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Welcome to my class page! Learn more about me here.

In my class I use technology to enhance learning. Students use google products as well as teacher created interactive notebooks to engage learners. In my class I try to incorporate STEAM projects and truly enjoy learning from my students. In Social Studies I will be focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere (6th) and US History (7th & 8th). In ELA, I will be using Engage NY Modules that are linked to CCLS, utilizing academic and culturally diverse readings. I also focus on writing throughout all content areas with an emphasis on writing across the genres of Narrative, Informative and Persuasive writing.


Week of June 14-June 18th

Test Schedule:  

Tuesday:  6th SS:  It is an interactive notebook, the students will have a reading and answer questions online

Wednesday:  6th ELA:  Stargirl test:  20 multiple choice, 80 points, Opinion essay 2 paragraphs, 20 points; and a Cinquain EXTRA Credit

Thursday 6th ELA:  Unit 10 vocabulary test.  We have practiced and studied many times.  Please continue to use Sadlier Connect to help you.


Monday 6/14 Homework:

6th SS:  Study the Google Slides in Google Classroom that we went over, and continue to study for your other tests.

7th None:  Birthday ice cream tomorrow, Ice cream will be sold on Friday


Week of June 7- June June 11

Congratulations to our 8th Grade, for they are graduating this Friday.


Test Schedule:  

Thursday 6/10:  7th Religion:  Chapter 21

6th:  Unit 10 Vocabulary Test-6/15

6th:  “Stargirl” Reading Comprehension Test 6/16

6th SS:  Topic 7 Lessons 1-3 6/15 (reading passage/open book)

6th Grade will be working on persuasive writing project in class.  Due date to be determined.

June 11th:

7th Religion:  Complete all missing work and submit to your teachers.  $1 dress down, Red White and Blue on Monday, 

June 10th:

7th Religion:  Birthday celebrations June 15th for Summer and June Bdays

6th ELA: 

Please go to,

click on the bottom right screen that says “Student and Family Resources” in Purple. 

Click on the 10th item on the left side, it says Vocabulary Workshop Grades 1-12

Find Vocabulary Workshop Level A, click on it

Go on the left side of the screen and click Unit 10

Click on the Practice Quiz.  Complete this quiz and press self-check.  Let’s see how you do.  You are not to submit anything to me.

You are to study for Vocabulary test tonight.  You should also look at the Google Slides I sent to you today and you can work through that again to practice. 


Here are your vocabulary words to study

Vocabulary Review Unit 10 Study Sheet


bumbling= blundering, awkward, clumsy

doled=  hand out



deluded= misled, fooled

formulate=express, systematically

Resourceful =  skillful

Rigorous = resourceful


pry=nosy, pull by force

Posterity = future

nonconformist= maverick

Subsequent = later

memento= remember by an object or thing

foil=thwarts, contrasts

initiative=first step



Resourceful = dull-witted

unerring= faulty

Abominable = delightful

Null and void = binding


June 9th-

7th Religion:  Test on Chapter 21 tomorrow

6th ELA:  You are to write the four sentences from your MPO into a paragraph on a piece of looseleaf paper.  We did the outline for the introduction in class today.  Please include the Hook, General, Specific and thesis statements you see on your MPO.    Changes in test dates are posted above.


June 8th-

7th Religion:  Test tomorrow on Chapter 21, please study:  Red, White and Blue $1 dress down Monday

6th ELA:  Complete the Sentence page 133-134 # 1-20

 June 7th-

6th ELA:  Using your Stargirl SPO from the other day, use my notes to write the full paragraph on the page.  You wrote the TS, CS and the Details.  Please be sure to add the transitions and use proper capitals, etc.  TBG

7th Religion:  Gold dress down tomorrow, $1 dress down Monday (red) for Flag Day, Please turn in all missing assignments.  Please be sure to submit all work that is due for Art in Google Class by tomorrow morning.  Thank you.





Week of June 1-June 4th

I want to thank all the families for their prayers and support while I was out of the school.  I am truly grateful to be a part of this Catholic School Community.  Congratulations to all students on Sports Day yesterday.  Gold team was the winning team.  We will have a dress down day in the upcoming days, the date to be determined.

Reminders:  First Friday this Friday, Half day dismissal 12.  Ice cream will be free tomorrow.  Sports Team Dress down day for Gold Team members is Tuesday.

Test Schedule:

7th:  Religion Chapter 21-Wednesday 6/9 

6th:  Unit 10 Vocabulary Test-6/15

6th:  “Stargirl” Reading Comprehension Test 6/11

6th SS:  Topic 7 Lessons 1-3 6/12

6th Grade will be working on persuasive writing project in class.  Due date to be determined.

June 1

6-8th:  About Me Questionnaire

June 3rd:

6th ELA:  SPO on Stargirl:  Why does she want to be popular?  The SPO is just the outline, you are not writing a complete paragraph.  Stargirl reading is on Google Classroom under today’s date.  Please refer to Chapter 26 to help you, we did this in class.

7th Religion:  page 233 tbg #1-8

8th ELA:  Finish the diagnostic test if you did not do it already


June 2:

6th Vocabulary:  Unit 10 Choose the right word #1-25 page 131-132

7th Religion:  None

8th ELA:  SPO on Chapter 6 GG on the sheet, do not do the paragraph


8th grade ELA Unit 6 Vocabulary test tomorrow — study

6th grade Social Studies finish topic 4 lesson 1 lesson check on page 134 of the textbook – submit your responses on google classroom by tonight

7th grade religion, activity on page 128, submit to google classroom by tonight


hw for 2/24

6th & 8th grade ELA check Google Classroom for assignment and where to submit

HW for 2/22

ELA 6th & 8th grade check google classroom for novel chapter questions (please read carefully)


HW for 2/10

7th religion – poem activity on page 119

6th  ELA –  complete chapter 2 & 3 questions in classroom

6th SS – for those who have still not submitted textbook page 123, please do so

8th ELA – TKAM questions posted today in classroom

HW for 2/9


6th Grade ELA – finish Lightning Thief questions in Classroom.

8th Grade ELA – finish TKAM questions in Classroom.

HW for 12/10


6th Grade SS – Text p 64 #s 1-5 TBG. Due Monday


7th Grade Religion – Test Tuesday on Chapters 7 and 8


Homework for 11/30.


6th Grade Social Studies: Text p. 39 #s 1-17 (except # 13). Due Friday – TBG. Submit on loose leaf or in Classroom.

HOMEWORK 11/23-11/27


We are going to be in school only Monday and Tuesday.  Both days will be $1 dress down and pizza is tomorrow.  Please be sure to check option c for missing grades, after tomorrow I will not be accepting any late work that is due.  Report cards for second trimester begin 12/8.

