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:/Welcome to my Kindergarten class page! You can learn more about me here.

This school year promises to be both EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING. The children will have the pleasure of getting to know the many characters of the “Superkids” reading program. Along with Cass,Oswald, Doc, Golly and others, our students will become engaged, motivated and ultimately, successful readers.

Equally as important, our kindergarten class will celebrate what it means to be a member of God’s church. They will begin building a foundation upon the lessons of God is our creator and He loves us all. They will also learn the importance of human kindness, and have daily opportunities to share such acts with all those they encounter.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this school year with your child. Teaching affords me a wonderful opportunity to inspire children to learn… not because they have to, but because they want to! I promise to do my best to make this learning experience “enjoyable” and “endless.”



Thursday 1/23/20:

Special Note: Please keep the math workbook labeled “VOLUME 1” at home… return the “VOLUME 2” book daily.

Math: p. 340

Handwriting: “hill”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 1/22/20:

Special Note: Kindergarten has an excessive number of latenesses each week… Parents, please make every effort to have your child on line at 8:10am for morning prayer… when the school day officially begins.  It is a great distraction to the start of our day, when students walk in at all times.  

Math: p.333

Handwriting: “had”

Phonics: worksheet


Tuesday 1/21/20:

Special Note: please send in a photo of your child (if you haven’t already.)  Also, our black history “mini biography” was due today… please submit tomorrow.

Math: pgs. 329 & 330

Handwriting: “hit”

Phonics: worksheet


Thursday 1/16/20:

Special Note: no school tomorrow, Friday 1/17 & no school Monday 1/20.

Math: p. 324

Handwriting: “the”

Phonics: reading sheet

Weekend homework: Reading Journal due Wednesday 1/22/20.


Wednesday 1/15/20:

Special Note: please send in a 3×5 photo of your child, as soon as possible… thank you .

Math: p. 320

Handwriting: “hand”

Phonics: beginning sounds


Tuesday 1/14/20:

Math: p. 314

Handwriting: “Hot Rod”

Phonics:  Hh worksheet 


Monday 1/13/20:

Special Note: It is every students responsibility to submit a “Reading Journal” entry each week… due every Wednesday.

Math: p. 310

Handwriting: “sled”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 1/9/20:

Special Notes:  Tomorrow is our class trip!  Chaperones please be at the school at 9:15am… the bus leaves promptly at 9:30am.  Parents please remember to send your child to school with a lite breakfast, to be eaten before we leave.  Also, children who belong to GIRL SCOUTS can NOT wear their GS uniform… they MUST be in the GSCA gym uniform. (Everyone, please check option C to find personal notes to the selected chaperones.)

Math: pgs. 299 & 300

Handwriting: “Ed”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 1/8/20:

Math: page 294

Handwriting: “egg”

Phonics: Vowel Worksheet

Tuesday 1/7/20:

Math: p. 290

Handwriting: “elf”

Phonics: letter & word worksheet


Monday 1/6/20:

Welcome back… I hope everyone had a fabulous vacation!  Thank you again for all your thoughful & generous gifts.

Special Note:  Our class trip is this Friday, 1/10/20.  If you were originally choosen as a chaperone, but can no longer make this new date… please let me know asap.  This way I can make a new selection.  Thanks so much.

Math: p. 286

Handwriting: “Ettabetta”  (please have children write both first & last name at top of page.)

Phonics: Ee worksheet



Friday 12/20/19:

Hello Parents,

On behalf of Mrs. Tricia and myself, we would like to thank you very much for all your generosity.  The Christmas gifts you gave us mean so much.  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share in your childs life!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thursday 12/19/19:

Special Note: your child came home today with a book entitled, The Roof Top Hop… it is a gift from Senator Golden.

Math: p. 280

Handwriting: “Santa”

Phonics: short “i” worksheet



Wednesday 12/18/19:

Congratulations on a wonderful performance last night Kindergarten… you were amazing!

Math: p. 276

Handwriting: “gifts”

Phonics: Short “a” worksheet



Monday 12/16/19:

Special Note: Parents please check student folders for information about the Christmas Carnival this Wed.

Also, some students have not completed their “elf” homework assignment… all students are expected to actively complete & turn in all homework assignments.

