About Mrs. DeNonno

I was born and raised in New Orleans, La. Interestingly enough, many back home have always called New Orleans the Brooklyn of the South! It is true. I feel right at home when I see the flavor of old neighborhoods and a big beautiful Catholic church on every corner.

My heritage is mainly French. My father’s family came to New Orleans from France in the late 1800s. My mother was Irish so I have an Irish background as well. I presently live in Bay Ridge with my daughter Annemarie and husband Tony, who is Italian.

I attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La. where I received my undergraduate degree in teaching. I received my Masters in Childhood Education Grades 1-6 and Teaching Children with Disabilities from  Touro Graduate School of Education. Since graduating from college I have spent my teaching career serving the Catholic school system in New Orleans and Brooklyn. Altogether I have 22 years of teaching experience.