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//Welcome to my Kindergarten class page! You can learn more about me here.

This school year promises to be both EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING. The children will have the pleasure of getting to know the many characters of the “Superkids” reading program. Along with Cass,Oswald, Doc, Golly and others, our students will become engaged, motivated and ultimately, successful readers.

Equally as important, our kindergarten class will celebrate what it means to be a member of God’s church. They will begin building a foundation upon the lessons of God is our creator and He loves us all. They will also learn the importance of human kindness, and have daily opportunities to share such acts with all those they encounter.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this school year with your child. Teaching affords me a wonderful opportunity to inspire children to learn… not because they have to, but because they want to! I promise to do my best to make this learning experience “enjoyable” and “endless.”


Monday 4/15/19:

Special Note: Tomorrow is the last day of school before Easter vacation.  It is also our Rainforest & Under the Sea performance… all students need to be in uniform.

Handwriting: “vase”

Math: p. 466

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 4/11/19:

Handwriting: “vet”

Math: p. 462

Phonics: reading worksheet


Wednesday 4/10/19:

Handwriting: “vase”

Math: p. 458

Phonics: beginning sounds worksheet


Tuesday 4/9/19:

Handwriting: “vest”

Math: p. 454

Phonics: Vv worksheet


Monday 4/8/19:

Handwriting: “picnic”

Math: p. 450

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 4/4/19:

Handwriting: “plum”

Math: p. 444

Phonics: Pp worksheet


Wednesday 4/3/19:

Handwriting: “pizza”

Math: p. 440

Phonics: Pp worksheet


Tuesday 4/2/19:

Handwriting: “put”

Math: p. 436

Phonics: sentence worksheet


Monday, 4/1/2019:

Handwriting: for

Math Lesson 12-1 page 432

Reading Worksheet



Wednesday 3/27/19:

Handwriting: “milk”

Math: p. 421 & p. 422

Phonics: Mm worksheet

Please note: Although the email that went home the other day says children can bring money to shop at the team store, I would ask Kindergarten parents to refrain.  Not only is it time consuming, but sometimes upsetting to those who do not have money to shop.  Thanks for understanding.


Tuesday 3/26/19:

Handwriting: “mask”

Math: p. 416

Phonics: Mm worksheet


Monday 3/25/19:

Handwriting: “mud”

Math: p. 412

Phonics: reading worksheet


Wednesday 3/20/19:

Handwriting: “nest”

Math: p. 402

Phonics: reading worksheet


Tuesday 3/19/19:

Handwriting: “news”

Math: p. 398

Phonics: reading worksheet


Monday 3/18/19:

I’m still missing parents appointment slips for report cards.  I can not distribute to the child.

Handwriting: “rest”

Math: p. 394

Phonics: Nn worksheet


Thursday 3/14/19:

Please note, some parents will find an option C, note in reference to report cards.

Handwriting:  “no”

Math: p. 390

Phonics: reading worksheet


Wednesday 3/13/19:

special note: Parents, please return “report card appointment time” slips.  I can not distribute report cards to the students… all parent appointments need to be confirmed by tomorrow.  If I informed you that your original 3 selections were already taken, please choose another 3. 

Handwriting: “adds”

Math: p. 386

Phonics: reading worksheet


Tuesday 3/12/19:

*special note: math “addition” test tomorrow.

Handwriting: “lids”

Math: p. 380

Phonics: reading sheet


Monday 3/11/19:

Handwriting: “rug”

Math: pgs. 375 & 376

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 3/7/19:

Handwriting: “rags”

Math: p. 370

Please note: Some students did not complete the assigned math pages.  You will find a sticky note in the workbook pointing out what needs to be done.


