to get to Mass.

Vacation homework due January 6th.



Dec.  19

Grade 4

Christmas gifts were sent home ask your child about the gift tags/ DO NOT LOSE THEM

Gym tomorrow

Mass 9am

“Weekend ” homework for Math and ELA were sent home yesterday

Math test on Chapter 5 after vacation

Dismissal tomorrow 3pm


Dec. 18 

 Thank you to all the parents who helped the students get into their costumes last night!!!!!

I definitely couldn’t have done it without you. They did a great job.

Grade 4

Math “weekend” homework was sent home today. / Show all work due Jan. 6th

Test on Chapter 5 after the vacation/ Please memorize your  x facts

Grade 5

Math p. 76/workbook 1-6 only

***you must make the chart in your Math notebook



Dec. 17

No homework tonight 

Christmas Concert  tonight 

Be in the classroom by 5:30/ wear red or green *No sneakers or jeans

Morning Math  grade 4 tomorrow

Morning math grade 5 Thursday

Dear Parents,

If you are helping the students get dressed for the pageant please see me when you drop off your child. Thank you, Mrs. Seliste



Dec. 16

Grade 4

Religion test tomorrow/see notebook

Math p. 71 workbook

Study songs for tomorrow’s concert

Tomorrow night be here no later than 5:30pm

wear red or green/ no jeans or sneaker

Grade 5

Math test tomorrow chapter 4

Homework – finish pp. 67,71 and 72 for test prep



Dec. 13

Attend Mass

Grade 4


Parents please let me know if you can help out Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon (1 o’clock) for the Christmas Concert

Math quiz Monday on Chapter 5 lessons 1-4

Religion test Tuesday on  the Liturgical year and Advent


Grade 5

Science quiz Monday- Investigation 2

Math test Tuesday Chapter 4


Dec. 12

Grade 4

Gym tomorrow

Math p. 66 workbook

Study songs for show

Please send in costumes no later than Monday with your child’s name on it

Math quiz Monday Chapter 5/ lessons 1-4

Religion- test Tuesday on Chapters 6 and 13

Grade 5

Math – p. 70 workbook

Math test Monday chapter 4

Science quiz Tuesday Investigation 2


Dec 11

Grade 4

Math workbook p. 68

Study times tables

Study songs for Christmas Show

Religion test next week/ Advent and Liturgical year chapters 6 and 13 (TUESDAY)

Math quiz- next week Chapter 5/ lessons 5-1 through 5-4 (MONDAY)

Grade 5

Math test next week Chapter 4

Math text/ use notebook

p. 92/9-24

Morning Math tomorrow


Dec. 10

Grades 4 and 5 have a Science test tomorrow

Grade 5

Religion test Thursday

Math p. 68

Grade 4

Math p. 64

Study song sheet 

Morning math tomorrow


Dec. 6

Attend Mass

No school Monday Immaculate Conception

Both classes have Science quizzes on Wednesday

Dismissal Tuesday 11:30/ report cards

Grade 4 

Math weekend homework/ see Dec. 5th

Grade 5

Religion test Thursday on Advent and the Liturgical year



Dec. 5

Mass tomorrow 9am

Full day of School

gym tomorrow

FYI Both classes will have a Science quiz next week but NOT Tuesday

Grade 4

Math weekend homework/ pack due Tuesday pp. 27,29, 30 (I crossed out p.28)



Dec. 3

Grade 4

Math test Thursday- chapter 4

Morning Math tomorrow

Grade 5

No homework tonight 

Morning Math Thursday 


December 1

Grade 4

Math test Thursday- chapter 4

Math homework- textbook/notebook p. 82/1-5 and p. 83/15-20

Religion Reconciliation project due Dec. 4th

Grade 5

Math p. 58 workbook



Nov. 27

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Thank you to both classes for the very generous gifts. 

Grade 4 – no Math weekend homework


Nov. 26

I hope everyone had fun making butter today. It was delicious!!!!

