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Welcome to my class page! You can learn more about me here.

Throughout the year, I incorporate real life examples, technology, interactive assessments, and group work in my lesson plans to create engaging and well-rounded learning experiences for my second graders. These techniques are enhanced by my continuous use of the Superkids guided reading program, math manipulative and centers, current events, and Lab Learners. My philosophy is to create an atmosphere which motivates students, supports individual learning styles, and focuses on Catholic identity. As a proud practicing Catholic, I aim to foster my students’ relationship with God, in preparation for the spiritual sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion. As I teach, I continuously strive to be a great role-model for my students, exhibiting kindness and patience while cultivating their minds intellectually and spiritually.

September 7th

Bring in a pleasure reader

Scholastic check due by Friday. Make out the check to scholastics. (7$)

Please return the 2 blue emergency cards.


September 10th

Reading Worksheet

Math workbook page 6

Please SIGN and return the yellow Highlight slip with either a yes or no answer

If you have not sent in  a check for scholastic please do so by Wednesday.



Reading worksheet

Math workbook page 14

Handwriting notebook

Religion review sheet went home today. Gym is tomorrrow wear gym uniform and sneakers.

September 14th

Read 20 minutes each day. log in your reading log

Study for Religion test on September 26th

Individual pictures on Monday.


September 17th

spelling ABC order

reading worksheet

Math page 26

Handwriting workbook


september 18th

Spelling write sentence for each word.Numbers 1 to 6 only.

Reading worksheet

Math workbook page 22

Handwriting Notebook

science Quiz September 25th

Study Vocabulary investigation 1

and review workbook pages

Study for Religion test on September 26th


September 19th

Spelling write sentences for words 7 to 12

Reading work sheet

Math work page 32

Handwriting notebook

Study for science quiz

Study for religion


Spelling words 3x each- study test tomorrow
Math pages 37 and 38 
reading worksheet
science quiz study science vocabulary words and the summary stapled in the science data book. Also review the workbook book pages in Investigation 1 only
1$ dress down  tomorrow wear purple
Fill in your reading log
Math Help Monday 9/24. Please arrive at 7:30am
Study for religion test
Science quiz on Tuesday
September 24th
Spelling ABC ORder
Math workbook page 42
Reading worksheet
Handwriting notebook
Study science quiz tomorrow
 Study Religion test Wednesday
Mathletics passwords are in the agenda- I did not assgn any thing yet. You child may explore the website
Leave home superkids warm up book
September 25th
 Spelling sentences 1 to 6
Math page 46- Math test October 3rd chapter 1
Religion text book page 30
handwriting notebook
Study religion test tomorrow
please sign and return all tests
Johnny Appleseed tomorrow dress down
bring in an apple snack
September 26th
spelling sentences 7 to 12
Math practice 
reading worksheet
math test October 3 rd  Study the Chapter Review in workbook and review all workbook pages
 Science quiz Tuesday October 2nd On Investigation 2- Study Vocabulary and review workbook pages and the summary stapled to their agenda
September 28th
Test schudule
Spelling/Reading October 5th
math test Chapter 1 on October 3rd
 Science Quiz Tuesday, October 2nd 
Log in reading log please use one line per weekend.
Morning Math Monday at 7:30A.M
Morning Reading Wednesday 7:30 A.M.
October 1st
Spelling ABC order
Math Study
Grammar worksheet
Science Quiz tomorrow
Morning Reading Wednesday 7:30 A.M
Please let me know in writing if your child will not attend the trip to the Pumpkin farm.  The money was due Friday.
October 3rd
 Spelling sentences 7 to 12
Reading worksheet
Handwriting note book
Religion Test October 1oth
Pronoun test on October 1th
Please sign and return all test
11:45 dismissal On Friday
October 4th
Spelling Words 3times each
reading Worksheet
Math page 56
Science Quiz Investigation 3 on Wednesday Oct. 10th
11:45 dismisal tomorrow. Please wear complete school uniform . We have 9 O’Clock mass tomorrow
Test Schedule
Religion test October 10th
pronoun test October 11th
science Investigation 3 quiz is changed toWednesday, October 11th
No School on Monday 
Fill in the reading log 
Morning Reading on wednesday at 7:30 A.M.
october 9th
 Spelling ABC order
Math page 60
Grammar worksheet and for pronoun test
religion Test tomorrow, Chapter 2  Also textbook page 42
Science quiz October 11th
October 11
speling words 3 times each
Math bpage 68
Dress down 1 dollar wear orange
October 12
 Test schedule
 Spelling/reading October 19th
Social Studies How to read a map- Study packet will go home on Monday. Test October 18th
Please begin Religion Project
October 15th
Spelling ABC order
Math Workbook page 72
Social Studies worksheet on Maps- Study test on Thursday on How to  Read a Map. Review Packet
please sign and return all tests
Tomorrow is the Trip Please bring in breakfast and lunch.  Wear Gym Uniform
October 16th
Social Studies test Thursday Study Packet
Science inbvestigation 4 Quiz on Monday- Review workbook page and summary. Study vocabulary
 Reading help tomorrow 7:30 am
October 17th
Spelling-pick any 6 words and write a sentence for each
Mathb workbook page 76
Social studies test tomorrow -On how to read a map
October 18th
Spelling words 3times
reading worksheet
math page 80
Science Quiz on Monday
religion Project due next week
Test Schedule 10/19
Spelling /Reading 10/26
Science- Quiz Monday 10/22
Religion- Chapter 3 10/30
math Quiz Tuesday-Review sheet is going home today
Religion Project due 10/24
October 22nd
Spelling ABC order
Math study quiz tomorrow
Reading worksheet
October 23rd
Spelling Sentences 1 to 6
math page 86
Religion project due Tomorrow
October 24th
 Spelling sentences 7 to 12
 Math page 90
Handwriting Notebook

