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 :/Welcome to my Kindergarten class page! You can learn more about me here.

This school year promises to be both EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING. The children will have the pleasure of getting to know the many characters of the “Superkids” reading program. Along with Cass,Oswald, Doc, Golly and others, our students will become engaged, motivated and ultimately, successful readers.

Equally as important, our kindergarten class will celebrate what it means to be a member of God’s church. They will begin building a foundation upon the lessons of God is our creator and He loves us all. They will also learn the importance of human kindness, and have daily opportunities to share such acts with all those they encounter.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this school year with your child. Teaching affords me a wonderful opportunity to inspire children to learn… not because they have to, but because they want to! I promise to do my best to make this learning experience “enjoyable” and “endless.”



Monday 6/21/21:

Hello Parents,

Just a final reminder about morning drop off tomorrow…
Please, please, please, do NOT drop students off at the main office before 10:15am… 
Teachers and aides will be decorating and preparing for our ceremony… Therefore, no one will be in the classroom to supervise the students.
Drop off is between 10:15am & 10:30am.
Thank you so much,
Mrs. Baglio


Thursday 6/17/21:

Handwriting: “We Love You!”

(Mrs. Tricia & I really, really do!)

Phonics: pg. 95


Wednesday 6/16/21:

Handwriting: “play”

Phonics: pg. 94


Monday 6/14/21:

Handwriting: “make”

Math: pgs. 641 & 642

Phonics: pg. 80 (story)


Thursday 6/10/21:

Handwriting: “said”

Math: pg. 632

Phonics: pg. 67


Wednesday 6/9/21:

Handwriting: “play”

Math: pg. 626

Phonics: Comprehension wksh pg. 66


Tuesday 6/8/21:

Handwriting: “down”

Math: pg. 622

Phonics: pg. 83


Monday 6/7/21:

Handwriting: “good”

Math: no homework

Phonics: pg. 82


 Thursday 6/3/21:

Handwriting: “now”

Math: pgs. 611 & 612 (2 pages of hmwk)

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 69


Wednesday 6/2/21:

Handwriting: “are”

Math: pg. 606

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 68


Tuesday 6/1/21:

Handwriting: “come”

Math: pg. 602

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 93


Thursday 5/27/21:

Handwriting: “what”

Math: pg. 598

*please note we skipped the “check your progress”… we will complete those pages as a class in school tomorrow. Do NOT do them for homework.

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 92


Wednesday 5/26/21:

Handwriting: “with”

Math: pg. 592

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 85


Tuesday 5/25/21:

Handwriting: “see”

Math: pg. 588

Phonics: “sentences” p. 84


Monday 5/24/21:

Handwriting: “like”

Math: no homework

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 79


Thursday 5/20/21:

Handwriting: “you”

Math: pgs. 577 & 578

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 78


Wednesday 5/19/21:

Handwriting: “has”

Math: pg. 572

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 65


Tuesday 5/18/21:

Handwriting: “have”

Math:  pg. 568

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 64


Monday 5/17/21:

Handwriting: “had”

Math: no hmwk

Phonics: “sentences” pg. 56


Thursday 5/13/21:

We are going to have a practice graduation tomorrow when children will recite their lines in front of the class… please review.

Handwriting: “said”

Math: pg. 558

Phonics: practice pg. 57


Wednesday 5/12/21:

Practice makes perfect!

Handwriting: “zero”

Math: no homework

Phonics: practice pg. 56


Tuesday 5/11/21:

Practice your lines.

Handwriting: “zoom”

Math: pg. 552

Phonics: practice pg. 55


Monday 5/10/21:

Practice for graduation

Handwriting: “zoo”

Math: pgs. 547 & 548

Phonics: practice pg. 54


Thursday 5/6/21:

Special Note:  Tomorrow is a half day, dismissal is at 11:40am, Kindergarten will be going to mass in the morning, tomorrow is the last day to submit “pizza day” orders.

Practice, of course!

Handwriting: “zebra”

Math: pg. 538

Phonics: practice pg. 53


Wednesday 5/5/21:

Practice, practice, practice.

Handwriting: “zip zap”

Math: pg. 534

Phonics:  practice pg. 52


Tuesday 5/4/21:

Practice Graduation Lines.

