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Welcome to my class page! Learn more about me here.

In my class I use technology to enhance learning. Students use google products as well as teacher created interactive notebooks to engage learners. In my class I try to incorporate STEAM projects and truly enjoy learning from my students. In Social Studies I will be focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere (6th) and US History (7th & 8th). In ELA, I will be using Engage NY Modules that are linked to CCLS, utilizing academic and culturally diverse readings. I also focus on writing throughout all content areas with an emphasis on writing across the genres of Narrative, Informative and Persuasive writing.

Announcements 1/21-1/24

Catholic Schools will begin Sunday 1/26 please attend the 10 AM mass, followed by our school’s open house.  There will be forms going home this week indicating the special dress down days and assemblies that we will have, along with our trip.

Test Schedule

Tuesday 1/21: Martyr Paper (7th),   6th/8th Spelling and Vocab Unit 5, 8th ELA:  Ch 8-9 Quiz TKAM, Google classroom work on inserting a picture and thinking of 3 questions about the picture.  Please share with me via email.  

Wednesday 1/22: 8th Words in Action Due;  6th Grade WORDS IN ACTION is now optional (3 paragraphs)

Wednesday 1/22: (Changed because we didn’t see the movie yet) Entire book Lighting Thief Test and Book to Film comparison questions (review to be done in class)

Tuesday 1/28:  Chapter 11 Religion (7th)


Tuesday 1/21

6th ELA:  Words in Action due tomorrow for Unit 5, Progress Pages 

6th SS:  complete your slides for First Humans, started in class, be prepared to present to your peers

7th Religion:  Write a summary of Chapter 11 in Religion in your notebook, due Thursday (TBG)

8th ELA:  1.  Revise and edit your TKAM essay which we began in class.  This is to be printed and graded by Thursday, 2.  Complete your words in Action Essay due tomorrow




Announcements 1/13-1/20

Friday 1/17 school is closed for a professional day for teachers, only Pre-K in session

Monday 1/20 School is closed in observance of MLK Day

$1 Dress down on Thursday

Pizza money due

Test Schedule

Thursday 1/16:   6th Ancient Mesopotamia Test and Mapping, review sheet went home Friday (include information on Paleolithic and Neolthic Revolution and review unit vocabulary.  We are focusing on Chapter 5 in our Social Studies Textbook but I supplemented information that is missing

Tuesday 1/21: Martyr Paper (7th),   6th/8th Spelling and Vocab Unit 5, 8th ELA:  Ch 8-9 Quiz TKAM, Google classroom work on inserting a picture and thinking of 3 questions about the picture.  Please share with me via email.  

Wednesday 1/22: 8th Words in Action Due;  6th Grade WORDS IN ACTION is now optional (3 paragraphs)

Wednesday 1/22: (Changed because we didn’t see the movie yet) Entire book Lighting Thief Test and Book to Film comparison questions (review to be done in class)

Thursday 1/23:  Chapter 11 Religion (7th)


Thursday 1/16:

6th ELA:  Spelling/Vocab Test on Tuesday Unit 5, WIA (optional) due Wednesday when we return, We will continue drafting our narratives 

6th SS:  We will continue working on the project in class when we return 

7th Religion:  Martyr paper due Tuesday , printed and a cover

8th:  Tuesday Draft is due for TKAM paper, shared with me and I will print.  We did 3 paragraphs in school;  WIA due Wednesday, Tuesday U5 Spelling/Vocab Test, Paper will be published and due by Thursday.

Wednesday 1/15

6th ELA:   Full page character picture colored and decorated due tomorrow, Vocab pg 75-76, Words in Action not started by many students and is now optional and will be EC on test

6th SS: Test tomorrow, started slides in class (not to be done at home), EC went home today and due Tuesday

7th Religion:  Martyr project due Tuesday (we have worked on it in class)

8th ELA:   Words in Action, Vocab pg 78/79, WIA due Wednesday, We are working on the writing project in school.  Students if they did not type their intro and conclusion in class are to do that for HW today.  (came off the MPO we wrote)

Tuesday 1/14

8th ELA:  Tuesday Ch 8/9 Quiz on TKAM, Vocab Pg 76, MPO on TKAM thesis topic to be printed and handed in tomorrow.  We started in class, TKAM Argumentative Writing will be due Thursday 1/23 (we are working in class.)

6th SS:   Study for test on Thursday, Extra Credit Assignment to be announced this week (optiona)

7th Religion:  Martyr writing due Tuesday,

6th ELA:  Full page character decoration for your Protagonist in your future hero Story (due Thursday), Planning page due tomorrow 


Monday 1/13

6th ELA:  Progress 70-71, Write Set B unit 5 words and definitions and part of speech

6th SS:  continue working on Hammurabi’s Code paper we started in class–Date to be determined when it is due, Test on Thursday on Ancient Mesopotamia

7th Religion:  Martyr paper deadline approaching, we are working in class

8th ELA:  Vocab Unit 5 Set B define, part of speech;  Chapter 8 Close read worksheet



Friday 1/10:

6th SS:  Study sheet for ancient Mesopotamia went home today, please also study the Paleo and Neolithic Era information that we learned as well as the vocabulary from the unit.

Thursday 1/9:

7th Religion:  Star due tom, Gym Uniform, Pizza form, Re-registration form to be sent in if you did not already, Martyr paper has begun in class (choice of slides or doc:  student selected)

8th ELA:  1.  MPO Snow Day due tomorrow, 2.  Vocab pg 73

6th ELA:    1.  vocab pg 73

6th SS:  1.  Complete SS W/S, to be collected

Wednesday 1/8:

7th Religion:  Chapter 10 test tomorrow, star due Friday, notes for the paper are on google classroom

8th ELA:  1.  MPO (multiple paragraph outline found on google class) due Friday, 2.  Vocab pg 72, 3.  Words in Action due Wed 1/22 (5 paragraphs, will be part of vocab test grade)

6th ELA:  1.  Write summary 1/2 to full page on entire “Light Thief” on looseleaf.  2.  Vocab pg 72.  3.  Words in Action Unit 5 due on Wed 1/22, 5 paragraphs, part of vocab test grade

6th SS:  study ancient Mesopotamia map for part of the test

Tuesday 1/7

7th Religion:  Star due Friday, Ch 10 Test Thursday, Page 113 TBG due tomorrow

8th ELA:  1.  TBG Chapter 7 close read w/s, 2.  Vocab Pg 71, Quiz Thursday on Ch 6-7

6th ELA:  1.  Vocab pg 71, 2.  Chapter 22 Light Thief Questions:

  1.  What’s the tradition for campers who return from quests?  How did the Ares cabin “honor” Percy?
  2. Make an inference:  What happens to Grover?
  3. What is unique about Backbiter, Luke’s new sword?
  4. Luke says, “Western Civilization is a disease.”  What do you think he means by this?

