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Welcome to my class page! Learn more about me here.

In my class I use technology to enhance learning. Students use google products as well as teacher created interactive notebooks to engage learners. In my class I try to incorporate STEAM projects and truly enjoy learning from my students. In Social Studies I will be focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere (6th) and US History (7th & 8th). In ELA, I will be using Engage NY Modules that are linked to CCLS, utilizing academic and culturally diverse readings. I also focus on writing throughout all content areas with an emphasis on writing across the genres of Narrative, Informative and Persuasive writing.


7th Religion:  none

6th ELA:  Write the theme for 1 ofthe 2 songs on the handout

Please label the song you chose and highlight 3 pieces of evidence.

8th SS:  Page 9-13 Progress Monitor



7th Religion:  Test Chapter 4, Define Chapter 5 vocabulary:  incarnation, synoptic gospels, gentile, word of God

6th ELA:  Vocabulary P 59, Theme W/S TBG

6th SS:  WS P 17 TBG

8th ELA:  P 63-64 Vocabulary, Finish editing and revising your writing.  If done, publish and print.


7th Religion:  Finish your cards for the soldiers, due tomorrow, test Tuesday

6th SS:  WS P 16 TBG

6th ELA:  Quiz tomorrow, Set A words in a sentence using conjunctions and commas for each sentence.  We did this in class today.

8th ELA;  Vocab page 59, Quiz tomorrow, Listen to appropriate song and on loose leaf:  write the name, artist and theme of the song.



7th Religion:  Card for the troops, thank you due on Friday

8th ELA:  Published writing by Friday (in class we are working), In the entire book find 1 metaphor, simile, personification, onomotopeia, alliteration (TBG)

6th ELA;  Quiz Fri, U4 Vocabulary define, part of speech Set A, 1 st Read Chapter 10, My group print your published piece and bring by Friday.


Thurdsday 11/15 there is a bake sale for those who would like to purchase goods at lunch.

–Proximate Prep Retreat for 7th –  Saturday 11/17

6th SS:  Test to be announced; WS page 15 (TBG) Use pages 52-57 in the textbook if you need additional support.

6th ELA:  Chapter 9 Questions 6-10 in notebook or sheet; Study Review Sheet for Chapters 6-9 and vocabulary, Quiz is on Friday

7th Religion:  Read Chapter 4 and write a summary in your notebook, Test Next Tuesday

8th ELA:  Study Review Sheet for Quiz Friday on Parts III/IV; Whole book test to be announced, Define all 20 words and parts of speech for Unit 4 in your notebook.



7th:  No School Friday and Monday.  Please bring in donations next week.  Students can bring in some small art supplies if they would like for our “Sistine Chapel”.  Study for chapter 4 test on Tuesday 11/20/18

6th SS:  study our notes so far for our Chapter 3 Test Friday 11/16

6th ELA:  Packet “Roman History and It’s Impact on the United States” question 24-30 TBG

8th ELA:  Write the Draft and bring it in with graphic organizer on Tuesday, TBG.  Part III and IV test on Friday.


6SS:  W/S

6th ELA:  “Henry Hudson NY Namesake”  Question 13-17 in acket

8th ELA:  NY Progress (fat one) Page 34-35 TBG; write objective summary for Part III

7th Religion:  Quiz on Apostles Creed tomorrow


8th ELA:  Finish reading Part III Alabama (TBG)–on looseleaf or typed  What is Ha’s situation?  How does it add to her dynamic character?  What is the expectation for her now?  Why?  What is home?  Is she adjusting?  What is she missing?  Describe. Cite Evidence (Approximately 3 well written paragraphs)

6th SS:  Page 49 Questions 1-3 in notebook

7th Religion:  Study for Apostle’s Creed Quiz-Thursday

–8th Grade:  Quiz on Wednesday on Part II of the Book


11/5/18–No school Friday or Monday.  Dance began for 7th today.  

6th SS:  Finish writing your analysis of the crime scene on looseleaf.  1-2 paragraphs well written reflection.

6th ELA:  Read “The Case of the Mysterious Car Crash” answer questions 1-6 in booklet and on scantron (highlight the passage and tell where you are getting the answers)

7th Religion:  Study for Apostle’s Creed Quiz-Thursday

–8th Grade:  Quiz on Wednesday on Part II of the Book




School will be closed November 9th for students (Friday), November 12th School

If you would like to donate food for the Food Collection, 7th grade is collecting cake mix and frosting.  Donations should be in next week by Thursday



7th Religion:  Define the following:  covenant, providence, mercy, story of creation–what is it and where do you find it in the bible?