Handwriting: “fix”

Math: no homework

Phonics: practice pg. 51


Monday 5/3/2021:

Practice Graduation Lines… each child will say them in front of the class.

Handwriting: “ax”

Math: pg. 528

Phonics: practice pg. 50


Thursday 4/29/21:

Practice Graduation Lines… every night.

Handwriting: “six”

Math: pg. 520

Phonics: practice pg. 49


Wednesday 4/28/21:

Practice Graduation Lines

Handwriting: “fox”

Math: pg. 516

Phonics: practice pg. 48


Tuesday 4/27/21:

Practice Graduation Lines

Handwriting: “box”

Math: no homework

Phonics: practice pg. 47


Monday 4/26/21:

Special Note:  You will find a small piece of paper stapled to your child’s folder.  These are lines your child will recite at graduation.  Please practice these lines EVERY night in preparation for our graduation ceremony on June 22nd.  (Each child will stand on the stage and recite the lines given to them.)

Handwriting: “jacket”

Math: pg. 510

Phonics: practice pg. 45


Thursday 4/22/21:

Handwriting: “jump”

Math: pg. 500

Phonics: practice pg. 44

Sight Words


Wednesday 4/21/21:

Handwriting: “jar”

Math: pg. 496

Phonics: practice pgs. 42 & 43


Tuesday 4/20/21:

Handwriting: “Jill”

Math: no homework

Phonics: practice pg. 41

All Sight Words

Please be sure to send in story books.


Monday 4/19/21:

Handwriting: “Jack”

Math: pg. 490

Phonics: practice pg. 40

If you have not sent in your child’s storybook, please do so by tomorrow… we will begin our writing project on Wed. 4/21.

Practice the whole “Sight Word” worksheet… we will be getting a new list of words next week.


Friday 4/16/21:

Next Wed. 4/21, students will begin to work on a writing activity in class… where they will give a “review” of a storybook they’ve read.

Please read a short storybook with your child and review it (before Wed.)… making sure your child knows what the main idea of the story is & whether they liked it or not.

Please send the storybook with them to school, so we can refer back to it for details in our writing (books will go back home with the student on Friday.)


Thursday 4/15/21:

Handwriting: “queen”

Math: pg. 482

Phonics: practice pg. 39

Sight Words


Wednesday 4/14/21:

Handwriting: “quilt”

Math: no hmwk

Phonics: practice pg. 38

Sight Words


Tuesday 4/13/21:

Handwriting: “kind”

Math: pg. 476

Phonics: practice pg. 37

Sight Words


Monday 4/12/21:

Handwriting: “king”

Math: pgs. 471 & 472

Phonics: practice pg. 36

Practice “List I” & “colors” of the Sight Words


Tuesday 3/30/21:

Have a beautiful and blessed Easter Sunday.

Enjoy the break everyone!


Monday 3/29/21:

Handwriting: “wag”

Math: pg. 462

Phonics: practice pgs. 33 & 34

Practice List I of Sight Words


Friday 3/26/21:

Hello Parents, 

I sent home the April writing assignment yesterday afternoon.

If you would like to submit those next week, to avoid any “homework” over the vacation…

please feel free to do so… but it is not officially due until we return from break.


Thursday 3/25/21:

Handwriting: “vest”

Math: pg. 454

Phonics: practice pg. 32

Sight Words: list II


Wednesday 3/24/21:

Handwriting: “van”

Math: pg. 450

Phonics: practice pg. 31

Sight Words: list II


Tuesday 3/23/21:

Handwriting: “violin”

Math: no homework

Phonics: practice pg. 30

Sight Words: list II


Monday 3/22/21:

Please practice “LIST II” on the sight word list… this whole week for hmwk.

Handwriting: “vet”

Math: pg. 444

Phonics: practice pg. 29


Friday 3/19/21:

Please continue to review LIST I sight words over the weekend.


Thursday 3/18/21:

Handwriting: “peaches”

Math: pg. 436

Phonics: “Writing Words” worksheet (pg. 55)

Review “LIST I” of sight words


Wednesday 3/17/21:

Handwriting: “party”

Math: pg. 432

Phonics: “Writing Words” worksheet (pg. 54)

Review “LIST I” of sight words


Tuesday 3/16/21:

Handwriting: “picnic”

Math: (No homework)

Phonics: practice pg. 27

Review LIST I of sight words


Monday 3/15/21:

Please practice LIST I of the sight word worksheet each night this week for homework.