Tomorrow Mass is at 9am 

Dismissal is at 12 noon

Thursday is Thanksgiving and Sunday begins the season of Advent

Grade 4

Bring in a drink

Math- study your times tables

Grade 5

Science Packs are due tomorrow


Nov. 22

Next week the 4, 5, and 2nd grade will be making butter together on Tuesday. Please send in the following supplies before Tuesday: small, clean glass jars with lid, small container of heavy cream, any kind of crackers to put the butter on  Thank you, Mrs. Seliste

-Attend Mass

Grade 4

Math quiz Monday/ see notebook for sample quiz

Tuesday Quiz on Investigation 3

Grade 5

Math quiz Tuesday

Science pack- 10 questions due Wednesday/ use your Science notebook and the computer to help you


Nov. 21

Dress down $1

ice cream $1

Gym tom

Grade 4

Math p. 85/ questions and answers/ do in notebook

Math quiz Monday

Science quiz Tuesday

Grade 5

Math p. 54/ use notebook



Nov. 20

Grade 4

Next week the 4, 5, and 2nd grade will be making butter together on Tuesday. Please send in the following supplies before Tuesday: small, clean glass jars with lid, small container of heavy cream, any kind of crackers to put the butter on  Thank you, Mrs. Seliste

Math p.73 text book/study x tables

Math Quiz Monday only on lessons one and two for Chapter 4

Grade 5

Math -p. 53/9-12 and p. 54/1-4 (Use the long and short way alternately)

Morning math tomorrow

Bring in supplies for Science activity-

*** These supplies are per group (students should know who is in their group)

Supplies needed for lab on tomorrow: celery stalk with leaves on it

3 small Baggies, 1 cup of jelly, tissue paper(1 piece), 1 tea bag

Nov. 19

Next week the 4, 5, and 2nd grade will be making butter together on Tuesday. Please send in the following supplies before Tuesday: small, clean glass jars with lid, small container of heavy cream, any kind of crackers to put the butter on  Thank you, Mrs. Seliste

Grade 4

Math p. 54

Morning Math tomorrow

Grade 5

*** These supplies are per group (students should know who is in their group)

Supplies needed for lab on Thursday: celery stalk with leaves on it

3 small Baggies, 1 cup of jelly, tissue paper(1 piece), 1 tea bag

Math – finish classwork pp. 51 and 52

Religion test tomorrow chapters 4 and 5 Baptism /see notebook

Morning Math Thursday



Next week the 4, 5, and 2nd grade will be making butter together on Tuesday. Please send in the following supplies before Tuesday: small, clean glass jars with lid, small container of heavy cream, any kind of crackers to put the butter on  Thank you, Mrs. Seliste

Grade 4

Math p. 52 workbook/ draw the place value models in your workbook /see question 1

Grade 5

Math p. 50 WB

Science test Post test tom

Religion test on Baptism Ch4 and 5 Wednesday


Nov. 15

Attend Mass

Math weekend homework- p.66/questions and answers on looseleaf

Religion test Monday chapter 3

Grade 5

Science test Tuesday- post test

Religion test Wednesday- Baptism


Nov. 14

Gym tomorrow

Ice cream $

Grade 4

Science test Investigation 2/tomorrow 

Math Weekend homework p. 66/text book

due Monday on looseleaf /questions and answers

Religion test Monday chapter 3



Nov. 13

Grades 4 and 5

Math chapter 3 test  and mixed review (see notebook)  STUDY

Grade 4 Science investigation 2/ study lablearner book

Grade 4-Religion test Monday Chapter 3

Grade 5 Science Post test Monday on Microscopes and Magnification


Nov. 12

Grade 4 and 5

Math worksheet tonight

Math chapter test on Thursday and mixed review (work from previous chapters)

