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 :/Welcome to my Kindergarten class page! You can learn more about me here.

This school year promises to be both EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING. The children will have the pleasure of getting to know the many characters of the “Superkids” reading program. Along with Cass,Oswald, Doc, Golly and others, our students will become engaged, motivated and ultimately, successful readers.

Equally as important, our kindergarten class will celebrate what it means to be a member of God’s church. They will begin building a foundation upon the lessons of God is our creator and He loves us all. They will also learn the importance of human kindness, and have daily opportunities to share such acts with all those they encounter.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this school year with your child. Teaching affords me a wonderful opportunity to inspire children to learn… not because they have to, but because they want to! I promise to do my best to make this learning experience “enjoyable” and “endless.”



Monday 6/15/20:


Below, you will find instructions explaining the summer work your child is responsible for completing. 

#1.  EDUCATION CITY:” Education City is brought to us by the providers of Mathletics. Education City is a combination of Language Arts, Math and Science. It has fun games and activities meant to help reinforce the skills we have worked on all year in Kindergarten. You will use Education City to complete your summer work. You will receive a letter in the next two weeks advising you of your obligation to use this site over the summer.  You can find your child’s Username and Password sent to you in their gmail.


In our Google classroom, you will find the summer book reports assigned by next years First Grade Teachers.  They were kind enough to include two versions… “printable” & “electronic.”  Please note, if it’s possible to PRINT, they would PREFER you did… (It’s a valuable tool to assess your child’s handwriting and grammar skills.)  If however, you do not have a printer, then please utilize the “electronic” version of the book reports.  Please print these forms at your earliest convenience, so you have them physically available to you, when you’re ready to begin the student’s work. 




Friday 6/12/20:  

Special Note: Please read the assignment entitled: “Summer Book Reports.”  Important information is in that folder explaining what the 1st grade teachers expect of the children over the summer.

  1. Question of the Day: “What are you looking forward to most this summer?”
  2. Ela: And Then Comes Summer & worksheet
  3. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 231 & 232
  4. Kids Plus: Neptune video
  5. Education City: practice
  6. Graduation Fun: I Knew You Could! & slide presentation
  7. Father’s Day: coloring sheet



Special Note: Please check Gmail accounts for information regarding summer assignments…                            Education City’s username & password.

  1. Question of the Day: “What was your favorite planet?”
  2. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 229 & 230
  3. Education City: math, phonics, Reach for the Sky, Reading Foundation, Informational text


Wednesday 6/10/20:  Diploma & Gift distribution TOMORROW

  1. Question of the Day: ‘What Kids Plus activity was your favorite?”
  2. Ela/ Social Studies: page 3 of “State Book”
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 673, 674, & 675 (UPLOAD PICTURES)
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 227 & 228
  5. Homework


Tuesday 6/9/20:  GOOGLE MEET @ 11:30AM

  1. Question of the Day: “What math lesson was your favorite?”
  2. Ela/ Social Studies: page 2 of “State Book” (UPLOAD A PICTURE)
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 667, 668, 669, & 670
  4. Religion: Video & Wkbk. pgs. 225 & 226
  5. Kids Plus: Uranus video lesson
  6. Homework


Monday 6/8/20:  Our Google Meet is tomorrow @ 11:30am.

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite fruit?”
  2. Ela/Social Studies: Big Island Hawii video & state book
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 663-665 (UPLOAD PICTURES)
  4. Religion: Focus story video
  5. Homework


Friday 6/5/20: FIRST FRIDAY MASS AT 10:00AM

Please make sure to send me your “graduation video”… today is your last chance.

  1. Question of the Day: “Which President’s face is on the quarter?”
  2. Social Studies: Italy video, color flag & writing (UPLOAD PICTURE OF BOTH PAGES)
  3. Math: Mathletics- pennies, nickles, dimes
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 223 & 224
  5. Graduation Fun: The Berenstain Bear’s Graduation Day & writing activity.



  1. Question of the Day: “Which President’s face is on the dime?”
  2. Social Studies: China video, color flag & writing (UPLOAD PICTURE OF BOTH PAGES)
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 659, 660, & 661
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 221 & 222
  5. Mrs Tricia’s Read Aloud (ELA)- Hooray For You!
  6. Homework


Wednesday 6/3/20:  GOOGLE MEET @ 11:30AM.

Please email student graduation videos… due Friday, 6/5/20.

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite coin?”
  2. Ela/Social Studies: Same, Same But Different & venn diagram
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 657 & 658 (PLEASE UPLOAD PICTURES, ASSESSMENT)
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 219 & 220
  5. Homework


Tuesday 6/2/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “Which President’s face is on the nickel?”
  2. Superkids: Benchmark Assessment (UPLOAD A PICTURE OF WRITING)
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 653, 654, & 655
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 217 & 218
  5. Kids Plus/ Science: Mrs. Karolee, Saturn
  6. Homework


Monday 6/1/20:

Please email student graduation videos.

  1. Question of the Day: “Which President’s face is on the penny?”
  2. Ela/Social Studies: Holidays Around the World video & pgs. 9 & 10 (UPLOAD PICTURE)
  3. Math: BrainPop Jr. and wkbk. pgs. 649, 650, & 651
  4. Religion: Focus Story & Pentecost videos
  5. Homework


Friday 5/29/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What color are your eyes?”
  2. Ela/Social Studies: God Made You Special VeggieTales, wksh. pgs. 7 & 8
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 643, 644 & 646 (UPLOAD PICTURES, ASSESSMENT)
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 213-216
  5. Graduation Fun: Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten,  & wksh. 
  6. Have a wonderful weekend Kindergarten!