The appointment sheet for PTC went home.  Group B will get it tomorrow.  You can option c me with the requested times.  It will be a phone conference.  Fully virtual students please do Option C:

730, 740, 750, 1230-250 10 minute slots, 5-650 slots

Monday 11/23

6th SS:  Study for Chapter 5/6 Test-Review the review sheets that are posted;  ReadWorks Mayflower myths reading TBG

6th ELA:  Worksheet posted in Google Classroom and also given to students on Friday/Monday, 

7th Religion: Through God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice, we are able to live.  Sometimes it is easy to be thankful and sometimes it is hard.  In your notebook:  Write the following:

1.  A time when you were thankful and why?

2.  A time that you struggled to be thankful and why?

8th ELA:

Test Schedule:

Tuesday 11/24:  6th Vocabulary Test on these words:  bigot, diversity, gloat, global, illusion, motivate, restrict, sage, vocation, wither

Tuesday 11/24:  8th Grade Theme Paper Due

Wednesday 12/2:  6th SS TBG pgs 38-39 Q 2,3,4,5,7,10,12,14-17

Friday 12/4: 6th SS Topic 1 Test and Lesson 4 & 5

Friday 12/11:  6th SS Writing Task pgs 24-25 Due


HOMEWORK 11/16-11/20

Test Schedule:

Tuesday 11/17:  8th ELA:  Unit 3 Vocabulary/Spelling Test/Grammar

Wednesday 11/18:  7th Grade, ST. Catherine of Siena Mini Project due

Thursday 11/19:  7th Grade Chapter 6 Religion Test

Tuesday 11/24:  6th Vocabulary Test on these words:  bigot, diversity, gloat, global, illusion, motivate, restrict, sage, vocation, wither

Tuesday 11/24:  8th Grade Theme Paper Due

Wednesday 12/2:  6th SS TBG pgs in your textbook;  38-39 Q 2,3,4,5,7,14-17

Friday 12/4: 6th SS Topic 1 Test and Lesson 4 & 5

Friday 12/11:  6th SS Writing Task pgs 24-25 Due


6th ELA:  Chapter 20 Summary:  first, next, then, last and write any questions you have on the bottom of your document.   Please turn in through Google Classroom.

6th SS:  Journal pages 19-20 were started in class but pictures should be posted in google classroom if not done already

7th Religion:  Chapter 6 test tomorrow, study.  St Catherine of Siena projects should be uploaded in Google Classroom.

8th ELA:  You are to begin your revising/editing of your theme paper that is due Next Tuesday 11/24.  You aren’t ready yet to type, but maybe tomorrow in class we will give you time.  You will not have a test tomorrow on In/Out we will count your paper as your final “test” grade for this novel.


6th ELA:  Synonyms and antonyms only on page 38/39

6th SS:  TBG page 32 Q 3,4,5 post in Google Classroom all students

7th Religion:  TBG pg 69 in Textbook.  I posted in Google Forms, please answer the questions here.

8th ELA:  Work on Conclusion, Vocab page 55-56 choose the right word.

MONDAY 11/16

6th SS:  Pg 29 Geography skills #1 and 2 

6th ELA:  Vocab pg 37-38 Choose the Right word, Chapter 18 TWR activities to be posted in Google Classroom to be submitted on G.C.

7th Religion: A dove is a symbol of _____ because ;  Fire is a symbol of ____, but;  Water is a symbol of ____, so;   Test is Chapter 6, Thursday

8th ELA;  Body paragraph 3 complete, began in class.  Unit 4 Words:  Define and part of speech words 1-20

HOMEWORK 11/9-11/13


1.  Group A comes Monday/Thursday

2.  Group B come Tuesday/Friday

3.  Wednesday school is closed in observance of Veteran’s Day.  Thank you for all those who sacrificed for our country.

4.  Please bring in all books and rosary beads.

5.  Bring in headphones, 3 sharpened pencils, pleasure reader

6.  Next week, Group B will be in Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Group A will be in TUESDAY/THURSDAY

Test Schedule:

Tuesday 11/10:  6th SS Test on Lesson 3 in your text

Thursday 11/12:  7th Religion:  Chapter 5 Test, 6th Lesson 3 Social Studies Quiz (I will post a review sheet on Friday)

Friday 11/13:  8th ELA:  Unit 3 Vocabulary/Spelling Test/Grammar;  6th ELA Unit 3 Spelling Quiz

Tuesday 11/17:  7th Grade Religion, Chapter 6 Test

Wednesday 11/18:  7th Grade, ST. Catherine of Siena Mini Project due

Tuesday 11/24:  8th Grade Theme Paper Due


6th ELA:  Spelling test Unit 1 tomorrow:  Hand in your TBG Summaries

6th SS:  none

7th Religion:  St Catherine project work on and due Thursday 11/18, Page 64 Holy Spirit Prayer please write on loose leaf, Test Chapter 6 Thursday 11/196

8th ELA:  Study for Vocab/Grammar Test tomorrow Unit 3, Write body paragraph 1 (outline of expectation is on G.C.:  we went over an ex today in class and wrote the topic sentence.  It should have transition, appositive, and specific. ) then finish writing the first body.  New due date for writing is 11/24


6th ELA;  TBG for Summary of Chapter 15 FLUSH all students will bring in to be graded, Vocabulary words 11-20 with subordinating conjunction sentences in the beginning of the sentence (not graded)

6th SS:  Write 3 facts in your SS notebook about Veteran’s Day

7th Religion: 

  1.  Test on Thursday Chapter 5
  2. Find a picture of St. Catherine of Siena and write your because, but and so statement (add to your project)

8th ELA:  Revise your intro for your paper using the G, S, T approach.  In the S: use an appositive, and in the T, use a subordinating conjunction.;  In Google Classroom please do the GST worksheet BY EITHER PRINTING OR COPYING IN YOUR NOTEBOOK (DO NOT UPLOAD)     VOCABULARY/GRAMMAR TEST ON THURSDAY UNIT 3


6th ELA:  Idiom Project due 11/13, Vocab/Sub Conjunction homework found in Google Class only my 4 fully virtual students will submit online all others will do in their notebooks.  Ch 14 first read and write the central idea of Ch 14 in your notebook.  1 sentence.

