Mission Statement

Good Shepherd Catholic Academy, rooted in Gospel values, exists to provide an excellent education to its students. Dedicated to holistic formation, our faculty seeks to develop and challenge our students spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. With Christ as the reason for our academy, we are confident that our students will grow daily in knowledge and love of the Lord and His Church. They will follow the example of Christ and love and respect each other, themselves, and all whom they encounter as students of Good Shepherd. The knowledge and formation they receive will allow them to more fully understand the gift and mystery of God’s creation and will help them live in a manner worthy of this gift. Our academy provides our students with the knowledge and skills needed for success during their time here and in the future. As a result of a rigorous curriculum, dedicated faculty, and a culture of communication and cooperation among students, faculty, and parents, Good Shepherd Catholic Academy provides a safe and secure learning environment where our students reach their fullest potential.