Thursday 5/28/20:

Don’t forget to complete the following Graduation Activities:

Graduation cap, topper, and video message!

  1. Question of the Day: “What color is your hair?”
  2. Ela/Social Studies: We’re Different, We’re the Same & wksh. pgs. 5&6 (UPLOAD PICTURE)
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 637, 638, 639, 640
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 211 & 212
  5. Mrs. Tricia’s Read Alouds
  6. Homework


Wednesday 5/27/20:  GOOGLE MEET @ 11:30AM

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite time of the day?”
  2. Ela/Social Studies: We Are All Alike, We Are All Different & wksh. pgs. 3&4 (UPLOAD PICTURE)
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 633, 634, & 635
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 209 & 210
  5. Kids Plus: “Jupiter”
  6. Homework


Tuesday 5/26/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What is the name of our next holiday?”
  2. Ela/Social Studies: What I Like About Me & worksheet pgs.
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 629, 630, & 631 (UPLOAD A PHOTO OF PG. 631)
  4. Religion: Ch. 24 Focus Story
  5. Graduation Assignment: video your child & send to me
  6. Homework


Friday 5/22/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What are you doing for Memorial Day?”
  2. SuperKids: Wkbk. pgs. 31, 32, & 33 / Progress Test #5
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 627 & 628 (UPLOAD A PHOTO, ASSESSMENT)
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 207 & 208
  5. Graduation Fun: read aloud & project
  6. Mrs. Tricia’s: read aloud, craft & experiment


Thursday 5/21/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite month of the year?”
  2. SuperKids: Read The Gifts, complete wkbk. pgs. 28-30
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 623, 624, & 625 (UPLOAD A PICTURE OF PG. 624)
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 205 & 206
  5. Writing: “Things I learned…”
  6. Homework


Wednesday 5/20/20: GOOGLE MEET @ 11:30AM (bring writing piece)

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite sport?”
  2. Superkids: Informational text, wkbk. pg. 27 (UPLOAD A PICTURE)
  3. Math: wkbk. pgs. 619, 620, & 621
  4. Religion: wkbk. pgs. 203 & 204
  5. Kids Plus: Mrs. Karolee’s Asteroid video
  6. Homework


Tuesday 5/19/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite food?”
  2. SuperKids: Wkbk. pg. 24
  3. Math: Wkbk. pgs. 613, 614, & 615 (UPLOAD PICTURES, ASSESSMENT)
  4. Religion: Wkbk. pgs. 201 & 202
  5. Social Studies: Memorial Day video
  6. Homework


Monday 5/18/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What was your favorite thing from the weekend?”
  2. SuperKids: Read pgs. 20-23 & circle correct sentences.
  3. Math: wkbk. pgs. 607-610
  4. Religion: Focus story video


Friday 5/15/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What is the name of Cass’ cat?”
  2. Graduation Fun: read aloud video, wksht, & project (UPLOAD PICTURE)
  3. Math: wkbk. pgs. 603, 604, 605, & 606 (UPLOAD PICTURE)
  4. Religion: wkbk. pgs. 199 & 200 and Brother Francis “The Rosary”
  5. Social Studies: “Statue of Liberty”
  6. Read Aloud with Mrs. Tricia


Thursday 5/14/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “Where does Golly work?”
  2. SuperKids: wk bk. pgs. 17, 18, & 19 (UPLOAD PICTURES)
  3. Mathletics: Activity Test
  4. Religion: wk bk. pgs. 197 & 198
  5. Social Studies: “Ellis Island”
  6. Homework


Wednesday 5/13/20:  GOOGLE MEET @ 11:30AM

  1. Question of the Day:  “Which SuperKid was your favorite?”
  2. SuperKids: Z song, wkbk pgs. 15 & 16
  3. Math: Wkbk pgs. 599, 600, & 601 (UPLOAD PICTURES)
  4. Religion: pgs. 195 & 196
  5. Writing: Instructional Video & PROMISE!
  6. Homework


Tuesday 5/12/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “Which box fix up was your favorite?”
  2. SuperKids: wkbk pgs. 6-14 (UPLOAD A PICTURE)
  3. “Mathletics… counting forward”
  4. Religion: pgs. 193 & 194
  5. Kids Plus/ Science: Mars
  6. Homework


Monday 5/11/20:

  1. Question of the Day:  “Did mommy have a great Mother’s Day?”
  2. SuperKids: pgs. 4 & 5 workbook
  3. Math: pgs. 595, 596, & 597 (UPLOAD PICTURES)
  4. Religion: “focus story” video
  5. Homework


Friday 5/8/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite day of the week?”
  2. Read Aloud with Mrs. Baglio & project (due, Wed 5/13/20)
  3. Math: pgs. 593 & 594 (UPLOAD PICTURES, THIS IS AN ASSESSMENT)
  4. Religion: pgs. 173 & 174
  5. Mother’s Day project… NO MOM’S ALLOWED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!
  6. Read Aloud with Mrs. Tricia


Thursday 5/7/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What could you make out of a box?”
  2. SuperKids: wk bk pgs. 2 & 3 (UPLOAD PICTURES)
  3. SuperKids Progress Test #4
  4. Mathletics: “Going Up”
  5. Religion: pgs. 171 & 172 and Brother Francis video
  6. Homework


Wednesday 5/6/20: GOOGLE MEET @ 11:30AM

  1. Question of the Day: “What do you like to do at home?”
  2. SuperKids: Listen to the “XY” song & pg. 1 in workbook
  3. Math: pgs. 589, 590, & 591 (UPLOAD PICTURES)
  4. Religion: pgs. 169 & 170
  5. Writing: video instructions, writing a poem
  6. Homework