6th SS:  Study for quiz Wednesday on Lesson 3, pgs 21-26

7th Religion:  Work on 5 facts for St. Catherine project, study for Chapter 5 test on Thursday for all students, Project due on 11/18

8th ELA:  Theme project on In/Out assigned today. Projected date of project due is 11/20.  This project is being broken into chunks and written both in/out of class.  The date will depend on how much we get done.  Rubrics will be handed out when we are revising and editing. All work needs to be written first in notebook and skip lines:

HW:  Write the intro paragraph (info found in Google Class) and skip lines.  It is about 4-5 sentences.  We will work on a strategy to revise it tomorrow so the skipping of lines is important.  


HOMEWORK 11/2-11/6

Test Schedule:

Wednesday 11/4:  Chapter 4 Test

Tuesday 11/10:  6th SS Test on Lesson 3 in your text

Thursday 11/12:  7th Religion:  Chapter 5 Test, 6th Lesson 3 Social Studies Quiz (I will post a review sheet on Friday)

Friday 11/13:  8th ELA:  Unit 3 Vocabulary/Spelling Test/Grammar;  6th ELA Unit 3 Spelling Quiz


6th ELA:  Flush Ch 11-12:  you will work on student paced peardeck to answer questions on Ch 11-12.  You will focus on learning about allusions today.  Homework:  You will work on the allusions worksheet provided using Kami or in your notebook.  I included videos to help explain the material.

6th SS:  Lesson 3, page 17 in the Journal (vocabulary section).  Photo upload required.  There is a video for your child to help.

7th Religion:  Peardeck to work on for Chapter 5 pages 54-55.  No photo upload required because it comes directly to me.

8th ELA:  Theme Nearpod activity and worksheet.  The worksheet is the only thing that needs to be uploaded.  Homework:  A doc is attached.  Read Part IV In/Out pages 236-249 and write two theme sentences about the story.  There are videos from me to help you complete the assignment. Please watch first.

Wednesday 11/4:

6th ELA:  1st read of Chapter 12 of Flush:  Write a summary using First, next, then, last.  This should be one paragraph.  

6th SS: None

7th Religion:  Chapter 4 test in class on google forms, Homework:  Write chapter 5 faith words and definitions in your notebook (photo upload required)

8th ELA:  Ready pages assigned in Google Classroom on Theme, TBG.  and vocabulary page 39-40. Photo upload required.  

Tuesday 11/3:

6th ELA:  Vocabulary definitions and part of speech Unit 3, 11-20 (photo upload) required

6th SS:  Voting Google Form (just make sure you check off the completed work section in classroom)

7th Religion:  Study for test tomorrow chapter 4

8th ELA:  Cause and Effect Pear deck, no photo upload required;  

Monday 11/2:

6th ELA:  Ready pg 33-34 photo upload, Vocabulary definitions unit 3 #1-10 and part of speech

6th SS:  None

7th Religion:  Life Series Pages 63-68, Study for Chapter 4 test on Wednesday

8th ELA:  Ready 69-71, Vocabulary sentences 11-20 using because, but, so photo upload

HOMEWORK 10/26-10/30


  1.  I will not be on line live Tuesday this week.  There may be a substitute that will be on, I will let you know later today.
  2. Tests on Tuesday may or may not be rescheduled.  I will let you know later today.
  3. Specials at 2PM Live:  Tuesday Computer, Wednesday Art, Thursday Spanish, Friday Physical Education
  4. Have a happy and safe Halloween boys and girls.

Test Schedule

Wednesday 10/28:  Social Studies Quiz on Lesson 2, 8th Part III In/Out Quiz 

Thursday 10/29:  6th ELA Vocabulary/Grammar Quiz ; 

Tuesday 11/3:  7th Religion Chapter 4 Test


6th ELA:  Halloween Fun activities today, no photo uploads required but welcome

6th SS:  Trick or treating safety and history of Halloween videos, no upload

7th Religion:  Reviewing about St. Mother Teresa and Halloween / All Saints Day history:  no photo upload required



6th ELA:  Vocabulary Unit 2 test started in class, wear a costume for tomorrow or Halloween shirt if you would like.  Some students didn’t submit their Flush tests and it will lower their grades on the progress reports for tomorrow.  I can not promise to have the grades in today before the reports are released.  Please check Option C to see if your child is missing the test.  

6th SS:  Class we are going over slides on pages 21-23, Homework:  Read textbook pages 21-23 nothing to upload

7th Religion:  Homework:  Mother Teresa of Calcutta Questions:  1.  List 5 facts that you learned about St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. 2. What virtue is she known for? 3. What is one thing that you admire about St. Mother Teresa and why?  Upload

8th ELA:  Class:  Ready 61-65, Because, But, So with Unit 3 words 11-20;  Homework:  Project is due tomorrow, it is all of the slides, Ready pages 66-68.  


6th ELA: Classwork:  We will read Chapter 10 of Flush and write a summary together using first, next, then, last. Homework:  Review for vocab/grammar test tomorrow, you are to study for homework this evening.

6th SS:  We will take a social studies test today in our class (we will start it or go over it, you will finish after class)

7th Religion:  Class:  Pear Deck Ch 4 and Google Form in Class;  Homework:  Google Form TBG on Chapter 4.  Nothing to upload today.

8th ELA:  Classwork:   Read pages 227-234 in In/Out and answer pear deck questions.Homework:You will take Part III Quiz today for homework, will be posted later today.  Vocab pages 38-39 Synonyms and antonyms  this will NOT count as a TBG

TUESDAY 10/27:

6th ELA:  Classwork:  Read Chapter 9 of “Flush” and complete pear deck.  The link is in your stream and also your classwork section.  Homework:  Quiz Flush Ch 1-7 book allowed.  It is found on Google Forms in your class section of ELA

6th SS:  Homework:  Google Forms questions  

7th Religion:  Class:  Pear deck on Commandments, nothing to upload just complete.  Link in class and on stream.  Homework:  Commandment W/S.  At 2PM YOU WILL GET A NOTIFICATION FROM MS. GRECH FOR COMPUTER, PLEASE LOGIN

8th ELA:  Class:  Read pages 200-226 and complete the pear deck. Your link is in the stream and on the google class page.  Homework:  Vocabulary pages 37-38 in your textbook and work on your research writing.  Only vocab photo upload required.  Tomorrow is your part III In/Out Quiz

MONDAY 10/26:

6th ELA:  Class:  Read Chapter 8 Flush and we will review symbolism in the story, no photo upload.   Homework:  Study for Unit 2 Vocabulary Test, Answer Chapter 8 Flush comprehension questions, photo upload required.

6th SS:  Class:  We will watch a short video on hunter-gatherers, we will work on a pear deck presentation together so no work to upload (it happens in real time in class).  Homework:  Just read the review sheet, nothing to upload (study for the test)

7th Religion:  Class:  Pear deck presentation, Chapter 4 study notes for students to review, creation story video.  Nothing to upload, we will do it together in class today.  Homework:  What is a covenant?  Write a paragraph explaining what it is and use the stories of Noah and Abraham to help explain.  