Handwriting: “pizza”

Math: pg. 426 (ch. 11 test tomorrow)

Phonics: practice pg. 26



Friday 3/12/21:

Hello Parents,

Yesterday afternoon a “sight words” worksheet was stapled to the back of your child’s GSCA folder.  Please leave it there, as “sight word” practice will become a regular part of our daily homework assignments.

Mrs. Baglio


Thursday 3/11/21:

Handwriting: “mask”

Math: pg. 416

Phonics: practice pg. 25


Wednesday 3/10/21:

handwriting: “moon”

Math: pg. 412

Phonics: *2 practice pgs. 22 & 23


Tuesday 3/9/21:

Handwriting: “map”

Math: no homework

Phonics: practice pg. 21


Monday 3/8/21:

Special Note: Please return Parent/Teacher conference appointments, asap.

Handwriting: “mop”

Math: pg. 406

Phonics: practice pg. 20


Thursday 3/4/21:

Handwriting: “nest”

Math: pg. 398

Phonics: practice pg. 19


Wednesday 3/3/21:

Handwriting: “nice”

Math: pg. 394

Phonics: practice pg. 18


Tuesday 3/2/21:

Special Note: Our March writing assignment is due this Friday, 3/5/21.

Handwriting: “nail”

Math: pg. 390

Phonics: practice pg. 17


Monday 3/1/21:

In celebration of the 100th day of school…



Thursday 2/25/21:

Handwriting: “night”

Math: No homework tonight ;0)

Phonics: practice pg. 16


Wednesday 2/24/21:

Handwriting: “noon”

Math: pg. 380

Phonics: practice pg.  15


Monday 2/22/21:

Welcome back students!

Handwriting: “rag”

Math: pg. 370

Phonics: practice pg. 10


Friday 2/12/21:

I wanted to share a very special thank you to everyone for the beautiful “teacher appreciation” cards and delicious cookies.

It really means the world to me.  I absolutely love all my students and they each add something so special to my school year.  Its a blast getting to know them and help them on their way. THANK YOU!!!

Mrs. Tricia asked me to share her many thanks as well.


Thursday 2/11/21:

Dress down tomorrow… Decades… 80’s

Handwriting: “tub”

Math: pg. 366

Phonics: Practice pg. 9


Wednesday 2/10/21:

Dress down tomorrow… pajama day

Handwriting: “rub”

Math: pg. 360

Phonics: Practice pg. 8


Tuesday 2/9/21:

Dress down tomorrow… mix and match

Handwriting: “baby”

Math: pg. 356

Phonics: Practice pg. 5


Monday 2/8/21:

Dress down tomorrow- career day/ sports day

Handwriting: “bread”

Math: pg. 352

Phonics: Practice pg. 4


Friday 2/5/21: Monday is Patriotic Day… dress in red, white, & blue

Special Note:  I’m sending the children home with all their materials this weekend… just as a precaution, because the weather man is “hinting” at snow on Sunday.

Please send back ALL materials on Monday. 

Thanks so much,

Mrs. Baglio


Thursday 2/4/21:

Handwriting: “bells”

Math: pg. 344

Phonics: Practice pg. 3


Wednesday 2/3/21:

Handwriting: “bus”

Math: pg. 340

Phonics: Practice pg. 2


Friday 1/29/21:

All “Black History” month writing pieces are due on Monday…

don’t forget to decorate.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday 1/28/21:

Handwriting: “mug”

Math: pg. 334

Phonics: “U” practice sheet


Wednesday 1/27/21:

Handwriting: “tug”

Math: pgs. 329 & 330

Phonics: Practice pg. 82


Tuesday 1/26/21:

Special Note: In reference to Catholic Schools Week… on that Friday, the school will be dressing down in honor of the different decades…

Kindergarten will be wearing 80’s Fashion!!! Break out your florescent/neon colors!!! 