Tuesday 5/5/20:  

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite animal?”
  2. SuperKids: pg. 32 & 33 in workbook & read library book (UPLOAD PICTURES)
  3. Mathletics practice
  4. Religion: pg. 167 & 168
  5. Writing: 5 senses video
  6. Kids Plus/ Science: Earth video
  7. Homework


Monday 5/4/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What is your favorite dessert?”
  2. SuperKids: pg. 30 & 31 in workbook & read library book
  3. Math: pg. 585-587 (UPLOAD A PICTURE)
  4. Religion: focus story video & Good Shepherd video
  5. Homework 


Friday 5/1/20: Mass at 10am & Award Ceremony after

  1. Question of the Day: “What will you do this weekend?”
  2. SuperKids: Super Smart “Dinosaurs” & wk bk pgs. 28 & 29
  3. Math: pgs. 579-582 (UPLOAD A PHOTO OF ALL 4 PAGES- ASSESSMENT)
  4. Religion: pg. 165 & 166, Thank you card to Jesus.
  5. Mrs. Tricia’s read aloud


Thursday 4/30/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What word begins with the letter “J”?”
  2. SuperKids: Informational text, drawing, wk bk pgs. 25-27 (UPLOAD DRAWING )
  3. Math: pgs. 573-576
  4. Religion: pgs. 163 & 164
  5. Writing: book review, part 2 (UPLOAD A PICTURE WHEN COMPLETE)
  6. Homework


Wednesday 4/29/20:  GOOGLE MEET @ 11:30 AM

  1. Question of the Day: “Who is the supernoodle this week?”
  2. SuperKids: pgs. 22, 23, 24
  3. Math: pgs. 569, 570, 571
  4. Religion: video & drawing
  5. Writing: lesson video & book review (UPLOAD A PICTURE WHEN COMPLETE)
  6. Homework


Tuesday 4/28/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “Which pet was your favorite from the play?”
  2. SuperKids: Read, The Skunk on the Bus & wkbk pg. 21 (UPLOAD A PICTURE WHEN COMPLETE.)
  3. Math: pgs. 565, 566, & 567
  4. Religion: pgs. 159 & 160
  5. KidsPlus: Venus
  6. Homework


Monday 4/27/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What does the princess mean when she says the cricket is dull?”
  2. SuperKids: The Glum Princess, Act 3, comprehension activity, library book, The Rotten Egg
  4. Religion: Focus Story
  5. Homework


Friday 4/24/20:

  1. Question of the Day: “What was the problem in Act 1 of The Glum Princess?”
  2. SuperKids:  “The Glum Princess, Act 2” & Super Smart “Real Kings and Queens”
  3. Math: Pgs. 559-562
  4. Religion: “Children at Mass” coloring sheet


Thursday 4/23/20:

  1. Question of the Day: What is the name of the book the Priest reads from at mass?
  2. SuperKids: Read pgs. 7-9 & audio recording activity
  3. Math: Pg. 555-557
  4. Religion: “Chalice” coloring sheet
  5. Writing: Step 4 “Writing the Problem” & Step 5 “Writing the Solution”
  6. KidsPlus/Science: Planet Mercury


Wednesday 4/22/20:  GOOGLE MEET @ 11:30AM

  1. Question of the Day: What does it mean to feel “glum?”
  2. SuperKids: pgs. 4, 5 & 6 in the workbook
  3. Math: pgs. 549, 550 & 552 (UPLOAD ALL 3 PAGES… MATH ASSESSMENT)
  4. Religion: video & “Gospel” coloring sheet
  5. Writing: Step 3 “Title & Introduction”
  6. Science: Mrs. Tricia’s “Earth Day” lesson
  7. Homework


Tuesday 4/21/20:

  1. Question of the Day: What is a skit?
  2. Superkids: Informational text & pg. 3 in workbook
  3. Math: pgs. 539, 540, 541 & 543, 544, 545, 546
  4. Religion: coloring sheet
  5. Writing: Step 2 “Problem & Solution”


Monday 4/20/20: 

  1. Question of the Day: What was your favorite thing about Easter break?
  2. Superkids: Pgs 1 & 2 (UPLOAD PICTURE OF PG. 2 WHEN COMPLETE)
  3. Math: pgs. 531-533 & 535-537
  4. Religion: video & coloring sheet
  5. Writing: Step 1 “Character”
  6. Homework


Wednesday 4/8/20:

  1. Question of the Day: What is the name of the Holy Day when Jesus dies on the cross?
  2. Read Aloud: God Gave Us Easter
  3. Math: pgs. 529 & 530… this will be graded as a test (UPLOAD PICTURES OF BOTH PGS.)
  4. Religion: We Believe Booklet, Let’s Celebrate & Project Disciple
  5. Mrs. Tricia welcomes Spring!
  6. Mass at 10am
  7. Gym t-shirt, picture, post

Have a beautiful Easter Sunday… God Bless you all!