6th ELA Homework:  Finish your typed narrative draft, print and bring to school on Monday.  It needs to be double spaced and 2 pages.

6th SS:  W/S TBG  Annotating and answering questions on Dr. Week.




  • We will be attending the 9AM mass tomorrow
  • Friday is First Friday we will dismiss at 1145, 7th grade will be hosting mass
  • Full uniform on Friday for 7th Grade
  • 6th Vocabulary Test Unit 3 Tomorrow (Thursday)
  • 8th Vocabulary Test Unit 3 Tomorrow (Thursday)


7th Religion:   Saint Project due tomorrow as well.

8th ELA:  NY Progress Book, Read Pages 22-25 and answer questions on page 25; In reading Notebook:  

Prefix                  Meaning             Words with a brief meaning

  • uni                                         ex. universal-      
  • in                                           ex.  inexplicable-
  • e                                             ex.  evacuee
  •  e                                              ex.  emigrate


6th SS:  W/S on vocabulary words for Tomorrows Test on Chapter 2 and primary and secondary sources

6th ELA:  Vocabulary Test Thursday Study Unit 3 words, NY Progress Book page 25 Q 1-5 and Read pages 20-25 to help with the answers.






6th ELA:  Progress Book Read Pages 18-19, Questions Page 19–Highlight and Post its like class

8th ELA:  Vocab/Spelling Test Unit 3 Wednesday, TBG Answer EQ’s using text evidence from Part 2.  What is home? 2 evidence, What incidents reveal character? 3 evidence, Progress Book pages 18-19, Questions 19–do how we did in class.

7th Religion:  Test Chapter 3 tomorrow, Saint Project Due Wednesday

6th ELA:  Vocabulary Unit 3 Test Thursday

6th SS:  Wednesday Chapter 2 test


Religion Test October 29, Saint Project Due October 30

Unit 3 Vocabulary Test On Thursday November 1st for 6th, 8th Grade Unit 3 Vocabulary and Spelling

Next week, First Friday no gym uniform for 7th and dismissal at 1145., mass 9AM–It is the 7th Grade Mass


6th SS:  Test on Chapter 2 October 31, Write Sum Up Facts in notebook page 37, Study for Chapter 2 and Primary and Secondary Source

7th Religion:  Test Chapter 3 October 29, P 39 TBG 1-8

6th ELA:  Page 47 in Sadlier Vocabulary  inside the book, Re read pages 77-79 in “Lighting Thief” and write “What is the central idea of these three pages?”

8th:  Review Vocab Unit 3 Set A/B –Spelling and Vocab Test next Thursday;  What is the central idea of Part II “At Sea”?

Central Idea, evidence (2 quotes), How does each piece of evidence support the central idea?  (explain how the quote explains the central idea)



7th Religion:  Read Chapte0r 3, Work on Patron Saint Project, Due Halloween, Test October 29 on Chapter 3

8th ELA:  Vocabulary:  Write a sentence for Set B words, Reading:  Write an objective summary for pages 73-86 (Read in class), Vocabulary Test Next Thursday Unit 3




8th ELA:  Spelling Unit 3 Test on Friday

6th SS:  Primary and Secondary Source Quiz on Thursday, looks like sheet today

Q 4,5,6 on page 40 in notebook (think about facts), write question and answer

6th ELA:  Chapter 6 Questions 1-3 written in class, TBG

7th Religion:  TBG define words in class, Test October 29 Chapter 3, Saint Project due on Halloween


Announcements:  7th Religion:  Patron Saint Project Due on 10/31/18:  Information on the Research paper was given in class.  Students began working on their project in class.  All papers must be typed and printed out for the due date.

  • Candy money is due
  • Pizza money is due
  • Gym uniform tomorrow

7th Religion:  What is your patron saint?  Write 3 facts about the saint, Feast Day, patron saint of what?

6th SS:  list 5 primary and 5 secondary sources in your notebook.

8th ELA:  packet for reading, Test on Part I In and Out, Set B Words in Context


  • Announcements for the week of 10/1:  First Friday this Friday, mass at 9, dismissal at 11:45.


7 Religion:  Rd Ch 2, write a 1 paragraph summary of the central idea of the chapter TBG

6SS:  Study for SS test

6ELA:  study for vocabulary chapters 1-4 Light Thief

8ELA:  page 28 vocab, write your hook and intro (collected)


6SS:  Thursday SS Test, P 20 Question 5-10 Think About Facts.

