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Welcome to my class page! You can learn more about me here.

Throughout the year, I incorporate real life examples, technology, interactive assessments, and group work in my lesson plans to create engaging and well-rounded learning experiences for my second graders. These techniques are enhanced by my continuous use of the Superkids guided reading program, math manipulative and centers, current events, and Lab Learners. My philosophy is to create an atmosphere which motivates students, supports individual learning styles, and focuses on Catholic identity. As a proud practicing Catholic, I aim to foster my students’ relationship with God, in preparation for the spiritual sacraments of Reconciliation.


January 23rd

 Spelling Sentences 7 to 12

 Reading worksheet

Math study Handwriting


Math Test tomorrow

Permission Slip to Funstation

Catholic school week begin Sunday January 16th. Mass is at 10:00 A. M. Open House after mass



January 16th

 reading Journal due Tuesday

 please sign and return all tests

Math test Unit 4- Friday Jan. 24th study chapter review in Workbook and review all workbook pages

Science Quiz Investigation 3 on Thursday, January 23rd-Study all vocabulary and review workbook pages

Have a great weekend

January 14th

Spelling Sentences 1 to 6

 Math page 182

 reading worksheet

 Current events due tomorrow

Pizza money due  

1 dollar Dress down on Thursday 



January 13th 

spelling ABC order

 Math workbook page 178

 Science quiz tomorrow

current events due tomorrow

Bring in a small picture of yourself that I can cut and paste 

Math morning help Wednesday 7:45A.M.


January 9th

spelling words 3 times each

reading worksheet


 Current event due Wednesday Jan. 15th

science quiz on January 14th


bring in small picture of yourself that i can cut and paste

Trip tomorrow wear gym uniform and bring in light breakfast



January 7th 

Spelling sentences 1 to 6

Math page 174

Begin current events- Due January 15th -this will be counted as a social studies test

Reading help tomorrow math help 7:45 A.M

Reading journal due January 14th




December 19th

 Reading worksheet

 Math workbook page 166

 Reading Journal Due January 6th




December 18th

Reading worksheet

Free dress down tomorrow 

Ice cream will be sold tomorrow not Friday.



December 17th

Tonight, please arrive in the classroom at 5:30 P.M.-wear red or green

Tomorrow is the Carnival-dress down 

There will not be reading/ Math help tomorrow




December 13th

math quiz Monday 12/16/19 study workbook pages 145 to 152

Religion test December 17th Chapter 5

no reading Journal Homework this week.


December 6th

Science quiz 12/12/19

Religion test 12/17/19

Reading Journal due Tuesday

No school Monday

report card conference on Tuesday December 10th and 11:30 dismissal

December 10th

Science quiz December 12th on Investigation 1

Religion test December 17th on Chapter 5

 Carnival Money


December 4th

spelling sentences 1 to 6

Reading worksheet

Math Study Test tomorrow- Study worksheet and work book pages

Science quiz-  on Dec 12th Investigation 1 study Vocabulary and review workbook pages

12:00 dismissal tomorrow


November 27th

test Schedule

Social studies quiz December 4th

-study worksheet on map- Practice labeling continents and oceans

math Unit 3 Test-

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



November 26th

 Math workbook page 137

 12:00 O’Clock dismissal tomorrow. No dress down day 

November 25th

Reading worksheet

Handwriting Notebook

Reading help Wednesday 7:45

Tomorrow  we are making butter please bring in supplies



November 22nd

Reading Journal due Tuesday 



November 21st

Spelling words 3 times-study for spelling test

Science quiz tomorrow investigation 5

1$ dress down tomorrow 

Supplies for butter


November 20th

Spelling sentences 7 to 12

Religion textbook page 66. Also, study test tomorrow chapter 4

Math page 128

Science quiz On November 22nd

*1 dollar dress down on Friday

*Supplies for butter


November 19th

 Spelling sentences 1 to 6

Reading worksheet

Handwriting notebook

Religion test chapter 4 test November 21 st

Science quiz Friday study pages 35 and 36

Math help tomorrow at 7:45 A.M.