Tuesday 4/7/20:

  1. Question of the Day: What is the name of the Holy Day when Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with his Disciples?
  2. Read Aloud: Listen Buddy & writing response
  3. Math: pgs. 521-523 & 525-527
  4. Religion: Chapter 21, pgs. 185 & 186
  5. Science: Take a Field Trip to the Zoo
  6. Homework (upload pictures of completed math homework)


Monday 4/6/20:

  1.  Question of the Day: What do we call the day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey?
  2.  Read Aloud: Easter Parade & writing response (upload picture of completed work)
  3.  Math: pgs 513-515 & 517-519
  4.  Religion: Brother Francis video & read chapter pages 183 & 184
  5.  Kids Plus- (science) solar system, the sun
  6.  Homework


Friday 4/3/20:

  1. Question of the Day: What was the name of the imaginary planet?
  2. SuperKids: Progress Test #3 & library book
  3. Math: pages 507, 508, 509, & 510
  4. Religion: video & coloring page
  5. Writing: upload all 4 reading journal entries… to be graded
  6. Science: Solar System song (video)
  7. Homework: Reading Journal (due 4/8/20)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday 4/2/20:

  1. Question of the Day: What did the SuperKids use to make The Wind Planet?
  2. SuperKids pgs. 28-32 Listen to comprehension directions on parent portal & p. 33
  3. Math pgs. 501-504
  4. Religion: video and coloring page
  5. Writing- research about animal
  6. Science- video of solar system
  7. Homework (upload completed math pages, 505 & 506)


Wednesday 4/1/20:

  1. Question of the Day: What are the names of the imaginary planets starting with the letter W?
  2. Superkids pgs. 28-32 Listen to story on parent portal
  3. Math pgs. 497-499
  4. Religion- video and coloring page
  5. Writing- research about animal
  6. Science- video about the planets
  7. Homework (upload completed reading journal activity)


Tuesday 3/31/20:

  1. Question of the Day: What are the Wagwags going to visit?
  2. Superkids p.26 & 27… and Library book “Twins”
  3. Math p. 493-495 (upload homework pg. 496)
  4. Religion- video
  5. Writing- research about animal
  6. Science- video “solar system”
  7. Homework


Monday 3/30/20:

Hello Parents,

I hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy.

I miss all my students very much, but I’m very happy to know that everyone is at home surrounded by the love of their families.  I hope we will see each other again very soon.

Until then, we will start adding some new things to our schedule this week… in hopes of continuing our learning as best we can.

Some things you can expect are: being asked to “upload” pictures of your child’s completed work,  incorporating writing assignments, and organizing a “google meet” so we can share “news of the day” together.


Each day I will ask for a different assignment to be uploaded… NOT everything that was assigned that day, just the pages I mention specifically in my instructions.  This is an important request, as it is meant to help me keep track of students’ progress. So, I want to give you directions of how to do this from your cell phones.  As a parent myself, I find it much easier to do on my cell phone… as opposed to first getting the pictures to my laptop and then sending the pictures to the classroom.  

  1. Download GOOGLE CLASSROOM to your cell phone.
    1. Our class code is: lqbmuwt
  2. When I ask you to “upload” a photo of your child’s completed assignment…
    1. Take a picture of their work on your cell phone
    2. Go to the classroom (on your phone), find the assignment & hit the purple circle icon on the left 
    3. Then hit ^ arrow above “Your work” (found at the bottom of the page)
    4. Hit the +  to “Add attachment”
    5. Choose “file”
    6. It will bring up all the photos in your gallery, the top pic is the most recent one you took
    7. Hit the picture… it will show a checkmark next to it
    8. Hit open (top right corner of page)
    9. It will “think” for a moment and then the attachment pops up
    10. Hit “Turn in”… all done.



Writing is a very important skill developed in Kindergarten.  Every week, as part of the Superkids curriculum, we practice our writing in the classroom.  To continue helping the children develop this skill we will now add it to our GOOGLE CLASSROOM assignments.

Third, GOOGLE MEET:   

This Wednesday, April 1st at 12pm… I would like to invite you to a Google Meet.  You will find an invite in your child’s gmail account. Simply click “join meeting” and you will see me there.  It’s an opportunity for us all to see each other and spend some time catching up. It will NOT be a formal lesson.  Rather, we will share our “news of the day”… like we did each morning in class. Of course, parents should stay close by to assist their children on the computer.  At first, we will all be greeting each other out of excitement, but then I would like each student to put their mic on “mute”… only the student called on to talk, should take their mic off mute & share their thoughts.  This way everyone has a turn. The meeting will only last about 30-45 mins. I hope everyone can join us. It is my hope to do this every so often. I will give advance notice in Google Classroom, so parents can make arrangements.

Thank you so much for your continued support.  Everyone is doing such an amazing job!!!

Mrs. Baglio



S P E C I A L    N O T E

Hello Parents,

On Monday, March 23rd we will enter the wonderful world of GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  

That means, we will no longer be posting our classwork or homework assignments on the GSCA website.  Instead, students are expected to sign into google classroom each morning, to take attendance and receive instructions for that day’s lessons.  

To get started, you are asked to sign into your child’s gmail account (1st initial and then last  / password “abcd1234”)  Once you sign in, you’ll be asked to change your password.  When that is complete, you’ll see an icon in the upper right hand corner that looks like a “waffle.”  When you hit that, you’ll see a folder labeled “Google Classroom”… this will be our new home for the duration of our “distance learning” experience.  If you have not already done so, please make every effort to sign into our virtual classroom by Sunday, so we are all accounted for and ready to begin work first thing Monday morning.  


  1. ATTENDANCE:  Everyday at 10am I will ask the whole class a question.  When your child answers, I will know that they are present for attendance.  I would ask that you do your best to respond before 11am, so I can promptly submit the attendance to the office. 
  2. CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTS:  Just as we have been doing this week, I’ll continue to post instructions explaining what activities need to be completed, in all the major subject areas.  On occasion, you will also find recorded videos that are meant to support that day’s lessons.
  3. HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS:  In keeping with our established routines, students can expect the same homework schedule.  Monday through Thursday; math, handwriting, and phonics. Reading Journal entries will be due every Wednesday.   
  4. OFFICE HOURS:  Everyday, between 10am and 12pm, I will be available to answer any questions you or your child may have in reference to the assigned work.