Morning math Grade 4 tomorrow

Morning math grade 5 Thursday

Grade 5

Science quiz tomorrow Investigation 5/ check outline I gave today

Grade 4

Science quiz Friday Investigation 2/ Human Body Book



Nov. 6

Grade 4

Religion- keep on the look out for Modern Day Good Samaritans

 Math – workbook p. 47

Chapter 3 test next week and mixed review

Grade 5

Religion- Baptismal fonts due tomorrow

Math- text p. 62/1-16/do in notebook

Chapter 3 test next week and mixed review

Nov. 5

Science quiz investigation 1/human body

Math- p. 44/use notebook

Morning Math tomorrow

Grade 5

Math p. 48

Morning math Thursday 



Nov. 1

Attend Mass

Quiz Monday for both classes on the computer/ Red ribbon week (Notes in Science notebook)

Grade 4

Weekend homework 

Math text p. 44/ Fluency Practice/ do in notebook

Questions and Answers/ show all work

Science Investigation 1 quiz Wednesday/The Human Body

Religion test Monday- chapter 11




Oct. 31

Happy Halloween

Be Safe

Gym tomorrow

Mass tomorrow All Saint’s Day  9am

3 o’clock dismissal tomorrow

Grade 4 weekend homework

Math text p. 44/ Fluency Practice/ do in notebook

Questions and Answers/ show all work






Oct. 30

Dress down / no costumes

Both classes have a Science quiz Monday on Red ribbon week/ notes are in Science notebook (on the computer)

Grade 4

Religion test chapter 11 Monday

Math p. 39 workbook

Grade 5

Math p. 26 workbook/ word problems





Angels due 11/4

Saint Banners due 10/31

Drug posters are late

Both classes have a math quiz tomorrow/ study

Both classes have a Science quiz on Monday /red ribbon week (on the computer)

Grade 4

Morning math tom

Religion test  Chapter 11 moved to Monday due to Halloween

Grade 5

Morning math Thursday



Oct. 28

Trip tomorrow 

Chaperones please be here by 9:15 The bus is leaving by 9:30

Gym clothes and sneakers

bring breakfast

you may bring in $ for the trip

Saint Banners due 10/31

Angels due 11/4


Grade 4

Math – p. 53/text odd numbers

Grade 5

Math p. 38 workbook


Oct. 25

Attend Mass

Saint Banners due 10/31

Angels due 11/4

Both classes have a math quiz on Wednesday

Grade 4 

Religion test Chapter 11 Friday

Grade 5

Drug Poster due Tuesday


Oct. 24

Grade 4

Drug poster due tom

Math p. 38

Gym tom

Pizza day

Grade 5

Math p.34


Oct. 23

grade 4

Math p. 36

Science test tomorrow

Drug Poster due Friday

Work on Religion banner and angel

Grade 5

Math – p.34

Morning math tomorrow


Oct. 22

Grade 4

Parents who were picked for the trip, please remember to send in your $15 Thank you, Mrs. Seliste

 Math p. 34/ show all work and do not leave blanks/ you may use looseleaf or graph paper

Science test Thursday Investigations 1-5

Morning Math tomorrow

Grade 5

Arts and Crafts Club is meeting Thursday after school for Grade 5 only. Please return your permission slip tomorrow.

Math p. 32/ show all work and do not leave blanks

Morning Math on Thursday


Oct. 21

Religion projects have been handed out in both classes. Please ask your child for the papers. 

Saint project due 10/31

Angel due 11/4

Grade 4

Science test Thursday- look over investigations 1-5 in lablearner book

The following parent’s have been picked to accompany us on our trip

Mrs. O’Hare                           Mrs. Zirino                        

Mrs. Aviles                             Mrs. Nania

Mrs. Beenders

***You can now send in your $ for the trip.   Thank you, Mrs. Seliste


***Trip $ was due today. Parents will be notified Monday if you have been selected to accompany us on our trip and then you may send in your $15. Just a reminder if you have not taken the Virtus workshop you  can not be picked to come with us. Sorry, Mrs. Seliste


Attend Mass

Get Progress reports signed and return to school on Monday

Both classes have a Chapter 2 Math test Monday with Mixed Review from Chapter 1 as part of the test

Grade 4

Please check and clean out your folders and school bags

Science test Thursday on Investigations 1-5 (lab learner book)

The Unit test is graded as follows:

30% test     30% Performance Assessment Activity (This will be done in lab)

20% Participation   20%(lab learner book)





Oct. 17

Grade 4

*** Mr. O’Brien spoke to all the students this morning about school uniforms and water bottles. Please ask your child what was said.

