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Welcome to my class page! You can learn more about me here.

Third Grade is a wonderful year filled with a variety of ways to learn. Students make in class hands on projects in each subject throughout the year as well as use Chromebooks to do research and enhance lessons. In Reading we read different novels throughout the year. Some favorites are Stone Fox, Peter Pan, and Charlotte’s Web. In E.L.A. we do essays and Research papers following the Writing process consistently. In Social Studies we focus on learning about different countries. One of the interesting topics we cover in Science is the Solar System. What we learn in Religion class permeates the entire curriculum.

I love teaching here at Good Shepherd for so many reasons. I believe as a teacher that Jesus should be the heart of the curriculum. All students should be seen as Jesus sees them, with love and compassion. This is what makes being a teacher at Good Shepherd so special. It is Christ centered which brings about excellence in education.

2019-2020 School Year Homework:

Friday 12/6

Vocab test next Friday

Turn in your “Elves” narrative Tuesday that we worked on in Writing workshop today-on loose leaf full heading-I will put it on construction paper to hang around our classroom as part of our class Christmas spirit

Wed. 12/11

Christmas Boutique tomorrow-bring money 

Math Soft page 52

Unit 4 Vocab Test Friday

Science Quiz next Wed on the Investigation 1 vocab words in Electricity Lab Learner-also be able to explain in writing the lab experiments and what was learned.

Zero and One times tables quiz next Thursday


Tuesday 12/3

12pm Dismissal Thursday

Math Soft page 50

Vocabulary page 43

Vocab test next Friday


Monday 12/2

Math Soft page 48

Vocab page 42



Mass tomorrow so no dress downs. Thank you.

No homework tonight! 



Check take home folders for report card time sheets-please return-first come basis

Science test tomorrow-study notes

“Machu Pichu” First, next, then, at the end summary due tomorrow

You may bring in arts and crafts supplies for the Brazil in class project we are working on

Field trip has been rescheduled for Friday, Jan 10th. New permission slips with the new dates will go home after the holiday



Dress down for $1 tomorrow

Math Ch 3 Test tomorrow-finish you study guide if you haven’t already

Spelling test tomorrow-write words 5x each

Science test Tuesday-notes went home yesterday- Lab Learner WB due on Tuesday for a grade as well

“Machu Pichu” First, next, then, and at the end summary due Tuesday, no later than Wed



Bake Sale tomorrow again 

Math Test Friday Ch. 3

Spelling Test Friday


Bake Sale tomorrow at lunch

Dress down Friday for $1 to benefit the Life Center of Brooklyn, NY

Math Hard Cover page 61 #s 22-33 Test Friday Ch 3

ELA Progress WB- Read pages 70-71 and do questions on page 71

Spelling-Vocab words Ch. 4- Write a sentence for the first 5 words in ELA NB Test Friday



Chapter 3 Math Test next Friday-Subtraction. I will provide study guide next week. Practice subtracting 3 digit numbers and across zero.

ELA Progress “King Tut” story First next then at the end summary on loose leaf for a grade due Tuesday


Math soft page 42

Paragraph Organizer filled in-you choose your topic for this one-then write the paragraph on the attached loose leaf with heading and turn in tomorrow-To be graded. (we have been doing sample ones in class)

(Friendly reminder-nail polish is not allowed.)

Tuesday 11/12

Field Trip will be rescheduled for a later date. 

Math tests went home today-It was a very difficult test. I will provide a study guide that looks a lot like the test for the next test. Make sure students are practicing subtracting 3 digit numbers correctly for the next test. 

Math Soft page 40


Thursday 11/7

School is closed tomorrow and Monday. Our field trip is on the Tuesday we return. Students may bring in a light breakfast that morning and wear gym uniform. 

Religion Chapter 3 Test is Wed November 13th



Unit 2 Progress Test Tomorrow – Study tonight

Religion Chapter 3 Test Wed


Tuesday 11/5

Math Ch 2 Test tomorrow

ELA Progress read pages 66 and 67 do cite evidence A and B and do questions on page 67

Math Hard-p. 41 Even #s

No Spelling Test this week 

ELA Progress  Unit 2 Test this Thursday (Nouns, Dialogue, Quotation Marks)

*New-Religion Chapter 3 Test next Wed




Monday 11/4

I apologize for delays in getting my homework posted, my classroom computer has been down for over a week. Thanks for your patience!

