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Welcome to the Kindergarten class page! You can learn more about Mrs. Troisi here.

In Kindergarten we are thrilled to use The Superkids Reading Program. It is a phonics based program that incorporates poems, reading and writing. The children love to learn about each Superkid and the adventures that they bring to the program. It is amazing to see the enthusiasm the children have for these characters and to hear the conversations they have with each other. Each month, the children work on a creative writing/art paper with their parents at home and then share it with the class. It is wonderful to see the pride in each child as they verbally present these papers to the class and then they are proudly hung in our hallway. In Religion, we shut the lights and light the battery candles to read stories from the Bible and to learn about God and all the gifts he has given us. It is beautiful to witness the sense of calm and wonder that comes over the class as we learn about Religion and God’s love for us.

2/13 Handwriting page of rag, Math 11-4 page 398, 

2/12 Handwriting page of scrub, Math 11-3 page 394, Rr Phonics Worksheet

2/11 Handwriting page of rub, Math 11-2 page 390, B and D Phonics Worksheet.  For Friday’s dress down children may dress down to celebrate Valentine’s Day and/or the 100th Day of School.  The 100th day dress down may be  homemade shirt, etc., with the number 100 or 100 items, however, children in Kindergarten should not dress as a 100 year old, as that is reserved for First Grade.

2/10 Handwriting page of bit, Math 11-1 page 386, Reading Worksheet, Rhyming Worksheet

2/6 Math Fluency Practice page 380, Handwriting page of bank, Beginning Sound Worksheet

2/5 Handwriting page of bells, Math page 10-9 pages 375 and 376, Bb Worksheet

2/4 Handwriting page of bus, Math 10-8 page 370, Reading Worksheet

2/3 Handwriting page of under, Math 10-7 page 366, Phonics Worksheet

1/31  Mrs. Karolee and I would like to thank you very much for making Teacher’s Day so special for us.  We love the “Hands Down” sign the children created and have it proudly hanging in our class.  The wooden Birthday Sign is something we will treasure and we will think of this special class every year we use it.  Please know that the best “Thanks” is the privilege of spending each day with your children.  Thank you for entrusting them into our care and for the sacrifices you make to send your children to Good Shepherd Catholic Academy.

1/30 Handwriting page of dust, Math 10-6 page 360, Ponics Worksheet

1/29 Handwriting page of tug, Math 10-5, Uu Reading Worksheet

1/28 Handwriting page of hug, Math 10-4 page 352, Uu Phonics Worksheet

1/27 Handwriting page of us, Math 10-3 page, 348, Phonics Worksheet

1/23  Just a friendly reminder to send in a small picture of your child, if you have not yet sent it in.  Handwriting page of hill page 10-1 page 340, short Ee phonics worksheet.

1/22 Handwriting page of had, Math pages 333 and 334, phonics worksheet

1/21 Handwriting page of hit, Math Problem Solving pages 329 and 330, Phonics Worksheet

1/16 Handwriting page of the, Math 9-4 page 324, Phonics Worksheet

1/15 Handwriting page of hand, Math 9-3 page 320, Phonics Worksheet

1/14 Handwriting Page of Hot Rod, Math 9-2 page 314, Hh phonics worksheet

1/13 Handwriting page of sled, Math 9-1 page 310 and Reading Worksheet.

1/9 Handwriting page of Ed, Math page 8-7 pages 299 and 300, Phonics Worksheet

1/8 Handwriting page of egg, Math Lesson 8-6 page 294, Ee Phonics Worksheet

1/7 Handwriting page of elf, Math lesson 8-5 page 290, Ee Phonics Worksheet

1/6 Happy Healthy New Year!  Please be sure to sign the new permission slip for our class trip this Friday to Old Historic Richmond Town.  A new one must be signed to reflect the new date we will be traveling by bus.  The same chaperones will attend, please be at school by 9:20 am as the bus will leave at 9:30 ,Handwriting page of Ettebetta, Ee phonics worksheet, Math 8-4 page 286

12/19 Handwriting page of Santa, Math Lesson 8-3 page 280, Short Ii Review Worksheet.  Today your child came home with a book The RoofTopHop, it was a gift from Senator Golden,  Also, a student is missing her signed copy of the book A Simple Thread from the author who visited us on Monday.  If anyone has it by accident, please return it to school tomorrow.