Handwriting: “hug”

Math: pg. 324

Phonics: Practice pg. 81


Monday 1/25/21:

Handwriting: “under”

Math: pg. 320

Phonics: Practice pg. 80


Thursday 1/21/21:

Handwriting: “up”

Math: pg. 314

Phonics: Practice pg. 79


Wednesday 1/20/21:

Handwriting: “us”

Math: pg. 310

Phonics: Practice pg. 78


Tuesday 1/19/21:

Handwriting: “heart”

Phonics: Practice pg. 76

No Math Homework


Thursday 1/14/21:

Handwriting: “horn”

Math: pg. 304     (Ch. 8 test Tuesday)

Phonics: Practice pg. 75


Wednesday 1/13/21:

Handwriting: “hand”

Math: pgs. 299 & 300

Phonics: Practice pg. 74


Tuesday 1/12/21:

Special Note:

  1. Please look at the front cover of your child’s GSCA folder, to find the Re-registration form Mr. O’Brien spoke about.
  2. Handwriting: students should now write first & last name at the top of each homework page… also, they should write 2 columns down the pg, for the vocabulary word.

Handwriting: “hat”

Math: pg. 294

Phonics: Practice pg. 73


Monday 1/11/21:

Handwriting: “Hot Rod”

Math: pg. 290

Phonics: Practice pg. 72


Thursday 1/7/21:

Handwriting: “extra”

Math: pg. 286

Phonics: Practice pgs. 69 & 70 


Wednesday 1/6/21:

Handwriting: “elf”

Math: pg. 280

Phonics: Practice pg. 68


Tuesday 1/5/21:

Handwriting: “egg”

Math: pg. 276

Phonics: Practice pg. 67


Monday 1/4/21:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Parents, please send back “ALL” materials, including Math workbooks, Volume I (everything was sent home as a precaution… they are still necessary to continue on with our daily lessons.)

Handwriting: “Ettabetta”

Math: pg. 272

Phonics: Practice pg. 66


Wednesday 12/16/20:

Special Note:  All students are expected to join me on our Google Meet  at 9:30am tomorrow… you can find the invite in your child’s gmail.

Handwriting: “fun”

Math: pg. 256

Phonics: Practice pg. 64


Tuesday 12/15/20:

Handwriting: “fast”

Math: pg. 252

Phonics: Practice pg. 63


Monday 12/14/20:

Handwriting: “fish”

Math: pg. 248

Phonics: Practice pg. 62


Thursday 12/10/20:

Handwriting: “frog”

Math: pg. 242

Phonics: Practice pg. 61


Wednesday 12/9/20:

Handwriting: “Frits”

Math: pg. 238

Phonics: Practice pg. 60


Monday 12/7/20:

Special Note: No school tomorrow… as we celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Handwriting: “tag”

Math: pg. 232

Phonics: Practice pg. 58


Thursday 12/3/20:

Special note: Please check the front of your child’s GS folder, to find your confirmed parent/teacher appointment time.

Handwriting: “to”

Math: pgs. 227 & 228

Phonics: practice pg. 57


Wednesday 12/2/20:

Handwriting: “Toc”

Math: pg. 222

Phonics: practice pg. 56


Tuesday 12/1/20:

Handwriting: “Tac”

Math: pg. 218

Phonics: practice pg. 55


Monday 11/30/20:

Special Note:  Don’t forget Kindergarten dismisses at 1:30pm tomorrow… teacher professional development.

Handwriting: “Tic”

Math: pg. 2143

Phonics: Practice pg. 54


Tuesday 11/24/20:

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving gift.  It means so much & I truly appreciate it.

It is a pleasure to share my days with your children… thank you for entrusting them to me.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Tricia has suffered a great loss & is not in school with us today, but she wanted me to extend her 

sincere thanks as well.

We hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday.

Stay safe, happy & healthy.

Mrs. Baglio


Monday 11/23/20:

*Tomorrow is Pizza day… if you did not send in money for pizza, please be sure to send your child in with lunch.

Handwriting: “thanks”

Math: pg. 206

No phonics worksheet


Thursday 11/19/20:

*Tomorrow, we will take the final part of the I-Ready “reading” exam… 9:30-10:00am

Handwriting: “slid”

Math: pg. 200

Phonics: practice page 51


Wednesday 11/18/20:

*All pizza money is due tomorrow… for pizza day next week, Tues. 24th.

*Tomorrow, we will take part 1 of the I-Ready “reading” exam… 9:30-10am.