Of course, you are welcome to write to me at any time, but outside these hours might result in an answer the next school day.

Obviously, Kindergarten will handle this situation differently from the rest of the school.  Our students will continue to do all their work on paper, whether it be in their workbooks or worksheets.  I would ask that all parents help their students stay faithful to the workload. We want to use our time wisely and ensure that meaningful learning continues to take place.  That being said, I will periodically request that parents take a picture of certain lessons & send it to me via email, so I can assess their progress.

I realize this is a lot to take in, but I promise we will get through this together!  I understand that we are each taxed with stresses we could never have imagined. So, it’s completely understandable that finding our way back to our regular routine might take some time.  However, I truly believe that children not only crave structure, but thrive when it’s in place. I will do my best to be here, for both you and your child. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Baglio


Friday 3/20/20:

It was wonderful seeing some of our parents at school today.  If you weren’t able to stop by and pick up your child’s materials, Mr. O’Brien will be opening the school another day next week.  Rest assured we still have plenty of work to keep us busy in the current workbook,  so it will be some time before we start the new ones.

*Starting Monday, March 23rd we will be conducting all lessons in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  You can expect a detailed message from me later today.



  1. Re-read “Tho Odd Picnic” in the Superkids workbook, pgs. 5-10
    1. Please spend some time recalling and retelling key details from the story.
    2. Complete page 11 in the SuperKids workbook.
        • Draw a line from each group of Superkids to the picture of the food those Superkids ate in the story.

       2. Go to “Superkids Online Fun” and read the library book, entitled “Icky on the Run.”

        • In your reading journal, write and illustrate “3 things you do to get ready each morning.”  (I wonder if you do some of the same things Icky does?)



  1. “Counting and Cardinality up to 20”
  2. “Counting to 20”

Practice this skill for 20 mins.

Have a great weekend!



Thursday 3/19/20:

I miss you… Matthew, Connor, Nora, Jaxen, Hailey, Bridget, Emma, Kaylie, Vincent, Sofia, Gabriella, Manus, Ava, Riley, Alice, Grayson, Nyla, Olivia, Juliana, & Emily!  Hope everyone is staying happy & healthy!



  1. Please read the story “The Odd Picnic” in your superkids workbook, on pages 5-10.
    1. Before getting started, please review the following vocabulary words.
        1. lug- to pull
        2. spots- to see something
        3. bits- small pieces
        4. gulp- to swallow hard
        5. sip- to drink slowly
    2. After reading the story, turn back to page 5 to start the comprehension portion of the lesson.
        1. Pg. 5- ask your child to circle the word “odd.”
        2. Pg. 6- place an X on the picture of Alf.
        3. Pg. 7- underline the word “lug.”
        4. Pg. 8- place an X on the picture of the stump in the top box
        5. Pg. 9- underline the word “problem.”
        6. Pg. 10- underline the sentence “I hid gumdrops.”


  1. Counting and Cardinality up to 20
  2. How Many?

*Please practice this skill for 20 minutes.



Handwriting: “pizza”

Phonics: Practice Page 27



Wednesday 3/18/20:



  1. Review the memory word “put”… remind students that a memory word is one that they must remember how to read, because they are not pronounced the way each letter is sounded out.
  2. Complete page 3 in the Superkids workbook.  
      1. Point out that the pictures on this page show foods Oswald might put in his bag for the picnic.
      2. Discuss the different kinds of foods.
      3. Explain that “pop” is a sweet fizzy drink… also known as soda or soda pop.
      4. Notice that each sentence starts with the memory word “Put”… and that “put” starts with an uppercase letter, because its the first word in the sentence.
      5. Trace the word “Put” on lines 1 & 2, then fill it in on lines 3, 4 & 5
      6. Don’t forget to circle the picture that goes with the word in each sentence.
  3. Complete page 4 in the Superkids workbook.
      1. Have students cut out the pictures on the left hand side of the page.  Cut the pink line first, then the blue lines.
      2. Students should read the word on each bag & then glue that picture over the word.



     1.”counting and cardinality up to 20″

     2. “order numbers up to 20”

  • Practice this skill for 20 mins.



Handwriting: “plums”

Phonics: practice page 26



Tuesday 3/17/20:

Hello students & parents… Here We Go!  A whole new way of learning!

As I said before, this week all classwork and homework will be posted right here on this page.  Next week we will enter the wonderful world of Google Classroom.  I realize this is very new to us all, but with some patience and dedication we will get through this together.


Students, please take a moment to remember the beautiful story we read about St. Patrick (on Friday) and share some of the interesting details with your family.


SUPERKIDS:  We are starting a new unit in our superkids workbook, focusing on the letter P.

    1. Go to”Superkids Online,” choose “Watch”… and listen to the P song. 
    2. Review the sound the letter P makes & think of some words that begin with that sound… like “pizza, picnic, purple, puppy, popcorn, pickle, peas, pie, etc.”
    3. Read the Informational Text, “What Can You Collect?”
    4. Complete pg. 1 in your Superkid workbook… identify and circle all the delicious items that Oswald is dreaming of eating… that start with the P sound. 
    5. Complete pg. 2 SK wkbk… practice handwriting upper & lowercase Pp.  Don’t forget to trace the sentence at the bottom & then re-write it on your own. 

MATHLETICS: log on using the username & password stapled to your child’s take home folder.

  1. click on the blue rectangle “counting and cardinality up to 20”
  2. choose “Before, After and Between to 20”
  3. practice this skill for about 20 mins. (if you would like some additional practice & fun, click on the green rectangle at the top “play”… then click on “enter the exciting world of live play” where  you will find some of your classmates & you can compete with each other.)


