Academic Highlights – Week of 3/20/17

From Mrs. Robin – Kindergarten – The children have just completed their segment on Life in the Rainforest and Under the Sea.  They are experts on the layers of rainforest, reptiles and mammals just to name a few.  They created an amazing environment in Mrs. Karolee’s Room and completed the segment by performing many songs and poems for their parents on Friday.  We are very grateful to Mrs. M, who works with the children every week teaching them the songs and poems that align with their specific segments.  We are very proud of the children, they did a wonderful job on the show.  Thank you to all the parents for arranging your work schedules to be at the show.  We are now  going to travel back in time to the Cretaceous, Triassic and Jurassic Period!


In Math the children have successfully completed our chapter on subtraction and are eager to explore money.  We are continuing our Lenten Journey by attending Mass and reading the Bible every week,  The majority of the class has already been “Caught Being Kind” and their fish are happily swimming in our pretend pond.


From Mrs. Seliste – 4th and 5th Grade : Grade 4 just finished a unit on  magnets and electricity in Science. We are working on fractions in Math and preparing for our Math State  test . Both grades 4 and 5 were excited to have Father Mel come and teach us about Passover and the Last Supper. Mrs. Seliste brought in grape juice and matzoh to share.

The fifth grade is just finishing a short unit in Math on coordinate geometry and Two- dimensional figures. In fact they have a test on Monday. In Science the 5th grade has  been learning about how animals interact with  their  environment and each other and one of our activities was to cut open an owl pellet and see what the owl had eaten. The students found skulls, jawbones, ribs, etc. from such animals as voles, shrews, mice and rats. I think this was their favorite lab so far this year.


From Miss Rampulla – 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade:


The 7th grade are beginning a new novel, Animal Farm by George Orwell. In Science the 7th grade is finishing up asexual reproduction.


The 8th graders continue to reviewing for the Science state test. In Religion the 8th grade​ are learning about how the faith of the Church was shaken by the Black Death.


The 6th grade is learning about Plate Tectonics and the different boundary Plates.


From Mrs. Grech – Computer: 2nd Grade is learning the basics of Coding with Blockly.  They have learned how to work within the Workspace and how to create algorithms to make characters move around the Stage.


3rd through 8th grade are learning Coding to create their own video games.  They are using Blockly and HTML.  They have learned how to move characters around the Stage and perform functions to earn or lose points using algorithms, loops and repeats.  They are learning to create characters and props using pixels.


The Students are catching on quickly and moving through the assignments with ease.