No school Friday-Teacher Professional Dev workshops

No Spelling Test this week 

ELA Progress p. 63 Comprehension Check question at bottom of page do in ELA NB

Math p. 40 – Odd #s Review of Ch 2 Test Wed

*New-Religion Chapter 3 Test next Tuesday

Math Ch 2 Test Wed

ELA Progress  Unit 2 Test next Thursday (Nouns, Dialogue, Quotation Marks)


Tuesday 10/29

Dress down Thursday, no costumes

Math soft page 36

Phonics page 65

Vocab page 30

Test Schedule

*New-We just finished reading about Lyuba in our ELA Progress WB. For a test grade write a 1 to 2 page summary using first, next, then, and at the end on loose leaf to be handed in Monday Use 3 of the vocabulary words that go with the story and 1 compound word.

Japan Test Thursday

Unit 3 Vocab Test Monday

Math Ch. 2 Test next Wed.

ELA Progress  Unit 2 Test next Thursday (Nouns, Dialogue, Quotation Marks)


Monday 10/28

Students may dress down Thursday but please no costumes

Test Schedule

“Stone Fox” test tomorrow

Japan Test Thursday

Unit 3 Vocab Test Monday

Math Ch. 2 Test next Wed.

ELA Progress  Unit 2 Test next Thursday (Nouns, Dialogue, Quotation Marks)


Math Soft page 34

ELA Progress WB pages 58 and 59 and do questions on page 59



Thursday 10/24

Math Soft pages 31 and 32

ELA Progress page 49 Independent Practice

Write Spelling words 3 x each in ELA NB


Spelling test tomorrow

Science test tomorrow

“Stone Fox” Test Tuesday

Japan test Thursday

Unit 3 Vocab test next Monday 11/4



Wed 10/23

“Stone Fox” Test Tuesday-study packet and stop and jot summaries and be familiar with characters

Social Studies test next Thursday on the Japan packet and the little Japan booklet

Spelling Test this Friday on Unit 3 Vocab words (Because next Friday is the day after  Halloween I will move the Vocab test to the Monday after Halloween.)

Math soft page 28

Spelling-last 5 words sentence for each

ELA Progress page 98 Independent Practice

Science test Friday


Monday 10/21

Mary’s Helpers tomorrow in Mrs. De Nonno’s classroom from 3-4:30. Pick up at 4:30 in front of school (not the back)

Field Trip permission slips went home today

Math Soft page 24

“Stone Fox”-Chapter 10- First, next, then, at the end summary in Stop and Jot- and answer packet page 32 #s 6, 7, 8, 9



Friday 10/18

Progress reports went home today. Please sign them and return them Monday. Once I see that they have been signed I will stamp it and send it back home for you to keep.

Pencils- I am requesting that the students bring in a small pencil sharpener that they can keep in their desk and also that they have pencils each day. We are running out of pencils and sometimes I find them on the floor and don’t who they belong to. Also I think students are loaning pencils, which is kind, but they end up running out of pencils. As a general rule the students should keep 2 sharpened pencils in their pencil case along with a small sharpener. These items can be purchased at the local dollar store.

Don’t forget the Halloween dance is tomorrow! Have fun!


Monday 10/15

Students finished their first day of testing today-good job! Testing continues through Friday. 

Math quizzes went home today with the other tests from last week. If you child got a 100A they do not need to retake so I kept it with me. If you wish for your child to take a retake student lessons 1 and 3 and take Thursday. If they wish to keep the grade and not retake please return the quiz to me. 

ELA Progress -Fictional narratives due Friday for a grade.


10/10-Dress Down in Pink tomorrow for $1

Vocab test tomorrow-same format as first one

Math Soft page 22

“Stone Fox” Chapter 9 In your stop and jot write a first, next, then, and at the end summary

Science Lab 1 assignment due tomorrow-

Science Lab 2-Because this was a long lab and very involved we have to do part 2 of the lab next week so the only thing the students will be tested on is the Vocabulary words.



Dress down Friday for $! in Pink

ELA Progress-Nouns page 46 Independent Practice

Study for Math quiz tomorrow on Lessons 1 and 3 (not 2)

Study for Vocab Test Friday

Work on Science due Friday



Dress down in Pink Friday for $1


Vocab page 22-Test this Friday

Science Lab 1 Assignment due this Friday

Science Lab 2 Test Tuesday including vocab words on p 12


10/7 (Pink Dress Down for $1 Friday)

We will take the Religion Ch. 1 Test tomorrow morning because the copy machine has been out for a few days but it is working now. Thank you.