Thank you. Mrs. Seliste

Gym tomorrow

Math weekend homework- worksheet chapter 2 practice/ read the whole question and follow the directions

Show all work on the paper NOT on a separate piece of paper

Tonight’s Math homework- Mathletics  FINISH ASSIGNMENTS DUE ON 10/18 

Grade 5

Math hw/classwork- finish worksheet

Please read ALL the directions . Some questions have more than one direction.

Religion- work on Religion slide (Joyful Mysteries)


Oct. 16

Trip $ and consent slips due Friday

Grade 4

Math homework- test corrections/ return test corrections and tests for Mr. O’Brien to see

Math test Monday chapter 2

Science quiz Investigation 5 tomorrow

Grade 5

Morning math tomorrow 7:30am

Science quiz tomorrow investigation 4


Oct. 15

Return permission slip and $ for trip

Grade 4

Morning Math tomorrow

Go on Mathletics/ work on assigned activities

Math test chapter 2/ Oct. 21

Science quiz Investigation 5 /Thursday

Grade 5

Math test chapter 2/Oct.21

Science quiz Investigation 4/ Thursday

Morning math Thursday


Attend Mass

No school Monday for Columbus Day Observance

Terra Nova Testing next week bring  lots of sharpened #2 pencils

Grades 4 and 5 will have Sciences quizzes on Thursday

Grades 4 and 5 will have Math chapter tests on Oct. 21st

Oct. 10

Dress down in pink $1

ice cream $1

Grade 4

Math p. 31

Gym tomorrow

Next week Terra Nova testing- bring in lots of  sharpened #2 pencils

Grade 5

Math p. 25

***Due to Terra Nova next week Math chapter 2 test must be postponed until  Monday, October 21st



Oct. 9

Grade 4 

Math p. 27 workbook

Religion test tomorrow- chapters 9 and 10

Grade 5

Math – correct last night’s homework p. 29




Oct. 8

Grade 4

Math p. 25

Morning Math tomorrow 7:30am

Religion test on chapters 9 and 10 Thursday

Grade 5

Morning Math Thursday 7:30am

Math – p. 29 /follow my directions from class

Oct. 7

Grade 5 

Math p. 23 show all work

Morning math Thursday

Science quiz Investigation 3 tomorrow

Grade 4

Math p. 32,33/ even numbers use /textbook and book (up to number 30)

Science quiz tomorrow

Religion test – 1st and 2nd commandments Thursday

Morning math Wednesday

Oct. 4

Attend Mass

Grade 4

Math- Test Monday Chapter 1

Science quiz Tuesday Investigation 4

Religion test Thursday- chapters 9 and 10

Grade 5

Science quiz Tuesday Investigation 3

Math test chapter 2 Thursday



Oct. 3

Grade 4 

Math p. 32,33 / odd numbers only up to 31

textbook/ notebook

quiz tom

full uniform tomorrow no gym

dismissal tom 12

weekend homework /math pack  due Monday

Grade 5

Math p. 21 workbook






Oct. 2

Grade 4

Math – complete p. 21/ use workbook and notebook  ***Please follow the directions about rounding found on the top of p. 21

Math quiz chapter 2/ lessons 1-4 Friday 10 questions/ see Math notebook

Math test Monday study test corrections for Chapter 1

This week begins weekend homework/ A Math pack will be handed out tomorrow

Grade 5

 Religion test tomorrow chapter 19/ Feast day sheet due tomorrow (It is part of the test grade)