Science Unit 1 test on October 29th. Review investigations 1 to 4 only in workbook pages.Vocabulary words will not be on the test but, they should be familiar with them.

October 25th
Spelling words 3 times
Math page 94
Religion test October 3oth
on Chapter 3
 Science unit test on Monday, October 29th
October 26th
Science Test on
October 29th
Religion test october 30th
reading log
October 29th
Spelling ABC order
Math page 98
Grammar worksheet page 30 past tense verbs
Religion textbook page 54
Sign and return all tests
Spelling Words 3 times each
Reading worksheet
study Grammar Test 11/6
Social studies 11/6
Proximate retreat on Saturday
Math test 11/8 review workbook pages and review sheet will go home next week
November 2nd
 Test Schedule
 Grammar test 11/5
Social Studies test 11/6
Math test november 8th
Please log in your reading log
See you or Saturday
Spelling ABC order
Math Study review sheet in their folder
Social Studies Test tomorrow
Please start sending in food donations
No school Friday
November 7th
Spelling Sentences 7 to 12
Math Study
Reading worksheet
Science quiz Tuesday Investigation 1
No school Friday and Monday11/12/18
November 8th
Bring in one small baby jar and box of crackers any kind by Friday
Science quiz on Tuesday Investigation 1 only ans study voc.
November 13th
Spelling ABC order
Math workbook page 114
reading worksheet
 religion Chapter 4 test on November 27th. The review sheet went home today
Bring in a small empty baby jar and crackers by Friday
November 14th
Spelling Sentences -use any six words in a sentence
Math page 118
Reading worksheet
bake sale tomorrow
November 16th
Please sign and return all tests
Religion test November 27th
Please bring in small empty jar and crackers for Wednesday.
11:45 dismissal on Wednesday
November 20th
 Math workbook page 121  Study worksheet for quiz on Tuesday
11:45 dismissal on Tuesday
Religion Test Chapter 4 on Nov. 27th
November 21st
Math Quiz Tuesday
Religion Test 11/27
Have a happy and Blessed Thanksgiving
Thank you all again for your generosity.  
November 26th
Spelling ABC order
Math Study Quiz tomorrow
Religion Text book page 66 and study for test tomorrow
Science Quiz Tuesday Dec. 4th
Investigation 2-Properties of Rocks and Minerals-Study Vocabulary
November 27th
Spelling – sentences 1 to 6
math workbook pages 128
Reading worksheet
Science quiz Dec.4th
November 28th
Spelling Sentences 7
to 12
Math workbook page
Reading worksheet
If you have not done so,please hand in report card conference time
Science quiz Tuesday
November 29th
 Spelling write words 3 times each
 Math workbook page 137
Reading worksheet
Math Test Chapter 3 on December 6th
November 30th
Test Schedule
Science quiz December 4th Investigation 2
Math December 6th on Chapter 3-review sheet will go home Monday
religion Chapter 5 on 12/18
Fill in your reading log
please sign and return all tests
December 3rd
 Spelling ABC order
Reading Worksheet
Math Work sheet
 11:30 dismissal on Thursday
11:45 Dismissal on Friday
December 5th
 Spelling sentences 7 t0 12
reading work sheet
Report card conference tomorrow
11;30 dismissal tomorrow
December 6th
Spelling words 3 times each
Reading worksheet
trip Money
religion Test Chapter 5 on December 18th
11:45 dismissal tomorrow
 December 10th
Spelling ABC order
 Math Workbook page 148
Reading worksheet
Religion test Chapter 5 on December 18
Christmas boutique tomorrow. Bring in money if you wish to participate.
Christmas Concert Thursday-Be in the classroom at 6:00 P.M wear Red or Green shirts and black pants.
Friday is our school trip to the movies .Bring in Breakfast
December 11
Spelling Sentences 1 to 6
 Math workbook page 152
Reading worksheet
Religion test Dec 18th
December 12th
spelling 7 to 12
Math- Quiz tomorrow- Study review sheet
Reading worksheet
Religion Test December 18th
Please arrive tomorrow night at 6pm in the school.
December 13th