8th ELA:  Class:  Halloween Research project introduced, due Thursday.  Vocabulary Unit 3 words introduced, In/Out Read aloud and pear deck pages 177-199 no upload required, Homework:  Read In/Out 200-211 and complete summary of the pages in 1 paragraph using first, next, then, last and Vocabulary Unit 3 words write definition and part of speech of words 1-20.  Photo upload required

HOMEWORK WEEK OF 10/19-10/23


  1. No specials this week
  2. i-Ready Diagnostic daily:  Tuesday-Wednesday is Reading, Thursday-Friday is Math at 1PM
  3. Emails were sent with passwords through Option C for parents and children also received from me their personal username and password
  4. Check for missing assignments in Option C and Google Classroom
  5. Tests will remain this week that were scheduled

Test Schedule

Tuesday 10/20:  6th Unit 2 Spelling Test, 8th Unit 2 Spelling Test and Vocabulary

Thursday 10/22:  6th SS Test:  Distant Past, Lesson 1:  Study guide posted from Friday, 8th i Ready Reading Comprehension Test on Unit 1, GOOGLE Forms

Tuesday 10/27:  8th ELA Part III In/Out Quiz

Wednesday 10/28:  Social Studies Quiz on Lesson 2

Thursday 10/29:  6th ELA Vocabulary/Grammar Quiz 

FRIDAY 10/23

6th ELA:  1.  Flush Because, but and so w/s upload.  2.  Narrative Writing:  Scary Halloween Night one paragraph, photo upload.  Study for Vocab Unit 2 test on Thursday

6th SS:   Read pages for Lesson 2 in social studies textbook to study for test

7th Religion:  Life Series pg 59-62 and W/S.  i Ready test at 1 PM today for those who didn’t finish the Math/ELA

8th ELA:  Ready pgs 53-60 photo upload, In/Out Because, but, so and video on cause and effect photo upload.  Look at upcoming tests above


6th ELA;  Ready pages to turn in 29-31, photo upload required

6th SS:  You are going to take the test after our class today.  NO need to turn in, it is on Google Forms.  You have until 6PM today to turn in the test.

7th Religion:  Life pages 51-54 and W/S, photo upload required.  We are going to take the Math diagnostic today, but if you didn’t finish ELA, you will begin with the ELA diagnostic, finish then go on to Math.

8th ELA:  Reading Comprehension test.  Students will have a hard copy of the reading in a pdf version along with the questions, but they need to record questions 1-10 in Google Forms attached.  I will not accept a hard copy of the questions.  This is due by 3PM today.  We will begin in class but students can continue and work until 3 today.


6th ELA:  Ready pages 29-31 photo upload required

6th SS:  Vocabulary page uploaded from yesterday and journal page in our textbook uploaded today (pg 14-15)

7th Religion:  Life Series 43-50, photo upload required

8th ELA:  Ready pages 53-55, photo upload;  Subordinating Conjunctions Halloween Because, but, so, photo upload required

TUESAY 10/20

6th ELA:  Classwork:  Ready pages 27-29 photo upload required, “Because, But, So” activity, photo upload required, Spelling Test Unit 2 on Google Classroom.  Homework:  None

6th SS:  Classwork:  In class student journal page 14 and go over the slides on the distant past.  We will not finish journal 14, but we will add some information.  We will go over Cause and Effect to help us to understand how causes and effects tell us about our history.  Photo upload NOT required.  Homework:  Slides in Google Class #3-7, photo upload required.  Test on Thursday Lesson 1, study notes

7th Religion:  Classwork:  Life Series pages 39-42 and worksheets on what we do to our bodies, upload required.  No homework today.  LOG ON TO I READY AT 1-2 TODAY TO TAKE READING ASSESSMENT

8th ELA:  Spelling Vocab and Grammar Test Unit 2 done in class on Google Classroom, Homework:  None

MONDAY 10/19

6th ELA;  Chapter 7 questions done in class:  2 on top and 2 suspense and leading to suspense questions, copy in your ELA notebook.

6th SS:  TBG homework page, 5 questions to  be done

7th Religion:  Life series 35-38, i ready emails went through Option C and also to each child, homework will be the w/s in Google Classroom.

8th ELA:  We worked on questions in slides on for In/Out, turn in what we did in class.  Also turn in copy of because but and so activity. Homework:  questions in google class for In/Out and 3 Because but so questions on Ha.


HOMEWORK WEEK OF 10/12-10/16


  • Specials begin on Tuesday – Friday and they are live at 2PM
  • Any tests that were given and were graded in school, are still in the school.  I will be able to give them back as soon as we go back to school (sorry for the inconvenience)
  • Specials are as follows:  Tuesday Computer at 2, Wednesday Art at 2, Thursday Spanish at 2, Friday Gym at 2
  • New announcement:  I will begin office hours on Friday and will continue this next week while we are at home.
  • New announcement:  We will begin our iReady Benchmark test next week, students will not have specials.  I will announce the time that students will be working on the Reading / Math assessments at home.  Mr. O’Brien will be sending parent information about the exam and my 7th Grade will learn the expectations of the test with me.  More details will follow for the testing.  Students will only be allowed to work during certain times of this test, so I will provide you with the block of time and days.  More information to follow.

Test Schedule:

Tuesday 10/13:  7th Religion Ch 2, 6th ELA Flush Chapters 1-5, 8th ELA In/Out Part II

Friday 10/16:  6th SS Quiz, page 12 of Journal

Friday 10/16:  7th Religion Chapter 3 Test

Tuesday 10/20:  6th Unit 2 Spelling Test, 8th Unit 2 Spelling Test and Vocabulary


FRIDAY 10/16

6th ELA: Classwork: We will continue reading the rest of the “Flush” chapter 6 that we started. You are to complete the “bias” worksheet along with the comprehension questions on that page. Please upload your work under today’s classwork, both the bias and also the comprehension questions.  Homework: None  I will have an office half hour today from 11:30-12:30. You can join the meet during this time if you have any questions about assignments or about missing work.  PHOTO UPLOAD REQUIRED

6th SS: We are going to use about half our class period today to work on the Quiz:  Classwork: We are going to work in our Social Studies Journal today to answer the questions on this page. This will count as a quiz.  Homework: None, PHOTO UPLOAD REQUIRED

7th Religion: You are to answer the attendance question by 8:15AM  Classwork: Chapter 3 Religion Test today.  I will have an office half hour today at 1130-12 through live meets.  The meet code is attached in your stream page.  Homework: None,  PHOTO UPLOAD REQUIRED