Wednesday 3/6/19:

Handwriting: “scrub”

Math: p. 366

Phonics: worksheet


Tuesday 3/5/19:

Handwriting: “rub”

Math: p. 360

Phonics: “Rr” worksheet


Thursday 2/28/19:

Handwriting: “flags”

Math: p. 356

Phonics: vowel worksheet


Wednesday 2/27/19:

Handwriting: “best”

Math: p 352

Phonics: worksheet


Tuesday 2/26/19:

Handwriting: “bit”

Math: P. 348

Phonics: Reading sheet


Monday 2/25/19:

Handwriting: “bugs”

Math: p. 344

Phonics: writing page


Friday 2/15/19:

Parents please take notice, the children brought home their completed math workbooks… please keep at home… we will start the new book after vacation.

Enjoy the week off.


Tuesday 2/12/19:

In celebration of the 100th day of school… NO HOMEWORK!


Monday 2/11/19:

Handwriting: “tug”

Math: pgs. 329 & 330

Phonics: reading sheet


Wednesday 2/6/19:

Handwriting: “up”

Math: p. 320

Phonics: short vowel worksheet


Tuesday 2/5/19:

Handwriting: “us”

Math: p. 314

Phonics: Uu worksheet


Monday 2/4/19:

Handwriting: “Uu”

Math: p. 310

Phonics: Uu worksheet


Thursday 1/31/19:

No homework… everyone dresses in FULL UNIFORM tomorrow… early dismissal!


Wednesday 1/30/19:

Tomorrow is “pajama” dress down day.

Handwriting: “hog

Math: p.304

Phonics: short e worksheet


Tuesday 1/29/19:

Tomorrow is “Sports jersey/tee shirt” dress down day.

Handwriting: “had”

Math: pgs. 299 & 300

Phonics: reading sheet


Monday 1/28/19:

Tomorrow is “red, white & blue” dress down, in celebration of our nation.

Handwriting: “hit”

Math: p. 294

Phonics: Hh worksheet


Thursday 1/24/19:

Handwriting: the

Math: p. 290

Phonics: Hh worksheet


Wednesday 1/23/19:

Handwriting: hot

Math: p. 286

Phonics: Hh worksheet


Tuesday 1/22/19:

Special note:  the heat in the building is still not working up to par, repair men will be in the building tomorrow.  Please have your children dress in the necessary layers to stay warm.

Also, please check your option c messages about this Friday’s upcoming pizza day.

Handwriting: “Hh”

Math: P. 280

Phonics: Hh worksheet


Wednesday 1/16/19:

Handwriting: “leg”

Math: p. 276

Phonics: Ee worksheet


Tuesday 1/15/19:

Handwriting: “egg”

Math: p. 272

Phonics: Ee worksheet


Monday 1/14/19:

Handwriting: “elf”

Math: p.266 “fluency”

Phonics: Ee worksheet


Wednesday 1/9/19:

Handwriting: “Ee”

Math: P. 256

Phonics: Ee worksheet


Tuesday 1/8/19:

Handwriting: fist

Math: p.252

Phonics: Ff worksheet


Monday 1/7/19:

Handwriting: Frits

Math: p. 248

Phonics: Ff worksheet


Thursday 1/3/19:

Special note: early dismissal tomorrow.  Those students staying for after school need to bring lunch with them (no hot lunch provided by the school.)

Handwriting: “fun”

Math: p. 242

Phonics: F/f worksheet


Wednesday 1/2/19:


Handwriting: Ff

Math: p.238

Phonics: short a worksheet


Wednesday 12/19/18:

Christmas has come early to Kindergarten… NO HOMEWORK!

Mrs. Tricia and I would like to wish you all a beautiful Christmas with your lovely families… and a happy new year too!  Thank you all for sharing your amazing children with us… we look forward to sharing the new year with them!

(see you Thursday & Friday.)


Tuesday 12/18/19:

Special Note: Christmas Carnival tomorrow… students may dress down.  (Sshhhh… Santa will be visiting Kindergarten tomorrow to hand out gifts.)

Handwriting: “big”

Math: p. 232

Phonics: “Ii” worksheet


Monday 12/17/18

Special Note: All student gifts are due tomorrow (these are the $10 gifts each parent is asked to send in for their own child… which will be distributed on Wednesday by Santa himself.)