Study 7 continents and oceans on map, find locations of latitude and longitude, all vocabulary on page 20, questions on page 20, how does geography affect culture?, 3 types of regions

6ELA:  Vocab pages 27 Q1-10 Using Context, Week 1 Day 5 Grammar Sheet, Lightning Thief Vocab Quiz Ch 1-4 (Multiple Choice)

8th ELA:  Spell U 2 P 27 and 31, Read In/Out page 50-60 What is central idea and 3 pieces of evidence to prove it 1 paragraph TBG




6th SS:  Latitude/longitude W/s TBG, Finish task for HW pg 20 vocab and think about facts 1-4  10/4/18 Social Studies test

6 ELA:  Study vocab unit 1 test tomorrow, ch4 of Lightning Thief:  What is Percy’s journey so far?  (1 paragraph response on looseleaf paper)

8th ELA:  vocab test unit 1 tomorrow

Gym tomorrow wear sneakers, dress down $1, ice cream will be sold.


6th SS:  page 6, Next Thursday Test in SS:  Gave a brief outline in class, please check notebooks.

8th ELA:  Grammar Sheet,”Great Green Gulch “reading and central idea sheet (TBG)

–Study for vocab test Friday, writing graphic organizer due Friday

6th Grammar:  Day 4 week 1, write sequence of events in Chapter 4, vocab test Friday, “Lightning Thief Vocab Test” next Wednesday for chapter 1-4

7 Religion:  Chapter 1 test tomorrow

Dress down Friday in GOLD, $1



***Next Wednesday Vocabulary Test On Chapter 1-4 from “Lightning Thief”


7th Religion–Study for test on Thursday Chapter 1

6th ELA:  Grammar Sheet Week 1, Day 3, “Lightning Thief” Chapter 3 questions #4-7, study vocab unit 1 (google), Test Fri on Vocab–VOCABULARY QUIZ FROM LIGHTNING THIEF NEXT WEDNESDAY

6th SS:  W/S pg 4(TBG)

***Next Wednesday Vocabulary Test On Chapter 1-4 from “Lightning Thief”

6th SS:  Worksheet page 4

8th ELA:  Quick Write TBG (use the Asia Packet given out with map on it for the reading), Central Idea Exit Slip paper, Grammar page 4





7th Relgion:  Test Thursday, Study Guide TBG

6ELA:  Study vocabulary on google classroom, Unit 1 vocab Friday, Chapter 3 Q1-3

6th SS:  W/S pg 2

8th ELA:  Set B index cards, or just study my notes from class, Unit 1 Vocab Test Friday, Grammar W/S pg 2, ELA W/S and questions 5/6 from class, 


7th Spanish-Next Thursday you will have homework

6th SS:  latitude/longitude worksheet

6th ELA: 1st read of Chapter 3, central idea reading passage, study vocabulary words write set a words on index cards

7th Religion:  Page 19 questions 1-8 on sheet, name, number, TBG


8th ELA:  Bell Ringer Packet to be completed and turned in tomorrow-TBG, Study vocabulary words SET A on index cards (word/define)-if you don’t have index cards then write them on paper, “Caine’s Arcade” film 

  1.  Write objective summary (central idea).
  2. What is the theme of the video clip?
  3. What challenges did you face while trying to figure out the theme and central idea? (TBG)


6 SS-World map, color, numbers 7-10

6ELA: vocab page 22 synonyms and antonyms in book, ch 2 questions 4-7 TBG looseleaf or on the paper.

8th ELA–vocab words part b–write sentences just like yesterday but for antonyms, central idea sheet, What is the central idea and theme of the poem so far?


7th Religion-define:  Beatitude, Jesus, Divine Revelation, salvation, faith, church, grace (in your notebooks)

8th ELA:  take set B words, write sent with synonym and write the vocab word next to it (TBG), finish Bell Ringer Theme

6TH ELA:vocab test next Friday, choose right word page 16, finish ch 1 questions


6th SS: TBG Geography WS in Packet Q1-5, ELA-vocab test Fri, Ch 1 questions 8 and 9, vocab p 19 # 1-10

8th ELA-Vocab test Friday Unit 1, Central Idea of “Two More Papayas” and “Unknown Father”, Vocab pg 19 quest 1-10, Finish “Reading Comprehension” if you have not completed in school

7th Religion:  write Beatitudes and message TBG

Homework for the Week of September 10-14th

Test Schedule:  6th Spelling Unit 1-Friday; 8th Spelling Unit 1-Friday, 8th Reading-Comprehension Quiz on pages 1-9 for “Inside Out” -Friday

Announcements for 7th–

  • I will be in contact with my parents in regards to Confirmation.  We are working on getting the e-mail sent to all of my parents.  
  • Gym begins this week so please make sure your child is in their gym uniform on Friday with sneakers. 