Oct. 1

Grade 4

Math- Use your test corrections to study for Monday’s test, if you have any questions please ask me tomorrow

workbook p. 22/ estimating use the looseleaf for the rounding then put the answers in the workbook

Math quiz Friday on Lessons 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4

Grade 5

Math p. 38/1-6 only text/notebook

Quiz tomorrow on lessons 2-1 and 2-2

Religion test Thursday chapter 19


Sept. 30

Grade 4

Math – make test corrections /**** this was explained in class

Math quiz Friday on lessons 1-4/ chapter 2

Grade  5

Math – finish pp. 19,20 in workbook

Math quiz Wednesday L1 and L2

Religion test Chapter 19



Attend Mass

Both classes have Science quizzes Monday/ study lablearner booklet

Grade 4

Book order due Thursday

Grade 5

Religion test Thursday chapter 19



Sept. 25

Grade 4 

Math p. 22/text show all work /DO ON LOOSE LEAF

Grade 5

Math p. 22/ text show all work / DO ON LOOSE LEAF

Science quiz Investigation 2 Monday

Sept. 24

Grade 4 and 5 Math test tomorrow chapter 1

Grade 5 Science quiz Friday Investigation 2

Grade 4

Math p. 20 and 21 (text)/#3 and 4   ***Do in notebook

Grade 5

Math p. 20(text)/1-4      ***Do in notebook


Sept. 20

Attend Mass

Grade 4

Science quiz Monday Investigation 2

Math chapter 1 test next Wednesday

Grade 5

Science quiz Investigation 2 next week

Math chapter 1 test next week


Sept. 19

There are still many students who are missing headphones and book socks. Please send them into school as soon as possible. Thank you

Grade 4

Math p. 16/ show all work/ use words

Science quiz- investigation 2 Monday/ study lab learner

Grade 5

Math p. 10/ show work/ use words


Sept. 18

Grade 4

Math p. 11

Religion test tom chapter 8

Grade 5

Math p. 9

Religion test  tom chapter 3

September 17

Please send in a book sock and headphones or earbuds to be used in class.

Some students have still not returned their blue health cards, photo release form, computer rules, etc. that were handed out the first week of school

Grade 4

Religion test- chapter 8 Thursday

Math p. 9 workbook

Science- start studying the vocabulary for investigation 2

Grade 5

Science quiz on investigation 1 tomorrow/ study lablearner book

Religion test chapter 3 Thursday

Math p. 15 workbook


September 16

Please send in all headphones or earbuds in a plastic bag with your child’s name on it 

Math text books will be given out tomorrow/ please send in a book sock

Grade 4

Math notebook- write the 2, 3 and 4 times tables twice from 0-12

Religion test Thursday chapter 8

Grade 5

Math p. 13 workbook/ please finish classwork p. 14

Science quiz Wednesday investigation 1/ study lab learner book

Religion- chapter 3 test Thursday


September 12

Grade 4

Math- worksheet

Quiz on lessons 1-4 Monday

Science quiz tomorrow lesson 1- study lab learner book / all answers were done in class

Gym tomorrow

Grade 5

Math p.11

Quiz tomorrow lessons 1 and 2

Science quiz next week investigation 1


Sept. 9, 2019

Grade 4

Math- p. 5 workbook

Return yes/no slips signed

Cover Religion workbook

Grade 5

Math – study lessons one and two in workbook

Quiz Friday on lessons 1 and 2/ and vocabulary


Sept. 10

Grade 4

Math p. 7/workbook 

Math workbook please check that pages 1-8 are completed

Science quiz soon study vocabulary books went home today

Grade 5

Math-Quiz Friday lessons 1 and 2

Science- study vocabulary

Sept. 11

Grade 4

Math WS

Quiz Monday – study lessons 1-4 in workbook

Science quiz Friday study lablearner book Investigation 1

Grade 5

Math p.5

Quiz Friday




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