*Also, two pages of math homework tonight.

Handwriting: “good”

Math: p. 227 & 228

Phonics: Oo


Thursday 12/13/18:

Special Note: Tomorrow is our school trip to the movies.  Children should bring breakfast & lunch to school.  No snacks for the movie theater.  Students can dress down.

Handwriting: “Toc”

Math: p. 222

Phonics: Ending worksheet

SEE YOU AT THE SHOW TONIGHT! (6pm in the classroom.)


Wednesday 12/12/18:

Special Note: Our Christmas show is tomorrow… Thursday 12/13. Students should be in their classroom by 6pm… we will go to the church as a class at 6:15p, sharp.  Students should wear green or red on top & black on the bottom (girls can wear red or green dresses.)

Also, please be aware that our class trip is Friday 12/14.  We will not be asking for parent volunteers, as we have it covered already. .. but thank you for offering.  (If your child is not going on the trip, they should stay home from school.)

Handwriting: “Tac”

Math: p. 218

Phonics: Reading worksheet


Tuesday 12/11/18:

Special Note:  If your child is not going on the school field trip to the movies on Friday, THEY MUST STAY HOME.

Handwriting: “Tic”

Math: p. 214

Phonics: reading worksheet


Monday 12/10/18:

Handwriting: “Tt”

Math: p. 210

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Wednesday 12/5/18:

Special Note: I look forward to seeing each of you at our scheduled appointments tomorrow… I’m very excited to discuss the progress of your beautiful children.

Handwriting: “lid”

Math: p. 200

Phonics: worksheet


Tuesday 12/4/18:

Handwriting: “slid”

Math: p. 196

Phonics: worksheet


Monday 12/3/18:

Handwriting: “ill”

Math: p. 192

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 11/29/18:

Handwriting: “Icky”

Math: p. 181 & 182

Phonics: vowels worksheet


Wednesday 11/28/18:

Handwriting: “Ii”

Math: p. 176

Phonics: Ii worksheet


Tuesday 11/27/18:

Handwriting: Lad

Math: p. 172

Phonics: reading sheet


Monday 11/26/18:

Handwriting: Lass

Math: p. 168

Phonics: reading worksheet


Tuesday 11/20/18

Handwriting: Lily

Phonics Worksheet

Math page 164


Monday 11/19/18

Handwriting page of L l

Math page 158

Phonics: Ll worksheet


Thursday 11/15/18

Handwriting: “six”

Math: P. 154

Phonics: Ss worksheet


Wednesday 11/14/18

Handwriting: “soc”

Math: P. 150

Phonics: Ss worksheet


Tuesday 11/13/18

Special note: math test chapter 4 tomorrow

Handwriting: “sag”

Math: P. 144

Phonics: Ss reading sheet


Wednesday 11/7/18

special note: 2 pages of math homework

Handwriting: “sad”

Math: pgs. 139 & 140

Phonics: Ss worksheet


Tuesday 11/6/18      Please re-read the story of the Forest Election.  Have your child choose which candidate they would like to be the president of the forest.  Then have them cut out & color their choice.  We will count the ballots tomorrow & find out who won the election.

Handwriting: Sal

Math: p. 134

Phonics: Ss worksheet


Monday 11/5/18

Handwriting: “Ss”

Math: p. 130

Phonics: Ss worksheet


Thursday 11/1/18

Special Note: early dismissal tomorrow… 11:45

Handwriting: “door”

Math: p. 124

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Tuesday 10/30/18

Special note: Math chapter test #3

Handwriting: dog

Math: p. 120

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Monday 10/29/18

Handwriting: bed

Math: p. 114

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Thursday 10/25/18

Handwriting: dot

Math: p. 109

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Wednesday 10/24/18

Handwriting: Doc

Math: p. 104

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Tuesday 10/23/18

Handwriting: “do”

Math: p. 100

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Monday 10/22/18

Handwriting: “Dd”

Math: p. 96

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Thursday 10/18/18

Handwriting: “ax”

Math: p. 92

Phonics: short “o” & “a”


Wednesday 10/17/18

Handwriting: “all”

Math: p.88

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Monday 10/15/18

Special Note: Our class trip to Green Meadow Farms (Aviator) is tomorrow.  All those parents joining us on the trip, please be at the school by 9:20 (students should report to school regular time)… the bus will leave at 9:30 sharp. Please dress students appropriately, as it promises to be cold tomorrow.  Also, please send students in with a plastic grocery bag… to carry home their pumpkin.