Math: p. 266

Handwriting: “fun”

Phonics: Ff worksheet


Wednesday 12/11/19

Math: p. 252

Handwriting: “Frits”

Phonics: Ff worksheet


Tuesday 12/10/19:

Math: p/ 248

Handwriting: “toss”

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Thursday 12/5/19:

Math: p. 242

Handwriting: “tug”

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Wednesday 12/4/19:

Math: p. 238

Handwriting: “Toc”

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Tuesday 12/3/19

Math: p.232

Handwriting: “Tac”

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Monday 12/2/19:

Math: p. 227 & 228

Handwriting: Tic

Phonics: Tt worksheet


Wednesday 11/27/19:


Thank you so much to all of you for your very generous gift.  Mrs. Tricia and I feel blessed to be with your children and share in the moments of their lives.  We are especially grateful to have such supportive and loving parents to share in this journey with us.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday.


Tuesday 11/26/19:

Math: p. 222

Handwriting: “slid”

Phonics: reading worksheet

No “Reading Journal” this week… have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!!!


Monday 11/25/19:

Special Note:  Our class trip has been rescheduled for January 10th… It will be indoors.  If you were selected as a chaperone but will not be able to chaperone of January 10th, please let us know and a new chaperone will be selected.  New permission slips reflecting the new date will be sent home after we return from Thanksgiving, please be sure to sign and return it to school. 

We will have a Thanksgiving Breakfast in school on Wednesday, please send in a light breakfast for your child. 

Math: p. 218

Handwriting: “lid”

Phonics: worksheet


Thursday 11/21/19:

Math: p. 210

Handwriting: “ill”

Phonics: A, O, I worksheet


Wednesday 11/20/19:

Math: p. 206

Handwriting: “Icky”

Phonics: Ii worksheet


Tuesday 11/19/19:

Math: p. 200

Handwriting: “glad”

Phonics: missing letter worksheet


Monday 11/18/19:

Math: p. 196

Handwriting: “love”

Phonics: reading worksheet


Thursday 11/14/19:

Math: “corn” worksheet

Handwriting: “Lass”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 11/13/19:

Special Note:  At this point in the school year, students should all make a serious effort to actively complete their own work.  While they will still need adult support to read instructions and spell words, they should be doing all the writing themselves.  All homework is meant to help support the lessons learned and to give students the extra practice they need to further develop their skills.  

Math: p. 186

Handwriting: “Lad”

Phonics: worksheet  


Tuesday 11/12/19:

Special Note: Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and we were unable to go on our class trip today.  We have not resheduled the trip yet, but when we do we will send a note home with all the details.

Math: pgs. 181 & 182

Handwriting: “Lily”

Phonics: Ll worksheet


Wednesday 11/6/19:

Special Note: the kindergarten students did a beautiful job signing rainbow songs and saying rainbow poems… many thanks to all those who came to see us perform.

Math: P. 172

Handwriting: “sag”

Phonics: Cc, Oo, Gg, Aa, Dd, & Ss worksheet


Tuesday 11/5/19:

Special Note: We can’t wait for our rainbow show tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing all of our families at 8:30am.

Math: p. 168

Handwriting: “sad”

Phonics: Ss worksheet


Monday 11/4/19:

Math: p. 164

Handwriting: “Sal”

Phonics: Ss worksheet 

Also, an Election reading worksheet… read & color who you voted for.


Wednesday 10/30/19:

Math: p.154

Handwriting: “God”

Phonics: Dd worksheet


Tuesday 10/29/19

Special Note: I have not received all of our trip permission slips… please return them by tomorrow (Wed. 10/30)… Thank you.

Math: p. 150

Handwriting: “dot”

Phonics: spelling worksheet


Monday 10/28/19:

Math: pgs 139/140

Handwriting: “dog”

Phonics: worksheet on blending


Friday 10/25/19:

Reading Response Journals are due every Wednesday.  Please make every effort to complete the assignment and hand it in on time.

Also, we have now practiced writing the numbers 0-10, as well as, reading their number names.  As for the alphabet and the letter sounds, we have completed letters C, O, G, A & (working on) D.  Please practice all of the above in your free time… some students would benefit from the extra support.  Thank you.

Also, I would like to apologize for any confusion in reference to “fall festival” tickets.  It was my understanding that the money would be collected at the gate on the day of.  If I returned your money, not to worry they will still accept it on Sunday.



Thursday 10/24/19:

Math: p. 134

Handwriting:  “doll”

Phonics: O, C, G, A, D worksheet 


Wednesday 10/23/19:

Math: p. 130

Handwriting: “Doc”

Phonics: worksheet


Tuesday 10/22/19:

All reading response journals are due tomorrow.

Math: p. 124

Handwriting: “bag”

Phonics: O,C,A,G worksheet


Monday 10/21/19:

Math: p. 120

Handwriting: “bat”

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Friday 10/18/19:

Special Note: Your child came home today with their first progress report, as well as, a note telling you their reading level.  Please know that it is very early in the school year and it is expected that most students will have a “WB” (wordless) reading level. 