Unit 2 Vocab Test this Friday-format same as last time NO SPELLING this week

Math Soft p. 20

Reading-“Stone Fox” Packet p. 27 #s 2, 3, and 4

Vocab page 20

Upcoming Science assignment and Test:

Lab 1-Due this Friday-On loose leaf write a paragraph explaining what you did in lab 1 last week and draw a picture of your favorite experiment. Use 3 Vocab words from page 1-I sent 2 yellow sheets home for the drawing-one extra in case they mess up. I will staple the paragraph and picture together and hang in the classroom-for a quiz grade.

Lab 2(we will complete this lab on Wed but you can get a head start of the vocab words)-Test on Lab 2 and vocab words on page 12 next Tuesday



Math Soft page 18

Reading-“Stone Fox”-packet page 22 Questions 2, 3,5,7,9, and 10

Spelling 3 x each in ELA NB

Spelling Test tomorrow

Religion Test Monday

Chapter 2 Vocab Test next Friday



Math page 16

“Stone Fox” Reading Response-In Stop and Jot-choose a scene from Chapter 5 and draw a picture of it.Under the picture explain what your scene is and why you chose it.

Finish Spelling sentences

Spelling Test Friday

Chapter 1 Religion Test Monday-Students can write about a saint we have learned about so far in Religion class on their test and receive extra credit.

Unit 2 Vocab Test next Friday


“Stone Fox” Packet page 17 #s 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Spelling- Write a sentence for first five words

Spelling Test Friday

Religion Chapter 1 Test Monday

Vocab Unit 2 Test next Friday



*Religion Chapter 1 Test Monday-Students highlighted important things to study and should also study key words and the test page at end of chapter. Students will be able to tell about a saint we have learned about so far for extra credit on test

Our first Math test will be tomorrow as you know. Some themes to go over tonight are as follows:
Writing numbers in standard form
Place value-Hundreds, Tens, Ones place
Adding and Subtracting on a number line
What a number line interval is
Numbers greatest to least and least to greatest; less than, greater than, and equal to-the bird beak always points to the less than number
ROUNDING TO THE NEAREST TENS AND HUNDREDS-being able to solve word problems where there is adding numbers and then rounding the answer

Unit 1 Math Test tomorrow-I gave 4 problems for hw tonight that will help them on the test-they are to add the 3 numbers and round to the nearest hundreds. Also, turn in the pages for quiz grade tomorrow

Reading-Stone Fox-Chapter 3 First, next, then, and at the end summary in Stop and Jot

Spelling-Alphabetical Order

Spelling Test Friday

Unit 2 Vocab Test next Friday

Spelling Words















Unit 1 Vocabulary Test tomorrow

Reading Response Compare and Contrast 2 characters paragraph due tomorrow

Math H.C. page 11-do even #s and round to the nearest tens and hundreds (not just tens)-Unit 1 Test Tuesday and HARD cover pages 16 and 17 even #s only on a piece of loose leaf with a full heading to turn in on the test day Tuesday for a take home quiz grade.




Dress Down tomorrow in red for Johnny Appleseed Day and also wear your sneakers for gym class as well.

Math H.C. page 7 Odd #s only 

Phonics pages 33 and 34

Vocab-Write a brief paragraph about an imaginary animal that you make up-use one Vocab word in your description. In ELA NB

Unit 1 Vocab Test Friday

Compare/Contrast Character paragraph due Friday

Math Unit 1 Test Tuesday-Math HARD cover pages 16 and 17 even #s only on a piece of loose leaf with a full heading to turn in on the test day Tuesday for a take home quiz grade.



Math H.C. page 5 even #s 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, and Write About It

Unit 1 Test Tuesday-H.C. Review pages due Tuesday

Vocabulary- Write a good sentence for each word in your ELA NB-Test Friday

Reading Response Compare and Contrast 2 characters paragraph due Friday



Vocab Unit 1 Test this Friday- NO SPELLING TEST this week-when there is a Vocab test there is usually no spelling test that Friday.

Math Unit 1 Test next Tuesday

Math Hard Cover review pages due next Tuesday-Math HARD cover pages 16 and 17 even #s only on a piece of loose leaf with a full heading to turn in on the test day October 1 for a take home quiz grade.

Reading Response Paragraph due this Friday for feedback

Reading-We just finished Unit 1 in ELA Progress. We are working on how to put together a good summary in paragraph form using good transition words. Throughout the year you will see me send home readings to summarize using First, Next, Then, and At the End transitions. Tonight in the Stop and Jot students are to select any of the Unit 1 Stories and write a summary paragraph using First, Next, Then, and At the End. 

Math-This week we will be reviewing for the Unit 1 Test which is next Tuesday-We will be using the hard cover Math books for this. Tonight the students are to do page 3 in hard cover and answer #s 6, 8, 10, 14, 16, 18 and Write About It- The homework this week is all review for the test. 


