Academic Highlights – Week of 9/11/17

From Miss Rampulla – 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades: The 6th and 7th grade students will be introduced to Properties of Matter in Science. They will understand that elements are categorized by group and period in the Periodic table.They will be introduced to elements and compounds and the relationship between them. The 8th grade will be learning about Heat and Heat. Students will understand the relationship between heat, thermal energy, and temperature.


From Mrs. Seliste – 4th and 5th Grade: Welcome Back!

The fourth and fifth graders have been very excited to visit the new Science Lab. They are very serious about their investigations. And they look like real scientists with their lab coats on. The fourth grade is learning about the nervous system and the fifth grade is using the microscope as well as concave and convex lenses to conduct their activities.

The fifth grade is learning about order of operations in Math and looking forward to learning about the relics of St . Jude when we visit the church Monday afternoon.

The fourth grade is working on a chapter about Reconciliation and God’s forgiveness in Religion and in Math we are practicing multiplication and problem solving.  

From Mrs. Robin – Kindergarten: The Kindergarten class is off to a wonderful start.  We have explored the Story of Creation and know that God made each and everyone of us special in our own way.  We have promised to treat each other with kindness and respect.

In our new reading series, we have met our first Superkid Character and her name is Cass.  Please ask your child to discuss Cass with you over the weekend. They should be able to tell you about her pet, some of the things she likes to do and what happens when she is getting ready to go to school.

We made our first trip to the Science Lab on Thursday.  We read a book “Goodnight Lab” and we discussed different ways to make observations.  We explored some of the science tools we will be using in the lab this year.