12/18 Handwriting page of Gifts, Math Lesson 8-2 page 276, Short Aa Review Worksheet.  We are so proud of your children they did an amazing job at our Christmas Concert last night,

12/17 No Homework! Enjoy the Christmas Concert!

12/16 Handwriting page of fun, Math Fluency Practice page 266, Ff phonics worksheet

12/12 Handwriting page of fish, Math Lesson 7-5 pages 256, Ff phonics worksheet

12/11 Handwriting page of Frits, Math Lesson 7-4 page 252, Ff phonics worksheet

12/10 Handwriting page of toss, Math Lesson 7-3 page 248, Tt phonics worksheet

12/5 Handwriting page of tug, Math Lesson 7-2 page 242, Tt phonics worksheet

12/4 Handwriting page of Toc, Math 7-1 page 238, Tt phonics worksheet

12/3 Handwriting page of Tac, Math Fluency Practice page 232, Tt phonics worksheet

12/2 Handwriting page of Tic, Math Lesson 6-9 page 227 and 228, Tt phonics worksheet

11/27  We would like to take this time wish each and everyone of you a very Blessed Thanksgiving with you loved ones.  We are extremely thankful to you for entrusting your children into our care each and every day, they are a blessing to us.  Thank you very much for your generous gift and enjoy this special weekend.

11/26 Handwriting page of slid, Math Lesson 6-8 page 222, Reading Worksheet

11/25 Our class trip has been rescheduled for January 10th, pray for good weather.  If you were selected as a chaperone but will not be able to chaperone of January 10th, please let us know and a new chaperone will be selected.  New permission slips reflecting the new date will be sent home after we return from Thanksgiving, please be sure to sign and return it to school.  We will have a Thanksgiving Breakfast in school on Wednesday, please send in a light breakfast for your child.  Handwriting page of lid, Math Lesson 6-7 page 218, Reading worksheet

11/21 Handwriting page of ill, Math Lesson 6-5 page 210, Aa,Oo,Ii, Phonics Worksheet

11/20 Handwriting page of Icky, Math Lesson 6-4 page 206, Ii Phonics Worksheet

11/19 Handwriting page of glad, Math Lesson 6-3 page 200, Phonics Missing Letter Worksheet

11/18  Handwriting page of love, Math Lesson 6-2 page 196, Reading Worksheet

11/14 Handwriting page of Lass, Math Corn Counting Worksheet, Phonics Worksheet

11/13 handwriting page of lad, math fluency page 186, phonics worksheet

11/12 Today’s trip has not yet been rescheduled.  We will let you know as soon as we know.  Sorry to all the parents who took today off of work.  Handwriting page of Lily, Math Lesson 5-8 Problem Solving pages 181 and 182, Ll phonics worksheet.

\11/6  What a proud day in Kindergarten!  The children did a amazing job performing their Rainbow Songs and Poems for their loving family members.  They were beaming with pride showing off all their hard work in the classrooms.  We also began writing words today during our dictation.  EXCELLENT JOB BOYS AND GIRLS! Handwriting page of sag, Math page 5-6 page 172,Cc, Oo, Gg, Aa, Dd and Ss phonics worksheet

11/5 Handwriting page of sad, Math Lesson 5-5 page 168, Ss phonics worksheet

11/4 Handwriting page of Sal, Math Lesson 5-4 page 164, Ss Phonics worksheet

10/31 HAPPY HALLOWEEN – NO HOMEWORK! Enjoy and pray for the rain to stop.

