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Welcome to the Kindergarten class page! You can learn more about Mrs. Troisi here.

In Kindergarten we are thrilled to use The Superkids Reading Program. It is a phonics based program that incorporates poems, reading and writing. The children love to learn about each Superkid and the adventures that they bring to the program. It is amazing to see the enthusiasm the children have for these characters and to hear the conversations they have with each other. Each month, the children work on a creative writing/art paper with their parents at home and then share it with the class. It is wonderful to see the pride in each child as they verbally present these papers to the class and then they are proudly hung in our hallway. In Religion, we shut the lights and light the battery candles to read stories from the Bible and to learn about God and all the gifts he has given us. It is beautiful to witness the sense of calm and wonder that comes over the class as we learn about Religion and God’s love for us.

6/10  We are soo proud of how well all the students did on their three finals.  No more homework for the last week of school.

6/6 Handwriting page of skip, Fluency Practice page 616, Reading Worksheet

6/5 Handwriting page of swim, Math Lesson 16-6, pages 611 and 612, Reading Worksheet

6/4 Handwriting page of was, Math Lesson 16-5 page 606, Handwriting Worksheet

6/3 Handwriting page of zipper, Math Lesson 16-4 page 602, Reading Worksheet

5/30 Handwriting page of zip, Math Lesson 16-2 page 592, Reading Worksheet

5/29 Handwriting page of zoo, Math Lesson 16-1 page 588, Reading Worksheet, Please send in a Baptism Picture of your child to share with the class.

5/28 Handwriting page of you, Lesson 15-5 pages 577 and 578, Reading Worksheet.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO REVIEW FOR OUR RELIGION FINAL WITH YOUR CHILD

5/23 Congratulations! THE CHILDREN DID A WONDERFUL JOB PERFORMING THEIR SONGS LAST NIGHT!  We are very proud of them.  Handwriting page of fix, Math Lesson 15-4 page 572, Lesson 17-4 page 636, Phonics Worksheet.

5/22 No Homework – Tonight is our Spring Show at Midwood Catholic Academy – The show starts at 6:30 and the doors open at 6:00.  Children should dress in colors of their heritage.  See you at the show!

5/21 Handwriting page of box, Math Lesson 15-2 pages 562, Lesson 17-2 page 626, reading worksheet

5/20 Handwriting page of said, Math Lesson 15-1 pages 558, Lesson 17-1 page622 reading worksheet

5/16 Handwriting page of just, Math Lesson 14-7 and 14-8 pages 542, 547 and 548, Jj phonics worksheet

5/15 Handwriting page of jump. Math Lesson14-5 pages 534 and 538, Jj phonics Worksheet

5/14 Handwriting page of dragon, Math Lesson 14-4 page 528, Reading Worksheet

5/13 Tomorrow is our class trip to the Aquarium.  Please send in a bagel, or something for your child to eat for snack before we go on the bus, as we will eat lunch at a later time tomorrow.   CHILDREN MUST WEAR THEIR GYM UNIFORM.  Handwriting page of glum, Math pages 520 and 524/Reading Worksheet

5/9 Handwriting page of quilt, Fluency Practice page 510, Phonics Worksheet

5/8 Handwriting page of queen, Math Problem Solving pages 505 and 506, Phonics Worksheet

5/7  Today you child brought home their Graduation Lines.  The lines are stapled to the inside of their Take Home Folder, please begin to have them recite their lines nightly as part of their homework.  Each child has a partner and they will recite the lines together on stage.  Graduation, which is the last day of Kindergarten is on Monday, June 17th.   Handwriting page of key, Math Lesson 13.5-page 500, Phonics Worksheet

5/6 Handwriting page of Kite, Math Lesson 13-4 page 496, Phonics Worksheet

5/2 Handwriting page of wind, Math Lesson 13-2 page 486, Phonics Worksheet

5/1 Handwriting page of went, Math Lesson 13-1 page 482, Ending Sound Phonics Worksheet