Bake sale continued tomorrow 

On November 26th we are making butter

Please bring the following items

  1. Small , empty, and clean baby jar with lid.
  2. a  Sleeve of crackers
  3. Small container of heavy cream


November 18th

Spelling ABC order

reading- Comprehension Worksheet

Math study review sheet quiz tomorrow

Science Quiz- On November 22nd

Religion Chapter 4 test on November 21st

Math help Wednesday

Bake sale tomorrow


November 15th

 Test Schedule

Math Quiz November 19th

 Religion Test Chapter 4 on November 21st

Science quiz Investigation 5. Study Vocabulary and review lab trials in workbook

retreat tomorrow

reading journal due Tuesday



November 13th

Reading worksheet

Math page 118-Quiz Tuesday

Religion test Nov. 21st-review sheet is in folder

Saturday Retreat 5:00 Mass and 6:00 O’clock presentation

bring in food donation


November 12

Reading worksheet

Math page 114 Quiz Tuesday

Handwriting notebook

Reading help tomorrow 7:45 A.M.

Please sign and return all tests 

Saturday Retreat 5:00 P.M. mass and 6:00 P.M- Presentation

Food Donations- Brownie Mix or Pop Tarts




November 6th

Reading worksheet

Handwriting notebook

Food donations No School Friday


November 5th

Math Study Test

Reading Worksheet


Bring in food donation(Brownie Mix or Pop Tarts


November 4th

religion textbook page 54 study test tomorrow

Math page 108 and study Test Wednesday

Math help Wednesday at 7:45 A.M.

November 16th 5:00 Mass- 6:00 Presentation in the auditorium ( Student and Parents need to attend)

Begin to bring in donations-Brownie mix or Pop Tarts

No School Friday the 8th and Monday November 11th



November 1st

Science quiz Monday, November 4th- Investigation 4: study vocabulary  Review the workbook pages

Religion Test November 5th Chapter 3

Math test is moved to November 6th- Study work book pages Unit 2

Reading Journal Due Tuesday

No School November 8th




October 30th

Spelling sentences 7 to 12

Math page 94 and study

Grammar study packet

Handwriting workbook

Math help Wednesday at 7:Am




October 29th

 Spelling sentences 1 to 6

 Math Workbook page 90 and study for test November 5th

Grammar study Packet Test Thursday

Reading help tomorrow at 7:45

Science quiz 11/4

Religion Test 11/5

Dress down Thursday no costumes

If you have not brought in the trip money it is due on November 1st


October 25th

test Schedule/  reminders

Grammar test October 31st-study packet

Science quiz 11/4/19-Review workbook pages and study vocabulary

religion Chapter 3 on Nov. 5th

Reading Journal due Tuesday

reading help Wednesday 7:45 A.M


October 24th

 Spelling words 3 times each

reading worksheet

Grammar page 71 only

Trip money due 11/1

Religion project due tomorrow



  October 23 rd

Spelling sentences 1 to 12

Math study review sheet

Grammar packet page 68 only

religion project due October 25th

Grammar test on  October 31




October 22nd 

Spelling sentences 1 to 6

Reading worksheet

 Math study 

Religion project Due October 25th

math help tomorrow



October 21st

 spelling Words 3 times each

reading worksheet

Math workbook page 80

Quiz Thursday

Sign and return all tests

Religion project due October 25th

Math help Wednesday


October 18

Test schedule and reminders

Math quiz October 24th study workbook pages 53 and 80

reading journal due Tuesday. Write the number of the prompt.

Begin Religion Project:: October 24th

Grammar test October 31st- On 4 types of sentences. Packet will be going home soon




October 16th

math workbook page 72

reading worksheet

handwriting notebook

Bring in Halloween book- due Friday

Math help Wednesday  7:45 Am






October 15th

 Science quiz tomorrow

Math page 68

Reading worksheet

Halloween book due Friday



October 10th 

spelling Words 3 times each

Math workbook page 64

Reading worksheet

Please bring in a Halloween book so your six grade partner can read to you . This is due Friday Oct. 18th

reading morning  help is on Wednesday 7:45 A. M.



