Staff Directory

Board Chair: Mrs. Sheila Hanley –
Principal: Mr. John OBrien –
School Secretary: Marie Del Gaizo –


6th, 7th, and 8th Grade – Miss Grace Rampulla | Class Page
6th, 7th, and 8thGrade – Mrs. Crystal Gomez | Class Page
6th, 7th, and 8th Grade -Mr. Timothy Dillon| Class Page
4th and 5th Grade – Mrs. Linda Seliste | Class Page
4th and 5th Grade – Miss Maria Resciniti | Class Page
3rd Grade – Mrs. Mary DeNonno | Class Page
2nd Grade – Mrs. Josephine Federico | Class Page
1st Grade – Mrs. Valerie Mangano | Class Page
Kindergarten – Mrs. Robin Troisi, Mrs. Karolee Cranston | Class Page
Junior Pre-K – Mrs. Marie Neuner, Mrs. Stephanie Cole-Jacobs| Class Page
Universal Pre-K A – Mrs. Loriann Giordano, Mrs. Patricia Caroleo, Mrs. Alison Polito | Class Page
Universal Pre-K B – Ms. Jessica Dwyer, Mrs. Patricia Powers | Class Page

Special Subjects:
– Computer – Mrs. Jennifer Grech
– Physical Education – Mr. Gary Solberg
– Music – Mrs. Carol Courtien
– Modern Language- Dr. Maria DiLorenzo-Kearon
– Dance – Mrs. Maureen Byrnes