Students Honored for Academic Success

On Monday, December 18th, students in K-8 gathered for our First Trimester Academic Awards Assembly. The students did an incredible job during the first trimester, as 63% of eligible students earned academic honors!


Christmas Show a Success!

The students of Good Shepherd Catholic Academy did a wonderful job at our 3rd annual Christmas Show on Thursday, December 14th. The show featured performances from our experienced musicians, our vocal group, and each one of our classes. The 4th grade also performed a Nativity pageant. Many thanks to Mrs. Courtien and all of the teachers for their help in preparing the students.

Ring Day

On Friday, our 8th graders reached another milestone on their journey to graduation as they received their school rings. We are so proud of our 8th graders and look forward to a wonderful rest of the year.

Principal’s Update – 9/29/17

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Good evening. As our first month of school concludes, I hope you continue to find these principals updates informative and useful.


Please see below for some important updates and reminders.


Upcoming Events


9/25 8th Grade Graduation Pictures will be taken

Student Council Assembly

9/26 Final Day to order October lunch in Option C

9/27 Boy Scouts Visit to grades K-8

Bishop Loughlin Visit to 8th Grade

10/2 Candy Sale Ends

10/3 Xaverian Visit to 8th Grade

10/4 First Day of Band Practice

10/6 First Friday Mass at 11am/12:30 Dismissal for  Jr. Pre-K and K-8

FDNY Smokehouse – Grades 3-8

10/9 School Closed – Columbus Day Observance

10/12 Buddy Day for 8th Grade Girls at Fontbonne Hall Academy

10/13 Radio Bingo

10/14 Confirmation Retreat 11am – 3pm

10/10 Terra Nova Exams Begin

10/20 Terra Nova Exams End

Buddy Day for 8th Grade Girls at Bishop Kearney

Buddy Day for 8th Grade Boys at Cathedral Prep


Academic Highlights


From Ms. Dwyer – Pre-K B: Pre-k B has been off to a great start! We have had tons of fun getting to know one another and making new friends.The last two weeks have been focusing on what we will learn and do in Pre-k. We learned new songs, and read exciting new stories. We created name mosaics and last week, we explored feelings and what our feelings mean. We shared our feelings, and then we created feeling portraits of ourselves using paper plates, mirrors and art materials to decorate them. With this, we have been discussing everyday about classroom rules, and how we respect one another and make good choices in school. This week we just finished our unit on All about me and the people in my community. We created self portraits of ourselves using different materials to replicate our own physical features. They created beautiful work!


In our Building Blocks curriculum, we have been learning how to count verbally from 1 to 10 in connection  with the song ‘This Old Man’. We have been learning and practicing in centers in our small group how to connect number words to quantities they represent. We have been focusing  this week on grouping. (I.e. groups of 2, 4, 6 ) We have been learning through modeling. I will show each child a group of a number I have made using counters on a paper plate and they have to count and say how many counters are in the group on the plate. Once they have guessed the correct number in that group, they have to replicate the same number group using the counters on their own plate. We have some great mathematicians in Pre -K B!


From Mrs. Federico – 2nd Grade: Our Second Graders are off to a great new school year- filled with learning and fun! We especially enjoyed celebrating and wearing red for Johnny Appleseed.

In ElA, we just finished a Superkids warm up unit and started unit one. We’ve focusing on understanding characters and citing text evidence. We also learned and practiced how to write A-Get-to-Know-Me-Letter.

In Science, we were excited to visit the lab for the third time this week. We practiced our lab skills as we examined the weight and volume of solids and concluded that the larger object is not always heavier than a small object.

In Social Studies, we’ve been learning about compass rose and how to read map directions. To put our skill to the test, we created a map of a kings castle.

In Religion, we’ve learned about how God sent his son Jesus Christ to be with us and discussed how he continues to be with us always.


From Mr. Dillon – 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades:


6th Math: We learned how to find the part of a value given the percent and the whole.

7th Math: We learned how to construct graphs and identify proportional relationships.

8th Math: We learned how to find square and cubic roots on the calculator and perform operations with them.

6th ELA: We read several stories and talked about how to extract details in order to answer questions on plot and theme.

6th Religion: We discussed how humans are made in God’s imagine and responsible for looking over all of God’s creations.


Heard in the Halls


We used hydrochloric acid and nobody got hurt! – Teacher


Saliva is good. – Teacher


Words of Wisdom


Today is the wonderful feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, the Archangels. Allow me to share with you the great prayer of St. Michael:


Saint Michael Archangel,

defend us in battle,

be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil;

may God rebuke him, we humbly pray;

and you, O Prince of the heavenly host,

by the power of God, cast into hell

Satan and all the evil spirits

who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls.



Have a great weekend!


  • Mr. OBrien

Students View Rare Relic of St. Jude

On Monday, September 18th, Good Shepherd Catholic Academy students attended an assembly with Dominican Father Michael Ford. The students had the incredible opportunity of seeing and venerating relics of several saints, including the Apostle, St. Jude. Click the link below for NET TV’s video coverage of the assembly, which was made by Good Shepherd graduate Michelle Powers.