4/30 Handwriting page of wet, Math Fluency Practice page 476, we will take our Math test tomorrow.  Reading worksheet

4/29 Handwriting page of wag, Math Lesson 12-10 pages 470 and 471 Ww phonics worksheet

4/15 Handwriting page of vase, Math Lesson 12-9 page 466, Reading Worksheet

4/11 Handwriting page of vet, Math Lesson 12-8 page 462, Reading Worksheet

4/10 Handwriting page of vase, Math Lesson 12-7 page 458, Beginning Sound Worksheet

4/9 Handwriting page of vest, Math Lesson 12-6 page 454, Vv Phonics Worksheet 

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the Fiesta Fruit Salad in Spanish.  Please be sure to send in the signed permission slip along with the fruit you signed up for.

4/8 Handwriting page of picnic, Math Lesson 12-5 page 450, Reading Worksheet

4/4 Handwriting page of plum, Math Lesson 12-4 page 444, Pp phonics worksheet

4/3 Handwriting page of pizza, Math Lesson 12-3 page 440, Pp phonics worksheet

4/2 Handwriting page of put, Math Lesson 12-2 page 436, reading worksheet

4/1 Handwriting page of for, Math Lesson 12-1 page 432, reading worksheet

3/28 Today was our Trip to MCU Park.  No Homework, enjoy your free time with your child.

3/27 Handwriting page of milk, Math Lesson 11-9 pages 421 and 422, Mm Phonics Worksheet

3/26 Handwriting page of mask, Math Lesson 11-8 page 416, Mm phonics worksheet

3/25 Handwriting page of mud, Math Lesson 11-7 page 412, reading worksheet

3/21 Handwriting page of nice, Math Lesson 11-6 page 406, reading worksheet

3/20 Handwriting page of nest, Math Lesson 11-5 page 402, reading worksheet

3/19 Handwriting page of news, Math Lesson 11-4, page 398, Reading worksheet on in and on.

3/18 Handwriting page of no, Math Lesson 11-3 page 394, Nn phonics worksheet

3/14 Handwriting page of rests, Math Lesson 11-2 page 390, Reading/phonics worksheet

3/13 Handwriting page of adds, Math Lesson 11-1 page 386, Reading worksheet

3/12 Handwriting page of lids, Math Fluency Practice page 380, tomorrow we will take our Addition Test, reading worksheet

3/11 Handwriting page of rug, Math Lesson 10.9 pages 375 and 376 Reading worksheet

3/7 Handwriting page of rags, Math lesson 10.8 page 370

3/6 Handwriting page of scrub, Math lesson 10.7 page 366, phonics worksheet

3/5 Handwriting page of rub, Rr phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 10.6 pg 360

2/28 Handwriting page of flag, phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 10.5 page 355

2/27 Handwriting page of best, phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 10.4 page 352

2/26 Handwriting page of bit, reading worksheet, Math Lesson 10.3 page 348

2/25 Handwriting page of bugs, writing page, Math Lesson 10.2 page 344

2/14 Happy Valentine’s Day.  Thank you for your thoughtful, generous gifts.  Handwriting page of bus, phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 10.1 page 340.  Tomorrow we will send home the completed math workbook for you to keep.

2/12 HAPPY 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL! No homework! Enjoy the snow today!

2/11 Handwriting page of tug/Math Lesson 9-5 pages 329 and 330, reading worksheet

2/7 Handwriting page of hug, Math Lesson 9-4 page 324, reading worksheet

2/6 Handwriting page of up/Math Lesson 9.3 page 320, short vowel phonics worksheet

2/5 Handwriting page of us/ Math Lesson 9.2 page 314, Uu phonics worksheet

2/4 Handwriting page of Uu/ Math Lesson 9.1 page 310, Uu phonics worksheet

1/30 Handwriting page of hog, Math Chapter 8 Fluency Practice page 304, Tomorrow is our Chapter 8 Math Test, Vowel Review Phonics Worksheet

