GSCA Super Raffle

Good Shepherd will be holding an important Super Raffle Fundraiser this Winter/Spring. We will be selling 400 hundred raffle tickets for $100 each. Several prize amounts will be offered including $10,000 to the grand prize winner. Purchase your ticket today!

As of May 11th, all tickets have been sold. Many thanks to all of our supporters!

Good Shepherd Closed Tomorrow – 10/5/20

Good afternoon. I am sure you have heard by now that the governor announced that all schools in the “hotspot” zipcodes will have to close effective tomorrow. 

This is disapointing and devastating, especialy since our students and staff have been doing a wonderful job following our protocols and procedures, and we have not had one Covid case in our school community. 

Attached, please find a letter that the NY State Catholic Conference has sent to the mayor and governor. I was also informed today that Bishop DiMarzio and Cardinal Dolan will be meeting with the governor today to advocate for our schools remaining open.

A second attachment with a diocesan press release is attached.

The Superintendent is encourage all parents to call the governor’s office with the following script:

“At Good Shepherd Catholic Academy, all of the guidelines set forth New York City and New York State are being followed. My child (children) is (are) safe and learning. He/She should not be penalized because some in the community refuse to wear masks and/or follow social distancing guidelines.”

The following phone number should be used when calling the Governor: 518-474-8390.

I will be meeting with teachers after dismissal today. Each teacher will conduct live lessons tomorrow. They will send a message through Option C (Remind for Pre-K) by this evening with scheduling details. All students should be in their gym uniform. I will begin the day with prayers and announcements, which will stream live on our school Facebook page – at 8:10 am.

Again, I know we are all disappointed. As with all things, we will work together so that our students succeed, regardless of the setting!

Finally, if you need to pick up materials or a device, you may do so tomorrow between 9 and 11, or between 12 and 2. Please email me at to let me know what you need to pick up.

Stay hopeful and prayerful!

Mr. O’Brien


REVISED schools statement (1)

Grade 5 Mrs. Seliste

October 11, 2016

Grade 4

study facts quiz on 0-8 this week

******Morning Math class Thursday morning (Math class is not always the same day every week)

Grade 5

*****Morning Math class Friday this week


Grade 4

Math p. 56

Quiz Friday/prime and composite #, factors, multiples and patterns

Science test Thursday chapter 1/ study notebook

Ear buds must be in school every day

Grade 5

Math p. 234

Test Friday on unit 1

Science quiz Thursday/ see notebook

Book order due Thursday

Ear buds need to be in school every day

Religion- bring in a recent article or picture of the corporal or spiritual works of mercy due Thursday



Sp. words 2x each

Math p14 LG Study new voc. words in the back of your notebook

Read worksheet

Rel p 30 Study for your prayer test

Work on your reports