8th ELA: Classwork:  We are going to read pages 142-161 together in class. Then you are going to read, independently, the article called: “Japanese American Internment.” You are going to explain how our reading and the article are closely connected:  You will answer these questions in the document provided.  1. What happens to Ha in her school? Give specific examples of what she has to do or what happened to her. Also, indicate how Ha feels and why.  2. How would you feel if you were treated the same as Ha? Why?  3. According to the article, how does the Japanese American Internment” help explain Ha’s relocation/refugee experience?
4. What examples or explanations in the article help you understand Ha’s experience and why?  Homework:  None  I will have an office half hour today at 1130-12 through live meets.  The meet code is attached in your stream page.  PHOTO UPLOAD REQUIRED


6th ELA:  Classwork: Ready, Lesson 3, pages 19-23, photo upload required; Review vocabulary homework from last night, review the biased articles a few students will share.n  Homework: Ready, Lesson 3, pages 24-26 and Vocabulary pages 28-29 “Synonyms and Antonyms” only, photo upload required.  

6th SS:  Classwork:  Looking at and reviewing questions 1-3 on page 12 Photo uploaded last night.  Homework:  complete questions 4-5 on page 12, photo upload required.  Friday Quiz, Page 12 of Journal

7th Religion: Classwork: Family Life pages 27-30, all activities: photo upload required.  Homework: Your New Image and Expectations W/S photo upload required. If you can’t print Expectations W/S it is ok not to do it.  Chapter 3 Test Friday

8th ELA: Classwork: Entrance Question, Reading Part III of “In/Out” pages 128-141 focusing on how Ha acclimated to American life, photo upload required.  Homework: You are going to read both articles on the refugee experience and you will complete a Venn diagram in your notebook about these articles. You will have a minimum of 6 items for each article and at least 3 for similarities. After, you will write how each article is categorized. The questions are on the actual reading documents: There are two questions to answer.


6th ELA: Classwork: We are going to begin reading Chapter 6, “Flush” and review what it means to be biased. We will start the bottom section of the work where we have to find bias in an article. We will not complete the comprehension questions yet.  Homework: Vocabulary page 28, Choose the right word: Photo upload required.  You will also do the writing assignment on Chapter 6 questions.

6th SS: Classwork today:Pages 12-13 in textbook. We will go through the slides and you will answer the questions in your notebook. If you do not finish, you can complete for homework. Photo upload required.Homework Today:Textbook questions page 12: Questions 1, 2, 3Photo upload required.  Friday 10/16: Quiz from Journal page 12

  7th Religion:  Classwork: Family Life Pages 23-26, photo upload required Homework: Family Life W/S: Please use Kami today to post this assignment.  Test Chapter 3 Friday 10/16

8th ELA: Classwork:We are going to read Part III of In/Out: Pages 113-127 and discuss cultural differences in Vietnam and America. We will write in our notebooks what we think would be major obstacles/hurdles for us in a different country.
We will work on scrambled sentences and try to put them in the correct order.Homework:  Vocabulary pg 29-30 Complete the sentence.  Read the attached article on “Challenges Facing Immigrants” and write a 5-8 Sentence summary of the article. The focus to think about is how does this apply to Ha’s experience?


6th ELA:  In class test on Flush Ch 1-5 (live with me).  Homework Vocabulary page 27 Choose the Right Word

6th SS:  No work today

7th Religion:  Chapter 2 Test today (live with me), Friday Chapter 3 Test,;  Homework:  Mother Teresa Article assigned, write a paragraph to summarize the article:  5-8 sentences

8th ELA:  In/Out Test Part II (live with me), Homework:  Vocabulary pages 28-29 Synonyms and antonyms;  Ready Book pages 40-42




  • Thursday will be 2PM Dismissal
  • Friday $1 Pink Dress Down
  • Friday $1 Ice Cream
  • Group B:  M, W, F / Group A:  T, TH
  • Students need to have cameras on at all times, which they are not doing.  Please make sure your child’s camera is on.
  • My homework is always posted here, not in Google Classroom.  If you lose a worksheet, you can find it there.  

Test/Project Schedule

Monday 10/5 

  • Projects: 7th Grade Religion:  St. John Paul II Storyboard and SPO on Courage in Google Classroom and submitted in class Group B

Tuesday 10/6 

  • Projects: 7th Grade Religion:  St. John Paul II Storyboard and SPO on Courage Group A
  • 8th Part I In/Out Test/Vocabulary 
  • 6th SS:  Take home test Group A due and ONLINE:  We will be posting these on Google Classroom 

Wednesday 10/7

  • 6th SS:  Take home test Group B due:  We will be posting these on Google Classroom 

Thursday 10/8

  • 7th Religion Ch 2 Test Group A and ONLINE
  • 6th ELA Ch 1-5 Flush Quiz Group A and ONLINE

Friday 10/9

  • 7th Religion Ch 2 Test Group B and ONLINE
  • 6th ELA Ch 1-5 Flush Quiz Group B and ONLINE

Monday 10/5

6th ELA:  1.  Sentence/Fragment Sheet pg 63 in packet handed out, 2.  Chapter 4 Flush packet, must read pages 41-48 and answer the questions.  Be sure to complete the reading log.

6th SS:  Geography Take home Quiz due Tues/Wed

7th Religion:  Sadlier W/S for CH 2, handed out.  Study review notes given

8th ELA:  Study for test tomorrow, Finish questions from class reading in class POSTED IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM–:Floating to Last Respects”

Tuesday 10/6:  All work must be posted by 2PM

7th Religion:  We log in at 8:05  and answer the attendance question.  Students will be writing the faith words from Chapter 3 in their notebooks and also doing activities on pages 32-36 in their notebooks.  They are to upload their notebook pages in Google Classroom by 2PM.  Their test will be on Thursday or Friday.  I am working on making it digital for them so please bear with me.  I posted notes from the class today as well on Google Classroom.  Some students still need to upload their St John Paul the II projects in Google Classroom, please be sure that your child does that today if they have not done so already.  I will be communicating assignments / homework with students on Classroom and here so you can see what is expected of your child.  I hope this is helpful.  Please send me an option C message if you are confused.  Thank you.

8th ELA:  Post your test by 12:30 PM, please also upload your homework from last night in the appropriate section of Google Classroom it is labeled HOMEWORK and today’s date.  


Wednesday 10/7

Yesterday was a pretty good start for our distance learning, but we are going to get through this together.  Each day I am going to give you, the parents, the information about the class here.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of the work or the time for the assignments, please send me a message through Option C.  