1/28 Handwriting page of had, Math Lesson8.7 page 299, Phonics Worksheet

1/28 Handwriting page of hit, Math Lesson 8.6 page 294, Reading Worksheet

1/24 Handwriting page of the, Math Lesson 8.5 page 290, Hh phonics worksheet

1/23 Handwriting page of hot, Math Lesson 8.4 page 286, Hh phonics worksheet

1/22 Handwriting page of Hh, Math Lesson 8.3 page 280, Hh phonics worksheet

1/16 Handwriting page of leg, Math Lesson 8.2 page 276, phonics worksheet

1/15 Handwriting page of egg, phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 8.1 page 272

1/14 Handwriting page of elf, vowel phonics worksheet, Math Chapter 7 Fluency Practice page 266

1/10 Handwriting page of eat, Ee phonics worksheet, Math lesson 7.6 pages 261 and 262

1/9 Handwriting page of Ee, Ee phonics worksheet, math lesson 7.5 page 256

1/8 Handwriting page of fist, Ff phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 7.4 p.252

1/7 Handwriting page of Frits, Ff phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 7-3 p. 248

1/3 Handwriting page of fun, Ff phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 7-2 page 242

1/2 Happy Healthy New Year to All.  Handwriting page of Ff/Math Lesson 7-1 page 238 Short Aa phonics worksheet.

12/18 Handwriting page of big, Ii phonics worksheet, Chapter 6 Fluency Practice page 232

12/17 Handwriting page of good, Shot o phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 6.9 pages 227 and 228

12/13 Handwriting page of Toc, Ending Sound Phonics Worksheet, Math Lesson 6.8 page 222

12/12 Handwriting page of Tac, Reading worksheet, Math Lesson 6.7 page 218

CHRISTMAS SHOW:  Thursday, December 13th is our Christmas Show.  Please have your child in their classroom by 6:00m.  We will proceed to church as a class at 6:15pm.

CHILDREN SHOULD BE DRESSED IN GREEN OR RED SHIRTS AND BLACK PANTS.   GIRLS MAY WEAR A RED OR GREEN DRESS.   At the end of the show, please come to the pew in church and the teacher will release your child to you.

12/11  Handwriting page of Tic, reading worksheet, Math Lesson 6.6 page 214

12/10 Handwriting page of Tt/Tt phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 6.5 page 210-

12/6  Handwriting page of itch, phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 6.4 page 206

12/5 Handwriting page of lid, phonics worksheet, Math Lesson6.3 page 200

12/4 Handwriting page of slid, phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 6.2 page 196

12/3 Handwriting page of ill, reading worksheet, Math Lesson 6.1 page 192

11/29 Handwriting page of Icky, vowel phonics worksheet, Math Problem Solving Pages 181 and 182

11/28 Handwriting page of Ii, Ii phonics worksheet, Math lesson 5-7 page 176

11/27 Handwriting page of Lad, reading worksheet, Math lesson 5-6 page 172

11/26 Handwriting page of Lass, reading worksheet, Math lesson 5-5, page 168

11/21 We are thankful for spending each day with your children.  Wishing you a Very Happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for your very generous class gift.

11/20 Handwriting page of Lily, Phonics Worksheet, Math Lesson 5-4 page 164

11/19 Handwriting page of Ll, Ll phonics worksheet, Math lesson 5-3 page 158

11/15 Handwriting page of six, Ss phonics worksheet, Math Lesson 5-2 page 154

11/14 Handwriting page of soc, reading worksheet, Math Lesson 5-1 page 150

11/13 Handwriting page of sag, reading worksheet, Chapter 4 Fluency Practice- Tomorrow we will take our Math Test on Chapter 4

11/7 Handwriting page of sad, Math Lesson 4.5 pages 139 and 140, Reading worksheet

11/6 Please reread the story of the Forest Election to your child and have them color and cut out the candidate they want to become the next President of the Forest.  Handwriting page of Sal, Ss phonics worksheet and math lesson 4.4 page 134.