October 9th

Spelling sentences 6 to 12

 Math workbook page 60

Reading worksheet

Please sign and return all test

Gym tomorrow

 1 dollar dress down Friday wear pink


October 8th

Spelling sentences page 1 to 6

Reading worksheet

Religion workbook page 42 also study for test tomorrow

1$ dress down Friday wear pink

October 7th

Spelling ABC order

Math page 56

Study S.S test tomorrow

Study Religion Test Wednesday

Dress Down Friday Wear Pink

Reading Journal Prompt Due tomorrow

October 4

test Schedule

Spelling Oct.11

science October 7th

Social Studies October 8th

Religion October 9th

Reading Journal due Tuesday October 8th.

Choose one prompt





October 2nd

Social studies Worksheet

Math page 50 and study

Science quiz Science Oct 7th

October 1st

Reading worksheet

 Handwriting workbook

Math study test Thursday

Science quiz Monday Oct. 7th Investigation 2

Social studies project due Friday





September 30th

Reading worksheet

math practice sheet

Social studies project due Friday. This will be graded

12: 00 dismissal Friday

Math Test Oct. 3rd

[please sign and return all tests


Test schedule- September 27

Reading comprehension Oct 4th

Math chapter 1 on October 3

Social Studies October 8th

Religion Chapter 2 on Oct. 9th

Please make sure your child has a pleasure reader everyday

Reading Journal- Please choose a book to read and choose only one writing prompt. Please do not choose the same writing prompt as last week. Writing prompt choices are stapled in Reading Journal notebook. This is due Tuesday 10/1


September 26th

Spelling words 3 times each

Math page 46

Reading worksheet

Study for math and Social



September 25th

Spelling sentences 7 to 12

Math page 42

Reading worksheet

study for Math and Social

Dress down tomorrow Johnny Appleseed bring apple snack


September 24th

spelling sentences 1 to 6

Math workbook page 38

Social studies worksheet glue in social studies note book

Math study Chapter test on October 3rd

Social studies test Oct. 8th



September 23 rd

 Spelling – words ABC order

Math page 37

Religion workbook page 30 and study test tomorrow

Sign and return all tests.

Social studies test October 8th

Johnny Appleseed day on Thursday wear red. wear sneakers it is also gym day.




September 20th

Test Schedule

Religion Chapter 1 on Sept. 24th

Social Studies test on October 8th. Test will be on Reading a map using a map key and compass rose. Review worksheets in notebook.

Journal- Please choose a level appropriate book to read and choose only one writing prompt to do. The writing prompt choices are staples in the back of the front cover of the journal book.. This will be a weekly assignment. The due date is Tuesday, October 24th.

Johnny Appleseed Thursday wear red.




September 19th

 Reading worksheet

handwriting-  notebook

Science quiz tomorrow

Spelling test tomorrow

1 dollar dress down tomorrow

1 dollar ice cream tomorrow


September 18th

 Reading worksheet

Math workbook page 26 and study for quiz tomorrow

Science quiz on Friday

Spelling test on Friday

friday 1 dollar dress down wear orange



September 17th

Reading worksheet

math work book page 22 Quiz Thursday

Science Quiz is moved to Friday

Spelling Test Friday

1 dollar dress down Friday



September 16th

Reading Worksheet

Math Workbook page 18 and study for Quiz on Thursday.

Handwriting Notebook

Study Science Quiz on Wednesday

Friday dress Down on Friday


September 13th 

Test Schedule

Spelling test Friday 9/20/19

Science quiz- on Wednesday 9/18/19. Study Vocabulary in workbook and review Investigation 1 pages in work book. Be familiar with the out come of the lab by review the workbook pages.

Parents if you need to know the contents of the lab to review with your child, the summary review is stapled in their workbook

Math Quiz is on Thursday, 9/19/19 Study workbook pages 3 to 28







Spelling words 3 times each

Math workbook page 14

Reading Worksheet

Religion test September 24. review sheet went home

1 dollar ice cream Tomorrow

If you have not done so, please sign and return the Highlight slip with either a Yes or No Answer

If you will like to order books from Scholastic , please make checks out to Scholastic. Place in envelope with your order form. Due Monday 9/16


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