Academic Highlights – Week of 5/1/17

From Miss Resciniti – 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade: The 6th and 8th Grade are all done with the State tests. In 6th Grade Religion, we are starting the “Family Life” series. This series is meant to assist our children and their families with support as we reflect on our Catholic faith. This includes understanding family influences, the uniqueness of individuals and much more. In 7th Grade Math, we are using our protractors and learning how to draw shapes with given conditions.


From Mrs. Federico – 2nd Grade: ┬áThis week the second graders are looking forward to receiving communion for the first time on Saturday, May 6th. We are excited to grow closer to Jesus and to form a special bond with him. Please keep them in your prayers.


In Reading, we are learning about comparing and contrasting texts. We learned that reading more than one text about the same topic can show us that not one author has all the answers on any topic. They have different opinions and we can learn more if we read more than one article.


In Math, we are learning how to read and interpret data from a Tally Graph to make a Pictograph and a Bar Graph.
In Social Studies we are learning about wants and needs. We learned that managing money is important and making a budget plan is a great way to figure out how much money should be spent on our needs and wants and how much of our income we should save.