6th SS:  What are Hammurabi’s Code?  How did it shape the lives of the Babylonians?  Single Paragraph Outline

Monday 1/6/20:

6th ELA:  1.  Vocab Set A, Unit 5:  Write definitions, part of speech

6th SS:    Single Paragraph Outline on Q5 on page 115 (read 112-115)

7th Religion:  Ch 10 Test Thursday, Notes posted in classroom, TBG pg 113 due Wednesday, Color in star and hand in by Friday

8th ELA:  1.  Write Set A, Unit 5 words, part of speech and define;  2.  TKAM W/S Chapter 6


  •   The Christmas Show is Tuesday at 6, but students need to here at 530:  Wear nice pants, dress shoes,green/red:   Vocal wear black pants/white top
  • Christmas Carnival is on Wednesday:  students can dress down (7th only)

Friday 12/20:  Merry Christmas.  All classes 6,7,8 are to read each day 30 minutes,

Thursday 12/19:  Wear your gym uniform, 830 awards ceremony, mass to follow, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year we will return to school January 6th

8th/6th ELA:    Read for 30  minutes this evening.  

Monday 12/16:

8th ELA:   Google classroom has questions for Chapter 5 TKAM, TBG–submit on document through classroom, finish your Single Paragraph Outline and turn in tomorrow.

6th ELA:  Google classroom has Lighting Thief questions posted.  Please create a doc and post the doc on the classroom website.  This will be a TBG assignment.  Students are to choose 7 out of 10 questions to answer for the assignment.


Wednesday 12/11:

6th ELA:  Topic Sentence W/S:  Choose 3 only to complete,   The spelling/Vocab test was moved to tomorrow due to scheduling conflicts.  I apologize for the inconvenience

7th Religion:   12/20 awards assembly, return signed report cards, XMAS BOUTIQUE tomorrow $1, 1

12/17 XMAS Show

8th ELA:  TKAM questions on Ch//apter 4 TKAM google classroom please submit online thesis statement w/s started in class, Friday Quiz on Chapter 3-4 TKAM including 11 vocab words

Tuesday 12/10:  Report Card Conferences Today

7th Grade:  12/20 at 8:30 is the Awards Ceremony;  Tomorrow Chapter 9 Religion Test;  Christmas Boutique on Thursday if you are interested in participating

6th ELA/SS:  SS test Chapter 4 and Vocab and Spelling Unit 4 Set A/B tomorrow

Test Schedule 12/9-12/13

Tuesday 12/10:  8th Grade TKAM Ch 1-3 Quiz (notes on on google classroom), 6th Grade Light Thief Test had to be moved due to scheduling conflicts this week.

Wednesday 12/11:6th SS Chapter 4 Test, 6th Unit 4 Set A/B spelling/vocab test, 7th Religion Chapter 9

Announcements:  Monday School is closed for a Holy Day of Obligation, Tuesday is half a day 11:30 dismissal for report card conferences, Mass at 9AM for students who receive honors as well.


Test Schedule

Wednesday 12/4:  8th Chapter 1/2 Vocab Quiz TKAM

Friday 12/6:  6th Light Thief Chapter 12-17

Tuesday 12/10:  8th Chapter 1-3 Quiz TKAM

Tuesday 12/10:  6th SS:  Chapter 4

Wednesday 12/11:  7th Chapter 9

Announcements:  1/2 Day on Thursday for Confirmation, No School On Monday 12/9, Appointment slips went home today to those who returned their sheets, Note there was a change in SS test due to scheduling conflicts

Tuesday 12/3:

8th ELA:    1.  Read 30 minutes and write a summary.  2.  Study for vocab quiz tomorrow on 10 words from chapter 1/2 for TKAM on google classroom (same words as last night’s homework)

6th ELA:  1.  TBG Chapter 16/17 W/S

Monday 12/2:

6th ELA:  Fri Light Thief Ch 12-17 Test;  W/S on questions for Light Thief CH 14 only, Vocab Pg 66 Syn and Antonyms only

6th SS:  Test changed to next Tuesday Chapter 4

7th Religion:  Wed 12/11 Chapter 9 Test

8th ELA:  Vocab W/S only do the base, prefix, sufix and part of speech and definition portion;   and Worksheet for TKAM Chapter 1 Questions 1-7


Test Schedule Week of 11/25

Tuesday 11/26:  8th Narrative Due, Published

Wednesday 11/27:  Chapter 8 Religion, 7th Grade

December 3:  8th Grade:  Vocab TKAM Chapter 1-2 Quiz

December 4:  6th SS on Chapter 4, Ancient Egypt

December 6:  6th Grade Lightning Thief Test Ch 12-17

December 9:  6th Grade:  Spelling, vocab, grammar Unit 4 test

Announcements: Wednesday is half day dismissal at 12, The school with be closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving (God Bless all your families!)

Tuesday 11/26:

7th Religion:  Study for Ch 8 test tomorrow, 1/2 day dismissal (12 PM), full uniform, No school Thursday and Friday

6th ELA:  read 30 minutes

8th ELA:  read 30 minutes


Monday 11/25:  

8th ELA:  1.  Narrative due tomorrow.  2.  Chapter 1 TKAM Questions on w/s TBG

7th Religion:  Chapter 8, pg 83 TBG, Test Wed

6th SS:  Read pgs 70-73 answer questions 1,2,3,5 on page 73 TBG


Test Schedule Week of 11/18-11/22

Monday 11/18:  6th ELA:  “Lighting Thief” Test Chapters 1-10

Tuesday 11/19:  6th Vocabulary/Grammar/Spelling Unit 3 Set B;  8th Grade Unit 2 Progress Test (on Narrative)

Wednesday 11/20:  7th Grade Holy Spirit In Class Project will be done.