10/30 Handwriting page of God, Math Lesson 5-2 page 154, ending Dd phonics worksheet

10/29 Handwriting page of dot, Math Lesson 5-1 page 150, spelling phonics worksheet

10/28 Handwriting page of dog, Math Lesson 4-5 page 139 and 140, Blending sounds phonics worksheet

10/24 Handwriting page of doll, Math Lesson 4-4, page 134, Oo, Cc, Gg, Aa, Dd phonics worksheet

10/23 Handwriting page of Doc, Math Lesson 4-3 page 130, Dd phonics worksheet

10/22 Handwriting page of bag, Math Lesson 4-2 page 124, AOCG Phonics Worksheet

10/21 Handwriting page of bat, Math Lesson 4-1 page 120, Aa phonics worksheet

10/17 Handwriting page of and, Math Lesson 3-8 pages 109 and 110, Aa Phonics Worksheeet

10/16 Handwriting page of ant, Math Lesson 3-7 page 104, Aa phonics worksheet

10/15 Handwriting page of Alf, Math Lesson 3.6 page 100, Oo phonics worksheet

10/10 Handwriting page of green, Math Lesson 3-4 page 92, Gg phonics worksheet

10/9 Handwriting page of gas, Math Lesson 3-3 page 88, Gg phonics worksheet

10/8 Handwriting page of Gus, Math Lesson 3-2 page 82, Gg phonics worksheet

10/7 Handwriting page of Golly, Math 3-1 page 78, Gg phonics worksheet.

10/4 Your children did a wonderful job in their Reading Journals last week.  They were sent home today, and are due again on Wednesday, October 9th.  Can’t wait to see what book you read and what prompt you choose!  Have a wonderful weekend!

10/3 Handwriting page of out, Math 2.7 pages 67 and 68, Oo phonics worksheet

10/2 Handwriting page of on, Math 2.6 page 62, Oo phonics worksheet

10/1  Please be sure to return your Reading Journals to school tomorrow. Some of you have already sent them in, and I love reading about the books you read with your parents.  Keep up the good work!  Handwriting page of off, Math Lesson 2.5 page 58, Oo phonics worksheet

9/30Today your child’s Superkids password was taped to the outside of their GSCA Take Home Folder.  This should allow your child to log into the Superkids online.  They should have received The Cass Video, Library Book and some online fun games.  If for some reason, you are having trouble logging in, please let me know.   Handwriting page of odd, Math Lesson 2.4 page 54, Oo Phonics Worksheet

9/27 Today your child brought home their “My Reading Journal.”  This book will be sent home every Friday and should be returned to school every Wednesday.  There is a letter both on the inside of the journal and in their folder which describes in detail this additional homework assignment.

9/26 Handwriting page of ox, Math Lesson 2-2 page 44, Oo phonics worksheet

9/25 Handwriting page of Oswald, Math Lesson 2-1 page 40, Oo phonics worksheet.

9/24 Handwriting page of cap, Math Fluency Practice page 34, We will take our first Math Test in Kindergarten tomorrow.  The children will do great as it is a review of the concepts we have been working on in school.  Cc Phonics worksheet

9/23  Handwriting page of fall, Math Lesson 1-6 pages 29 and 30.  Cc Phonics Worksheet

9/19 Handwriting page of can, Math Lesson 1-4 page 14, Cc Phonics Worksheet

9/18 Handwriting page of cat, Math Lesson 1.3 page 14, Top, Middle Bottom Worksheet

9/17/19 Handwriting page of Cass, Math Lesson 1.2 page 10. Cc Phonics Worksheet

9/16/19  Handwriting page of your child’s name.  The Colors of Me paper, please attach a photo of your child to this paper.  Math Lesson 1.1. page 6

9/5/19  We had a great first day in Kindergarten.  The children had smiling faces and were very happy to be back together with old friends and/or to be making new friends.  We did a little, reading, rhyming and coloring.  We began to explore how God made each us unique in our own way.  Today,  we talked about our loving families, one of God’s greatest gift to us and how each family is unique. 

We would like to give you an idea of what to look forward to next week. We will be spending some of our classroom time taking both math and ELA assessments, to gather information that will be helpful in developing our lesson strategies.  We will also spend some quality time reading fun stories, that the children will then respond to through personal illustrations… focusing on both “main characters” and the setting of the stories.”


As a result, formal homework assignments will not start until the week of 9/16/19, when we begin working in our math and ELA books workbooks in class.  Please use this extra time next week to spend some time reading together with your child and reviewing letter, number and sound recognition.


Lastly, if you did not get a change please label and cover your workbooks and folders in contact paper.  Please label your child’r crayon boxes and pencil cases and return all of the above to school.

Thank you for entrusting your children into our care and we look forward to a great year.



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