Announcements for 6th/8th–we will begin spelling tests every other Friday unless there is a change.  The spelling words will be counted as a quiz.  On the following week, these words will then be used for a vocabulary test.  We will begin with Unit 1 in our Vocabulary books.  Please check the website for TBG (to be graded) homework assignments.  If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message via Option C or write me a note and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

  • Monday 9/10–
    • 6th Spelling:  Spelling Choice Menu–you must spend $50 on the menu and complete those assignments on a separate sheet of paper for the week.  They should have a full heading and label each of the menu items as a sub heading on their page.  Please initial the choice menu sheet for each night and hand this in on Friday as a completed assignment that will be graded.  I will also be checking that these assignments are done each night.  
    • 6th Reading:  Reread:  “Shrouded in Myth”, draw a picture or pictures of what you read
    • 8th Reading:  Test Friday on Pages 1-9 in “Inside Out”
    • 8th Spelling: sort
    • 8th Grammar:  Sentence Diagramming Lesson 1, Questions 3-4
  • Tuesday 9/11
    • 6th Spelling:  Spelling Choice Menu
    • 6th Reading:  1st read of Chapter 1-“Lightning Thief”-in notebook write what you notice and what you wonder about the reading
    • 6th Map:  Put Continents and Oceans on the map
    • 7th Religion-page R4
    • 8th Spelling:  write a sentence for words 1-10
    • 8th Reading:  re-read “1975 Year of the Cat” and the notes in class as the model, read pages 4-9 and write a gist (central message)
    • 8th Grammar:  Sentence diagramming L2, Question 4
    • –Music form went home today and box tops for education.  Please check your child’s folder.  Also picture forms went home for Monday’s pictures we will be taking.
  • Wednesday 9/12
    • 6th Spelling:  Spelling Choice Menu–spelling test Friday Unit 1 Set A/B words, study
    • 6th SS:  define political, physical, elevation, relief, historical and distribution maps
    • 6th Reading:  Reread parts of CH 1 pages 6 on…write two inferences about the main character with supporting evidence for each.
    • 8th Reading:  First Quickwrite (TBG)
    • 8th Grammar:  Sentence Diagram L3-Q 4, Q3
    • 8th Spelling:  Sentences 11-20
  • Thursday 9/13
    • 6th Spelling:  Spelling Choice Menu–Test Tomorrow Unit 1 (Set A/B)
    • 6th Read:  Chapter 2–answer both questions in notebook
      • What challenges did Percy face in Chapter 2?
      • How does he respond?  Find 2 examples in the book to explain.
    • 8th Reading:  Reread “In/Out” pages 1-9, study for spelling test
    • 8th Grammar:  Sentence Diagram L4, Q 3 
    • Spelling Test Tomorrow 6/8
  •  Friday 9/14
    • 6th Spelling Choice Menu Due (TBG) from the week
    • Pictures Monday dress up and bring in money
    • Candy went home today, letters for gym and Mary’s Helpers  
    • Please check your child’s folder
    • 6/8 Grade ELA grades are all entered, please check Option C

September 7, 2018

Monday class pictures, please be in full uniform

6th Grade summer homework grades have been posted in Option C.  They will count as the first grade of the trimester

8th Grade summer homework grades have been posted in Option C.  They will count as the first grade of the trimester.  It will be based on Outsiders Quest (36), Long Walk Quest (14), Outsider Essay (25), Long Walk Essay (25).  With the grades there were comments posted for the students if there is missing work or not received so please check the grade location for your comments for each child.

September 5, 2018

Welcome Back!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer.  I am excited to start the new year with all of you.

Today in the folder you have many papers to go through.  Please return the lunch order form, metro card form and blue cards tomorrow.  Thank you for your cooperation and I hope we have a nice year together!

7th-HW-Cover all workbooks and folders in clear contact paper by Friday September 14 and please get the supplies on the list by 9/14 as well

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