Thursday 11/21:  7th Grade Chapter 7 Religion Test

Friday 11/22:  6th Grade, Chapter 3 Catal Huyuk Quiz

Tuesday 11/26:  8th Published Narrative Due, Typed and Double Spaced

Tuesday 11/26:  7th Grade Chapter 8 

Announcements: Scholastic Money due by Thursday so I can order the books.  6th Grade Vocabulary and Spelling Tests will now be the full Unit both Set A/B for Unit 4, test date will be announced, Mary’s Helpers Bake Sale on Tuesday 11/19, If you volunteer for Bingo:  that will be tomorrow for 7th Grade, 


Thursday 11/21:

6th ELA:  1.  vocab page 61

6th SS:  Test tomorrow on Chapter 3, page 60 vocab 1-10 most finished in class and question # 4.  Outline written on board and copied in class, please use the google classroom doc in social studies to help you study

7th Religion:  Please turn in your google stream writing and one comment, $1 Dress down tomorrow pleas wear sneakers, Chapter 8 Assessment on Wednesday

8th ELA:  Read pages 13-15 in packet and answer the questions.  Use the single paragraph approach to write the Intro, 3 topic sentences and concluding sentence from the article in your notebook  (“Plessy v. Fergueson”)

Wednesday 11/20:

6th ELA:   vocab page 60

6th SS:  Read pages 52-57 in textbook and answer questions from page 57 Questions 1, 2, 3 in your notebook

7th Religion:  on google stream page, write a few sentences  about your “Goliath” and respond to or ask a question to one of your friends about the “Goliath” due Friday.  PLEASE STUDY FOR CHAPTER 7  TEST TOMORROW

8th ELA: 1.  vocab page 61 2.  Summary of Chapter 1 TKAM

Tuesday 11/19:

6th ELA:  Vocab page 59 using context

6th SS:  Read in textbook pages 44-49, answer questions 2 and 4 on page 49 on looseleaf (TBG)

7th Religion:  Read “David and Goliath” answer questions in your notebook.  You can find this in the Old Testament I Samuel, 17:1-50.  You are to answer the following questions:     (link for Bible)

  1.  Who was the champion of the Philistines and how tall was he?
  2. Why do you think the goliath “despised” David when he saw him?
  3. What did David have that the Jewish men didn’t have when it came to fighting the Goliath?

8th ELA:  we had a narrative test today, no homework

Monday 11/18:

6th ELA: 1.  Study Unit 3 Set B words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms, part of speech.  2.  On looseleaf write the summary of Chapter 12 Lightning Thief (one paragraph).  From Unit 4 on, students will be taking spelling/vocab and grammar tests from Units (both set A and Set B at the same time).  SPelling vocab/grammar test tomorrow

6th SS:  Chapter 3 Quiz Friday.  Please only read the notes on google classroom tonight for homework.  You are not to answer the questions on the bottom of the page or the notes.  You are simply getting the gist of the chapter. 

7th Religion:  Read pages 88-89 and write a paragraph summary of your reading in your Religion Notebook.  Chapter 7 test on Thursday of this Week.

8th ELA:  Plan your Christmas Narrative for your test tomorrow. You are not writing a full first draft.  You are just making an outline to help you write tomorrow for your On Demand Assessment. This is what I will be using to grade your paper)Title, 5 Paragraphs, Transitions, Big 3 for Intro/Conclusion, Dialogue, 5 senses, plot, capital, punctuation, spelling, Correct structure off the rubric you have for narratives


Test Schedule Week of 11/11-11/15

Tuesday 11/12:  7th Grade Chapter 6 Test, notes in classroom

Wednesday 11/13:  8th Grade Spelling, Grammar and Vocab Test Unit 3 Set A/B

Wednesday 11/13:  8th Grade Narrative Writing Draft Due

Wednesday 11/13: 6th SS:  Cultural Site writing due

Thursday 11/14:  7th Grade Take Home Unit 1 Test Due

Thursday 11/14:  7th Holy Spirit Slides due, we are working on them in class so the date can change.

Friday 11/15: 6th Grade Social Studies Test on Chapter 2 and including Primary and Secondary Sources, Focus on the Iceman

Friday 11/15:  8th Grade Entire Book Test on “Inside Out and Back Again”

Monday 11/18 :  6th Grade:  Lightning Thief Chapters 6-10 Test (sorry the date and the day were incorrect, but this is correct now)

Tuesday 11/19:  6th Grade Spelling and Vocab Test Unit 3, Set B:  will have sentence fragments and have to re-write to make a sentence and Declarative, Interrogative, Exclamatory sentences

Tuesday 11/19:  8th Grade Unit 2 Progress Test

Wednesday 11/20: 8th Published Narratives, need to give the draft

Thursday 11/21:  7th Religion Test Chapter 8


Thursday 11/14:

6th ELA:  1.  Reading what is the main idea of chapter 1-?  Use the outline written on google docs in classroom and write on the document and make a copy.  You are to write on this document and post in google classroom.  2.  Vocab pg 44

6th SS:  Study the note that are on google classroom 

7th Religion: Scholastic order forms due by Thursday 11/21; Chapter 7 Test Thursday 11/21, Bring in donations for cake mix and frosting by tomorrow, Gym uniforms tomorrow

8th ELA:  1.  Reading Study  In/Out Test Tomorrow 2.  Vocab pg 59-60

Wednesday 11/13:

7th Religion:  Unit 1 due tomorrow

6th ELA:  1.  Pg 43 vocab, 2.  Complete light thief questions from class tbg 3.  Sentence type w/s

6th SS: Study notes are updated in google classroom, test tommorrow.

8th ELA: Grammar 84, Define, speech and word Set A Unit 4, Answer EQ: (minimum of 8 sentences)  What common themes unify the refugee experience?

Tuesday 11/12:  Unit #4 Spelling, Grammar and Vocab Test and Types of sentences (simple, compound, complex, compound-complex;  fragment/sentences, because/but/so)

6th ELA: 1.  Light Thief Questions started in class, 2.  Study.  Light Thief test changed to Monday 11/18

6th SS:  textbook pg 40:  Think About vocabulary 1-10 (will help you study for test Friday), Review notes taken in class and posted in Google Classroom under SS

7th Religion:  Unit 1 Assessment TBG Thurday found on Page 71-72, Brink in Cake Mix and Frosting if you have not already (please bring this week)

8th ELA:  1.  Grammar pg 82, 2.  Narrative Draft due tomorrow.  3.  Complete plot diagram started in class (add 4-6 rising actions, 3 falling actions)


Test Schedule Week of 1/4-11/8

Test Schedule:

Tuesday 11/5:  Published writing typed and draft attached.  Must be typed and printed and handed in to me. (6th Grade)

Wednesday 11/6:  8th Grade Part III In/Out Test

Thursday 11/7:

