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Welcome to my class page! You can learn more about me here.

Throughout the year, I incorporate real life examples, technology, interactive assessments, and group work in my lesson plans to create engaging and well-rounded learning experiences for my second graders. These techniques are enhanced by my continuous use of the Superkids guided reading program, math manipulative and centers, current events, and Lab Learners. My philosophy is to create an atmosphere which motivates students, supports individual learning styles, and focuses on Catholic identity. As a proud practicing Catholic, I aim to foster my students’ relationship with God, in preparation for the spiritual sacraments of Reconciliation.

October 26th

*Spelling: Please write your spelling words in alphabetical order.

1.mess, 2. class 3. buzz, 4. quiz, 5.was 6.does, 7.doesn’t 8.close 9.goes, 10. easy, 11.busy 12.because
*Math- Study for test tomorrow. Study review sheet and review workbook pages in Unit 2.
*Reading Journal Due Wednesday, October 28th
Religion project on Saint Teresa is due tomorrow, Tuesday, October 27th

Superkids Test Wednesday, October 28th

Thursday- 10/22

Spelling- this week’s spelling words: 3. work 4.first 5.down 6.many 7.about 8.over 9.only 10.before 11.would 12.could
*Write each word 3times each. Study for test Tomorrow.
Please be prepared to take your spelling test Live Stream.
*Math- workbook page 103.

Test Schedule
Friday 10/23- Spelling Test
Tuesday 10/27- Chapter 2 Math Test
Tuesday 10/27 Religion Project due this will be graded
Wednesday 10/28- Superkids Unit 2 Test


Wednesday- 10/21

Spelling- this week’s spelling words:,,,   4.first,  5. down,  6. many,  7. about,  8. over,   9.only,   10. before,  11.would,   12.could
Write complete sentences words for spelling words 7-12.

Math- workbook page 98.

Test Schedule
Friday 10/23- Spelling Test
Tuesday 10/27- Chapter 2 Math Test
Wednesday 10/28- Superkids Unit 2 Test


Tuesday- 10/20

Spelling- this week’s spelling words:,   2. now,   3. work,   4. first,   5. down,   6. many,   7.about,   8. over,   9. only, 10. before,   11.would,   12.could
Write complete sentences for spelling words 1-6,

Math- workbook page 94

Religion Test tomorrow. Please print up a copy from Google Classroom and be prepared to take this on live stream together. 

Test Schedule
Tomorrow- Religion Test
Friday 10/23- Spelling Test
Tuesday 10/27- Chapter 2 Math Test
Wednesday 10/28- Superkids Unit 2 Test

Monday, October 19

 Spelling :  write the spelling words the words in ABC order.

Spelling- this week’s spelling words:
show, now, work, first, down, many, about, over, only, before, would, could
Please put spelling words in ABC order.

Math workbook page 90

*Science quiz Tuesday, October 20th.(Earth’s Surface) This test will be taking independently, not during our Google Meet Session. The test will be posted the morning of the exam. If possible upload the completed exam by 2pm. Thank you

*Religion Quiz Wednesday, October 21st Unit 1 lesson 2. Study review sheet posted in Google Classroom  and  review the highlighted sections in the religion notebook.

Test Schedule
Superkids Unit 2 on Wednesday, October 28th
Math Test Chapter 2 is on Tuesday, October 27th

*Religion; Project on Mother Teresa due Tuesday, October 27th. This will be graded.



Spelling Test- October 23rd

Tuesday 10/27- Chapter 2 Math Test
Wednesday 10/28- Superkids Unit 2 Test


Tuesday, October 13th

Spelling homework: Please write spelling words in ABC order in your spelling notebook.

This week’s spelling words:  1.Handle   2. middle    3. ring    4.strong   5.want.  

6. look      7. come   8.any   9.   some   10   very  12. good

Math study for math quiz on Thursday, October 15th-review workbook pages 53 -80

On Friday , October 16th we will be taking our Superkids Unit 1 reading test. we will be taking this through Superkids Online. I suggest , if you are not already familiar with this website please become familiar with logging your child on Superkids Online. This way, if you have any questions I can assist you, so your child will be ready to take the test on Friday.

Test Schedule

Math quiz Thursday October 15th

Spelling and Reading  Unit 1 Superkids test will  be on Friday, October 16th

Science Quiz on Earth’s Surface On Tuesday, October 20th



October 5th

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Unfortunately as you all know, our school will be closed tomorrow. Although we will not be in school students are required to participate remotely. In this letter please adhere to the following guidelines.