Handwriting: “peas”

Phonics: Practice Page 25 (found in the bundle sent home on Friday.)





Thursday, 3/12/20

Math: pg. 462

Handwriting: “muffin”

Phonics: Reading Worksheet

Wednesday 3/11/20

Math: pg. 458

Handwriting: “milk”

Phonics: reading worksheet

Tuesday 3/10/20

Math: p 454

Handwriting: “magic”

Phonics: reading worksheet



Monday 3/9/20:

Math: p.450

Handwriting: “music”

Phonics: Reading worksheet


Thursday 3/5/20:

Math: p. 440

Handwriting: “belt”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Wednesday 3/4/20:

Math: p. 436

Handwriting: “hunt”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Tuesday 3/3/20:

Math: p. 432

Handwriting: “tent”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Monday 3/2/20:

Math: p. 425

Handwriting: “nuts”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 2/27/20:

Math: p. 416

Handwriting: “nest”

Phonics: “in” & “out” worksheet


Wednesday 2/26/20:

Special Note: I did not hand out Reading Journals last week before vacation… as a treat to the students.  I will return them this Friday, due next Wed.  Also, please check option C for some parent notes.

Math: p. 412

Handwriting: “in”

Phonics: Nn worksheet


Tuesday 2/25/20:

Special Note: At this point in the school year, all children should be able to write their numbers and letters correctly.  If mistakes continue, please provide extra practice at home to reinforce the correct way.  Also, homework is a mandatory part of the kindergarten school year… please help children complete all assignments.

Math: p. 406

Handwriting: “on”

Phonics: cut & glue reading sheet


Monday 2/24/20:

Thank you so much for all the wonderful “sweet” treats you shared with Mrs. Tricia & myself.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Math: p. 402

Handwriting: “rain”

Phonics: riddle worksheet



Wednesday 2/12/20:

Math: p.394

Handwriting: “scrub”

Phonics: Rr worksheet



Tuesday 2/11/20:

Special Note:  We are celebrating both Valentine’s day & the 100th day of school on Friday, 2/14/20.  Children can chose to make a t-shirt with 100 things on it (or not) or  wear something Valentine’s oriented… whichever you prefer.  Children may NOT dress as a 100 yr old person… that is something reserved for the 1st grade class ONLY.  Please understand that is a special priviledge & it should be respected.

Math: p. 390

Handwriting: “rub”

Phonics: worksheet


Friday 2/7/20:

Special Note: students went home with their progress reports today.  Please sign and return on Monday.  Thank you.


Thursday 2/6/20:

Special Note: As we approach the 100th day of school & the second half of the school year, all students should be able to write their first & last name, the whole alphabet & numbers 1-10.  Please continue to practice these skills at home.

Math: p. 380

Handwriting: “bank”

Phonics: beginning sound worksheet


Wednesday 2/5/20:

Math: pgs. 375 & 376

Handwriting: “bells”

Phonics: worksheet


Tuesday 2/4/20:

Math: p. 370

Handwriting: “bus”

Phonics: worksheet

Reading Journals are due tomorrow.  Please have students write a title, author & the # of the prompt they are answering.


Monday 2/3/20:

Math: p. 366

Handwriting: “under”

Phonics: worksheet


Thursday 1/30/20:

Tomorrow is “WACKY SOCKS” day… with gym uniform.

Math: p.360

Handwriting: “dust”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 1/29/20:

Tomorrow is “PAJAMA” day

Math: p.356

Handwriting: “tug”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Tuesday 1/28/20:

Tomorrow is “MIX & MATCH” day

Reading Journals are due tomorrow.

Math: p.352

Handwriting: “hug”

Phonics: worksheet


Monday 1/27/20:

Tomorrow is “SPORTS” day

Math: p. 348

Handwriting: “us”

Phonics: worksheet


Thursday 1/23/20:

Special Note: Please keep the math workbook labeled “VOLUME 1” at home… return the “VOLUME 2” book daily.

Math: p. 340

Handwriting: “hill”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 1/22/20:

Special Note: Kindergarten has an excessive number of latenesses each week… Parents, please make every effort to have your child on line at 8:10am for morning prayer… when the school day officially begins.  It is a great distraction to the start of our day, when students walk in at all times.  

Math: p.333

Handwriting: “had”

Phonics: worksheet


Tuesday 1/21/20:

Special Note: please send in a photo of your child (if you haven’t already.)  Also, our black history “mini biography” was due today… please submit tomorrow.

Math: pgs. 329 & 330

Handwriting: “hit”

Phonics: worksheet


Thursday 1/16/20:

Special Note: no school tomorrow, Friday 1/17 & no school Monday 1/20.

Math: p. 324

Handwriting: “the”

Phonics: reading sheet

Weekend homework: Reading Journal due Wednesday 1/22/20.


Wednesday 1/15/20:

Special Note: please send in a 3×5 photo of your child, as soon as possible… thank you .

Math: p. 320

Handwriting: “hand”

Phonics: beginning sounds


Tuesday 1/14/20:

Math: p. 314

Handwriting: “Hot Rod”

Phonics:  Hh worksheet 


Monday 1/13/20:

Special Note: It is every students responsibility to submit a “Reading Journal” entry each week… due every Wednesday.