  1.  6th Vocab Grammar Unit 3 Set A and Spelling
  2. Wednesday 11/13:8th Spelling, Vocab and Grammar Unit 3 both A/B,  And Narrative Draft Due (WE AGREED TO CHANGE THE DATES)

Tuesday 11/12:  7th Religion Chapter 6 Test

Thursday 11/14:  7th Religion Unit 1 Chapters 1-6 Test

Wednesday 11/11:

  1.  6th Light Thief Chapters 6-10 Test
  2. 6th SS Cultural Site Argumentative Writing 

Announcements:  November 8 and 11 Veterans Day:  NO SCHOOL, Picture retake is on Tuesday 11/5, Radio Bingo Friday 11/1 at GSCA (Have fun!), NUT Passes went home, Check your email for important information about the Confirmation retreat on 11/23, collecting cake and frosting for Thanksgiving drive, Selected 7th grade students staying until 4 for Bingo

Thursday 11/7:

6th ELA/SS: 

 1.  Cultural Site Paper Due Wed 11/13 

2.  Study Ch 1-10 Lightning Thief Test and Vocab Ch 7-10 in reading notebook Test Thursday 11/14. 

3.  SS Chapter 2 Test from Textbook reading and work on Friday 11/15

4.  Monday 11/18 Grammar, Vocab and Spelling Unit 3 Set B (grammar portion will be type of sentences)  

7th Homeroom:  Study Chapter 6:  Test Tuesday (notes in classroom), Unit 1 Test will be due Thursday, No School Friday, No School Monday, Confirmation retreat letter went home today about 11/23, Tuesday Bingo Volunteers will help the day we come back and will be dismissed at 4 in the school yard.

8th Grade:  Good luck on your Test Saturday may God Bless You.  Dates for exams and projects given and a review was given in Reading notebook for the In/Out Test.  Narratives and Unit 3 test Wednesday

Wednesday 11/6:

6th ELA:  Study for vocab and spelling Unit 3, set A tomorrow;  Reading:  Write 3 questions about Chapter 9 that you have (do not answer)

6th SS: Work on the Intro/Body of your cultural paper.  Most students wrote their intro today.

Intro done in class.  Next paragraph answer the questions on pg 39 or write about one or two cultural sites, what might be hurting it or having it destroyed (ex:  wars, pollution, etc.) And write about it in the next paragraph.  The third paragraph tell about the person or persons on page 39 that have similar point of view as yours.  Why are they almost the same as yours?  4th Paragraph:  what might other people say to disagree with your opinion of preserving this site?  What is the argument for destroying or getting rid of cultural sites?  5th :  Restate your intro.

7th Religion:  Study for Chapter 6 Religion test, notes are on google classroom labeled Chapter 6.  We are working on an in class group assignment on the Holy Spirit.  There is no due date at this time, as we are completing in class.

8th ELA:  Sturdy for grammar, spelling, vocab unit 3 on wednesday (we changed the date), work on narrative draft due wednesday

Tuesday 11/5:

6th ELA:  1.  Write set B definitions and part of speech in your notebooks.  2.  Read the rest of Chapter 9 that we started in class and answer questions 1-5 in your notebook.

6th SS:  Work on your argumentative writing for the cultural sites.

Intro done in class.  Next paragraph answer the questions on pg 39 or write about one or two cultural sites, what might be hurting it or having it destroyed (ex:  wars, pollution, etc.) And write about it in the next paragraph.  The third paragraph tell about the person or persons on page 39 that have similar point of view as yours.  Why are they almost the same as yours?  4th Paragraph:  what might other people say to disagree with your opinion of preserving this site?  What is the argument for destroying or getting rid of cultural sites?  5th :  Restate your intro.

7th Religion:  Explain how the Holy Spirit is present in your life.  Write 1 paragraph in your notebook describing.  Use details or evidence from the text/Bible

8th ELA:  1. Vocab pg 41 Synonyms and Antonyms, Part III test tomorrow, Thursday Spelling/Vocab/Grammar U#3, Work on your Narrative Drafts Write Intro and One body paragraph


  • Writing Task:  Due Tomorrow as part of your essay
  • Use pages 162-197 of Inside Out & Back Again to complete the following writing task:
  • What do you feel are the two most difficult adjustments that an immigrant must make when they move to America? Be sure to use details from the text to support your idea.

Monday 11/4:

6th ELA:  1.  Halloween narrative due tomorrow and will be entered into Option C.  2.  Thursday U 3 Set A Spelling/Grammar Test  3.  Wed 11 Chapter 6-10 Test “Lightning Thief”  4.  Chapter 8 Questions 6-10 in Notebook.  5.  Vocab pg 41 TBG on looseleaf paper.

6th SS:  1.  Wed 11/11 Cultural Site paper due 5 paragraph argumentative paper.  Information below:

5 paragraphs:  Intro, 2 body, 1 counterclaim, conclusion.  Reference pages 38-39 in textbook, You are to use evidence from the reading to make your claim in regards to this question:  Q:  Should cultural sites around the world be protected?

I.  Title:  introduce what your essay will be about.  Answer the question and state your opinion. II.  1st Body:  (5-8 minimum):   give background and answer questions 1, 2 on page 39 III.  2nd Body:  (5-8 min):  Discuss how you agree or disagree with the different viewpoints on page 38-39.  IV.  Counterclaim (5-8 sent):  What would others say to argue against your opinion?  Last 2 sentences should emphasize your opinion and try to convince them of your opinion.  V.  Conclusion:  restate your intro (sum it up)

7th Religion:  1.  Tuesd 11/12 Ch 6 Test  2.  Thurs 11/14 U1 Test Chapters 1-6  3.  Summarize chapter 6 in your notebook 1 paragraph.  4.  Picture Retake 11/5.  5.  11/12 Canned food drive please bring in cake mix/frosting (paper went home today)

8th ELA:  1.  Wed 11/6 Part III In/Out Test.  2.  Thurs 11/7 Spelling, vocab, grammar U3 Set A/B  3.  1st Draft of Narrative Due Thursday.  4.  Summarize Part III In/Out, 1 page (TBG)


Week of Halloween

Test Schedule/Projects

Wed 10/30:  Crime Scene Project in class 6th SS

Thursday 10/31:  2nd Narrative Brainstorm due, sheets will be given in class

Thurs 10/31:  Halloween Narrative Published Piece Due, we are on the climax of the draft in class.  Do not go ahead.

