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Welcome to my class page! You can learn more about me here.

Third Grade is a wonderful year filled with a variety of ways to learn. Students make in class hands on projects in each subject throughout the year as well as use Chromebooks to do research and enhance lessons. In Reading we read different novels throughout the year. Some favorites are Stone Fox, Peter Pan, and Charlotte’s Web. In E.L.A. we do essays and Research papers following the Writing process consistently. In Social Studies we focus on learning about different countries. One of the interesting topics we cover in Science is the Solar System. What we learn in Religion class permeates the entire curriculum.

I love teaching here at Good Shepherd for so many reasons. I believe as a teacher that Jesus should be the heart of the curriculum. All students should be seen as Jesus sees them, with love and compassion. This is what makes being a teacher at Good Shepherd so special. It is Christ centered which brings about excellence in education.


Monday 10/5

Math page 18 Soft

We will take our Vocab test tomorrow online as well as the other tests scheduled for this week. Please see below for the letter I wrote on OptionC to parents.

Dear Parents,

As you know the mayor and governor has shut schools down in certain areas and Good Shepherd is one of the schools closed unfortunately. Tomorrow I would like to do a Google Meet with Third grade from 9:00am-10:30am. During this time we will have instruction and then after instruction I will post assignments on Google Classroom for the kids to complete. Every child has a Good Shepherd gmail set up for them. it is the child’s first initial and last name Please send me an optionc if they are having trouble. By now everyone should have accepted my invite to the classroom. I will send a link to your child’s gmail for the live stream tomorrow. Please look for the live stream close to 9am. Mr. O’Brien will send out information regarding this situation. He would like the children to be logged on at 8:10 for prayers. I will check attendance online at 9am.

Thank you in advance for your support. I hope we will be back open soon.


Mrs. De Nonno



Thursday 10/1

Early Dismissal Tomorrow

Spelling and Comprehension test tomorrow

Math Worksheet

Vocab page 13- Test Tuesday

Check Ch. 3 in Joshua packet-Test next Thursday

Map test Wed.


Wed. 9/30

Friday is early dismissal for Faculty meeting

October is the month of the rosary. We will be praying a decade each day. I have rosaries to give each child but please feel free to send your child in with their own rosary if you’d like.

Religion Test tomorrow

Spelling Test and Comprehension Friday

Math Soft WB page 16

Josh packet-check and review Chapter 2 questions-Test next Thursday

Vocab page 12-Test Tuesday

Map Test next Wed.





Tuesday 9/29

Friday is half day due to Faculty meeting 

Religion Ch. 1 Test Thursday

Reading-Josh Packet-we have been working on packet questions in class but I am going to send them home each night with 1 chapter to review and check their answers. Tonight is Ch. 1 Test for this book is on 10/8 Study Packet

Reading Comprehension Sheet -Practice for Friday’s test. I sent last Friday’s tests home and I wasn’t going to count the grade but they did well so I put the grade in. I also use these to give feedback. 

Vocab page 11- Test on Unit 1 words next Tuesday

Spelling Test Friday-words on Page 43 of Phonics books-I will give their Spelling homework in class this week.

We finished a Unit on Maps so we will take a test on the Continents and Oceans, being able to tell direction on the map with the compass rose, and using a legend.-Check their yellow folders for worksheets we did in class.



Monday 9/28

Math Test tomorrow-Do Review problems in Math H.C. pages 16 and 17 #s 1, 4, 6, 11, 12, 14, 18, 22, 28, and 29 in Math NB

Religion Test Thursday Chapter 1

Spelling and Reading Comprehension Test this Friday- words in Phonics books on page 43

Test Schedule:

Vocab Test changed to Tuesday 10/6

Map Oceans and Continents Test next Wed 10/7

Joshua T. Bates test 10/8-Study Chapter Questions(we will be finishing those questions this week)





Thursday 9/24

Dress Down tomorrow in red for Johnny Appleseed Day.

Ice Cream-Ice cream starts tomorrow and will be sold every Friday for a dollar. Tomorrow I would like to treat my whole class to ice cream because there was no ice cream last Friday on my birthday. So tomorrow is my treat. They deserved it. They have been so good.

Math Soft page 14

Spelling-Finish writing sentences for all the spelling words-study for test tomorrow. 