 Spelling words 3 times each
 Math page 158
Religion Test December 18th
Science quiz December 19th
Investigation 3 study vocabulary
Trip to movies tomorrow . You may dress down. Please bring in breakfast
December 17th
math page 162
reading worksheet
religion Textbook page 78
 religion test tomorrow
Science quiz Wednesday Investigation 3
December 19th
handwriting notebook
math workbook page 170
Hot chocolate permission slip  is due
December 20th
Reading worksheet
Math page 174
Please sign and return all tests
December 21st
 Happy a Merry Christmas and Happy Near Year!
We will no longer have snack time  after the Christmas Break.
 January 2nd
math page 178
reading work sheet
11:45 dismissal on Friday
January 4th
Religion test Jan. 11th- Chapter 10 and 11
 math Test Jan. 10th- Chapter 4
 Current Event due Monday
January 7th
spelling ABC order
math workbook pages 187 and 188. Also study for test
Religion Textbook pages 130 also
Study for test
  January 8th
spelling sentences 1 to 6
Math study for test. Review sheet is in folder
Reading worksheet
Religion and spelling test is moved to Monday
January 9th
Spelling sentences 7 to 12
math worksheet and study for test tomorrow
Science Quiz Tuesday on Investigation 4. Study vocabulary
January 10th
Bring in a small picture of yourself
Religion and spelling test moved to Monday.
Science quiz, Tuesday on Investigation 4
study vocabulary
January 17 th 
No homework . See you Saturday at 11:30
January 23rd
 spelling ABC order
reading worksheet
Math page 208
Pizza money due Tomorrow
If you have not done so, please send in a small picture
January 28th
Math workbook page 216
Reading worksheet
Free dress down tomorrow wear, red, white and Blue
Study for Science quiz February 6th- on the Earth’s surface in Investigation 5
Social studies test – Feb. 14th on the thirteen colonies-study packet only the questions and sentences that are highlighted
January 29th
math workbook page 220
Reading worksheet
study for science quiz and social studies test
January 30th
 Pajama day tomorrow
Study for science 
and Social Studies Test
February 1st
Begin Social studies project
study for science quiz February 6th
Social studies test February 14th-study packet
 February 4th
Spelling words ABC order
Math workbook page 228
Study Science Quiz Wednesday
Begin Social studies project
Due 2/15
February 8th
Social studies project Due February 15th
Social studies test February 14th
Math test Chapter 5 on February 13th
Please bring in 100 small items for our 1oo day project on Tuesday
Please sign and return all tests
February 11th
Spelling ABC order
Math worksheet and study review sheet for test on Wednesday
Social studies test on February 14th on the 13 colonies study packet
Social studies project due Friday 1/15
February 12th
Spelling sentences 1 to 6
 Reading worksheet
math study-test tomorrow
Social studies test February 14
social studies project due Friday
February 13th
Spelling sentences
Reading work sheet
 social studies test tomorrow
 Social studies project due Friday
February 15th
Science Unit test review workbook-You do not have to study the vocabulary words,just be familiar with them. Test is  on February 28th
Religion Test chapter 15 and 16 on March 1st
February 25th
Spelling ABC order
 reading worksheet
 Math workbook page 252
Science unit test 2/28/19
Religion test on march 1st
February 25th
Spelling sentences 1 to 6
reading worksheet
math workbook page 256
science test February 28th
Religion Test March 1st
11:45 dismissal on Friday
February 27th
 Spelling sentences 7 to 12
 Religion text book page 182- study for test on Friday
Also Science test tomorrow
11:45 dismissal on Friday
March 5th
reading worksheet
Math pages 
Quiz on March 7th
Please sign and return report card conference time
Please sign and return test
Reading morning help is canceled tomorrow
March 7th
Reading worksheet
Math quiz tomorrow