7th:  8:05 login for attendance, live stream message and prayers from Mr. O’Brien, 8th:  9:30 ELA, 6th:  10:30 ELA and SS

6th ELA:  Today we are going to do the rest of the read aloud for Chapter 5 of “Flush”.  We are going to use pear deck today to help students during our reading and our lessons.  Pear Deck is simply an interactive add on for Google Slides.  They will work with me on this and you don’t have anything that you need to do with this.   I will send your child a link for the file and we will work together on it in the stream page. The children will also be working on Wednesday Bell Ringer in class and Grammar Run On packet sheet.  When we are done, the children will be responsible for uploading their Chapter 5 “Flush” questions in Google Classroom.  I am postponing the Chapter 1-5 “Flush” test to Tuesday

6th SS:  We are going to look at the slides that I prepared and they will work on writing the vocabulary words and Essential Questions in their notebooks and upload a photo.  If time permits we will play the videos on the slides about Lucy and Ardi (two first human remains that were found), if not, I ask that you have your child just simply watch the videos at their leisure.  The assignment is due by 2PM today.  

7th Religion:  Please answer the attendance question by 8:15 to be considered present today.  In class today we are going to read more about the central mystery to our faith, the Blessed Trinity.  We are going to focus on textbook pages 34-37.  The assignment today will to be complete a Google Form from page 39 in our textbook with additional questions answered.  This will count as a TBG and is due by 2PM.  FRIDAY IS GOING TO BE THE CHAPTER 2 TEST, and WEDNESDAY WILL BE OUR CHAPTER 3 TEST

8th ELA:  The students will do the BellRingers for Tuesday and Wednesday upon entering class today, no upload necessary for this.  We will learn about Run On sentences today from our grammar packet and will complete this page independently.  I would like to see an upload of this page.  I will post in Google Classroom.  Then we will continue reading Part II of “Inside Out and Back Again” pages 87-99.  We are going to answer questions about the reading, which I will upload into Google Classroom for your children.  Please take a picture or use Kami to answer and submit a picture by 2PM.  The tests have not been graded yet.  I will be working on that probably tomorrow.  

Thursday 10/8

6th ELA:  1.  Bell Ringer for Thursday 10/8:  Photo Upload required, 2.  Grammar Sheet for Run-Ons, Photo Upload required, 3.  Ready Book, lesson 2 photo upload required. I posted the pages in Google Classroom.  You are to upload the photos tomorrow by 2PM.

6th SS:   Today we are going to begin with our pear deck presentation on the Old Stone Age.  We are going to focus on hunter-gatherers.  You are going to click on the link for “Pear Deck” and then complete the slides at your own pace when class is done.  You will turn this assignment in by Friday 10/9 at 2PM.  You cannot attach anything, you will simply mark it done.  We will go over this together today. 

7th Religion:  You are going to work on the Chapter 3 Sadlier worksheet and upload the photo of the assignment.  You are also going to look up St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and write five facts about her on the Classwork page.  These are both due by 2PM today.

8th ELA:  1.  We are going to finish reading Part II of “Inside Out and Back Again”  You are going to complete the questions posted in Google Classroom on Part II.   2.  Grammar worksheet:  Run Ons Review, 3.  Bell Ringer for Thursday.  All assignments are due at 2PM, photo upload required

Friday 10/9

6th ELA:  1. We are going to work on Run On Sentences with my “Crazy Pumpkin” story together. You will have about 10 minutes to write your own pumpkin story in your writers notebook and then upload a photo in Google Classroom. Be sure to have no errors in run ons, capitalization, punctuation, etc. This should be about 5-8 sentences.  2. We are going to work in the Ready Book, pages 14-15 together. After watching a short video on fact and opinion, we will be able to write summaries without our opinions. When we are done with our in class assignment, you will work independently on “Let’s Play Futebol” and “A Portrait of Frida Kahlo.’ You will complete the graphic organizer and write a summary on the first story. For the second, you will complete the graphic organizer and write a summary in your notebook. Upload the photos. We are going to use Kami today to do this.
3. Your “Flush” Chapters 1-5 test is on Tuesday

6th SS:  Students will submit their Pear Deck questions from yesterday in Google Classroom by 2PM today.  They are learning more about the Old Stone Age.  They are to complete the questions on Pear Deck, not another document.  We will do a quick video on Brain Pop about Christopher Columbus today.

7th Religion: Please answer the attendance question by 8:15 this morning.  We will review the Chapter 3 questions that you completed with Kami today.  We will work in our “Life” Series book: Pages 16-20 today.   A couple of students didn’t have their book, so I posted an alternate assignment. We will also read some from our story about Mother Teresa today and talk about her good deeds and why she is a saint that we will focus on this month.  Finally, you are going to work on pages 19-20 in your life book and upload the picture here by 2PM today.  Reminder, school is closed on Monday in Observance of Columbus Day.  We will have our Chapter 2 test on Tuesday.

8th ELA: We are going to work on a RAFT writing assignment: a friendly letter to Titi from Ha. It will focus on her time spent in Alabama. You will have a rubric to help guide your writing as well. We will view a short video on how to write a friendly letter. You will use Kami to write your letter and submit by 2PM today.  We are also going to use our Ready books, pages 35-39. You will upload the photos of competed pages here. Due by 2PM today.  Your In/Out test is on Tuesday for part II.




  • Group A comes Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  Group B comes Tuesday, Thursday
  • First Friday half-day is on Friday 10/2, 12PM dismissal
  • Candy Sale ends on 9/28
  • Please make sure that the children that are home for remote learning are completing in class assignments during their sessions with their teachers
  • Work will be submitted to me in person on the days the students are present, unless otherwise asked by the students
  • Remote students will take the test on the first day of the exam
  • Remote students/hybrid students need to have their cameras on at all times


Test Schedule:  

Monday 9/28Tuesday 9/29

  • 6th ELA:  Johnny Appleseed Venn Diagram Due

 Wednesday 9/30

  • 8th ELA:  Vocabulary Test Unit 1

Thursday 10/1 and Friday 10/2:

  • 6th SS:  Test on Five Themes of Geography/Maps (review in Google Classroom).
  • 6th ELA:  Words in Action and also Context Page 21 due as a quiz grade

Friday 10/2:

  • 8th ELA:  Journal Prompt #2 

Monday 10/5

  • Projects: 7th Grade Religion:  St. John Paul II Storyboard and SPO on Courage in Google Classroom and submitted in class 


Monday 9/28

6th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  Words in Action and Words in Context Due as a quiz grade on Thursday 10/1 all students.  2.  Pre-Reading worksheet on “Flush” to be collected

**Students are to choose one of the Words in Action in their Vocabulary books to complete by Thursday/Friday of this week.  They are to follow the directions on page 20 and also they are to complete page 21.  These pages need to be turned in as a quiz grade on Thursday for Group B, Friday Group A

6th SS: Review sheet found in Google Classroom for fully remote students and also a copy for all students given out today.  Those who are not here today, will get their copies tomorrow.