Friday 11/7:  6th Grade Set A Unit 3 Vocab/Spelling

Tuesday 11/5:  Part III “Inside Out and Back Again” Test

Thursday 11/7:  8th Grade Unit 3 Vocab and Spelling 

Wednesday 11/6:  Light Thief Test 6-10

Monday 11/4:  Published writing typed and draft attached.  Must be typed and printed and handed in to me. (6th Grade)

Announcements:  We will have Ring Day and All Saints’ Day mass at 9 on Friday, Thursday will be a free dress down for Halloween (please no costumes), 

Wednesday  10/30:

7th Religion:  Chapter 5 test tomorrow, free Halloween dress down tomorrow (no costumes!)

6th SS:  Read pages 32-37 in textbook, Questions page 37 Q 1-4

6th ELA:  Vocab page 39 Words in Context TBG write it on loose leaf with a full heading, Published typed writing on Halloween is due by Monday.

8th ELA:  Finish reading Part III, 1.  Figurative language w/s this is to be done on part III of the story, not a paragraph.  2.  Plot development due tomorrow TBG.  3.  Vocab pg 43

Tuesday 10/29:

6th SS:  Crime Scene being done is school, may be finished tomorrow or Thursday then posted in Option C

6th ELA:  1.  What does it mean to be undetermined?  2.  Why are some kids summer campers and others year-rounders?  Which would you rather b?  3.  Why does Percy ask for coke at dinner?  4.  Why is Annabeth frustrated when she and Percy talk about quests?  5.  In what ways is Percy different once he gets to the bonfire?  B.   Vocab Unit 3, Set A:  Write definition and part of speech.

7th Religion:  Test for Chapter 5 will be done on Thursday and an outline was written in class by students in today’s notes.

8th ELA:  1.  Part III Test next Tuesday, 2.  Plot diagram due on Thursday (brainstorming page I was talking about)  3.  Vocab write set B Unit 3 words:  define, part of speech, 4.  Reading:  Find 5 cause and effect relationships in Part III of the story and write the sentence using the word “so”.  Examples done in class (Ex:  Mrs Gomez wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home to rest.)

Monday 10/28: 

7th Religion:    Chapter 5 Test Wednesday, 1.  What is the good news?  2.  Why is this the best news we can get?  Use details in the Chapter.

6th ELA:  1.  Read vocab pages 36-37.  Pick 5 highlighted or bold words and use them each in their own sentence.  2.  Finish Narrative Draft.

6th SS:  On LL 1.  Who do I think kidnapped Ms. Young and Why?  2.  What sources will I use to help find the missing person?  Why?

8th ELA:  1.  Vocab pg 41 , 2.  Web in writing notebook for brainstorming,  3.  What is the significance of the Cowboy’s gift?  Track 2-3 forms of figurative language from pages 173-195 (Page #, Quote, Type of figurative langauge)



Week of 10/21-10/25

Friday 10/25:  6th Spelling, Vocab, Grammar U2, set B

Wednesday 10/30:  Chapter 5 Religion Test

Announcements: Thursday wear gym uniform and Friday.  Thursday is our trip, Friday is gym.  Saint Project due tomorrow, Pizza is Friday, Holy Hour, Mary Helpers is Tuesday 10/22, Save the Earth Club is Thursday 10/24

Thursday 10/24:

7th Religion:  Page 59 TBG # 1-8, Wear Gym Uniform TOMORROW, Pizza Day Tomorrow

Wednesday 10/23:

6th ELA:  1.  Page 35 in Vocab, 2.  Reading Sheet on Chapter 6.

7th Religion:  Scholastic book orders due Tuesday if you are interested.  The class code for online is TTLBQ (Crystal Gomez). 

Tuesday 10/22:

6th ELA:   1.voab pg 34, 2.  1st Reading Chapter 7–write gist.

8th ELA:  1.  Vocab pg 40, 2. Reading:  Exit Slip TBG Use pages 151-165 to contrast two characters experiences on the same issue in part III of In/Out

Monday 10/21:

6th ELA:  1.  Write Set B Words 1-10 in sentences TBG on LL, heading, skip lines, underline vocab words.  2.  Ch 6 summary of “Light Thief”

6th SS:  What is more reliable:  primary or secondary sources?  Why?  Use examples and explanations in your notebook –1 paragraph answer.

7th Religion:  write the definitin and faith words in your notebook.

8th ELA:  1.  vocab p 39  2.  Write a 1 paragraph connection between refugees and Ha.  How are their experiences similar or different to Ha?


Monday 10/15:

All classes, no homework.  If you have a project you are working on for my class, please continue.

Tuesday 10/16:

All classes, no homework.

Wednesday 10/17:

Please continue to work on your Saint Projects in 7th Grade:  They are due 10/22.  A paper went home today to 7th grade ladies, please sign if you choose to opt out and give to me no later than Monday.  Other papers went home today to some students, please check your folders. Gym uniforms tomorrow, $1 ice cream.  Permission slips for the trip are due tomorrow along with the $10 fee.  Thank you.

Friday 10/18:

On Tuesdays in November:  7th Graders interested in helping Mrs. Baglio and Mrs. Robin for Bingo with Grades 2 and 3:  It will be November 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th.  It will begin at 3 and end at 4.  If you are interested, please let me know so I can tell the teachers.  Thank you.


Week of 10/7-10/11

Test Schedule:

Tuesday 10/8:  8th ELA:  Part II of Inside Out Quiz

Wednesday 10/9:  6th ELA:  Chapters 1-5 Test on Light Thief

Thursday 10/10:  7th Religion:  Chapter 3 test, 6th Latitude/Longitude Test

Friday 10/11:  6/8–Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar U2 Test, 6th Grade will only have the Spelling/vocab from Set A

Tuesday 10/15:  8th:  Published Narrative Due Clean Copy with your draft stapled to the back.  There should be no errors in this copy.  Please either type or use blue or black pen only to publish.

Monday 10/21:  6th Spelling, Vocab, Grammar U2, set B

Tuesday 10/22:  7th Religion Saint Project Due–will be given Monday

Monday 10/28:  6th Grade Social Studies Project Due on region (Students will be given information this week)

Announcements: Projects went home for 6th SS/7th Religion Today;  Friday $1 Pink Dress Down, Please check Option C for any missing work, Monday 10/14 School Closed for Columbus Day, Week of 10/15-10/18 Students will be taking the Terra Nova Exams:  Please make sure your child is well rested and has a good breakfast.  8th Grade Part II Quiz posted on 10/9, 6th ELA Ch 1-5 Test Posted 10/9 in Option C, Progress Reports will be going home October 18th

Thursday 10/10:

6th ELA:  1.  (TBG) Progress Book pages 39-41 started in class on Loose Leaf paper, 2.  Study Unit 2 Set A words for vocab, spelling and grammar test tomorrow, 3.  Work on your Narrative Draft.