study review
Current Event is past due date
Spelling sentences 1 to 6
Reading worksheet
 Math workbook page 278 and math test on March 19th Unit 6
! dollar dress down on Friday
march 18th
Spelling Abc order
 Reading worksheet
Math test tomorrow-Chapter 6
Religion textbook page 206
Leave Volume one math workbook at home
March 19th
 Spelling sentences 1 to 6
Math workbook page 302
Trip money due
March 22nd
 Math quiz March 29th
 Morning math help is canceled for Monday
11:30 dismissal Monday- report card conference
March 26th
 Reading worksheet
Math page 320
Religion test chapters 17 and 18 on April 1st
Trip Thursday. Wear gym uniforms.
Bring Breakfast.Also,children may bring money to buy items at the gift shop.
Test schedule
Religion test Monday
Math Unit test April 5th
Science quiz April 9th- Study notes in folder
April 1st
Reading worksheet
Spelling ABC order
 Math workbook pages 333 and 334
study for math test Friday
Study Science quiz April 9th
reading work sheet
 math workbook page 338
Spelling sentences 1 to 6
 Reading morning help cancelled tomorrow
Study for Math Test Friday
Science quiz April 9th
April 3rd
reading worksheet
 spelling- Sentences 7 to 12
 math study review sheet and workbook pages test is Friday.
 science quiz on April 9th study notes and paper plate model of the rock cycle
April  4th
 Spelling words 3 times each
Reading worksheet
Math study
 Handwriting -green book
Religion test is on Friday April 12th  Not April 13th
Current events Due April 9th
Test Schedule 
 Science quiz April 9th study notes and the rock cycle on the paper plate
Religion Test on April 12th on Chapter 19th
Math test on Geometry on April 16th on Chapter 13
Social studies quiz- April 15 th study vocabulary in folder on economy 
Current event due Tuesday 
Math Bowl begins Sunday Go to
Type in username and pass word
April 8th
spelling ABC order
reading Worksheet
Math workbook page 558
Science quiz tomorrow
current Event due tomorrow
religion test Friday
Practice Communion Song
April 9th
Spelling sentences 1 to 6
Reading worksheet
Math workbook 562
Religion Test Friday
 Dress down on Friday wear blue
Practice communion song
April 10th
 Spelling sentences 7 to 12
Reading worksheet
 math workbook page 568-also study for test Tuesday
Religion Textbook page 230
go on Mathletics
1 Dollar dress down on Friday- wear blue
practice communion song
April 12
Spelling words
Reading worksheet
Math workbook 572 and study for test Tuesday
Religion Study Chapter 19th- Test Tomorrow
Social Studies review worksheet  in folder and study Vocabulary for Social Studies Test Monday
Dress down Tomorrow wear blue -1 dollar
April 15 th
math workbook pages 577 and 578
Reading worksheet
Math test Tomorrow study review sheet and review workbook pages
Stations of the Cross is tomorrow at 1:30 All are Welcome
Morning Math Help is cancelled on Monday, April 29th
Communion practice is on April 29th at 3:30 P.M.
Practice communion prayer
April 29th
Spelling ABC order
Math workbook page 500
Communion practice is today at 3:30 in the church
Please pick up your child at 4:30 in the church
Practice communion song at home
April 30th
Spelling Sentences 1 to 6
Math Page 504
Trip money due on Friday( 15 dollars)
First Holy Communion is on Saturday at 11:00 A.M.
Please arrive in the auditorium at 10:00 A.M
Practice communion song every day
May 1st
 Spelling sentences 7 to 12
 Math page 508
Trip money due
May 2nd 
Science quiz May 8th on the water Cycle quiz study Vocabulary investigation 1
Math Quiz May 10th
See you Saturday
May 6th
 Spelling ABC order
Math page 516
Pizza money due 
Trip money due
Mother’s day plant sale on Thursday
 Science quiz Wednesday
Math Quiz Friday
May 7th 2019
Spelling: sentences 1 to 6
Math page 520
Math quiz moved to Wednesday May 15th
Science quiz is tomorrow
Plant sale on Thursday
May 8th
 spelling sentences 7 to 12
 Math page 524