7th Religion: TBG:  Write a paragraph to answer the following:  “How do I know what is rumor, opinion, or something that is false?”  Be sure to cite specific reasons  to support how you can tell the differences between the three.  You can use examples from your life or from a book that would demonstrate this.

8th ELA:  “In/Out” Vocabulary pgs 1-11 and summary W/S (TBG)


Tuesday 9/29

6th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  Words in Action and Words in Context Due as a quiz grade on Thursday 10/1 all students.  2.  “Flush” Ch 1 Question number 4 on top and Drawing Conclusions part of the packet (2 questions on the bottom of the page)

6th SS: Latitude and Longitude W/S To be collected 

7th Religion:  Define all faith words in Chapter 2 Religion Textbook.  Write the words in your Religion notebook.  These are for the entire chapter.

8th ELA: Journal Prompt #1


Wednesday 9/30:

6th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  Words in Action and Words in Context Due as a quiz grade on Thursday 10/1 all students.  2.  Chapter 2 “Flush” Comprehension Questions section to be done on loose leaf as TBG

6th SS:  Study for test tomorrow

7th Religion:  Work on your St. John Paul II storyboard project that is due on Monday 10/5.  Directions are found in Google Classroom under “St. John Paul II”  

8th ELA: Birthday Wishes w/s to be collected


Thursday 10/1:

6th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary Unit 2 words #11-20 (write declarative sentences for 11-15, exclamatory for 16-20)  2.  “Flush” Chapter 1-2 “Understanding Vocabulary” W/S

6th SS:  Latitude and Longitude W/S 

7th Religion:  Page 29 in chapter 2 Questions 1-8 TBG (do it on the sheet in the textbook)

8th ELA: 1.  Vocabulary Unit 2 write words 1-20 (define, part of speech and word)


Friday 9/25:  NO Homework





  • Group B comes Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  Group A comes Tuesday, Thursday
  • Candy should be going home this week if you requested a box.  You can still request if you did not already 


  • Please return the blue cards, photo release and student handbook papers if you did not
  • Test/Quiz schedule begins this week
  • Please do not submit on Google Classroom the homework assignments, only my fully virtual students will begin this, thank you.  I check the work from the day they were out, the next day
  • Johnny Appleseed Project for 6th Due on Monday 9/28 (WE will be given information today)
  • Birth Order Project for 7th Due on Thursday 9/24


Thursday 9/24:

  • 7th Grade:  Religion Chapter 1 Test
  • 7th Grade:  Birth Order SPO due as a grade
  • 6th Grade Grammar Test  (Includes Fragments and types of sentences)–Full Remote and Group in School
  • 8th Grade Grammar Test Full Remote and Group in School
  • 6th Grade Social Studies Test–Full Remote and Group in School

Friday 9/25:

  • 6th Grade Social Studies Quiz on Continents, Oceans, Types of Maps (Review Sheet Posted in Google Classroom), other group
  • 6th Grade Grammar Test-Other group
  • 8th Grade Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar  (Includes Fragments and types of sentences) Other group

Monday 9/28:

  • 6th ELA:  Students are working on Venn Diagrams about Johnny Appleseed and themselves:  colored or decorated, 15 details on Johnny Appleseed, 10 about themselves, 6 Similarities between the two is due today.  Directions and outline are online in Google Classroom under “Who Is Johnny Appleseed”

Wednesday 9/30:

  • 6th ELA:  Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Central Idea/Details Test Unit 1
  • 8th ELA:   Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Central Idea/Details Test Unit 1

Friday 10/2:

  • 6th SS:  Social Studies Quiz

Monday 9/21

6th ELA:  1. Vocabulary page 17-18 Q 11-25 (We did in class, no need to do), 2.  Read Chapter 2 “Johnny Appleseed” found in Google Classroom and answer the questions for Ch 2 worksheet

WE reviewed in our notebooks today what you need to study for the grammar test, there will not be any vocabulary words on the test

6th SS:  Continents and Oceans W/S (TBG), Quiz Friday

7th Religion:  SPO on St. John Paul II if you did not finish in class

8th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary/Grammar on Google Classroom:  Interactive Notebook for Types of Sentences:  Do slides 1 and 3 (sample sentences and simple sentences)  2.  Ready Books pg 8-10


Tuesday 9/22

6th ELA:  Read Ch 5 of Johnny Appleseed, found in classroom and answer Chapter 5 questions, Vocabulary Textbook page 18 synonyms.  We reviewed today for the grammar test in your child’s grammar notebook.  Group A will take the test Thursday, Group B will take the test Friday

6th SS: Oceans and geography W/S

7th Religion:  Birth Order SPO-Single Paragraph Outline (This will be counted as a writing grade), DUE on THURSDAY 9/24;

Review Sheet for Ch 1 (TBG) it is a worksheet found on Google Classroom.  Please write your answers on looseleaf and all students will upload a picture in Google Classroom Tonight.

8th ELA: 1.  Ready pg 16-18, 2. Interactive Slides for sentences under the Grammar Section of classroom:  Find the slide, independent clauses.  Please complete this slide.   Group A will take Grammar test on Thursday, Group B will take the test Friday


Wednesday 9/16:

6th ELA:  1.  Study for Grammar Test tomorrow 2.  Read Ch 8 of Johnny Appleseed on line and answer questions in packet

6th SS:  Looking at different Maps W/S started in class, students complete Q 6-8

7th Religion:  Study for Ch 1 Test tomorrow and continue the SPO if you did not complete, due tomorrow

8th ELA: 1.  Study for Grammar Test  2.  Ready pg 24-26


Thursday 9/17:

6th ELA:  1.  Read Ch 11 Johnny Applessed and do Ch 10 Questions in packet, 2. Vocabulary pg 19 Antonyms only,

6th SS:  Study for SS Quiz tomorrow

7th Religion:  No Homework today

8th ELA:   Ready pg 32-34


Friday 9/25:  NO homework, but please make sure that you study for your upcoming tests, next week Group A will come in on MWF, Group B, TTH.  Please make sure that Group B students take the books they need for Monday.