Handwriting: “at”

Math: P. 82

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Thursday 10/11/18

Special Note: tomorrow is a $1 dress down day, “orange.”  Also, ice cream will be sold at lunch for $1.

Please label each dollar with child’s name & what the money is for.

Handwriting: “Aa”

Math: P. 78

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Wednesday 10/10/18

Handwriting: “shy”

Math:  No homework tonight, we will begin a new chapter tomorrow.

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Tuesday 10/9/18

Special Note: Tomorrow we will take our chapter 2 math test.  Please review counting from zero to five… recognize number name, numeral, and picture representing numbers.  Also, “as many as,” “fewer” and “most.”

Handwriting: “get”

Math: p. 72

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Thursday 10/4/18

Special Note:  Tomorrow is a half day… we get out of school at 11:45am.

We will be going to mass at 9am… parents are welcome to attend mass.

Handwriting: “good”

Math: p. 68

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Wednesday 10/3/18

Handwriting: “God”

Math: p. 67

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Tuesday 10/2/18

Handwriting: “go”

Math: p. 62

Phonics: Gg


Monday 10/1/18


Math: p. 58

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Thursday 9/27/18

Please note: $1 ice cream available at lunch tomorrow.

Also, we are celebrating a $1 dress down… colors gold or yellow

Handwriting: “of”

Math P. 54

O worksheet


Wednesday 9/26/18

Please note: students have a worksheet for Spanish homework, due next week.

Handwriting: “on”

Math: P. 48

c/o worksheet


Tuesday 9/25/18

Handwriting:  “or”

Math: p. 44

Cc/Oo worksheet


Monday 9/24/18

Handwriting: ox

Math: p. 40

Oo worksheet


Thursday 9/20/18

Tomorrow we will have our first chapter test in math… the children are well prepared, but feel free to review concepts if you want to… formal studying is not necessary.

Also, we will have a $1 “purple” dress down, $1 ice cream available at lunch time & Girl Scout Daisy’s begin tomorrow.

SPECIAL NOTE: next Wednesday is our 1st birthday celebration, as well as, Johnny Appleseed day.  Those students celebrating birthdays in September may dress down either that Tues or Thurs (as well as on Johnny Appleseed day)… I will reach out to those parents & make necessary arrangements.

Handwriting: Odd

Math: pg. 34

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Wednesday 9/19/18

You will notice a cartoon picture taped to your child’s folder… that is their password for the Superkids website.

They can begin interacting with Cass at home.  Also, we met a new Superkid friend today, Oswald. 

Handwriting: Oo

Math:  pg. 30

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Tuesday 9/18/18

Handwriting: can

Math: Lesson 1.6  p.29

Phonics: Cc worksheet


Monday 9/17/18

Handwriting: cop

Math: Lesson 1.5 Pg. 24

Phonics: PP.


Thursday 9/13/18

Handwriting: Cat

Math: Lesson 1.4 pg. 20

Phonics: Color Cones


Wednesday 9?12?19

Handwriting: “Cass”

Math- Lesson 1.3  Pg. 14

Phonics: PP. 4


Tuesday 9/11/18


Handwriting- Upper case C & lower case C

Math- lesson 1.2 pg. 10

Phonics- pp. 3


Monday 9/10/18


Handwriting: child’s name

Math: Lesson 1.1 “Homework” pg. 6

Phonics: in the paper folder “practice page 2”

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