Reading Comprehension Test tomorrow

Test Schedule:

Spelling Test Friday 9/25 plus reading comprehension test

Math Chapter 1 Test Tuesday 9/29

Religion Chapter 1 (Lesson 1) Test next Thursday 10/1

*Vocab Test changed to Tuesday 10/6


Wed. 9/23

Math Soft Cover page 13

Vocabulary WB page 11 Unit 1 Synonyms/Ant

Reading Sheet-This is an example of the reading comprehension test on Friday.

Test Schedule:

Spelling Test Friday 9/25 plus reading comprehension test

Math Chapter 1 Test Tuesday 9/29

Religion Chapter 1 (Lesson 1) Test next Thursday 10/1

*Vocab Test changed to Tuesday 10/6



Tuesday 9/22

Dress down in Red for Johnny Appleseed Day this Friday and bring in some kind of apple snack.

Math Soft page 10

Reading-Josh Ch. 7 Questions

Spelling-Write a sentence for the first 5 spelling words

Math Ch. 1 Test next Tuesday 9/29

Spelling Test this Friday

There will be a reading comprehension test on Friday after the Spelling Test-they can’t study for it. They will read a short story and answer some questions. It will help me see where they are and how much they grow. I am not grading it, not right now, but I want them to do their best so I can get a clear picture. I will send home a practice one for homework tomorrow. 


Math Soft page 8

Reading-Chapter 6 Josh questions in packet

Write your spelling words 3 x each in ELA NB

Spelling Test Friday-words are on page 15 of phonics book left hand side column. 

Unit 1 Vocabulary Test next Friday-tomorrow in class we will fill out study index cards that I will provide



Friday 9/18

We made it through the first full week back at school since February! The children did an amazing job.  

Spelling Test next Friday September 25-the words are in Phonics Workbook on page 15

Have a great weekend!


Thursday 9/17

Math Hard Cover text book pages 8 and 9-odd numbers only. Write the answers in your Math NB. This is a review of what we have been learning this week. Tomorrow they will take a quiz doing the even numbers. I usually give more time for quizzes but I thought since I am sending home the book with the problems it would be okay to give it tomorrow.

Reading- “T.F.O.J.T.B” Answer the following Reading Response question in your stop and jot. “Why do you think Mrs. Goodwin invited Joshua over for tea and cookies?”  


Wed. 9/16

Math Soft page 6

Reading- “The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates” Ch. 3- In Stop and Jot write a paragraph explaining what this chapter was mainly about.


Tuesday 9/15

Math Soft Cover WB page 4

Reading-“The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates” Ch. 2-In Stop and Jot answer the following questions:


  • According to the text how do you think Joshua felt when he looked in the 4th grade classroom and saw his old friends? (4 sentences long)
  • In Chapter 2 what makes you think Joshua might like Mrs. Goodwin better than Mrs. Nice



Monday 9/14/2020

Today we read Chapter 1 in “The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates”. For homework I put 4 summary sentence starters in their Stop and Jot Reading notebooks. First, next, then, and at the end summary-A sentence for each as it happened in Ch. 1-Just 4 sentences

Math-Soft WB page 2

Please check your child’s gmail account. I sent an invite to join our Google Classroom. Sometimes I will give assignments on Google Classroom for the class but mostly for now it is where the remote learners will pick up the days assignments. It is important to accept the invite to the classroom so in the case we ever have to go fully remote again you will already be familiar with it. 




Friday September 11th

Yay! We made it through our first week back! It was a wonderful week and I enjoyed meeting my new Third graders. They are amazing!

Please check your option-c accounts for an email I sent to you.

Make sure all books are in school with your child Monday as we will begin using them. The workbooks should be covered in clear contact paper and the Math hard cover should be covered in a book sock. It’s important that they have all of the books in Monday even if you did not have a chance to cover them yet. Thank you.

I am looking forward to a great year!


Thursday September 10th

Cover all  workbooks by Monday-the Math hard cover text book should be covered in a book sock  We will be using all of our books    starting Monday so make sure they have their books Monday




Welcome Back!

September 9, 2020

It was great to see the students today! They did a wonderful job. 

All workbooks should be covered in clear contact paper by Monday (Math hard cover will need a book sock)-Today I sent three workbooks home to cover and also their folders. I would like their names and the subjects written on the folders in marker or something that makes the subject stand out so they will see it easily. 

All summer book reports are due now. They should be in no later than Friday if they didn’t turn it in yet.

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