Handwriting: “in”

Math: pg. 196

Phonics: practice page 49


Tuesday 11/17/20:

*Tomorrow, we will take part 2 of the I-Ready “math” exam… 9:30am-10:00am

Handwriting: “ill”

Math: pg. 192

Phonics: practice page 48


Monday 11/16/20:

*Parents, please check the “Scheduled Absence List” to confirm if your child is expected to be learning from home on a given day.

Handwriting: “Icky”

Math: pg. 186

Phonics: practice page 47


Friday 11/13/20:

Dear Parents,

Kindergarten will be taking an “I-Ready” assessment next week on Tues. 11/17, Wed. 11/18, Thurs. 11/19, and Fri. 11/20.  The test will be given first thing in the morning (9:30am) and last for approximately 20-30 minutes each session.  It will focus on reading and math skills.  It will be given to them on student I-pads, provided by the school.

(Tues & Wed will be math, Thurs & Fri will be reading.)

The test is simply a tool meant to offer teachers an inside look into each child’s individual performance.  This information will be used to tailor individualized instruction going forward. 

This test is designed to measure each student’s performance on an individual basis.  Meaning, the questions will be tailored to the student based on their answers.  If they consistently answer questions correctly, the following questions will increase in difficulty.  If the student then answers questions incorrectly, the computer will adjust the level of difficulty trying to find the students comfort level, while challenging them at the same time.

Students can not prepare for the test academically, but they should get the proper amount of rest each night and start the day with a balanced breakfast. 

Fully remote students will be expected to complete the exam at home, at the same time as those in class.  Teachers will provide parents with a user ID and password, the morning of the exam. 

As a result, google meets will need to be adjusted. 


Mrs. Robin, Mrs. Baglio, Mrs. Karolee & Mrs. Tricia 


Thursday 11/12/20:

Handwriting: “lion”

Math: pg. 176

Phonics: practice page 43

(Those students who are “rotating absences”… hold onto your classwork & homework, you can show me the next day you’re in school.)


Tuesday 11/10/20:

Handwriting: “Lass”

Math: pg. 172

Phonics: practice page 42 (already at home)

*We do not have school tomorrow, as it’s Veteran’s Day.

*Please empty your child’s school folders… all the worksheets done during remote learning were already submitted & checked on option c.


Monday 11/9/20:

Handwriting: “Lad”

Math: pg. 168

Phonics: practice page 41 (already at home)


Wednesday 11/4/20:

Handwriting: “sad”

Math: pg. 158

Phonics: practice pgs. 37 & 38


Tuesday 11/3/20:

Handwriting: “sag”

Math: pg. 154

Phonics: practice page 36

Re-read Forest Election story, cut & color the animal you will vote for.


Monday 11/2/20:

Handwriting: “soc”

Math: pg. 150

Phonics: practice page 35


Thursday 10/29/20:

Handwriting: “Sal”

Math: pgs. 143 & 144

Phonics: practice page 34


Wednesday 10/28/20:

Handwriting: “dig”

Math: pgs 139 & 140

Phonics: practice page 32 


Tuesday 10/27/20:

Handwriting: “doll”

Math: pg. 134

Phonics: practice page 31


Monday 10/26/20:

Handwriting: “dot”

Math: pg. 130

Phonics: practice page 29


Thursday 10/22/20:

Handwriting: “dog”

Math: pg. 120

Phonics: practice page 30


Wednesday 10/21/20:

Handwriting: “Doc”

Math: pgs. 113 & 114

Phonics: practice page 28


Tuesday 10/20/20:

Handwriting: “lap”

Math: pgs. 109 & 110

Phonics: practice page 25


Monday 10/19/20:

Handwriting: “map”

Math; pg. 104

Phonics: practice page 24


Thursday 10/15/20:

Handwriting: “apple”

Math: pg. 96

Phonics: practice page 23


Wednesday 10/14/20:

Handwriting: “ant”

Math: pg. 92

Phonics: practice page 22


Tuesday 10/13/20:

Handwriting: “Alf”

Math: pg. 88

Phonics: practice page 21


Thursday 10/8/20:

Handwriting: “good”

Math: p. 78

Phonics: practice page 18


Wednesday 10/7/20:

Handwriting: “go”

Math: pg. 72

Phonics: practice page 17


Tuesday 10/6/20:

Please check option c & your child’s Gmail for instructions to our Google Classroom tomorrow.

Information to be posted later today.