6th SS:  What country in your region are you interested in and why?  What would you like to know about it?

7th Religion:  Study, re-read Chapter 4 notes in google classroom, work on your Saint Project which is due October 22, $1 Pink dress down tomorrow but wear sneakers.

8th ELA:  1.  TBG pgs 39-41 Progress on Loose Leaf, started in class.  2.  Spelling/Grammar/Vocab Test tomorrow, 3.  Published writing due 10/15

Wednesday 10/9:

6th ELA:  1. Progress Book Pages 34-35 (cite evidence, comp check and question on page 35), 2.  Vocabulary page 33

6th SS:  Latitude and Longitude Test tomorrow, study

7th Religion:  Work on your All Saint’s Day Project Due 10/22; and study for Chapter 3 test tomorrow., Chapter 4 in class assessment Friday

8th ELA:  1.  Progress Pg 34-35 do all evidence sections, comprehension check and questions on pg 35, 2.  Work on publishing your writing which is due 10/15 must be printed in pen or typed and submitted.  3.  Study for vocabulary, spelling, grammar test on Friday Unit 2

Tuesday 10/8:

6th ELA:  Progress Book pgs 26-27, Vocab pg 31

6th SS:  Textbook pg 11, Q 1,3,4

7th Religion:  Decorate the leaf and write what you are grateful for and cut it out.  Name must be on the back.  Turn in tomorrow.  Work on your project, study for chapter 3 ad 4 test

8th ELA:  Progress Book pages 20-27 (comprehension check questions, cite evidence questions and all questions on pg 25 and 27) Complete your narrative draft.

Monday 10/7:

6th ELA:  1.  Progress Book read pages  18-19, questions pg 19 in your Progress Book (comp check questions, cite evidence and questions)   2.  Vocab  Set B words, write in your notebook the definition and part of speech for all 10 words.  3.  Study for Part A test  4.  Study for Light Thief Test Ch 1-5 Wednesday

6th SS: Test on Thursday, Study.   Latitude and Longitude use your map in your textbook: TBG on Loose Leaf:   Find the continent/ocean for each of the following: 

  1.  40N, 80 W 2.   50 N, 0   3.   40N, 120E   4.   40S, 150E   5.  30S, 20E   6.  15S, 47W   7.  20N, 100W

7th Religion:  TBG pg 39, Chapter 3;  Test on Chapter 3 on Thursday please study.  All Saint’s Day project went home today.  Please read over the requirements.  

8th ELA:  1.  Progress Book Read pgs 18-19, answer all questions on pg 19 in your book  2.  Vocab pg 34  3.  Study for Vocab/Spelling Grammar Test Friday/  In and Out quiz tomorrow  4. Published Narrative due Tuesday 10/15


Week of 9/30-10/4

Test Schedule:

Monday 9/30:  6th Grade ELA Mid Unit Assessment CH 4, 

Tuesday 10/1:  8th Grade Reading Comprehension Test, 7th Birth Order Project Due

Thursday 10/3:  7th Grade Chapter 2 Religion

Thursday 10/3:  8th Part I of Inside and Out Again Test

Wednesday 10/9:  6th:  Chapters 1-5 of Lightning Thief

Tuesday 10/8: 8th:  Part II of “In/Out” Quiz

Thursday 10/10:  6th Latitude and Longitude Quiz:  Find absolute locations and relative locations, define latitude and longitude, prime meridian, equator, know the seven continents and oceans to identify where absolute location is pointing to, why is absolute location meaningful or helpful

Thursday 10/10:  Chapter 3 Religion

Friday 10/11: 6th/8th: Spelling / Vocab / Grammar Unit 2

Announcements: Candy money is due today, please send it in as soon as possible, First Friday Mass on Friday and 12 PM Dismissal-7th Grade leading the mass, 7th FRIDAY FULL UNIFORM 

Thursday 10/3:

7th Religion:  W/S on Holy Trinity, Study for Ch 3 test next Thursday

8th ELA:  vocab pg 31/32

6th ELA:  1.  Vocab Pg 29 TBG, Chapter 5 question on google classroom

6th SS:  Lat/Longitude Sheet letters K-T

Wednesday 10/2:

7th Religion:  Ch 2 test Thursday, Ch 3 Test 10/10, Finis copying notes on google classroom (symbols and guided notes for Chapter 3 if you did not finish in class)

8th ELA:  Reading Comp TBG Due tomorrow on Looseleaf, Vocab Pg 29, Sentences Part B 1-10 Subordinate/Main clause sentences, In/Out Test Tomorrow, Next Tuesday Part II Quiz

6th ELA:  Reading Summary Chapter 5, Vocab pg 28

6th SS:  In notebook, find 4 latitudes and longitudes for Asia using your textbook or any map.  

Tuesday 10/1:

8th ELA:  1.  Vocab P 28 2.  Sentences using subordinate and main clause from vocabulary U2, Set A #6-10, 3.  Reading TBG QUIZ Benchmark pages 24-31 Due Thursday

Monday 9.30:

7th Religion:  Birth Order Project Due Tomorrow, Pg 29 completed for TBG (started in class), Thursday 10/3 Chapter 2 test..notes in google classroom

8th ELA:  1.  Read:  3 direct, 3 indirect characterization of Ha.  2  Vocab pg 27

6th ELA:  1.  Read 20 minutes write the gist.  Who is the hero?  Why?  2.  Vocab pg 27.

6th SS:  Study for latitude and longitude quiz on 10/10 


Week of 9/23-9/27

Announcements:  Friday is gym please wear full uniform.  Candy Money is due 9/30.