Math: p. 310

Handwriting: “sled”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 1/9/20:

Special Notes:  Tomorrow is our class trip!  Chaperones please be at the school at 9:15am… the bus leaves promptly at 9:30am.  Parents please remember to send your child to school with a lite breakfast, to be eaten before we leave.  Also, children who belong to GIRL SCOUTS can NOT wear their GS uniform… they MUST be in the GSCA gym uniform. (Everyone, please check option C to find personal notes to the selected chaperones.)

Math: pgs. 299 & 300

Handwriting: “Ed”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 1/8/20:

Math: page 294

Handwriting: “egg”

Phonics: Vowel Worksheet

Tuesday 1/7/20:

Math: p. 290

Handwriting: “elf”

Phonics: letter & word worksheet


Monday 1/6/20:

Welcome back… I hope everyone had a fabulous vacation!  Thank you again for all your thoughful & generous gifts.

Special Note:  Our class trip is this Friday, 1/10/20.  If you were originally choosen as a chaperone, but can no longer make this new date… please let me know asap.  This way I can make a new selection.  Thanks so much.

Math: p. 286

Handwriting: “Ettabetta”  (please have children write both first & last name at top of page.)

Phonics: Ee worksheet



Friday 12/20/19:

Hello Parents,

On behalf of Mrs. Tricia and myself, we would like to thank you very much for all your generosity.  The Christmas gifts you gave us mean so much.  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share in your childs life!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thursday 12/19/19:

Special Note: your child came home today with a book entitled, The Roof Top Hop… it is a gift from Senator Golden.

Math: p. 280

Handwriting: “Santa”

Phonics: short “i” worksheet



Wednesday 12/18/19:

Congratulations on a wonderful performance last night Kindergarten… you were amazing!

Math: p. 276

Handwriting: “gifts”

Phonics: Short “a” worksheet



Monday 12/16/19:

Special Note: Parents please check student folders for information about the Christmas Carnival this Wed.

Also, some students have not completed their “elf” homework assignment… all students are expected to actively complete & turn in all homework assignments.

Math: p. 266

Handwriting: “fun”

Phonics: Ff worksheet


Wednesday 12/11/19

Math: p. 252

Handwriting: “Frits”

Phonics: Ff worksheet


Tuesday 12/10/19:

Math: p/ 248

Handwriting: “toss”

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Thursday 12/5/19:

Math: p. 242

Handwriting: “tug”

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Wednesday 12/4/19:

Math: p. 238

Handwriting: “Toc”

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Tuesday 12/3/19

Math: p.232

Handwriting: “Tac”

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Monday 12/2/19:

Math: p. 227 & 228

Handwriting: Tic

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Wednesday 11/27/19:


Thank you so much to all of you for your very generous gift.  Mrs. Tricia and I feel blessed to be with your children and share in the moments of their lives.  We are especially grateful to have such supportive and loving parents to share in this journey with us.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday.


Tuesday 11/26/19:

Math: p. 222

Handwriting: “slid”

Phonics: reading worksheet

No “Reading Journal” this week… have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!!!


Monday 11/25/19:

Special Note:  Our class trip has been rescheduled for January 10th… It will be indoors.  If you were selected as a chaperone but will not be able to chaperone of January 10th, please let us know and a new chaperone will be selected.  New permission slips reflecting the new date will be sent home after we return from Thanksgiving, please be sure to sign and return it to school. 

We will have a Thanksgiving Breakfast in school on Wednesday, please send in a light breakfast for your child. 

Math: p. 218

Handwriting: “lid”

Phonics: worksheet


Thursday 11/21/19:

Math: p. 210

Handwriting: “ill”

Phonics: A, O, I worksheet


Wednesday 11/20/19:

Math: p. 206

Handwriting: “Icky”

Phonics: Ii worksheet


Tuesday 11/19/19:

Math: p. 200

Handwriting: “glad”

Phonics: missing letter worksheet


Monday 11/18/19:

Math: p. 196

Handwriting: “love”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 11/14/19:

Math: “corn” worksheet

Handwriting: “Lass”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 11/13/19:

Special Note:  At this point in the school year, students should all make a serious effort to actively complete their own work.  While they will still need adult support to read instructions and spell words, they should be doing all the writing themselves.  All homework is meant to help support the lessons learned and to give students the extra practice they need to further develop their skills.  

Math: p. 186

Handwriting: “Lad”

Phonics: worksheet  


Tuesday 11/12/19:

Special Note: Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and we were unable to go on our class trip today.  We have not resheduled the trip yet, but when we do we will send a note home with all the details.

Math: pgs. 181 & 182

Handwriting: “Lily”

Phonics: Ll worksheet


Wednesday 11/6/19:

Special Note: the kindergarten students did a beautiful job signing rainbow songs and saying rainbow poems… many thanks to all those who came to see us perform.

Math: P. 172

Handwriting: “sag”

Phonics: Cc, Oo, Gg, Aa, Dd, & Ss worksheet


Tuesday 11/5/19:

Special Note: We can’t wait for our rainbow show tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing all of our families at 8:30am.

Math: p. 168

Handwriting: “sad”

Phonics: Ss worksheet


Monday 11/4/19:

Math: p. 164

Handwriting: “Sal”

Phonics: Ss worksheet 

Also, an Election reading worksheet… read & color who you voted for.


Wednesday 10/30/19:

Math: p.154

Handwriting: “God”

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Tuesday 10/29/19

Special Note: I have not received all of our trip permission slips… please return them by tomorrow (Wed. 10/30)… Thank you.

Math: p. 150

Handwriting: “dot”

Phonics: spelling worksheet


Monday 10/28/19:

Math: pgs 139/140

Handwriting: “dog”

Phonics: worksheet on blending


Friday 10/25/19:

Reading Response Journals are due every Wednesday.  Please make every effort to complete the assignment and hand it in on time.