Math quiz has been moved to May 15th
 Plant sale is tomorrow
 Trip to the aquarium is on Tuesday, May 14th
  wear yellow or blue shirts for the spring concert
Ice cream will be sold tomorrow not  on Friday
May 9th
spelling Words 3 times each
Math workbook 528
Math quiz May 15th
May 10th
Test Schedule 
Math quiz May 15th-study review sheets and workbook pages
Religion Chapter 25 on May 16th
Math Unit 12 test May 23rd
Pleased sign and return all test
 Have a great Mother’s day 
Children need to wear yellow/gold for the spring concert on May 22nd
May 13 th 
Reading worksheet
Math study
Religion page 294 also study
Please sign and return and return progress report
Trip tomorrow bring in breakfast, wear gym uniform
Uniform measurement tomorrow
wear yellow/gold shirt for spring concert on May 22nd
May 14th
Religion study for test on Thursday
Reminder : If you are attending the May Crowing on Sunday, May 19th ,you may wear your communion attire. Mass begins at 10:oo A.M.
May 15th
Reading worksheet
 Religion study for test tomorrow
May 16th
Reading worksheet
Math page 534
Math Unit test on May 23rd
May 17th
Math Unit 12 test is moved to Friday,May 24th.Review sheet will go home on Tuesday.
May 20th
 Math workbook page 542- Study test this Friday- Math review sheet is in their folder  today.
Social Studies – Begin Memorial day project due on Friday
Also Current events due May 29th
Spring show Wednesday wear yellow
May 21st
Math workbook page 547
and study for test Friday
Begin social studies project on Memorial Day and Current events
Spring show wear yellow and arrive at 6:oo P.M at Saint Thomas
May 22nd
 Science quiz on May 29th- Investigation two- study vocabulary and review workbook pages
Social studies packet due Friday
current Event due may 29th
 May 23h
Math study test tomorrow
Science quiz on May 29th 
Memorial day packet due tomorrow
Current event due May 29th
May 24th 
Test Schedule
Science quiz on May 29th 
Current event due May 29th
May 28th
 Spelling- write sentences 1 to 6
Math page 352
Reading worksheet
Science quiz tomorrow study Vocabulary and review workbook pages investigation 2
Current events due tomorrow
Morning reading help is cancelled tomorrow 
Pizza slips due
May 29th
 Spelling Sentences words 7 to 9
Reading worksheet
 Math workbook page 360
Religion Final Review sheet went home today. Begin to study for final on June 14th
May 30th
Spelling words 3 times each
Math workbook page 390
Reading worksheet
Dress down tomorrow
May 31 st
Final Test Schedule
June 10th ELA
June 11th ELA part 2
June 12th Math Part 1 
June 13th Math Part 2
For math Test review the workbook pages and Study Review sheet)
June 14th Religion
ELA and Math review Sheets will be handed out next week
Religion review went home already. 
June 3rd
Spelling ABC order
Science Quiz Friday June 7th- Study  packet on health and Hygiene. Study vocabulary in Investigation 1 and review pages
June 4th
 Spelling sentences
 Math workbook page 442
study for final- worksheet is in their folder
Science test Friday
 Sports day tomorrow
wear sneakers and bring in a bottle of water label it with your name
Wear sunscreen
June 5th – Study science quiz on Friday- study vocabulary and packet page 3
June 6th Cultural Day is on June 19th- Dress in the color of your Heritage and bring food from your culture
June 7 th Gold team can dress down on Monday
Study for Finals
June 10th
Reading Final Part 2- tomorrow-It will be on Reading comprehension, Phonics,Grammar and a writing piece on “How to Make Something”
Math study Review sheet
Spring Fling is on June 18th
Wear a solid Red T-Shirt-
Jean Shorts
White Socks
And bring in a towel to sit on 
June 17th
Spring Fling Tomorrow – Parents are welcomed:wear red shirt,Jeans shorts, white socks and sneakers.
Bring in a beach towel to sit on
11:45 dismissal-tomorrow
Culture day on Wednesday
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