Test Schedule:

  Tuesday 9/29:  6th ELA Mid Unit Assessment,

Wed 9/25:  6/8 Grammar,

Thursday 9/26:  6th SS Quiz

 Friday 9/27:  6th Spelling Set B and Sight Words/8th Vocabulary Test Unit 1,

Tuesday 10/1:  7th Religion:  Birth Order Project Due,

Wed 10/2: 7th Chapter 2 Religion Test

Thursday 9/26:

6th ELA:  Spelling Test tomorrow,  

  1. Read independent 20 minutes
  2. TBG:  Quote Analysis:  Chapter 4: “The less you knew, the fewer monsters you’d attract,…We put Mist over the humans’ eyes.  We hoped you’d think the Kindly One was a hallucination. But it was no good. You started to realize who you are.”    Identify who said it and analyze the quote. (1 paragraph)

6th SS:  Latitude and Longitude Sheet TBG due tomorrow

7th Religion: Welcome letters due tomorrow, work on Birth Order Project due Tuesday, Religion test Ch 2 on Wednesday

8th ELA:  Grammar grades posted, Benchmark pages 14-16, study for vocab test tomorrow Unit 1 set A/B, Reading:  1 paragraph TBG on EQ:  How do critical incidents reveal character in Inside Out and Back Again?  Focus, 3 evidence, 3 supporting/explain evidence, conclusion

Wednesday 9/25:

7th Religion:  First Friday mass will be led by 7th grade on October 4th.  Students will research tonight St. Francis on and write a welcome letter on looseleaf that will be collected Friday.  This is about a paragraph and we went over the structure in class.  They should continue to work on their writing for their birth order projects.

8th ELA: 1.  Grammar given in class.  Take 5 set a and 5 set b words.  Write a sentence with a set a and set b word together.  5 sentences  2. “In/Out Summary and last of reading Part I. 3.  Benchmark Pages  11-13 in the book.

6th SS:  test tomorrow on 5 themes

6th ELA:    Grammar given in class.  Write 10 sentences from our spelling list this week.  Reading Light Thief Ch 4 Questions 1-4

Tuesday 9/24:

7th Religion:  What is your birth order?  State 2-3 traits that you share in common with your birth order personality chart.  Give examples of each.  Are there any personality traits that you have in common with different birth order.  What are they?

6th ELA:  1.  Grammar W/S TBG, 2.  Quote Analysis:  Chapter 3 “I wish he could see you Percy.  He would be so proud.”  

8th ELA:  1.  Grammar W/S:  Take 5 vocabulary words from Set A and Set B and write 5 sentences that combine words in Set A and Set B, 2.   Reading benchmark pgs 6-10 TBG

6th SS:  Study for test on Thursday, complete the absolute location sheet, only continent not country name if you did not complete in class.  To be collected.


Monday 9/23:

6th ELA:  Spelling words high frequency words/Unit 1 Set B Vocabulary:  sea, wrote, again, carry, wait, each, feel, always, first, ask, apparel, denounce, expressly, forsake, inept, instantaneous, libel, misgiving, repast

  1.  Grammar:  Punctuate sentences W/S.  2.  Reading:  Quote Analysis Chapter 1:  “But if you recognize yourself in these pages, if you feel something stirring inside, stop reading immediately.  You might be one of us and once you that its’ only a matter of time before they sense it too and they’ll come for you.”  Identify who said it, paraphrase the quote in 1-2 sentences, Analyze the quote in 1 paragraph (about 8 sentences)

6th SS:  Study for Quiz on five themes, maps, etc; Latitude and Longitude W/S.  Review for five themes quiz on Wednesday:  general purpose map what is it and examples, thematic map what is it and examples, population map, climate map, political map, road map, physical map, what is a map scale and legend and what would you find on it?  Define latitude and longitude, 5 themes of geography what are they and what do they mean?

7th Religion:  Read the article “First, Middle, Last, How it Matters” and answer the following questions:  1.  In what ways does your birth order affect you?  2.  Do you believe a person’s birth order can impact their personality?  Use evidence to support.  This should be about 4 sentences.

8th ELA: 1.  Grammar:  Punctuate sentences W/S (TBG), 2.  Study for vocabulary test Friday, 3.  Reading:  Quick Write Number 4 TBG


Week of Monday 9/16-9/20

Announcements:  Please bring in a pleasure this week.  Headphones should be in your child’s backpack each day.  Pasta Night is Friday for those who are still interested.  Please bring in supplies if you have not already and thank you to those who have.  Please check the test schedule.  6th Grade ELA/SS:  Homework grades for TBG assignments posted in Option C 9/14.  Candy forms went home, please make sure you bring in your request form.  8th Grade TBG assignment posted in Option C 9/14.  Posted 7th Grade TBG Homework 9/17.

  1.  Friday $1 Dress Down Orange

Test Schedule:

6th SS:  Map Continents and Oceans Quiz 9-20, 8th Spelling A/B 9-18, 6th Spelling A 9-18, Religion Ch 1 9-19

7th Grade Religion:Thursday 9/19 Chapter 1 Religion, TBG Homework posted on Google Classroom in Religion Class page due by 8 AM tomorrow,

8th ELA:  Quick Write  Section 4 on looseleaf–Read page 13 in the packet answer the Quick Write with Ha in mind.

Friday 9/20:

6/8th Grammar Test Wednesday 9/25

6th SS:  Quiz on Five these of geography, types of maps, scales, global grid, all that we discussed Thursday 9/26

6th ELA:  Spelling test Friday 9/27 Set B and 10 Sight Words

8th ELA:  Vocabulary Test Unit 1 Set A/B Friday 9/27

Thursday 9/19:

6th ELA:  Read for 20 minutes your pleasure reader.  What is the mood of your story and how do you know?  Write a 1 paragraph response.

6th SS:  Study for continents and ocean quiz tomorrow, Homework Map Analysis graphic organizer only the DETAIL section.  It is ok if you can’t see the color just tell me what it shows.

7th Religion:  Wear sneakers tomorrow and there is a $1 Orange Dress Down 

Wednesday 9/18:

6th ELA:  Read 20 minutes and compare/contrast 1 of your characters to “Smelly Gabe”

6th SS:  Study for map quiz, complete chart;  Map Scales W/S

7th Religion:  Study review notes and chapter notes, test tomorrow on Chapter 1

8th ELA:  1.  Vocab pg 23, 2.  Reading:  Read Vietnam Wars Sections 1-3 and complete #’s 1-6 on page 14-15 of handout.


Tuesday 9/17:

6th ELA:  1.  Chapter 2 questions from Lightning Thief, study for Spelling test tomorrow Unit 1, Set A., 2.  Vocabulary TBG page 17

6th SS:  Study for Map and Continent Test

7th Religion:  Study for test on Thursday Chapter 1, Study Ch 1 Notes given in class.

