Good Shepherd Catholic Academy offers a well-rounded curriculum that meets students where they are and helps them to reach their full potential. Our teachers draw on their experience and passion 

to design effective lessons placing students at the center of the learning experience. With a variety of resources, enhanced by the incorporation of technology, our students are able to discover all our world has to offer and demonstrate their knowledge with the 21st century skills they have acquired.

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2018-2019 NYS ELA and Math Test Results

Grades 4, 6 and 7

Comparative Chart

Percentage of Students Scoring at Levels 3 and 4 (Proficient and Excels in NYS Standards for their grade):

2018-2019 NYS

Testing Program

New York State

(includes all Public and Charter Schools in NY State – no Nonpublic Schools data)

New York City

( only NY City Public Schools – no Charter Schools, no Nonpublic Schools data)

Diocese of Brooklyn

(Academies and Schools within the Diocese with appropriate grade levels tested)

Good Shepherd Catholic Academy
Grade 4-ELA 47% 49.6% 54.7% 59%
Grade 6-ELA 47.1% 48.4% 59.8% 74%
Grade 7-ELA 39.7% 42.7 % 54.9% 40%
Grade 4-Math 50.4% 49.4% 51.3% 82%
Grade 6-Math 47.0% 43.9% 43.7% 41%
Grade 7-Math 43.5% 42.1% 42.4% 56%