Announcements:  Candy sale begins on Monday.  We will have First Friday Mass on Friday at 9AM.Students in Group A will attend:  Monday, Wednesday, FridayStudents in Group B will attend:  Tuesday, ThursdayTBG (To Be Graded Homework) assignments will begin this week.  I am still working on grading the summer homework.  Please make sure your child continues to cover the books and bring in supplies/photo for our class.  Make sure you have your headphones this week as we might need them in class and please keep them in school so students don’t forget them.  Scholastic Book forms will be going home this week and are due back to me by 9/18.  Please use the online classroom code to purchase supplies, but you can send in a check with the form to order books that way as well.  

  • Be sure to bring home the required supplies/books that you need for the days you will not be in school.  Posted in your homeroom today.
  • Weekly handout packets went home for all of my classes.  Only the students who will not be in Monday will bring this home.  Please do not go ahead with the work as I did not teach it yet.
  • Scholastic Order forms went home. Please make your selections by 9/18 and use the online form to receive your books.


Test Schedule:  

Tuesday 9/22:  

  • 6th Grade Grammar Test, will include some of the words, but used in our TWR strategies.
  • 8th Grade Grammar Test, will include some of the words, but used in our TWR strategies.

Thursday 9/24:

  • 7th Grade:  Religion Chapter 1 Test

Friday 9/25:

  • 6th Grade Social Studies Quiz on Continents, Oceans, Types of Maps

Monday 9/14:

6th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  Unit 1 Word 1-10  in your vocabulary book:  Write the word, part of speech and the definition in your vocabulary notebook.  2.  Ready Book page 4 

6th SS:  Complete w/s on sentences and fragments about the continents and oceans  

7th Religion:  Based off of our reading and what you know about God, answer the following:  Write a paragraph (5-8 sentences) about what proof you have or how you know God is present.  Support your information

8th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  Unit 1,Write words 1-20:  define the words and parts of speech and write in your vocabulary notebook, 2.  Reading:  Article about Vietnam:  write 1 paragraph summary of what you read.  This article is found in Google Classroom 

Tuesday 9/15:

6th ELA:  1. Vocabulary words 11-20, 2.  Ready pg 7

6th SS:  Identify different types of maps W/S

7th Religion:  Sentence and Fragment worksheet about the “Flood” reading

8th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  Sentence/Fragment w/s for Set A vocabulary  (TBG)  2.  Write a 1 paragraph opinion about the following:  What do you notice about the refugee experience in the picture?  Use your five senses to answer the question (at least 5 sentences)

Wednesday 9/16:

6th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  Write Set A words 1-5 in a simple sentence, words 6-10 in a complex sentence;  circle the subject, underline the predicate in each sentence  2.  Reading: indepently

6th SS:  None (review the continents and oceans and vocabulary so far)

7th Religion:  Page 19 (TBG)  Only questions 1-8 on the sheet in your textbook, this will be collected

8th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  Complete the Sentence page 19-20, 2.  Summary of the central idea of the stories “1975 Year of the Cat to Papaya Tree”  What is the central idea and 3 details to support.

Thursday 9/17:

6th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary page 17, 2.  Ready book on pages 8-9:  from the reading you are going to write one declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory sentence that demonstrates your understanding of the story (simply, you are going to use the story your read to come up with these 4 types of sentences)

6th SS:  continue to review your map

7th Religion:  Birth Order reading:   Finish the questions on the birth order reading that we started in class.

8th ELA:  1.  Vocabulary:  page 21:  vocab in context 2.  Reading:  What is the central idea of  “1975: Year of the Cat” and how do you know?  Give 2 details to support your answer.

Friday 9/18: 

NO homework, but please make sure that you study for your upcoming tests, next week Group B will come in on MWF, Group B, TTH.  Please make sure that Group A students take the books they need for Monday.


Week of 9/9-9/11

Announcement:  Welcome back to a new school year!  Here is some important information that you should be aware of.  Students will come to school this week according to their last name. Also, in 6th, 7th, 8th grade your child will be asked to join our Google Classroom page, which I set up and sent an invitation to each child already.  Parents are going to be allowed to pick up their children’s books for those in virtual school.  Also, please be sure that your child is in their gym uniform and has a solid/plain mask to wear for the day.  I would recommend that your child brings in a bottle of water to drink if they become thirsty.  I am going to try to post the weekly homework here to make it easier for parents/students, but I might need to update throughout the day depending upon certain changes.  Finally, please check Option C daily for any announcements from the teachers and to also let us know of any questions and concerns you may have.  I check daily throughout the school day and then I will return emails the following morning if I don’t see the email before I leave for the day.  Have a wonderful first week of school and remember that we are in this together and we will help each other along the way.


Wednesday, September 9th – Friday, September 11th (Please check your email for your child’s session)

  • K-8 Session 1: 8:30 – 10:00
  • K-8 Session 2: 10:30 – 12:00

9/9:  Homework (6th, 7th, 8th):  Please bring in your school supplies (the best that you can) by 9/18.  The list was sent to you via email, but a few things were added and sent home to you in the form of a paper copy.  For those of you who are virtual, I will email you the additional items.  Children should also have a pleasure reader for each day to read if they complete their work.  Please check your child’s folder for important information.  Also, your child came home with a box for supplies.  They are to keep this box home as we do not need it in school.  Please cover your books with contact paper.

Letters that went home:  Supplies List, Google Classroom set up, Absent Notes, Calendar, Option C Login, Metro Card Request Form

Hard Notebooks should have your child’s name:  1.  Label Math, 2. Label Reading

Soft Notebooks:  Name and label 1. Science, 2.  Religion, 3.  Social Studies, 4.  Grammar/Vocabulary, 5.  Writing.

Write your name in your social studies textbook and all workbooks.  


9/10:  Homework (6th, 7th, 8th):  Please return any notices that were sent home by the due dates.  Please make sure your child logs into their Google Classroom accounts and accept their invitations.  Please continue to cover books with clear contact paper and bring in any supplies by 9/18.  Please cover the remainder of the books with contact paper by Monday if possible.  Bring a 4/x6 photo of yourself.

3 things went home today to the students that are not remote:  mask, blue card (top and bottom need to be filled out and also the back top and bottom), schedule for student learning with times.  This will be helpful when they log in for remote learning.  Remote students I will post a copy of the schedule on Google Classroom today.

9/11:  Homework (6th, 7th, 8th):  The week of 9/14 starts the rotation schedule for A/B splits.  Children in the A group with attend school Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The children in Group B will attend school Tuesday and Thursday.  If your child will not be in school on Monday, please make sure your child has the books that he/she will need for the day in their backpacks on Friday to work at home.  They will have a live stream that they will log in to on Google Meet by 8:10 that day.  We will be live streaming the entire day except for certain specials, lunch, recess.  Your child will need to keep their cameras on during the time they are on the computer, but more information will follow.

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