Every morning Mr. O’Brien will be sharing a Facebook link. Mr. O’Brien, will live-stream morning prayer at 8:10 a.m. All students are encouraged to join.

Each day will begin with your child answering the attendance question by 8:30 a.m.

Live-streaming will begin at 9:00 and end at 11:00. The link to join the live-stream will be posted on Google Classroom. *Please do not click on the link before 9:00 a.m.*

*Independent work such as classwork (workbook pages/activity sheets), will be due by 2:00 p.m. every day. This will be graded through Google Classroom.

*Homework will be posted on Google Classroom every day. Please try to submit homework by the scheduled time on Google Classroom.

*Today your child was sent home with the social studies map quiz. Please complete this quiz at home and upload to Google Classroom by Wednesday 2:00pm.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please know if the schedule timing or anything changes, I will be sure to update you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank You,

Mrs. Federico



Monday- October 5th 

Spelling- put spelling words in ABC order

Math- workbook page 60

Social Studies Quiz Tomorrow- Study notes in social studies notebook. 


Thursday -October 2nd

Reading Journal due Tuesday, October 6th. Please write the prompt number

Social studies quiz  on Tuesday, October 6th. Review the worksheet in the social studies notebook

1 dollar dress down on October 9th, wear pink.

Thursday- October 1st 

Spelling- Write the spelling words 3x each -test tomorrow

reading Comprehension Sheet

Social Studies- Kitchen Map Sheet= Draw a map of your kitchen. Be sure to use a map key. This will be graded as a homework project. Please color your drawing.

Handwriting-Practice letters F,f,G,g in your handwriting notebook

Religion Test Tomorrow- study review sheet 

Social Studies Quiz Tuesday- review worksheet in your social studies notebook

Half Day Tomorrow 


Wednesday- September 30th

Spelling- put spelling words 7-12 in complete sentences 

Math- Math Test tomorrow please study review sheet and workbook pages 3-48

Social Studies- Study and the map of your Kitchen is due Friday

Religion Test Friday- please study review sheet 

Half Day Friday 


 September 29th

Spelling-write words 1 to 6 in a sentence. 

Social Studies Draw a map of your kitchen. Be sure to use a map key. This will be graded as a homework project. Please color your drawing. This is due Friday.
Religion study for test Friday. Study the review sheet and the highlighted parts in the religion workbook.

This Friday we have a half day dismissal 

Monday- September 28th 

Please put spelling words in ABC order

Math Worksheet “practice” page- Also study for Unit 1 test on Thursday. Please review the workbook pages 3 to 48

Social studies- Map worksheet. Please glue in Social studies workbook when completed

Religion Test Friday please study review sheet

Wednesday – September 25th

Reading Journal due Tuesday, September 29th

Test Schedule

math Unit 1 on Thursday, Oct 1st

Religion Unit 1 Lesson 1 on Friday, October 2nd



Wednesday- September 24th 

spelling write words 7 t0 12 in a sentence. Please be sure to write complete sentences and begin each sentence with a capital letter and add an end mark.

Math work book page 43 and study

reading worksheet “Foxes”

Please wear red tomorrow and bring in an apple snack for Johnny Appleseed Day


Wednesday- September 23rd 

Reading Comprehension Sheet “Big Dogs, Little Dogs”

Write complete sentences for the words- game, hope, ride, cute, boat, road 

Math workbook page 37

Math Chapter One Test October 1st 

Handwriting practice letters C, c, E,E

Religion Test Unit 1 on Friday October 2nd. Study faith words in notebook and Review the chapter, focus on the highlighted sentences. A review Sheet will be going home soon.

Friday is Johnny Appleseed day wear read and bring in an apple snack.

Tuesday – September 22nd

Spelling- Backpack Worksheet Lesson 8

Reading Worksheet Sal’s training

Math Page 32- Study for Unit 1 test on October 1st

Friday- Spelling Test

Monday- September 21st 

Reading Worksheet “Stars”

Superkids Backpack page 6 

Math Workbook page 26 

Math Quiz on Chapter 1-  tomorrow Please review workbook pages 3-26


Friday- September 18th 

Math Quiz on Chapter 1- Tuesday 9/22 Please review workbook pages 3-26

Spelling Test Friday October2nd.

Please bring in a pleasure reader by Monday 9/21

Scholastics Online Order due by Friday 9/25

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