Academic Highlights – Week of 5/8/17

From Miss Andrezzi – Pre-K B: Pre-K B started our unit on Babies this week. We learned that babies need food, water, love and lots of sleep!  We began to turn our dramatic play area into our very own baby nursery. We were also lucky to have a visit from one of our moms who brought in her baby and taught us a lot about how the baby needs to be cared for in a special way. Nurse Joanne also visited us and talked to us about pediatric nurses, who are nurses that care for babies. Nurse Joanne read us a book about nurses and how important they are in caring for babies. We will begin learning about baby animals next week so we are excited to watch our ladybug larva grow. We ended our week with a very special Mother’s Day Tea. We enjoyed singing, eating and making a special craft with our moms and grandmas.


From Mrs. Suhovsky – 3rd Grade: Our third grade play has finally arrived. We have our costumes and know our lines and songs. Tuesday is our big day! Join us if you can at 9am.

Thursday we visited the Prospect Park Zoo. We engaged in a scavenger hunt and had a great day.

We are learning about Spain and have used our chrome books to gather information about the country.

In Science we are studying ecosystems. We are learning about how the plants and animals interact  with each other. We have also viewed several videos to learn more about them.


From Mrs. Gomez – 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades: and followers of Islam.  Students will be learning about the interactions across the eastern hemisphere.  We will have a culminating project in which we will create our own maps and explain how ideas and items spread along the Silk Roads, Indian Ocean and the Trans Saharan trade routes.


7th Grade SS:  Students are nearing the end of the unit on Westward Expansion.  I look forward to our small in class webquest on the Trail of Tears by the Cherokee Indians and how they impacted the people and the culture during this time.  The following topic we will be the reformation movements in which we explore influential peoples that took part in the abolitionist movement.


7th Grade Religion:  Students recently completed a project about Religious Tolerance.  They researched a different faith, learned about the culture, compared it to Catholicism and wrote a letter to a religious leader in order to promote religious tolerance.  Students will be studying about the changes that occur during adolescence.  We will focus on living out our vocations and how to answer God’s call.


8th Grade ELA:  Students have been reading “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.  The focus of in class discussions is around the cause and effect relationship between events that lead up to the tragic end to our play.  Students also have been evaluating the impact of big and small decisions that we make and how they affect the main characters in our play.  Students will continue to read the final act in our books and will celebrate with watching the movie in class.  At the end of the movie, students will compare and contrast the play to what we viewed.
8th Grade SS:   Students conducted a short research project about WWII and its causes.  Students also researched the history of William Shakespeare by selecting topics of interest and working in small groups.  The project was turned into a newspaper article with creative aspects added by the group.  Students will continue to learn about WWII and how it transformed the US and its effects globally.  We will soon learn about the struggle of nuclear superpowers that occurred during the period of the Cold War.