Also, we have now practiced writing the numbers 0-10, as well as, reading their number names.  As for the alphabet and the letter sounds, we have completed letters C, O, G, A & (working on) D.  Please practice all of the above in your free time… some students would benefit from the extra support.  Thank you.

Also, I would like to apologize for any confusion in reference to “fall festival” tickets.  It was my understanding that the money would be collected at the gate on the day of.  If I returned your money, not to worry they will still accept it on Sunday.



Thursday 10/24/19:

Math: p. 134

Handwriting:  “doll”

Phonics: O, C, G, A, D worksheet 


Wednesday 10/23/19:

Math: p. 130

Handwriting: “Doc”

Phonics: worksheet


Tuesday 10/22/19:

All reading response journals are due tomorrow.

Math: p. 124

Handwriting: “bag”

Phonics: O,C,A,G worksheet


Monday 10/21/19:

Math: p. 120

Handwriting: “bat”

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Friday 10/18/19:

Special Note: Your child came home today with their first progress report, as well as, a note telling you their reading level.  Please know that it is very early in the school year and it is expected that most students will have a “WB” (wordless) reading level. 

I’m happy to report that Kindergarten is doing a great job working hard and learning lots of new information.  


Thursday 10/17/19:

Math: pgs. 109 & 110

Handwriting: “and”

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Wednesday 10/16/19:

Math: p. 104

Handwriting: “ant”

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Tuesday 10/15/19:

Special Note: Reading Response Journals are due tomorrow, as well as, the PUMPKIN creative writing piece.

Math: p. 100

Handwriting: “Alf”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Thursday 10/10/19:

Math: p.92

Handwriting: “green”

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Wednesday 10/9/19:

Math: p. 88

Handwriting:  “gas”

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Tuesday 10/8/19:

Math: p. 82

Handwriting: “Gus”

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Monda;y 10/7/19:

Math: p. 78

Handwriting: “Golly”

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Friday 10/4/19:

Reading Journals are in your childs schoolbag.  They are due back on Wednesday.  Enjoy reading and writing… I can’t wait to see your beautiful work. 


Thursday 10/3/19:

Math: p 67 & 68

Handwriting: “out”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Wednesday 10/2/19:

Special Note: you’ll find your child’s 1st creative writing project in their folder.

Math: p. 62

Handwriting: “on”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Tuesday 10/1/19

Special Note: Parents, please remember students “Reading Response Journals” are due tomorrow.

Math: p. 58

Handwriting: “off”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Monday 9/30/19:

Math: p.54

Handwriting: “odd”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Friday 9/27/19

Please check your childs take home folder for instructions about the Reading Response Journal they have in their school bags… another copy of the instructions can be found on the inside cover of the notebook.


Thursday 9/26/19:

Math: p.44

Handwriting: “fox”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 9/25/19:

Special Note: Johnny Appleseed day tomorrow. .. wear RED.

Math: p. 40

Handwriting: “Osward”

Phonics: Oo worksheet



Tuesday 9/24/19:

Special Notes: Tomorrow is our 1st math test.  It is simply a review of the concepts we have learned so far.  The children will do great.

Thursday is Johnny Appleseed day… children may dress down in the color RED.

Math: p. 34

Handwriting: “cap”

Phonics: Cc worksheet


Monday 9/23/19:

Math: pgs. 29 & 30

Handwriting: “Fall”

/Phonics: /worksheet



hursd/ay 9/19/19:

Special Note: tomorrow is a $1 dress down day, to support a very important cause.  Children should wear something that includes the color “orange.”  Please put money in an envelop & label it with your child’s name.

Math: p.20

Handwriting: “can”

Phonics: Cc worksheet



Wednesday 9/18/19:

Math: p.14

Handwriting: “cat”

Phoics: top, middle, bottom


Tuesday 9/17/19:

Special Note: Some of my friends did not complete their homework last night.  If you find a “blue” sticky note in their books that means they have to complete those pages, as well as, tonight’s homework.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

Math: p.10

Handwriting: “Cass”

Phonics: Cc worksheet


Monday 9/16/19:

Math: p.6   

Handwriting: Name

“The Colors of Me” worksheet (please include a picture of your child.)


Friday 9/13/19:

Students who have books in their school bag today still need to contact paper their covers.  Please do your best to have those ready for Monday.

Also, please be aware, on most every Friday the school sells ice cream to students for $1.  If you would like your child to purchase ice cream, please put their money in an envelop and label it with their name.  The envelop should be put in their take home folder (that is where we check for notes every morning.)

Have a great weekend.


Thursday 9/5/19:

Good afternoon parents.  Just a quick note to let you know that kindergarten is off to a fabulous start!  We all enjoyed our day getting aquainted with our classroom, teachers and new friends.  I’m happy to report their were smiles all around.

Homework:  Please cover students “handwriting” notebook and “math” workbook with clear contact paper, if you haven’t already.  Also, please return to school your child’s 2 pencil cases and 2 boxes of crayons… all supplies should be labeled with students name on the front.

Next Week:  I would like to give you an idea of what to look forward to next week.  We will be spending some of our classroom time taking both math and ela “beginning of year” benchmark assessments, in an effort to gather information that will be helpful in developing our lesson strategies.  We will also spend some quality time reading fun stories, that the children will then respond to through personal illustrations… focusing on both “main characters” and story’s “setting.”  As a result, formal homework assignments will not start until the week of 6/16/19… when we begin working in our math and ela workbooks in class. 


Tuesday 9/10/19:

Please cover all students books: notebook and workbook.

Also, please return any paperwork so it can be submitted to the office.

Thank you.











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