11/5 Handwriting page of Ss. Ss phonics worksheet, math lesson 4-3 page 130

11/1 Handwriting page of door, Dd phonics worksheet, math lesson 4-2 page 124

10/31 Happy Halloween.  No homework.  Enjoy a fun, safe day trick or treating.  

10/30 Handwriting page of dog/Dd Phonics worksheet, math lesson4.1 page 120

10/29 Handwriting page of bed/ ending Dd phonics worksheet, math page 114

10/25 Handwriting page of dot/Blending worksheet, math lesson 3-8 page 109

10/24 Handwriting page of Doc/Dd phonics worksheet, math lesson 3-7 page 104

10/23 Handwriting page of do/Dd phonics worksheet, math lesson 3-6 page 100

10/22 Handwriting page of Dd/ Dd phonics worksheet, math lesson 3-5 page 96

10/18 Handwriting page of ax, short a and o phonics worksheet, math lesson 3-4 page 94

10/17 handwriting page of ant, short a phonics worksheet, math lesson 3.3 page 88

10/15 Handwriting page of at, a/g/o/ phonics worksheet, Math lesson 3.2 page 82

10/11 Handwriting page of Aa/ Aa phonics worksheet, Math lesson 3.1 page 78.  Tomorrow there is a $1.00 orange dress down for Nephrotic Syndrome and ice cream will be sold for a $1.00 at lunch.

10/10 Handwriting page of shy, Gg phonics worksheet, No Math Homework we will begin a new chapter tomorrow.

10/9 Tomorrow we will take our Chapter 2 Math Test.  Please review counting to five as well a more than and less than.  Math Review page 72, handwriting page of get/ Gg phonics worksheet.

10/4 Handwriting page of good, Gg phonics worksheet, Math lesson 2-7 page 68

10/3 Handwriting page of God, Gg phonics worksheet, Math lesson 2-7 page 67

10/2 Handwriting page of go/ Gg phonics worksheet, Math lesson 2-6 page 62

10/1 Handwriting page of Gg/Gg phonics worksheet, Math lesson 2-5 page 58

9/27 Handwriting page of of/ Oo phonics worksheet, Math lesson 2.4  page 54

9/26 Handwriting page of on/ Oo phonics worksheet, Math lesson 2.3 page 48. Please help your child complete their Spanish Family Paper and return to school by next Wednesday.

9/25 Handwriting page of or/Oo phonics worksheet, Math lesson 2.2 page 44/ Tomorrow is Johnny Appleseed Day, please wear something red to school.

9/24 Handwriting page of ox, Oo phonics worksheet, Math lesson2.1 page 40

9/20 Tomorrow your child will take their first Math Test in Kindergarten.  It is simply a review of the concepts that we have learned in Chapter 1.  It is not necessary to “Study” for the test, but you may review with them any concepts you feel necessary.  Tonight’s homework in Math is page 34 which is a review for the test.  Tonight’s handwriting word is odd and there is an Oo phonics worksheet. 

Also, tomorrow we will have a $1 “purple” dress down day, $1 ice cream will be available at lunch time & Girl Scouts Daisy’s begin tomorrow.

9/19  Today your child came home with their Superkids Password Picture taped to the upper right hand of their GSCA folder.  You should all be able to access Cass on your tablets/computers at home.  The children are thrilled to begin Oswald in class today.  Handwriting page of Oo/ Oo phonics worksheet and math lesson 1.6 page 30.

9/18 Handwriting page of can, C/c phonics worksheet, math lesson 1.6 page 29

9/17 Handwriting page of cap, C/c phonics worksheet, math lesson1.5 page 24

9/13 Handwriting page of cat.  Cc/ coloring phonics sheet, math lesson 1.4 page 20

9/12  Handwriting page of Cass.  Worksheet on objects that go together.  Math lesson 1.3 page 14

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