I’m happy to report that Kindergarten is doing a great job working hard and learning lots of new information.  


Thursday 10/17/19:

Math: pgs. 109 & 110

Handwriting: “and”

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Wednesday 10/16/19:

Math: p. 104

Handwriting: “ant”

Phonics: Aa worksheet


Tuesday 10/15/19:

Special Note: Reading Response Journals are due tomorrow, as well as, the PUMPKIN creative writing piece.

Math: p. 100

Handwriting: “Alf”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Thursday 10/10/19:

Math: p.92

Handwriting: “green”

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Wednesday 10/9/19:

Math: p. 88

Handwriting:  “gas”

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Tuesday 10/8/19:

Math: p. 82

Handwriting: “Gus”

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Monda;y 10/7/19:

Math: p. 78

Handwriting: “Golly”

Phonics: Gg worksheet


Friday 10/4/19:

Reading Journals are in your childs schoolbag.  They are due back on Wednesday.  Enjoy reading and writing… I can’t wait to see your beautiful work. 


Thursday 10/3/19:

Math: p 67 & 68

Handwriting: “out”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Wednesday 10/2/19:

Special Note: you’ll find your child’s 1st creative writing project in their folder.

Math: p. 62

Handwriting: “on”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Tuesday 10/1/19

Special Note: Parents, please remember students “Reading Response Journals” are due tomorrow.

Math: p. 58

Handwriting: “off”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Monday 9/30/19:

Math: p.54

Handwriting: “odd”

Phonics: Oo worksheet


Friday 9/27/19

Please check your childs take home folder for instructions about the Reading Response Journal they have in their school bags… another copy of the instructions can be found on the inside cover of the notebook.


Thursday 9/26/19:

Math: p.44

Handwriting: “fox”

Phonics: worksheet


Wednesday 9/25/19:

Special Note: Johnny Appleseed day tomorrow. .. wear RED.

Math: p. 40

Handwriting: “Osward”

Phonics: Oo worksheet



Tuesday 9/24/19:

Special Notes: Tomorrow is our 1st math test.  It is simply a review of the concepts we have learned so far.  The children will do great.

Thursday is Johnny Appleseed day… children may dress down in the color RED.

Math: p. 34

Handwriting: “cap”

Phonics: Cc worksheet


Monday 9/23/19:

Math: pgs. 29 & 30

Handwriting: “Fall”

Phonics: worksheet


Thursday 9/19/19:

Special Note: tomorrow is a $1 dress down day, to support a very important cause.  Children should wear something that includes the color “orange.”  Please put money in an envelop & label it with your child’s name.

Math: p.20

Handwriting: “can”

Phonics: Cc worksheet



Wednesday 9/18/19:

Math: p.14

Handwriting: “cat”

Phoics: top, middle, bottom


Tuesday 9/17/19:

Special Note: Some of my friends did not complete their homework last night.  If you find a “blue” sticky note in their books that means they have to complete those pages, as well as, tonight’s homework.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

Math: p.10

Handwriting: “Cass”

Phonics: Cc worksheet


Monday 9/16/19:

Math: p.6   

Handwriting: Name

“The Colors of Me” worksheet (please include a picture of your child.)


Friday 9/13/19:

Students who have books in their school bag today still need to contact paper their covers.  Please do your best to have those ready for Monday.

Also, please be aware, on most every Friday the school sells ice cream to students for $1.  If you would like your child to purchase ice cream, please put their money in an envelop and label it with their name.  The envelop should be put in their take home folder (that is where we check for notes every morning.)

Have a great weekend.


Thursday 9/5/19:

Good afternoon parents.  Just a quick note to let you know that kindergarten is off to a fabulous start!  We all enjoyed our day getting aquainted with our classroom, teachers and new friends.  I’m happy to report their were smiles all around.

Homework:  Please cover students “handwriting” notebook and “math” workbook with clear contact paper, if you haven’t already.  Also, please return to school your child’s 2 pencil cases and 2 boxes of crayons… all supplies should be labeled with students name on the front.

Next Week:  I would like to give you an idea of what to look forward to next week.  We will be spending some of our classroom time taking both math and ela “beginning of year” benchmark assessments, in an effort to gather information that will be helpful in developing our lesson strategies.  We will also spend some quality time reading fun stories, that the children will then respond to through personal illustrations… focusing on both “main characters” and story’s “setting.”  As a result, formal homework assignments will not start until the week of 6/16/19… when we begin working in our math and ela workbooks in class. 


Tuesday 9/10/19:

Please cover all students books: notebook and workbook.

Also, please return any paperwork so it can be submitted to the office.

Thank you.











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