There will be a Math Unit 1 Test next Tuesday October 1st– We will spend time in class next week reviewing and preparing for the test. Also students are to do Math HARD cover pages 16 and 17 even #s only on a piece of loose leaf with a full heading to turn in on the test day October 1 for a take home quiz grade.

Reading Response-today students will bring home their first Reading Response assignment to be handed back with positive and helpful feedback. I am posting the assignment here below as well:

ELA Progress Unit 1 Feedback on Reading Response Assignment 1 due Friday September 27th

In Unit 1 we read some stories. We filled out the T-Chart on page 35 as part of our prewriting to compare and contrast 2 characters from any of the stories we read. Students are to now use this information to construct a well developed paragraph comparing and contrasting their 2 characters. A well developed paragraph should be no less than 5 sentences and should include the following:


  • Start with a main topic sentence introducing your characters and what stories they were in.
  • Two good sentences of how they are similar.
  • One or two good sentences of how they are different.
  • End it in a strong way-tell something you admired in the two characters.
  • You may draw a picture of your 2 characters-your choice


Complete this assignment on loose leaf with a full heading:

Name                                                           Date

G.S.C.A.                                                       Mrs. De Nonno




Dress down tomorrow for $1 to support Nephrotic Syndrome-wear orange if you can

Spelling-3 x each in ELA NB TEST tomorrow

Math soft wb pages 13 and 14




Dress Down Day this Friday for $1 to support the fight against Nephrotic Syndrome

Spelling-write sentences for last 5 words-Test Friday

Vocab Unit 1 Test next Friday

Math- Students were given a few numbers to round to the nearest tens and hundreds for extra practice

Reading-ELA Progress WB page 34 #s 3 and 4



Spelling-Write a sentence for first 5 words-Test Friday

Vocab page 13-Test next Friday-test will be a mix of multiple choice, fill in the blank with word box much like the hw pages and students should be able to write a sentence for 3 words of their choice. 

Math-Soft WB page 10

Starting this Friday I am going to send home a weekly Reading response question or activity that will be due the following week. I will collect them and give positive and helpful feedback. We will keep the assignments in our Writing folders after parents sign them. I will give regular Reading response things in the Stop and Jot but the ones I send home weekly will be given feed back regularly.




This week’s Spelling words: Phonics Unit 2 Short and Long Vowels

  1. beat                             6. shake
  2. feet                              7. September
  3. right                             8. swim
  4. note                              9. brick
  5. suit                               10. Monday

Tonight put your Spelling words in Alphabetical order in ELA N B

Math-More practice with rounding to the nearest 10-students were given a few numbers to round to the nearest 10 tonight

ELA Progress WB page 27 #s 1, 2, and 3

Map test tomorrow

Spelling Test Friday

Unit 1 Vocabulary test next Friday




Don’t forget to dress up for pictures Monday 9/16

Map Test Tuesday

Unit 1 Vocab Test next Friday 9/27




Pleasure reader no later than Monday

Spelling-Write a sentence for the last 5 Spelling words in ELA NB

ELA Progress WB- in ELA NB answer the comprehension check question on p. 19

Math p. 6




Don’t forget your pleasure reader

Spelling-Write a sentence for the first 5 words

Reading- Answer the Reading Response question in Stop and Jot-From the 2 stories we read in class, “The Ant and the Dove”, and “The Crow and the Pitcher”, if you could be any of the characters in both stories who would you be and why?

Math page 4

Spelling Test Friday

Continents and Oceans Test next Tuesday-study map




Thank you for sending in supplies! It is much appreciated!

Please make sure your child has a pleasure reader in class. We will be doing reading responses sometimes to their pleasure reader. 

Spelling words went home today. The words are taken from the phonics book. We will have a Spelling test this Friday Weekly HW is as follows: Mondays-Put words in alphabetical order in ELA NB  Tuesday Write a sentence for the first 5 words Wed write a sentence for the last 5 words Thurs-write words 3 x each Friday Test (eventually we will have 15 words)

Spelling-put words in alphabetical order

Math p. 2

Vocab WB page 10 #s 6, 7, 8, 9, 10- We will have a vocab test next Friday

There will be a continents and oceans test next Tuesday 9/17-Maps went home today-Test will be like the map-label continents and oceans



Welcome to Third Grade!

Orientation tomorrow night-7pm

Return the picture order form, photo permission sheet, and handbook agreement 

Our class is in need of some supplies. Each child should bring in 1 box o tissues, 1 roll of paper towels, 1 hand sanitizer, 1 pack of wipes. Thank you!

I look forward to a wonderful year.

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