8th ELA: 1.  Reading: “Inside Out and Back Again” read pages 12-18.  Explian Ha’s current situation and she handles it based on pages 12-18.  Include her character trait in your response (TBG, 1 paragraph) 2.  Grammar: Homework TBG on google classroom or the link below:


Monday 9/16:

6th ELA:  Study Set A words Unit 1 for Spelling Quiz Wednesday 9/18  1.  Grammar     2.  ELA:  read your pleasure reader for 20 minutes.  Response in your notebook.  What do you know about your character?  Do you like him?  Why or why not?

6th SS:  Study your continents and oceans map for quiz Friday, Answer in your social studies notebook:  What continents and / or oceans are North, South, East and West of Africa?

7th Religion:  Study your Religion Test Friday 9/19.  TBG Assignment on page   

8th ELA:   Study Set A/B words Unit 1 for Spelling Quiz Wednesday 9/18     1.  Vocabulary pg 22      2.  ELA:  Read for 20 minutes pleasure reader, fiction.  Name your character and his character traits.  Tell me what you like or dislike about him based on his trait.  Why?  5-8 sentences.


Week of Monday 9/9-9/13


  1. 6th/8th Grade:  Grades were posted for summer homework.  Please check Option C for your grades.
  2. 7th:  Please continue to cover your textbooks and folders by Friday 9.13;  return all papers that have not been sent in;  I am awaiting the answers to the questions that we discussed at parent orientation and I will email everyone when I have the answers.
  3. All Grades:  We will begin having homework this week, including TBG assignments.
  4. 7th Grade:  TBG Homework grades posted in Option C, email went home on 9-11 about the questions posed at orientation
  5. 8th Grade:  TBG Homework for grammar was posted in Option C on 9-11
  6. 6th Grade:  Posted ELA grades for Capitalization HW 9-12

Test Schedule:  Students in 6th / 8th Grade will be tested on their reading levels this week and next week; we will also have writing assessments and vocabulary/grammar assessments but they will not be graded in Option C.  These tests are to help me learn more about your child.  Thank you.

6th SS:  Map Continents and Oceans Quiz 9-20, 8th Spelling A/B 9-18, 6th Spelling A 9-18, Religion Ch 1 9-19

7th Grade Religion:Thursday 9/19 Chapter 1 Religion

Vocabulary/Spelling Words:

6th Grade:  Unit 1, Set A:  besiege, compress, dispatch, douse, famished, gainful, ingenious, irk, oaf, recede

8th Grade:  Unit 1, Set A/B:  bonanza, churlish, collaborate, excerpt, grope, jostle, laggard, plaudits, revert, vigil, adage, citadel, decree, discordant, evolve, hover, preclude, rubble, servile, wrangle

Friday 9-13: Picture Day Monday, Candy Form Went home, Blue Cards bring back, Study for Tests next week, headphones

Thursday 9/12:

6th ELA:  Grammar W/S TBG 16-24, Study Spelling, Reading W/s Chapter 1

6th SS:  Study for continents test, TBG W/S on oceans

7th Religion:  Chapter 1 summary due tomorrow, Wear Gym Uniform

8th ELA: Study spelling, vocab pg 20, Grammar Set A Write sentences TBG, Reading W/S question 4-8 to be collected

Wednesday 9/11:

6th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary Pg 16 “Choose the Right Word.”  2.  Read the rest of CH1 of Lightning Thief and answer these 2 questions:  What is the central idea of Chapter 1?  If you were Percy how would you react if you were kicked out of so many schools?  (5-8 sentences with details from the text.)

6th SS:

7th Religion:  Read Chapter 1 in religion textbook and summarize the chapter (5-8 sentences) due on Friday.

8th ELA:  1.  Writing:  In your writing notebook page 11 Activity B, write a thesis statement about one topic and Activity C do a KWL (Know about the topic, Want to learn, Learned) about your potential writing.  List about 2-3 things in each column.  2.  Reading:  Choose either “Inside Out” or “Papaya Tree” and annotate on a separate LL paper:  Put 2 questions you have, find 2 vocabulary words you don’t know or you think are important and define them or give their meaning.  How does this passage contribute to Ha’s character? TBG

Tuesday 9/10:

6th ELA:  Read pg 4-9 “Light Thief” and make an inference about Percy and provide 3 details, Vocab P 15

6th SS:  Study Oceans and Continents

7th Religion:  Timeline on looseleaf TBG of 6 events in your life with date and write how you knew God was present in 2-3 sentences.

8th ELA:  Vocab pg 17, ELA In/Oout read pg 4-9 

       1.  What do we learn about Ha?  (infer) cite 3 pieces of evidence.  2.  What is the setting?  Explain.  3  Write a gist of pages 4-9 (approx 3 sentences)


Monday 9/9:

6th ELA:  More Capitalization worksheet TBG, Fist of Shrouded in Myth

6th SS:  Development W/S

7th Religion:  Define all vocab words in Chapter 1 of your notebook.

8th ELA:  Recognizing Sentences W/S TBG;  Vocabulary pg 16 “Choose the Right Word”


Week of Tuesday 9.3- Friday 9.6

Welcome back!  I am so excited about our upcoming year.  Here is our 7th grade homework for the week. 

  • Reminders:
  • Hot Lunch will not begin until next week on Monday 9/9
  • Bus Service will begin on Monday 9/9
  • Class Pictures will take place on Monday 9/9:  Please be in full uniform.
  • Summer homework was due today.  If you did not bring it in, please have your child bring it to school tomorrow.
  • Gym will not begin until next week.

Tuesday 9.3:  

  1. Parent Orientation is Thursday 9.5 at 7PM in the auditorium.  Afterwards, you will go to your child’s classroom.
  2. Please cover your textbooks and folders in clear contact paper by Friday September 13. 
  3. Bring in a pleasure reader.
  4. Tomorrow is a full day of school, full uniform.

Wednesday 9.4:

  • Reminders:  Please cover your textbooks and folders in clear contact paper by Friday September 13.
  • Check your child’s take home folder for important information.
  • Please bring in all signed papers for the office.

Thursday 9.5:

  • Reminders:  Please cover your textbooks and folders in clear contact paper by Friday September 13.
  • Please check your child’s folder for important papers from the school.
  • Parent orientation tonight at 7
  • Contact paper 2 more books
  • A picture that will be displayed in class of your child (6,7,8) small sized
  • No bus until Monday

Friday 9.6:

  • Please cover your textbooks and folders in clear contact paper by Friday September 13th
  • Please check your child’s folder for important papers
  • Monday is the last day that I will accept summer homework 


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