Academic Highlights – Week of 9/11/17

From Miss Rampulla – 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades: The 6th and 7th grade students will be introduced to Properties of Matter in Science. They will understand that elements are categorized by group and period in the Periodic table.They will be introduced to elements and compounds and the relationship between them. The 8th grade will be learning about Heat and Heat. Students will understand the relationship between heat, thermal energy, and temperature.


From Mrs. Seliste – 4th and 5th Grade: Welcome Back!

The fourth and fifth graders have been very excited to visit the new Science Lab. They are very serious about their investigations. And they look like real scientists with their lab coats on. The fourth grade is learning about the nervous system and the fifth grade is using the microscope as well as concave and convex lenses to conduct their activities.

The fifth grade is learning about order of operations in Math and looking forward to learning about the relics of St . Jude when we visit the church Monday afternoon.

The fourth grade is working on a chapter about Reconciliation and God’s forgiveness in Religion and in Math we are practicing multiplication and problem solving.  

From Mrs. Robin – Kindergarten: The Kindergarten class is off to a wonderful start.  We have explored the Story of Creation and know that God made each and everyone of us special in our own way.  We have promised to treat each other with kindness and respect.

In our new reading series, we have met our first Superkid Character and her name is Cass.  Please ask your child to discuss Cass with you over the weekend. They should be able to tell you about her pet, some of the things she likes to do and what happens when she is getting ready to go to school.

We made our first trip to the Science Lab on Thursday.  We read a book “Goodnight Lab” and we discussed different ways to make observations.  We explored some of the science tools we will be using in the lab this year.

All Year’s Reunion – October 21, 2017

Good Shepherd Catholic Academy is happy to announce it is hosting its first All Year’s Reunion on Saturday, October 21st. All alumni of Good Shepherd School and Good Shepherd Catholic Academy are invited to attend. The reunion will begin with the 5:00 pm Mass and will be followed by school tours and a reception.

The fee for the reunion is $50 per person. Checks, made payable to Good Shepherd Catholic Academy, can be mailed to the school, or you can click below to register and pay through PayPal.


Phone Lines Down

Please be advised that our phone lines will be down today through Friday, July 28th due to a system upgrade. Please feel free to email the principal, Mr. O’Brien, at or Mrs. Del Gaizo in the main office, at

Academic Highlights – Week of 5/8/17

From Miss Andrezzi – Pre-K B: Pre-K B started our unit on Babies this week. We learned that babies need food, water, love and lots of sleep!  We began to turn our dramatic play area into our very own baby nursery. We were also lucky to have a visit from one of our moms who brought in her baby and taught us a lot about how the baby needs to be cared for in a special way. Nurse Joanne also visited us and talked to us about pediatric nurses, who are nurses that care for babies. Nurse Joanne read us a book about nurses and how important they are in caring for babies. We will begin learning about baby animals next week so we are excited to watch our ladybug larva grow. We ended our week with a very special Mother’s Day Tea. We enjoyed singing, eating and making a special craft with our moms and grandmas.


From Mrs. Suhovsky – 3rd Grade: Our third grade play has finally arrived. We have our costumes and know our lines and songs. Tuesday is our big day! Join us if you can at 9am.

Thursday we visited the Prospect Park Zoo. We engaged in a scavenger hunt and had a great day.

We are learning about Spain and have used our chrome books to gather information about the country.

In Science we are studying ecosystems. We are learning about how the plants and animals interact  with each other. We have also viewed several videos to learn more about them.


From Mrs. Gomez – 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades: and followers of Islam.  Students will be learning about the interactions across the eastern hemisphere.  We will have a culminating project in which we will create our own maps and explain how ideas and items spread along the Silk Roads, Indian Ocean and the Trans Saharan trade routes.


7th Grade SS:  Students are nearing the end of the unit on Westward Expansion.  I look forward to our small in class webquest on the Trail of Tears by the Cherokee Indians and how they impacted the people and the culture during this time.  The following topic we will be the reformation movements in which we explore influential peoples that took part in the abolitionist movement.


7th Grade Religion:  Students recently completed a project about Religious Tolerance.  They researched a different faith, learned about the culture, compared it to Catholicism and wrote a letter to a religious leader in order to promote religious tolerance.  Students will be studying about the changes that occur during adolescence.  We will focus on living out our vocations and how to answer God’s call.


8th Grade ELA:  Students have been reading “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.  The focus of in class discussions is around the cause and effect relationship between events that lead up to the tragic end to our play.  Students also have been evaluating the impact of big and small decisions that we make and how they affect the main characters in our play.  Students will continue to read the final act in our books and will celebrate with watching the movie in class.  At the end of the movie, students will compare and contrast the play to what we viewed.
8th Grade SS:   Students conducted a short research project about WWII and its causes.  Students also researched the history of William Shakespeare by selecting topics of interest and working in small groups.  The project was turned into a newspaper article with creative aspects added by the group.  Students will continue to learn about WWII and how it transformed the US and its effects globally.  We will soon learn about the struggle of nuclear superpowers that occurred during the period of the Cold War.