Handwriting: green

Math: pgs 67 & 68

Phonics: practice page 16


Monday 10/5/20:

Special Note:

Please check option C:

Hello Parents, 

Unfortunately, we will be switching to remote learning starting tomorrow, Tues. 10/6.

Please check your child’s G-mail account in the morning, to find an invitation to our Google Meet.

Our classes will begin at 9:30am and finish at approximately, 11am.

We will be covering Superkids and Math.

I would like to request that each student “accept” the google meet invitation, before 8:30am… so I know your child will be present for the day & I can mark them accordingly for attendance.

(But the classes themselves do NOT begin until 9:30am.)

Also, please accept the invitation to our “Google Classroom”… a reminder was sent out yesterday via gmail.

(G-mail accounts: username- first initial of first name, last name @ gscabk. org (no spaces)… password- abcd1234)


Handwriting: “Golly”

Math: p. 62

Phonics: p. 15


Thursday 10/1/20:

Handwriting: “or”

Math: p. 58

Phonics: short “o”


Wednesday 9/30/20:

Handwriting: “off”

Math: p. 54

Phonics: p. 13


Tuesday 9/29/20:

Handwriting: “ox”

Math: p. 48

Phonics: p.12


Monday 9/28/20:

Special Note:  Due to the change in scheduling in Kindergarten B, the following students will be asked to stay home & join the class remotely for learning on the following days:

Adrianna Graziano – Wednesday 9/30/20

Riley Hammel – Thursday 10/1/20

Please check your child’s G-mail account to find an invitation to our “Google Meet”… they’re scheduled from approximately 9:30a-11a (a break between on Thursday, due to gym class.)

Handwriting: “odd”

Math: p. 44

Phonics: p. 11



Thursday 9/24/20:

Special Note:

  1.  Students do NOT have to wear uniforms tomorrow.  Instead, we ask they wear something red… we are celebrating Johnny Appleseed day.  Also, please try to include an apple treat for snack time.

      2. When a student misses a homework assignment, a post-it is put on the page as a reminder… the student is then expected to complete that page, as well as, the new assignment.

Handwriting: “on”

Math: p.34

Phonics: p. 10


Wednesday 9/23/20:

Special Note:

We will take our first math test tomorrow. 

A friendly reminder… I have some students NOT completing all the assigned math pages for homework & other students working “ahead.”

It’s very important that students do the assigned work each night, as it is meant to reinforce that day’s lesson.

It is equally as important that they DON’T go ahead in the lessons.  I need them to be attentive during class and working at the pace I’ve established.

Thank you so much for understanding.


Handwriting: “Oswald”

Math: p. 33

Phonics: p. 9


Tuesday 9/22/20:

Handwriting: “cap”

Math: p. 29 & 30

Phonics: p. 7


Monday 9/21/20:

Handwriting: “cup”

Math: p. 24

Phonics: p. 6


Thursday 9/17/20:

Special Note:

  1. Please be mindful, students have 3 pieces of homework every night… Handwriting, math & phonics.

Homework must be completed each night, as it is meant to be a reinforcement of that day’s lessons.

       2. Please consider packing students “morning snack” in a separate container or bag… children are having a difficult time

refraining from eating their lunch as well.  I would hate for anyone to be hungry come lunch time.


Handwriting: “can”  (please have students do their best to fill the page)

Math: P. 20

Phonics: wk sh pg. 5


Wednesday 9/16/20:

Special Note:

1. Please return notes (student handbook & photo release) that were sent home yesterday, signed.

2. Please empty your child’s “Good Shepherd” folder & “homework” folder each nigh.


Handwriting: (name at top of page, followed by vocabulary word)  “cat”

Math: P. 14

Phonics: P.3  (please return these worksheets in the paper homework folder every school day.)


Tuesday 9/15/20:

Handwriting: (name at top of page, followed by vocabulary word) “Cass”

Math: P. 10

Phonics: P. 4


MONDAY 9/14/20:

Handwriting: “Name”

Math: P. 6

Phonics: worksheet pg. 2


Special Note: Parents, please make sure your child comes to school everyday with the pencil case I provided last week… it should have all their supplies.

Also, they must bring in their: 2 folders (GS folder & paper folder), blue/white notebook, math wkbk .

All these materials are necessary to complete the work we are doing throughout the school day.

Thanks so much.

Mrs. Baglio





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